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“This presentation is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.” Agenda Fusion Architecture Fusion Middleware.

contract or agreement.” The key to a suite of applications is that they share a common: Architecture Data model Application framework Business process management Fusion Applications “This presentation is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.” Architecture Oracle Fusion Architecture: SOA and EDA Data model Global Single Schema to Canonical Data Model Data Hubs Application framework ADF, J2EE Business/

A DITA–based Teaching Material Repository with Support for Adaptability 8th Workshop “Software Engineering Education and Reverse Engineering”, Durrës,

with Support of Adaptability, Durrës, Albania, September 200814 Desired architecture Authoring environment Browser local authoring tools Browser local authoring tools Teaching/ 200821 PPEditor PPSavePictures PPAdmin (Split Topics) PPAdmin (Split Topics) DBEditor DB2 Express-C DB2 Express-C PPAdmin (Send Topics) PPAdmin (Send Topics) StartPPSplit StartPPCompose PPCompose/ were general getting reuse of tools and processes Descriptive markup Process inheritance A DITA – based Teaching Material Repository with Support /

© 2014 IBM Corporation DB2 with BLU Acceleration Next Generation In-Memory www.ibmBLUhub.com.

DB2 “Cancun Release” “We tested BLU Acceleration on DB2 and found our typical analytics workload performed significantly faster. In fact, one query was 1551x faster. That’s a jaw- dropping improvement. We actually triple-checked the results to make sure it was for real, and it was... WOW!” - Mike Petkau - Director of Database Architecture/ decompressing CPU Acceleration Multi-core and SIMD parallelism (Single Instruction Multiple Data) Data Skipping Skips unnecessary processing of irrelevant data Encoded © /

Best Practices in Batch Tuning Empowering IT Staff to Reduce CPU and Run-Time in the Enterprise.

time an inefficient component is executed. www.seasoft.com Software Engineering of America Architecture should be: www.seasoft.com Software Engineering of America Architecture should additionally consist of: www.seasoft.com Software Engineering of America Jobs Sorting //1322.11.10 RID LIST PROCESSING: #SUCCESSES=12#FAILURES= 237 DB2 Analysis Example #2 www.seasoft.com Software Engineering of America How to correct it: RID LIST PROCESSING CAN HELP REDUCE I/O RESOURCE CONSUMPTION AND ELAPSED TIME. HOWEVER, IF /

1 Berendt: Advanced databases, first semester 2008, 1 Advanced databases – Defining and combining.

n DB2 (see Haas et al. 2002) l incorporates ideas of both Garlic and DataJoiner l user-defined fucntions to "federate" simple data sources 43 Berendt: Advanced databases, first semester 2008, http://www.cs.kuleuven.be/~berendt/teaching/2008w/adb/ 43 DB2 architecture for/ selection of data and data sources for individual integration n Modeling l The availability of means to incorporate user-specific ways to perceive a domain of interest for which integrated data is desired in the process of data integration /

1 Berendt: Advanced databases, winter term 2007/08, 1 Advanced databases – Defining and combining.

DB2 (see Haas et al. 2002) l incorporates ideas of both Garlic and DataJoiner l user-defined fucntions to "federate" simple data sources 41 Berendt: Advanced databases, winter term 2007/08, http://www.cs.kuleuven.ac.be/~berendt/teaching/2007w/adb/ 41 DB2 architecture/ selection of data and data sources for individual integration n Modeling l The availability of means to incorporate user-specific ways to perceive a domain of interest for which integrated data is desired in the process of data integration /

© 2009 IBM Corporation The future runs on System z DB2 10 for z/OS How can it help you? 7960.

DB2, DB2 Connect, DB2 Extenders, DB2 OLAP Server, DB2 Universal Database, Distributed Relational Database Architecture, DRDA, eServer, IBM, IMS, iSeries, MVS, Net.Data, OS/390, OS/400, PowerPC, pSeries, RS/6000, SQL/400, SQL/DS, Tivoli, VisualAge, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA, WebSphere, z/OS, zSeries Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and/, 100% zIIP / zAAP eligible  Native XML Date and Time in business processing –xs:date, xs:dateTime, and xs:dateTime support and XML index support  Allow easy update of sub-parts of/

5 server roles Tightly-coupled in terms of versioning functionality user partitioning geo-affinity Previous Server Role Architecture Internal Network.

