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Introduction to the.NET Framework and C# NETbuilder - March 2009 Louis Botterill.

for memory on the system. 16 Language - C# ● C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a multi-paradigm programming language that encompasses/ {...} ● Interface interface IFoo: IBar {...} ● Arrays string[] strings = new string[10]; ● Delegates delegate void SomeDelegate(); ● Can all be Null! 32 Case statements ● No default fall-through ● Fall/else, #endif ● #region some region name ● … code... ● #endregion 42 Tools and plug-ins ● Visual Studio (Pro) 2008 ● Visual Studio Express Edition 2008 SP1 ● Resharper (JetBrains) - /

What is today’s talk about?

large competitor   Portfolio Factor Model Return 13.7% Risk 7.2% 8.1% Sharp Ratio 1.9 1.3 Max Drawdown 5.1% 7.1% Competitor’s excellent /April 2013. * Inception Date – July 2009, performance is cumulative. Fees and charges for the C share class as follows: No initial charge, 0.75% annual management and advisory fee, 0.20/ in the literature are behavioural based. Most active money is delegated to managers whose performance is measured relative to a market index. As these managers are usually limited in any/

Working in Teams; Systems Development Lifecycle Roles CSE1204 - Information Systems 1.

in your specific, delegated tasks in your specific, delegated tasks in related areas in related areas in your general ability and skill levels in your general ability and skill levels Monash Univertsity, SIMS, Semester One, 200517 Negotiation in/ do not feel “right” Incidents: e.g. a sharp exchange occurs Incidents: e.g. a sharp exchange occurs Misunderstandings: motives, facts are confused Misunderstandings: motives/., BENTLEY, L.D. and DITTMAN, K.C. (2001) 5th ed., Systems Analysis and Design Methods, Irwin/McGraw-HilI/

Chapter 19 Drifting Toward Disunion, 1854–1861. XIV. Congress Legislates a Civil War (cont.) – Republican Party: Sprang up in Middle West—Wisconsin &

Kansas to forestall South and to make profit Many carried new breech-loading Sharps rifles, nicknamed “Beechers Bibles” after Rev. Henry Ward Beecher (Harriet /Delegates chose James Buchanan: He was serving in London during Kansas-Nebraska uproar—therefore “Kansas-less” In a crisis that called for giants, he was mediocre, irresolute, and confused Republicans met in Philadelphia: – “Higher Law” Steward was conspicuous leader V. “Old Buck” versus “The Pathfinder” (cont.) – However, final choice was John C/

Excessive Speculation? Christopher L. Gilbert Academic Director, Doctoral Programme in Economics and Management, CIFREM University of Trento, Italy ICEA,

they translate to institutional investors. Investment in commodity futures is dominated by institutions. Institutional investors Investors delegate asset allocation decisions to advisors either because/a bubble as starting for the first value of  for which  > c.v. and ends when  < c.v. ADF(1) recursive t statistic for WTI crude oil and bootstrap critical /of overall index positions Sharp rises in 2006q1 and 2007q4-2008q2 Very sharp fall in 2008q3 and q4 Flat in 2009q1 with slight rise in late March Source:/

C.S.J.M.[I.B.M.]1 MOTIVATION & LEADERSHIP Presentation by Fiedler Group Presented to :- Anubhav Dixit. Mr. S. K. Srivastava. Bhavna Dixit. Raj Kumar. M.B.A.[F.T.]

Bonus Incentives Special individual incentives 2. Non Monetary (Non Financial) Status or Job title Delegation of Authority Working Conditions Job Security Job Enrichment Worker Participation C.S.J.M.[I.B.M.]24 PERSONALITY “Personality Development is a tool through which you/-to-1 interactions Performance analysis C.S.J.M.[I.B.M.]28 Easy Way to build self-confidence 1. Dress Sharp 2. Walk Faster 3. Good Posture 4. Personnal Commercial 5. Gratitude 6. Compliment other People 7. Sit in Front Row 8. Speak up/

Comparison of C# and VB.Net By Sam Nasr October 26, 2004

C#? C# (C-Sharp) is a new language developed by Microsoft Corporation. Designed by Anders Hejlsberg (creator of Turbo Pascal and architect of Delphi), Scott Wiltamuth, and Peter Golde. Described as a “...simple, modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language derived from C and C++”. Bears many syntactic similarities to C/ Delegated and Events Comparing Classes String Comparisons C# Example (Object Oriented) class App { static void Main(string [ ] args) int intCounter=0; foreach (string arg in /

