Ppt on council of ministers nepal

Mainstreaming of Trade into Sectoral Plans and Programs Mainstreaming of Trade into Sectoral Plans and Programs with a focus on NTIS Implementation and.

, especially in selected sector and mobilizing Overseas Development Assistance (ODA).  Priorities validated through broad dialogue with stakeholders, including private sector and development partners.  Country ownership (endorsed by the Council of Ministers). Trade Mainstreaming in Nepal 2 Institutional framework  National Implementation Arrangement at place, i.e. National Steering Committee led by the Chief Secretary, Focal Point, 5 Technical Committees and National Implementation Unit (NIU)/Extended/

Indigenous Women’s Participation in Political Sector : An Experience of Nepal International Parliamentary Conference Parliaments, Minorities and Indigenous.

Decision Making posts and processes Indigenous Women’s representation in most of the Political Parties of Nepal is almost nil in decision making level but represented in the lower cadre level. Continued……….. In-equalequitable representation in all the political mechanisms at all level. – Army Adjustment Special Committee no. of IP women-none – Council of Ministers etc. no. of IP Women ECONOMIC Treated as weaker than men and discrimination/

An Introduction U P F. Mission The Universal Peace Federation The Universal Peace Federation is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated.

at the UN GOALS:  Draw on the wisdom and capabilities of religious traditions to address global problems.  Develop network of interfaith peacebuilders.  Create national and regional Interreligious Peace Councils  Create national and regional Interreligious Peace Councils. Peace Councils (Right) The UPF Peace Council of Nepal helped bring government and Maoist forces to negotiate peace. (Below) The Peace Council of Albania. Middle East Peace Initiative GOAL: Promote understanding and reconciliation/

20 oct, 2005 1 Capacity Building for Clean Development Mechanism Projects: A case study of Nepal Madan Koirala, Scientific Advisor Ministry of Environment,

on September 16, 2005 Climate Change Network Nepal (CCNN) to work in different avenues for increasing awareness about climate change and increasing capability of governmental and non-governmental institutions ADB sponsored PREGA: DNA Setup, CDM Approval Process, generation of pipeline of CDM projects. 20 oct, 2005 9 Ministry of Environment Science and Technology (MOEST) National CDM Council DNA Secretariat (Environment Division) Technical Experts Group Chairman: Secretary/

Location Map - Nepal Nepal Source:Great Rivers of the World, National Geographic Society, 1984.

Income Tax Act Institutional Arrangement Regulatory body Promotional body Electricity Energy Management Study Institution Unbundling of Nepal Electricity Authority New Hydropower Policy: Institutional Regulatory body: The present TFC to be developed/ of electricity. Consumers Protection Act, 1997 -To protect the interest of consumers from illegal business activities Consumers Protection Council of 13 members headed by Minister of supplies -Provision of imprisonment along with fines in violation of the/

Lecture # 23 Pakistan’s Role in Regional & International Organizations, Part II: SAARC, ECO Recap of lecture # 22 Topic: Pakistan’s role in regional &

with international and regional organizations with similar aims and purposes. Organs Secretariat: The SAARC Secretariat was established in Kathmandu on 16 January 1987 and was inaugurated by Late King Birendra of Nepal. It is headed by a Secretary General appointed by the Council of Ministers from Member Countries in alphabetical order for a three-year term. The Secretariat coordinates and monitors implementation/

Shiv Raj Bhatt ENTReC/UNDP Ministry of Commerce and Supplies EIF Asian Regional Workshop Kathmandu, 21-23 June, 2010 Nepal’s Experience with the NTIS:

-year National Development Plan (NDP) priorities  Endorsement of NTIS 2010 by Council of Ministers (Done)  Include key priorities of NTIS 2010 in forthcoming Nepal Development Forum (NDF) Strengthening Business Sector Buy-in  From the start of NTIS process, business sector is co- organizer of NTIS seminars  Business sector closely associated with work of the chapters teams, especially with the export potential assessment of the 19 sectors selected for priority focus/

Nepalese Tourism Status and Perspective Prachanda Man Shrestha Nepal Tourism Board Kathmandu June 13, 2011.

is 18.6% for three years (IFC) Average Sales per worker is 1.6 times higher than rest of other private sector firms (IFC) Almost 24% of tourist spending in State Revenue And Multiplier Effect of Tourist spending is considered comparatively higher in case of Nepal Functional Agencies in Nepalese Tourism Regulatory Function Government Agencies Operational Function Private Business Entrepreneurs Development Functions Government Line Agencies/


.D.) Conquest of kannauj Conquest of Sasanka of Bengal – 620 A.D. Conquest of Five pradesh - (606 A.D to 612 A.D) Conquest of vallabhi (Gujrat) War with pulkesin II (630 A.D.) Conquest of Ganjam (Orissa) – 643 A.D. Subordination of the Ruler of kamrup ( Assam) Conquest of Nepal, Sindha Kashmir Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries. Extent of Empire. (IV) Administration of Harsha Vardhan (i) Central administration King Council of Ministers. (ii) Provincial/

Branch Asia and Middle East Introductory Presentation to Deputy Ministers June 2014 Ambassador Anil Sooklal DDG: Asia and Middle East 1 Parliamentary Committee.