MBX Transport Mail.que Store DB3 DB4 MBX1 Transport MBX Transport Store DB1 DB2 Mail.que SMTP R1, R2, R3 R2R1R3 Site Boundary 250 OK R3/Processed Recipient State R3 – Processed Recipient State R1 – Processed R2 – WaitingMDBRepl R3 – Processed Recipient State R1 – Processed R2 – WaitingMDBRepl R3 – Processed Recipient State R1 – Processed R2 – Processed R3 – Processed Recipient State R1 – Processed R2 – Processed R3 – Processed Log 46 © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and/

IT Server Architecture

additions to the core of Apache Apache HTTP Web Server Apache High level conceptual architecture Apache The Core HTTP_PROTOCOL Contains routines that directly communicates with the client HTTP_MAIN Startup the server and contains the main server loop that waits for and accepts connections HTTP_REQUEST Handles the flow of the request processing, dispatching control to the modules in the appropriate order HTTP_CORE Implementing the most/

1 Overview of Database Federation and IBM Garlic Project Presented by Xiaofen He.

DB2 architecture for DF Figure 2. DB2 architecture for database Federation 11 DB2 Styles of federation Scalar UDFs: Federating function Table UDFs: Federating data Wrappers: Federating function and data Figure 3. Different styles of federation 12 Wrapper Architecture Multi-server integration Multi-dataset integration and/ processing directly 21 Interfaces and Applications C++ API Compiled applications Dynamic applications Query/Browser A dynamic application Moving back and forth between querying and browsing/

® IBM Software Group © 2006 IBM Corporation Kick-start your Java Apps: Free Software, fast development Eclipse IDE, WASCE, DB2 Express-C.

IBM Software Group | Rational software 7 Overview  Eclipse, Application Server, and DB2 Express-C working together IBM Software Group | Rational software 8 J2EE Platform Architecture Overview Session Beans Entity Beans Presentation Layer Business Layer Integration Layer JavaBeans / in the source code  Refactoring tools that assist in the often tedious, complex, and  error-prone refactoring process IBM Software Group | Rational software 30 Features of the Eclipse IDE user interface made available /

ِبسمِ الله الرَّحمنِ الرَّحيم سمينار Web Enable DB2 Net Data شركت داده پردازی ايران ح – عمادی ح – عمادی امور مهندسی مشتريان امور مهندسی مشتريان.

HTML blocks  Format display for input  Receive input and place into SQL query  Display query results  FUNCTION blocks  Define queries to send to database Net Data is : Net Data چيست ؟ Net Data21 Net Data architecture overview DB2 Family Oracle Sybase ODBC JDBC Flat File Web Server Firewall /80 Welcome index.html Always welcome on Dir Access off Pass /* c:myhtml/* Web server 2 HTTP Overview of web server processing Domain name server 1 http://www.myco.com:80 GET /HTTP/1.0 HTTP/1.1 200 /

Extreme Blue © 2004 IBM Corporation Eunomia HDB Compliance Auditing System Architecture.

access. Extreme Blue © 2004 IBM Corporation Eunomia Compliance Auditing | System Architecture Eunomia system overview Enterprise Application Eunomia Interface DB2 Log Retrieval API Audit Tool Requests for Personal Information Chief Privacy Officer Extreme Blue © /Compliance Auditing | System Architecture Queries and Query Sets  An auditor may want to retrieve a set of queries, and then process and analyze the queries in a number of ways  We will create “Query” objects and Query Sets, which will/

© 2009 IBM Corporation The DB2Night Show Episode #12 The Wild Wonderful World of DB2 Resources Susan Visser Watch in VIEW SHOW (F5)

DB2 Certification program: Certification 101 articles about the benefits, where to start, how to prepare, and what to do once youve passed. Certification Checklist use this checklist within developerWorks that leads you through the entire certification process/(Pearson Education) by Sam Lightstone The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Systems- Based Approach for Unlocking Business Insight The Art of Enterprise Information Architecture: A Systems- Based Approach for Unlocking Business Insight (IBM/

IBM Software Group © 2009 IBM Corporation IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for WebSphere – Tuning and Best Practices.