The A, B, C’s of Time Management

blocks) Exams And all other outside commitments Break projects into small pieces Chunking – breaking projects into small pieces C = Clutter Procrastination, clutter, and confusion go together Don’t put things ‘down’ put them ‘away’ /plan To set priorities, Do now, Do later, Do whenever, Don’t do, Delegate M = Multitasking Cook the week’s meals in one day and freeze Barter services Don’t procrastinate = more weekend and evening time/ need so you are sharp and thinking clearly Now….. Let’s plan your semester!

Lowering the Drinking Age Debate 1 2 The Powers of Government National Government State Governments Concurrent Powers Reserved Powers of the States Delegated.

and the States 3 The Powers of Government Expressed Powers – those delegated to the National Gov’t as spelled out in the Constitution: collect taxes, coin money, raise & maintain armed forces/in the hospital a month later, January 2nd. I had a head on collision at a sharp curve in the road, and hit another woman, who is now stuck in/with the crime of aggravated vehicular assault and increases the penalty from a class C felony to a class C violent felony. 31 NYS DUI Fines & Penalties 1 st Conviction – Jail /

Nursing Process in Action Chapter 4. Objectives Define the term priority Discuss the importance of priority setting Discuss guidelines for priority setting.

criteria/goal An outcome criteria/goal is: a. measurable b. Within time constraints c. Individualized to the patient’s needs d. Attainable/realistic Goals are written as / of delegation of duties (cognitive) Pt will write out a plan for delegation of duties (psychomotor) Discharge Goals Expected patient achievements in health- care setting and performance in patient’/ one as the least Pt will describe nature of pain, for example, sharp, dull Pt will identify factors that relieve the pain Pt will identify pain/

"The abusive ad hominem is not just a case of directing abusive language toward another person.... The fallacy is committed when one engages in a personal.

.  Internal argument, or working to convince yourself. (Nancy C. Wood, Perspectives on Argument, Pearson, 2004) In argument, the thesis is called a proposition. Your proposition should define/heart. In the name of the College of Cardinals, I also wish to express my respects to Heads of State, Heads of Government and the delegations from /Rosa") "But my heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill." (William Sharp, "The Lonely Hunter") "Mens words are bullets, that their enemies take up and make/

Embedding A Patient Safety Culture Burt Burtun. Learning Outcomes At the end of this presentation delegates will be able to: know the origin of MaPSaF.

Learning Outcomes At the end of this presentation delegates will be able to: know the origin /Sharps February 2014 Report 84 % of Trusts have revised and published their Sharps policy in the light of EU Directive. 39% completed the process in 2013 29% had the process in progress in 2013 16% of Trusts had no plans to revise their policy in/Why waste our time on safety? B. We do something when we have an incident C. We have systems in place to manage all identified risks D. We are always on the alert for risks/

Advanced Programming C# Introduction 1. C# Genealogy FortranAlgol 68CC++C# Cobol Eiffel JavaAda 95PL/I Pascal Elementary Procedural Advanced Procedural.

in mid-1960s) Pascal(17 th century mathematician Blaise Pascal) in 1971 Teaching structured programming in academic environments 8 Programming Languages C  Bell labs  Dennis Ritchie, 1973 C++  Bjarne Stroustrup, 1980  Hybrid OOP Java  Sun Microsystems (formally announced in May 1995)  Pure OOP  Web programming What is C#? C# (pronounced "C sharp/ Delegates delegate void Empty(); 62 C# Comments Comments can be created using //… Multi-lines comments use /* … */ Comments are ignored by the compiler 63 C#/

TAIR 2002 Corpus Christi, Texas Pulling It All Together Maintaining a balanced perspective of assessment processes in the IR office Presenters: From Central.