Business Council and the launch of the BRICS Think Tanks Council. South Africa achieved 100% implementation of the meetings listed in the eThekwini Action Plan 16 BRICS Sixth BRICS Summit The key outcomes of the VI BRICS Summit pertain to strengthening intra-BRICS economic and financial cooperation as was manifested in the first formal BRICS inter-governmental agreements that were concluded (and signed by Minister Nene/

Environmental and cultural geography of the Middle East Environmental and cultural patterns –Desert environment –Mountain ranges –Major river systems –Ethno-linguistic.

The NBI is defined as a ‘partnership initiated and led by the riparian states of the Nile River through the Council of Ministers of Water Affairs of the Nile Basin states’ (Nile Council of Ministers). Its aim is to develop the river ‘in a cooperative manner, share substantial/to the World Cup to build in excess of £100bn worth of infrastructure and facilities. So far Nepal and India have provided the largest number of migrant workers, who make up over 90% of the Gulf states population. The ITUC predicted as/

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY IN NEPAL Dilli Raj Joshi Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

relied almost entirely upon its indigenous technology for development. National Science and Technology Council Chaired by the Minister of Science and Technology and comprises representatives from different relevant organizations and private sectors. / research in the field of science and technology   Promotion of alternative energy   Study, research and forecasting on hydrology and meteorology   Development and expansion of information technology Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Established on/

11 Master of Business Administration Module Module Culture & Politics: International Politics Prof. Dr. Uwe HOLTZ 28 / 29 November 2014.

(136), Ghana (138), 142 Bangladesh (142), Equatorial Guinea (144) 4. Low HD: 43 countries: Nepal (145), Pakistan (146), Kenya (147), Angola (149), Nigeria (152), Tanzania (159), Nigeria (153),/ committee as well as the member states meeting in Councils 77 Implementation The European Commission EuropeAid Development and Co-/ global structures and regimes (global governance) [former minister Niebel: Multilateral assistance should be restricted to one third of total ODA] 120 OECD (2013): Development Co-/

Kelly D. Alley, Professor of Anthropology, Auburn University.

chairmanship of the Prime Minister, lays down the policies for works to be taken up under the Ganga Action Plan. With the approval of the /National Environmental Engineering Research Institute The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) strives to provide scientific, industrial research /inter-State river-water disputes and ineffectiveness of the constitutional conflict-resolution mechanism unresolved issues relating to rivers with Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh acute water conflicts between users/

“Women in Agriculture: a Voice and Vision for Food Security” Alexandra Spieldoch Human Rights Council 16 th Session March 9, 2011.

Council 16 th Session March 9, 2011 "People often ask: What can be done to defeat hunger? My answer is simple: empower women, because women are the secret weapon to fight hunger." -- Josette Sheeran, Executive Director, World Food Programme (WFP). Josette Sheeran, Executive Director Overview of/ techniques and crop management.  Women’s cooperatives and Self-help groups (Nepal and Brazil) Network of Women Ministers and Leaders in Agriculture 1.Improving food and agricultural policy, programs and resource/


of Bangladesh. During his visits to Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka in 1978-1979, He put forward the idea of South Asian Regional Cooperation. Thus SAARC came into being. The first summit of the heads of states and governments of/highest decision-making authority rests with ‘SAARC Summit Conference’. The ‘Council Ministers’ formulate policies and appoint Secretary General on the basis of rotation. Objectives: To promote the welfare of the people and improve their lives, to accelerate economic growth, to/

Minimum Conditions and Performance Measures (MCPM) A Tool of Performance Monitoring in Local Governments of Nepal (Policy Design and Implementation in.