| Tivoli software © 2009 IBM Corporation ITCAM for WebSphere 13 ITM Architecture – TEMS, TEPS and TEP  TEMA connects to the Tivoli Enterprise Management Server (TEMS) /Server -> Application Servers -> -> Server Infrastructure / Java and Process Management / Process Definition -> Control [for Prcess Type] -> Additional Properties: Custom Properties –Select server_SMF_interval_length –Change the/for DB2: –db2 update db cfg for octigate using MAXAPPLS 300 –db2 update db cfg for octigate using MAXAGENTS 500  Increase space allocated by DB2 /

Troubleshooting Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet, 2013.

Storage Subsystem Indexes Compiler Parser Execution Engine Buffer Manager @ Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet, 2013 DB2 9.7 Process Architecture @ Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet, 2013 Source: http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/db2luw/v9r7/topic/com.ibm.db2.luw.admin.perf.doc/doc/00003525.gif Exercise 1: Is intra-query parallelism possible with this process model? In other words, can a query be executed in parallel/

OGSA-DAI Data Access and Integration for the Grid Neil Chue Hong

facilitate this process 14 http://www.ogsadai.org.uk DB2 Content Manager DB2 Content Manager DB2 Content Manager DB2 Content Manager DB2 Federation /Architecture review –better concurrency model –better AAA framework –better definition of extensibility points security, activities, dynamic configuration, mobile code,… Improved support for –WS Security profiles –Stored procedures –Data transport –XQuery –Database specific datatypes and SQL Additionally –JDBC and ODBC driver for OGSA-DAI –Contribution process/

Technical University of Kaiserslautern Lehrgebiet Informationssysteme Muhammad Mainul Hossain Architectural Approaches of XDBMS Realization.

access) Optimized Indexing for node traversal, effective join and full-text search Transaction management and fine granular concurrency control Efficient query processing Ideal Architecture TU Kaiserslautern LGIS LayerAbstractionObjects Data system L5 Nonprocedural Access Nodes/schema information Supports value index, full-text index and structural index Transaction management with 2PC and hierarchical locking for concurrency control Approaches: DB2 pureXML TU Kaiserslautern LGIS Query Evaluation SQL/XML /

Why Oracle Software Runs Best on Oracle Hardware

and the IBM BladeCenter PS700 systems SPARC SuperCluster was purchased over IBMs offer due to unique architecture Long-term plan to move all applications from Websphere/DB2 to WebLogic/Oracle SPARC SUPERCLUSTER KEY DIFFERENTIATORS Integrated hardware and software/SGA on M5-32 using Oracle DB next major release in 120 sec Improving spawning background, foregrounds and PQ slave processes time Oracle Database Critical Thread Support Oracle Solaris Scheduler Concepts Scheduling Classes TS, FX, RT Dynamically /

0 pureXML in DB2 for z/OS: Putting it to Work for You TDZ-1825A Guogen Zhang, IBM

/fpml:couponRate } { $bond/fpml:maturity } 52 An End-to-end XML Paradigm Client Presentation HTML+XForms Lotus Forms XML Data Storage DB2 pureXML relational XML SOA Gateway / WAS XQuery XSLT XPath End-to-End Straight Through Processing using XML XML programming paradigm and architecture pattern – XForms – REST/SOAP web services – XQuery suite: XQuery, XQuery update facility, XQuery scripting extension, etc. Protocol SOAPHTTP REST 53/

Linux on System z – A Strategic View

(very small to very large, all sectors) Migration of costly distributed Application Server infrastructure for z/OS DB2-backend processing Customer objective: “reduce my TCO & get better controls” tight z/OS integration easy to achieve technical benefits/. Business Need A architecture for IT infrastructure to provide very high (24x7) availability and the ability to sustain significant anticipated business growth Solution Hardware IBM System z9 Storage (DS8100, 3590) Software zOS-DB2, zVM-Linux WebSphere /

IBM Software Overview. Agenda  Computing on Demand: Virtualised, Open, Autonomic, Integrated  Logicalis Reference Architecture  Information capture,

email archiving) Existing or packaged applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) Business intelligence, federation, data hubs Database design and optimisation Application integration and service enablement SOA / ESB Third parties Application integration and service enablement Productivity and collaboration Logicalis Reference Architecture Web enablement and intelligent delivery Business process modelling and orchestration (including workflow) Intelligent information capture Application development, re-engineering/