–Review efficiency –Delegate –Negotiate priorities –Relate priorities to purpose –Communicate with constituents –Catalog reports and services TAIR 2002 Persistent challenges Inconsistent data –Review data collection methods –Review procedures, noting: Sharp changes in data Where new / priorities UrgentNot Urgent ImportantPriority A Urgent and Important Priority B Important but not urgent Not ImportantPriority C Urgent but not important Priority D Neither urgent nor important TAIR 2002 Keeping research at the/

WASHINGTON — Delegates from six of the worlds biggest greenhouse gas polluters -- including the United States -- gathered last week for the first time.

warm up. More than 300 delegates from the six countries -- Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea, in addition to the United States -- met last week in California for the first working/in sharp contrast to the warming of the preceding interstadial deglaciation. The transitions each occurred over a period of a decade or so.Thermally fractionated nitrogen and argon isotope data from Greenland ice core GISP2 indicates that the summit of Greenland was ~15 °C colder than today during the Younger Dryas. In/

Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy & Environment) S ECURING A RMY I NSTALLATIONS WITH E NERGY THAT IS C LEAN, R ELIABLE AND A FFORDABLE.

A RMY I NSTALLATIONS WITH E NERGY THAT IS C LEAN, R ELIABLE AND A FFORDABLE Presentation by LTC/ (0.04) MTA Camp Edwards $ (0.03) Fort Drum $ (0.03) Defense Distribution Region West Sharpe Site $ (0.02) Watervliet Arsenal $ (0.01) Parks Reserve Forces Training Area $ (0.01) /, and reviews or delegates review of contractor or staff prepared appraisal of real property  Contracts for Environmental Baseline Surveys  Oversees Report of Availability  Administers lease compliance, in-kind considerations, and /

Introduction OF “INTRODUCTION”.NET is a major technology change for Microsoft and in the software world. Just like the computer world moved from DOS.

are a VB programmer, probably you may like VB.NET than C# just because of the syntax. C#: (c Sharp) There has already been C, and C++; but Microsoft recently introduced yet another language in the same naming tradition: C# (pronounced "C sharp"). C# is a language designed to be fully compatible with Microsofts.NET and/ the internet. Google search engine’s web service, e.g., allows other applications to delegate the task of searching over the internet to Google web service and use the result produced by it/

Politics in China Copyright © 2012, 2010, 2008 Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.

are no longer guaranteed – now more directly tied to individual effort Sharp increase in urban unemployment Poor-to-nonexistent safety net Some labor unrest Opened / People’s Congress (NPC) – legislature Elected for 5-year terms by delegates in provincial congresses and armed forces Assemble annually for a plenary session of 2 /– removal of class and political labels B. Government now avoids mass participation and campaigns C. Four constraints (mass line): 1. uphold the socialist road, 2. Marxism-Leninism-Mao/

Upcoming SPARC-SSG-2010 Meeting in Pune, India Panuganti C.S. Devara Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM) Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411 008,

with sharp downpours in May, which cools the temperatures. Nevertheless, the nights in Pune are significantly cooler than most other parts in this region. In winter, day temperature in Pune goes as low as 15°C and night temperature goes as low as 5°C. Transportation/House ( ~ 1 km away) IMD Guest House (~ 5 km away) YASHDA (~ 6 km away): Especially for Foreign Delegates Transport will be made available Many other decent hotels ……… Aryabhatta Hall This hall is a state-of-the-art centrally air-conditioned/

T HE C OLD W AR S CALED D OWN 1945-1991. C OLD W AR : a bitter indirect conflict between the USSR & the U.S. that lasted for 4 decades after the end of.

." Geneva Convention Begins : Delegates from nine nations convene in Geneva to start negotiations that will lead to the end of hostilities in Indochina. The idea of /General Secretary in 1985, [198] the Soviet economy was stagnant and faced a sharp fall in foreign currency earnings as a result of the downward slide in oil prices in the 1980s/of Independent StatesSoviet Union Soviet Republics confederation [251] A FTERMATH OF THE C OLD W AR NATONATO has expanded eastwards into the former Warsaw Pact and/

Thursday 24th May 2012 Elite Athletes’ Briefing. Briefing agenda Welcome and Introductions Competition Jury Schedules and Timetables Check-in and procedures.