Introducing Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle GoldenGate

GoldenGate Delivery: All listed above, plus: TimesTen, DB2 for iSeries Exadata, Netezza, Greenplum, and HP Neoview Linux Sun Solaris Windows 2000, 2003, /Architecture Highlights Distributed Loosely Coupled Process Based Architecture Non - Quiesced Instantiation Heterogeneous Initial Load Customization: User Exits, SQL callouts, Macros Asynchronous Change Propagation Committed Transactions Only DML, Metadata, DDL Universal Trail Format Interoperable across Heterogeneous Systems Data Transformation Rules and/

© 2009 IBM Corporation Scalable Data Management with DB2 Matthias Nicola IBM Silicon Valley Lab

, Ad Hoc Analysis, Common Desktop Tools Universal Cubing Services Access Information Management – DB2 © 2009 IBM Corporation 69 Information Management Software InfoSphere Warehouse Data Mining DB2 InfoSphere Warehouse SQL Scoring Functions Modeling Model Results Structured & Unstructured Data Data Mining Embedded into Applications and Processes Mining Visualizer Web Analytical Apps BI Analytical Tools SOA Processes SQL Interface Enterprise-Level Data Mining High-Speed, In-Database Scoring In/

© 2007 IBM Corporation IBM SOA Architect Summit SOA Case Study: A Practical Guide to SOA Mahesh Dodani Dean, IBM School of Software Architecture.

Server Name:ol_plstew DB2 Federation Server DB2 Database CUSTACC DB2 v9 Viper WebSphere Quality Stage WebSphere Federation Server SOA on your terms and our expertise IBM SOA Architect Summit 30 Information Architecture Exposing Information Services Registering Information Services IBM Information Server SOA on your terms and our expertise IBM SOA Architect Summit 31 Services Atomic and composite Operational Systems (Applications & Data) Service Components Consumers Business Process Composition; choreography/

Business Unit Empowerment Through Declarative Systems Why IBM DB2 PureXML™ Rocks! Dan McCreary Dan McCreary & Associates September 11, 2007 M D Metadata.

.ibm.com/developerworks/xml –http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/db2http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/db2 IBM DB2 9 PureXML Wiki –http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/db2 xml/Homehttp://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/db2 xml/Home M D 58 Thank You! Dan McCreary Dan McCreary & Associates Enterprise Data Architecture and Strategy Consulting dan@danmccreary.com http://www.danmccreary.com Cell: (612) 986-1552/

EBZ291 SAP NetWeaver and the Enterprise Services Architecture Thomas Mattern Product Marketing Manager SAP NetWeaver.

Architecture and Web services in action SAP NetWeaver and.NET Turning the Enterprise Services Architecture concept into reality SAP NetWeaver components and Web serivces Summary Extend Replace Enterprise Services Architecture SAP NetWeaver 3-Tier Client/Server R/3 Basis Mainframe Arch. ABAP Mainframe Client/server Web Services Integrated processes Adaptive processes Scalable processes/® sind eingetragene Marken der Microsoft Corporation. IBM®, DB2®, DB2 Universal Database, OS/2®, Parallel Sysplex®, MVS/ESA/

IBM Software Group DB2 ® UDB for z/OS V8 Technical Overview Bill Schray DB2 for z/OS Services Silicon Valley Laboratory

Architecture & large real storage  Real storage for performance  Improve all versions  V6 data space buffer pool advantages  zSeries  z/OS or OS/390 V2R10  64-bit addressing  Next step 64-bit virtual  See z/OS 64-bit Virtual Storage Roadmap IBM Software Group | DB2/fields  Unicode  Migration process:  From Version 7 only  Multi-step process  V7 and V8 data sharing coexistence supported in Compatibility Mode only IBM Software Group | DB2 Information Management Software 66 DB2 V8 catalog  Longer /

TF Informatik 1 Design of Multidimensional Data Models for Data Warehouses and OLAP Thomas Frisendal.

DB2 OLAP Server TF Informatik DistributedOn-LineTransactionProcessing Analytical Applications in OLAP It’s here! TF Informatik 18 Data Warehousing Objectives and Architecture TF Informatik 19 Data Warehouse Objectives Provide one data source for reporting, analysis, and /Inventory Manufactoring Shipments Distribution Inventory Distribution Shipments Store Inventory Store Sales Flow of Product: Each Process a set of Facts TF Informatik 89 Drilling Across The Value Chain Manufactoring Inventory Manufactoring /

OLTP https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

architecture (SOA) and Web services. https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Online transaction processing - Requirements 1 Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) involves gathering input information, processing the information and updating existing information to reflect the gathered and processed/kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html IBM DB2 - History 1 Other enhancements include OLTP-related /

CLRC - e-Science Centre, Kerstin Kleese - van Dam and SDSC, George Kremenek CLRC e-Science Centre SRB Kerstin Kleese -van Dam

and SDSC, George Kremenek SRB Master SRB agents Application MCAT (Host, port) (port) The SRB Process Model CLRC - e-Science Centre, Kerstin Kleese - van Dam and /DB2, Sybase) CLRC - e-Science Centre, Kerstin Kleese - van Dam and SDSC, George Kremenek MCAT Interface Functions MAPS to Schema Convertor Dynamic Query Generator Answer Extractor & Cursor Control MAPS Initialization DB2 Query System Schema to MAPS Convertor Oracle Query System MAPS Semantics Schema Semantics Schema Initialization MCAT Architecture/

© 2015 IBM Corporation December 17, 2015 DB2 pureScale Overview and Technology Deep Dive >

can have –1 per machine or LPAR (recommended) –>1 per machine or LPAR (not recommended) db2 agents and other threads log buffer, dbheap, and other heaps bufferpool(s) Member 1 Shared database (Single database partition) Log db2sysc process Member 0 db2 agents and other threads bufferpool(s) db2sysc process log buffer, dbheap, and other heaps © 2015 IBM Corporation25 What is a Cluster Caching Facility (CF)?  Software technology that/

DBMS https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html.

, a data transport architecture and protocol. While this is not a database specification, it offers important components that characterize a database system, such as a conceptual model and client/server implementations. https://store.theartofservice.com/itil-2011-foundation-complete-certification-kit-fourth-edition-study-guide-ebook-and-online-course.html Array DBMS - Standardization 1 A declarative geo raster query language, Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS/

Enterprise Information Management Solution Architecture EIM Product Portfolio Part IV of IV Customer Insight and Action Oct, 2010.

and optimization capabilities (SQL, ABAP…) Parallel and distributed processing Services-based architecture enabling right-time data delivery ©2010 SAP AG. All rights reserved. / Page 20 Data Integrator Connectivity Sources Broad connectivity to databases, applications, legacy, file formats, and unstructured data Import of “live” metadata from ERP system, including custom tables and other objects Support for ERP-specific data structures Metadata shown in business process-related way  Oracle  DB2/

Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North America © 2013 IBM Corporation Storage Technical Exchange Tivoli Storage Manager DB2 for TSM Administrators - Update.

2013 IBM Corporation 30 db2pd – Pinned Log Situations 4. Determine the application ID that belongs to the process: –db2 connect to tsmdb1 –db2 get snapshot for all applications >application.out Examine application.out file, find the entry that says: Most / 2013 IBM Corporation db2dart DB2 for TSM Admins - Update Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North America © 2013 IBM Corporation 34 db2dart The db2dart command can be used to verify the architectural correctness of databases and the objects within them./

DragonSlayer Team Chapter 2: Getting Started with DB2 UDB IBM Certified Database Associate – IBM DB2 UDB V8.1 Family Certification Workshop.