& swim cap into the box Mount line at the end of the TA (on the road) C T1 Bike course 8 laps (total distance of 40,8km) hilly and technical Two wheel stations - /number, name and country flag All used equipment in the box Dismount line at the start of the TA Caution Caution signal: three sharp whistles and red flags Run course Aid station 1/ will be allowed to enter the recovery area and the medical area after ITU Medical Delegate’s permission. Every NF can have 1 team medical accreditation. On the way to /

Comprehensive Licensure Examination for Nurses in the Philippines Consist of 5 sets of Tests; each has 100 item questions Length of time: 2.

everything by the book Avoid answers that impose 1.Don’t do that 2.Stop that Do not delegate A- ASSESSMENT T- TEACHINGS E- EVALUATION ATE, WAG MONG I- DELEGATE!!! Read every word in the question Avoid asking “what if….?” Look for the keywords early, late, first, initial, immediate,/promote a safe environment for a child? A. Remove the toys with a sharp edges from the child’s toy box B. Allow the child to play with toys only if a parent is present. C. Place a helmet and elbow pads on the child every day. D./

The Nixon Administration President Richard M. Nixon tried to steer the country in a conservative direction and away from federal control.

in 1974, the price had quadrupled. This sharp rise in oil prices only worsened the problem of inflation. When OPEC resumed selling its oil to the United States in 1974, the price had quadrupled. This sharp rise in/ of the Democratic Party inside the Watergate building in Washington D.C. One of the men arrested, James McCord,/delegation from the Republican National Committee told Nixon that he would not survive the vote in the Senate. On 5 August 1974, when the “smoking gun tape” became public, a delegation/

Feeding, Swallowing and Nutritional Challenges in the Older Adult with Dementia: Considerations in Guiding and Supporting Decision-Making Paula A. Sullivan,

of personal biases Avoid judgment SLP Misconceptions About PEG in Advanced Dementia (Sharp & Shega, 2009) Sharp and Shega mailed a survey to geographically stratified random sample of/ for Thought: We have delegated one of the most important and challenging care activities to the least educated, lowest paid worker, and underappreciated in the nursing home. Caregiver/a cane or walker. Dysphagia complaints: Per daughter, 6 month history of c/o food sticking, coughing with liquids for at least 6 months. Only mild/

The Imperial Cult 2. Religion and the Emperor Religious position of Roman emperor was dominant and pervasive in the city of Rome Religious position of.

sharp distinction existed between religious law applied at home and in the provinces Legal writers claim that a sharp distinction existed between religious law applied at home and in the provinces In Rome and Italy ruling of priests was authoritative, not in provinces In Rome and Italy ruling of priests was authoritative, not in/in Ephesus described themselves as “those who sacrifice to ancestor Asklepios and the emperors”. Festival Regulation, Gytheum (near Sparta) Greece, c/-Jewish delegation to Gaius in 38/

GREETINGS to all the delegates of this National Yoga Week Organised by MORARJI DESAI NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF YOGA ( Mar 12 to 16) from SVYASA Swami Vivekananda.

26608645 Email: vyasablr@yahoo.com www.vyasa.org vyasablr@yahoo.com GREETINGS to all the delegates of this National Yoga Week Organised by MORARJI DESAI NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF YOGA ( Mar/ the 4th wife and she walked away without another word. The answer cut like a sharp knife right into the merchants heart. The sad merchant then asked the 3rd wife, "/ have been brought to Yoga way of life Guided by Dr Pranav Pandya C. Yoga in Mother and Child Health Imbibing proper Samskaras Gayatri Pariwar, the biggest NGO 33/

ETSI TECHNICAL ACTIVITIES REPORT: JUNE/JULY 2015 ECC © ETSI 2015. All rights reserved Michael Sharpe.

ETSI 2015. All rights reserved Michael Sharpe Content 1) Radio Equipment Directive (RED/under 2014/53/EU The Commission may invoke new additional requirements as a delegated act. Equipment subject to new requirements under RED (e.g. broadcast /C: Standards which require new technical elements to be developed D: Technical areas where new standards are required E: Standards which are identified as obsolete Reviewed and agreed in ETSI Operational Co-ordination Group on the RED & EMCD 152 HS currently in/


CHAPTER XX SYMPOSIUM ON SAKTI I Tantra Yoga (Sri P. C. Diwanji, Retd. Judge, Bombay) The fact that in the early Upanishads there are no references to the six Chakras/and Destruction A unique feature of Hinduism, in general, and of Saktism, in particular, is that the powers of destruction are not delegated to Satan standing opposite and alien to/from the batde. Indifference, negligence and sloth in the divine work she cannot bear and she smites awake at once with sharp pain, if need be, the untimely slumberer /

Obsessive Compulsive PD. Mnemonic - Perfection Preoccupied with details, rules, plans Emotionally restricted Reluctant to delegate tasks Frugal Excessively.

plans Emotionally restricted Reluctant to delegate tasks Frugal Excessively devoted to / adult) Kernberg Trait Perspective Compulsive Styles No sharp boundaries exist between normality and pathology. Conscientious (Oldham and Morris) Conforming (Millon) C- C+ Obsessive Compulsive NEOAC SZD AVD DEP HST/ happy existences Frequent anxiety, mood, and somatic difficulties Numerous and serious difficulties in long- term, intimate relationships Employment problems Interview Considerations Difficult to interview May /

Time Management/Organizational Skills. The Need for Time Management and Organizational Skills: There are 24 hrs in a day. Research show : for a person.

It means: you have the ability to "switch gears" easily and maintain a sharp mind so that you can give your undivided attention for a few minutes to/what does and does not have to be done (and discontinue doing the latter). c. Delegate work to others who are equally or better qualified than you are. d. Stop/duties → pharmacists can concentrate on reviewing & monitoring patients’ drug therapy, & also engage in patient and provider education. It was shown that pharmacy students reported higher stress levels as /

SHARKFEST 08 | Foothill College | March 31 - April 2, 2008 File and Disk Sharing Protocols April 2, 2008 Richard Sharpe Senior Software Engineer | Data.

2008 File and Disk Sharing Protocols April 2, 2008 Richard Sharpe Senior Software Engineer | Data Robotics Wireshark Contributor SHARKFEST 08/Compound operations Locking Caching and delegation CIFS/SMB Originally NetBEUI Over Ethernet Frame Protocol Server Message Block protocol Renamed CIFS in 1996 State based TCP connection/] ushortxx+1ByteCount ucharxx+2 - yyBuffer[ByteCount] packet-smb.c Now look at the source code epan/dissectors/packet-smb.c NetWare Based on XNS Internet Packet Exchange Protocol – IPX /

International Doctorate in Translation Studies: Principles of effective interpersonal relations and monitoring Christina Schaeffner 28 August 2014 EST.

TASKORIENTATION BusinesslikeNo / little Delegation Yes / process Expert guide Director Innovator Coordinator Monitor broker Yes / product Quality controller PersonalFriendCoachEditor Delegation: ‘leave me alone’/ coach is also interested in stimulating the scientific career of candidates beyond their PhD Quality controller: ‘keep me sharp’ higher intensity, businesslike /– template for meeting record http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.ADSE&n=100705 How do you know supervision is effective? Supervision/

The Gospels Part 04 #23 John the Baptist points his disciples to Jesus to #39 Jesus arrives again in Galilee.

one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle. Son of God: (from Nelsons Illustrated Bible Dictionary; Copyright (C) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers) 249 36 While a son of man had an earthly father A/ word indicates he had not been born this way but that some disease of accident had caused his hand to wither. The Sanhedrin delegation (probably while Jesus was teaching) asked whether it was proper to help on the Sabbath. They weren’t there to insure the /

The Gospels Part 04 #23 John the Baptist points his disciples to Jesus to #39 Jesus arrives again in Galilee.

one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle. Son of God: (from Nelsons Illustrated Bible Dictionary; Copyright (C) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers) 269 36 While a son of man had an earthly father A/ word indicates he had not been born this way but that some disease of accident had caused his hand to wither. The Sanhedrin delegation (probably while Jesus was teaching) asked whether it was proper to help on the Sabbath. They weren’t there to insure the /


IN DETENTION 7th Thematic NPM Workshop Warsaw, Poland, 14-15 December 2011 THE EUROPEAN NPM PROJECT INJURIES I Mechanical II Asphyxial III Physical (thermal, electrical) IV Chemical V Psychical I MECHANICAL INJURIES 1. Blunt force injuries 2. Sharp / by the delegation EXAMINATION PROCEDURE EXAMINATION PROCEDURE Principles of examination 1. Examine a complete body 2. Pay attention to all injuries 3. Describe in detail every injury. Description should include: a) type of lesion b) localization c) shape margins/