 Regardless of architecture ƒ Uni, SMP, NUMA, SMP Cluster, MPP  With Seamless Scalability ƒ Application transparency ƒ No migration Theme: Fully Exploit All Resources IBM Developer Relations DragonSlayer Team DB2 Family Platform Support /and SQL with db2  e.g. db2 connect to sample  e.g. db2 "select * from employee"  e.g. db2 -tvf createtab.db2 ƒ to end command line mode and terminate the DB2 backend process (db2bp), enter db2 terminate ƒ all OS commands can be issued from the DB2 Command Window DB2/

© 2015 IBM Corporation IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration: Using Shadow Tables Col Org Table Row Org Table April 14, 2015 Burt Vialpando IBM Software.

component description 21  Shadow table setup and maintenance use these CDC components: © 2015 IBM Corporation IBM Software IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration: Using Shadow Tables DB2 BLU shadow tables CDC terms you need to know for shadow table processing 22 © 2015 IBM Corporation IBM Software IBM DB2 BLU Acceleration: Using Shadow Tables DB2 BLU shadow tables InfoSphere Change Data Capture component architectural overview 23 TB1_ROW TB1_COL (MQT) Column/

SAP Location Intelligence Location Intelligence Conference 4/18/2007

of Geospatial SAP Solutions SAP / GIS Integration Architecture and Tools Geo EAM Geo CRM Outlook and Invitation Analytics Integration Sagres Outlook UI Integration Prototyping JSF integration Process Integration Running ESRI ArcGIS Server on SAP Web / enthalten. Microsoft®, WINDOWS®, NT®, EXCEL®, Word®, PowerPoint® und SQL Server® sind eingetragene Marken der Microsoft Corporation. IBM, DB2, DB2 Universal Database, OS/2, Parallel Sysplex, MVS/ESA, AIX, S/390, AS/400, OS/390, OS/400, iSeries/

Voic Enabled by Unified Messaging

new architecture, Tomas simply had to add a second mailbox server to his environment and place it in a database availability group with Mailbox Server 1. Then he set up replication for the existing databases on Mailbox Server 1. The process was quick, intuitive, and /not doing a whole server fail-over, that’s a very fast process; the client is only disconnected for up to 30 seconds or less DB1 DB1 DB1 DB1 DB2 DB2 DB3 DB3 Mailbox Servers Database Availability Group Higher Availability During Moves Keeping /

SAP System.

Architecture Dispatcher Queue ICM Memory Pipe SAP Web AS Java Web Browser HTTP, HTTPS SMTP, SOAP, XML,… SAP GUI DIAG SAP Application Server(SAP Instance) Web Dispatcher M Queue SAP Buffer (Shared Mem) D D B V S E G Oracle Informix DB2 MS SQL Server MAX DB Database Server Starting and/ Stopping SAP System Starting SAP System Start SAP : Windows Server Windows Service : SAP/Oracle RDBMS SAP Start Process Starting SAP System : Windows /

IRMAC Enterprise Application Integration Ken Dschankilic, Manager Integration Architecture April 16, 2003 IRMAC Enterprise Application Integration Ken.

groups operating independently of each other Organizations are stuck w/ incompatible architectures and hard-to-maintain, but harder-to- eliminate legacy applications Organizations / 050 1234 Add UPC 17988 Add prod 1234 Multi-Step Business Processes Pattern Integration Framework Ship Notice 981126 Alloc Order 981126 Alloc Order //MQ, Maps Mercator for batch legacy data & recently XML, DB2 & MQ Adapters (95%) Mercator for batch legacy data & recently XML, DB2 & MQ Adapters (95%) Messaging - APIs (5%) Messaging/

Sept. 2009 Bill Minor IBM The DB2 Detective – The Case of the Diligent DBA.

fmt mystrace.trc mytrace.fmt …… Readable versions of trace data 14 db2dart (Database Analysis and Reporting Tool) Primarily to examine databases for architectural correctness Check validity of meta-data structures, page headers, row headers, … Runs against /Logical Read Error Toleration (TP) Inconsistency detected by DB2 when processing data contained within a DB2 page Instead of hard failure (database or instance shutdown), isolate the issue and allow overall database use to continue Problematic page is/

Chris Banks Information Builders June 17, 2008 Taking Reporting on System i to the next level! Your business. No barriers. DB2 Web Query and.

voice and data7 Increasing the use of information and analytics8Collaboration technologies8 Targeting customers and markets more effectively9Document management9 Acquiring new companies and capabilities (mergers and acquisitions)10 Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and service-/even defined as a user on the System i DB2 Web Query Add-on: On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) DB2 Web Query is sold by IBM and their resellers ONLY DB2 Web Query is an internal query and reporting tool It is NOT (nor sold as)/