Learning to use the Grammar Hammer. A, B, C Noun When you use three adjectives to describe a noun, separate them with commas: EX: She wore an itsy, bitsy,

Swing: An important function of managers are delegating responsibility. Direct Hit: An important function of managers is delegating responsibility. The subject of the sentence is/ all MAJOR words in titles and subtitles: The Country of the Pointed Firs Trademarks and trade names: Ford Motors, Kmart, Sharp Products The first word in a quoted sentence:/chapters, sections, acts, episodes, songs. Spelling Rules i before e, except after c (or when sounded like ay): – receive, deceive, sleigh, freight Drop a silent/

C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design1 Programming Based on Events C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design 3 rd Edition.

add the text for a menu option, select the MenuStrip icon and then click in the upper-left corner of the form C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design4 Adding Menus Drag MenuStrip control to/ the associated control C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design35 C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design36 Chapter Summary Delegates Event-handling procedures –Registering an event ListBox control for multiple selections ComboBox versus ListBox objects C# Programming: From /

GREETINGS to all the delegates of the National Seminar on


Transition to Student Internships ENOHE 2015 Innsbruck Natalie Sharpe University of Alberta CANADA.

Sharpe/Resources from UCR Extern Ombuds Material Appendix B. Client Checklist Summary Appendix C. Office of the Student Ombuds Training Assessment Appendix D. The Fairness Triangle/ Being an Ombudsperson – The Role and the Responsibilities TUTORIALS will be delegated among Ombuds Staff – ½ hr to 2 hr ACCUO Standards of Practice/ Tutorial (Level 2) General Faculties Appeals Tutorial Restorative Justice Process in Residence Disputes Acknowledgements Andrew Larratt-Smith and Emma Williams, former ombuds/

F# (F Sharp) An Introductory Look By Kody Myers. History “Mathematicians stand on each others shoulders and computer scientists stand on each others

Sharp) An Introductory Look By Kody Myers History “Mathematicians stand on each others shoulders and computer scientists stand on each others toes.” - Richard Hamming, 1968 Turing Award recipient Lambda Calculus (λ-calculus) A formalism for representing functions. Formulated by Alonzo Church in/Research, Cambridge, UK. Was working on generics for C# for the.NET Framework. Tasked with finding a /delegate do done downcast downto elif else end exception extern false finally for fun function global if in/

Testing and Stability of Rolling Stock. Need for Testing New Stock ● Safety of new design ● Get natural frequency in various modes ● Level of comfort.

safety controlling authority for Indian Railways under Indian Railways Act ● Responsibility delegated to RDSO – Determine & recommend max permissible speed for new design/Change in axle load, track loading density, unsprung mass – Minor changes in design,internal layout(with sanction of CRS) only if leading to significant change inC.G/– Tight gauge – Due to excessive angle of attack ● Sharp flange ● Excessive wheel gauge(loose disc) ● Sharp curve -too much versine – Excessive lateral force- Nadals formula /

Review: Long Term Causes The War of 1812 Under President George Washington British Forts in NW Territory since 1783 Proclamation of Neutrality 1794 Seizing.

Henry Clay KY Speaker of the House John C. Calhoun SC Felix Grundy TN Midterm Congressional elections in 1810 produced new rookie Congressmen from the West / Englands interests. On December 15, 1814 delegations from all five New England states were to met in Hartford, Connecticut In all, 26 delegates attended. The meetings were secret and no/Indian resistance to white expansion east of the Mississippi River General Andrew Jackson “Sharp Knife” Battle of New Orleans Fall 1814 the British navy left Jamaica;/

Asynchronous Programming Writing Concurrent Code in C# SoftUni Team Technical Trainers Software University

local variables  Stores the currently invoked methods in order of invocation Threads 11  Threads in C# can be created using the System.Thread class  Constructor accepts a method (delegate) to execute on a separate thread Threads in C# Thread thread = new Thread(() => { /exeprogram.exe... 38  SoftUni Seminar on Concurrent C#  Article on Task API  Stephen Cleary Blog Helpful Resources https://softuni.bg/trainings/1021/Concurrent-Programming-in-C-Sharp http://www.infoq.com/articles/Tasks-Async-Await http/

Athletes briefing AUGUST 5, 2016. Briefing agenda Welcome and Introductions Competition Jury Schedules and Timetables Check-in and Procedures The course.