1 Legacy Systems and New Integrated Tax System Development Illinois Department Of Revenue Kathryn Dickerson (217)

14 Legacy Systems Interface Mainframe - no problem –COBOL –DB2 database also on Mainframe –No connectivity problems PC/LAN /processes the request, fills in the other fields and changes the done field to ‘Y’. The return_cd, sql_ret_cd and sql_state fields are used for error codes 28 Response Time No noticeable difference on single record request Went from 1 second to 10 seconds response time when requesting 50 records 29 Conclusion Background - we are doing registration first and reviewed the architecture and/

Mobilizing Informix Dynamic Server Enterprise Data Christine Normile IDS Product Manager/IBM Anita Chung DB2 Everyplace Product Manager/IBM Informix User.

Software Group | DB2 Data Management Software Single Server Architecture Mobile Devices Administration Center Sync Server WebSphere Application Server Clients Sync Client DB2 Everyplace Content Sources /process: install and configure Installation IBM Software Group | DB2 Data Management Software  DB2 Everyplace Installation  Installation Wizard – copies the program files to the system and updates system registry on Windows. Installation – Step 1 IBM Software Group | DB2 Data Management Software  DB2/

Locking – What Locking? Currently Committed and other Lock Avoidance Enhancements Mike Winer IBM Session Code: D10 May 13, 2010. 9:45.

size increase DB2 V8 GA through to V8.2.2, and again in DB2 9 for 32-bit systems Prior to DB2 9, LRBs on 32-bit systems were 40 bytes DB2 9.7 increases to 128 bytes, locklist limit increase from 2GB -> 512GB Architecture Word Size //block qualifies Only use if application behavior is well known and can tolerate skipping rows due to uncommitted updates and deletes Can also be described as “assume COMMIT” for evaluation Will not process uncommitted data, only evaluate uncommitted Block locking is deferred on/

Introducing the IBM z13 Redefining enterprise IT for digital business Mark S. Anzani VP, z Systems Strategy, Resilience and Ecosystem.

insight SIMD delivers accelerated analytics processing for mathematical optimization zEDC reduces data transfer time and storage cost by up to 75% 16 Gbps FICON links reduce latency for workloads such as DB2 zIIPs help to lower the cost of ownership helping to help connect, manage, extend, and protect data Mega-memory and new opportunities for in- memory computing New machine architecture boosts complex mathematical model performance/

Scheduling and Resource Management for Next- generation Clusters Yanyong Zhang Penn State University www.cse.psu.edu/~yyzhang.

3: scheduling multiple classes of applications From application’s perspective –Contribution 4: optimizing clustered DB2 NEXT Contribution 1: Boosting CPU Utilization at Supercomputing Centers Wait TimeExecute Time Objective Wait in/-par Conference (Europar 2000) ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA 2001) Workshop on Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing (JSSPP 2001) Workshop on Computer Architecture Evaluation Using Commercial Workloads (CAECW 2002) Publications I: Batch/

IBM System Storage™ N series – Unified Storage Solutions © 2007 IBM Corporation IBM System Storage – N series This document is for IBM and IBM Business.

family of software (Data ONTAP) that works across all the N series offerings. This single architecture:  Reduces training  Reduces process, makes business more agile  Takes advantage of synergy between primary and secondary storage  Lowers Total Cost of Ownership  All N series products offer the same /over PFS DB8 Write over PFS DB10 Read PFS DB0 Write over PFS DB7 Write over PFS DB5 Write over PFS DB2 Read PFS DB1 Read PFS DB0 Read PFS 3 Transactions bound for PFS IBM System Storage™ N series – Unified/

Middleware Solutions for VSE and. 2 Middleware products for data access, delivery, and integration. Designed for organizations seeking the combined benefits.

Access VSE data from web-based applications and transaction servers  Streamlined business processes  Easier collaboration  Improved communication  Cross country, cross-platform and cross application  Pictures, sounds, and text  Encryption and secure transmission 11 DL/I LU6.2 or TCP/IP ViaSQL Gateway Browser Legacy Data Manager ViaSQL Architecture VSE/CICS Sequential VSAM Legacy Data Server AccessServer RSP’s and CSA’s DB2 Other Adabas Datacom (NT, OS/2/

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