-in and Procedures The course Post-Race Procedures Weather forecast Welcome and Introductions Fergus Murray, ITU Team Leader Joyce Donaldson, ITU Technical Delegate Yan Therrien, Assistant Technical Delegate/ athletes are out of the race Bike Course Map Caution Caution signal: three sharp whistles and red flags RUN COURSE 3 Laps (total distance of 5 km:/ start area 3. Adjacent to the penalty box Weather forecast Saturday29ºC Feels like:34C Sunday25C Feels like:28C Prize Money PositionPrize MoneyPosition Prize/


2 – Staff have specific training in handling pathogenic agents, restriocted access, sharps protection, biological cabinets for certain activities/delegates attending an American Legion convention. Two patterns of disease in humans; –Pontiac Fever (a mild flu-like illness) –Legionnaires Disease. (pneumonia and flu-like symptoms. It is fatal in/in the range of 20-45°C favour growth (optimum temperature 37°C). Proliferation of the bacteria is unlikely below 20°C, and the organism does not survive above 60°C/

Solesmes A Thousand Years Are but as One Day in Thy Sight A Thousand Years Are but as One Day in Thy Sight 1833 to the Present.

Yes, Madame." "Then it is to you that an inheritance which a dying aunt had delegated to me should fall. My aunt had come to the rescue of the monks during the/ Divine Office Gregorian chant Gregorian Chant Manuscripts Dom Guéranger had a very sharp second intuition, shortly after that of verbal rhythm: he wanted his monks to chant /, Father Abbot Dom Charles Couturier and Mother Abbess Cécile Bruyère kept his heritage alive. Dom Guéranger, by Henri Charlier In 1937, on the occasion of the centenary of /

CS 5700 – Computer Security and Information Assurance Section 5: Security in Networks – Part 2 This version of Section 5 includes OPTIONAL slides that.

authority (CA) CA can be in-house or external E.g., commercial TTP as the trusted third party CA is trusted Entities delegate to CA creation, issuance, acceptance/Users prefer default permit, security experts prefer default deny Sysadmin must make the choice c. Firewall design (1) Firewall design principles: Small / simple enough for rigorous /(“top model”) Limited only by what is computable (& by human creativity) No sharp boundary between app proxies and guards At some point of upgrading app proxy, it /

C#/.NET 5/4/2015 1 Ian Cooper

? 5/4/2015Ian Cooper http://iancooper.livespaces.com 4 Foxpro C++ MFC Win 32 COM ATL Windows C#.NET Wilson NHibernate Nant NUnit Wix LDNUG MVP 1992: 1994: 2002: Monorail Cool, sharp, lightning  1997: Project Lightning  COM+ 2.0  The Universal Runtime  Project Cool  Anders Hejlsberg worked on derailed J++  C# shows J++ heritage (delegates, WFC)  C#  C-family language for.NET  Open source and commercial implementations/

Standards © 2010 Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. All rights reserved. Quality in College Health: Achieving AAAHC Accreditation.

as people Standards A, B, C, E:  Respect, consideration, and dignity  Privacy  Confidentiality  Participation in decision making Standards © 2010 Accreditation /surveyors will look for, observe, review  How the Governing Body has delegated administrative responsibility  Clinic and Department P & Ps  Employee Health & / recognized guidelines (WHO, CDC)  approved, monitored by Governing Body  sharps injury prevention program  adequate surveillance techniques  Isolation or transfer of patients with/

Ken Klingenstein Director, Internet2 Middleware and Security Current stuff (or things no one else has talked about yet) (at least while I was in the meeting)

the AuthnRequest process Shib Add-ons Institutional Privacy Managers (e.g. ShARPE from Australia) Personal Privacy Managers Lionshare (peer-to-peer file sharing coupled to /Federation www.incommonfederation.org Members join a 501(c)3 Addresses legal, LOA, shared attributes, business proposition, etc issues Approximately 35 members /privileges in Signet in functional terms and specify associated permissions Signet presents this view in a Web UI where users assign privileges and delegate authority across all areas in /

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