LBs Learning & Development –MCPM, its initiation and mainstreaming. Future prospective Political divisions 7 Provinces, 75 Districts, 206 Municipalities & 3276 VDCs Overview of Governance System in Nepal President Parliament Executive Body Judiciary Other constitutional Bodies Council of Ministers NPC Ministries Departments District Offices Regional Offices Service Centers DDCs VDCs Municipalities NPC- National Planning Commission DDCs- District Development Committees VDCs-Village Development Committees P/


received in confidence from foreign Government Contd. What is not open to disclosure? Contd information which would impede the process of investigation or apprehension or prosecution of offenders; cabinet papers including records of deliberations of the Council of Ministers, Secretaries and other officers; information which relates to personal information the disclosure of which has no relationship to any public activity or interest, or which would cause unwarranted invasion/

The processes, principles and goals of constitutional design

ministers on proportional basis for those with 5%+ seats E.g. South Africa Choices 5. Cabinet stability 6. Head of state No-confidence vote Fixed term parliaments Constructive vote of no-confidence 6. Head of/ Council (popular representation, 200 seats, based on population size per canton) and The Council of /Nepal, what are the pros and cons of each type of democracy? What would be the major consequences of these institutional choices for stability and effectiveness? Conclusions Useful classification of/

Pakistan. Pakistan’s Creation Originally part of British India. The British initially widened the divide between the Muslims & Hindu’s in a strategy to.

in the head; Cultural bias against politicians; Religion Perhaps the most complex locus of power The US The US’s own interests - oil - anti-communism Government 3 Federal Branches –Executive President Prime Minister National Security Council –Legislative Federal Govt Ministries –Federal Ministers Parliament –Senate –National Assembly »Leader of the Opposition –Judicial Attorney General Attorney Chief Constitution 3 constitutions since independence (1956, 1962, 1973) each reiterating/

0 A Regional Commercial Arbitration Council: Is it an idea whose time has come? Ajay Thomas.

) 33 Arbitral Institutions in NepalNepal Council of Arbitration (NEPCA)  founded in 1991  Based in Kupondole 34 Arbitral Institutions in Bhutan  Chapter 2 (Articles 4 - 24) of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Bhutan, 2013  calls into/  2004 - Islamabad: The SAARC Council of Ministers decides to establish Conciliation and Arbitration mechanism for the region under the auspices of SAARC.  2005 - Dhaka: An agreement for establishment of SAARC Arbitration Council (SARCO) was signed  2010: /

Managing Climate Extremes &Disasters in Asia: LESSONS FROM THE IPCC SREX REPORT With CC impact becoming more dramatic; the effects of climate extreme.

Apr 2007) expressed “deep concern” over the global climate change 29th session of the SAARC Council of Ministers (New Delhi, December 2007), the issue of climate change were discussed. Dhaka declaration : July 2008 SAARC Action Plan on /saarc-sadkn.org Digital vulnerability Atlas of South Asia: Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia, preparation of Digital Vulnerability Atlas of South Asia of Five SAARC Member Countries of Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal on a GIS Platform integrating physical/

Cambridge IGCSE History The 20th Century: International Relations since 1919 To what extent was the League of Nations a success? Dr. John Levan Bernhart,

financiers must be safeguarded by ministers of state, even if the sovereignty of unwilling nations be outraged in the process….the doors of the nations which are closed / prostitution, and the trafficking of women and children. Partly because of League pressure, Afghanistan abolished slavery in 1923, Iraq in 1924, Nepal in 1926, Transjordan and / (including Free France) were the only permanent Council members who served from 1920 to 1946. The other permanent Council members were Japan (1920 to 1933), Italy /

Presenter: Dr. Rukhsana Hassan. Women Movement in SAARC Countries The geo-cultural region of SAARC comprising c, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives,

Tehmina Daultana. Hina Rabbani Khar became the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan in 2011 Women should be given proper /of their rights. They then protected women’s interests in marital disputes by intervening in traditional mediation councils. Their efforts were directed to persuading traditional village leadership to accept gender equality in relations of/ of Sharia Bangladeshi Courts Targeting Feminists � 1995.) Women Movement in India Women Movement in Bhutan Women Movement in Nepal Women/

Based on the online RSS feed of CAQ wins byelection in Quebec City suburb As the ballots continued to pour in during the Lévis byelection Monday night,

provinces debt, Premier Philippe Couillard said at the Liberal Partys general council inTrois- Rivières on Saturday, as hundreds of protesters gatheredoutside todenounce the governments austerity measures. Our destination is freedom/UTC time) Based on the online RSS feed of World slow to respond to Ebola; Quebec on high alert, says Barrette Health Minister Gaétan Barrette warned that if the world / believed to have died in Nepal avalanche More real-time presentations at Generated on May 06, 2015 00:03 (/

A RISING STAR IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM Compiled by: Dr. Surendra K. Kaushik Professor of Finance, Pace University,NY Founder, Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s.

3,380 km, Nepal 1,690 km, Pakistan 2,912 km Coastline: 7,000 km Maritime claims:contiguous zone: 24 NM Continental shelf: 200 NM or to the edge of the continental margin Exclusive/of government: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee (since 19 March 1998) Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister Legislative branch:Bicameral Parliament or Sansad consists of the Council of States or Rajya Sabha (a body consisting of not more than 250 members, up to 12 of/

Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd. Welcomes Shri Jairam Ramesh, Hon’ble Minister of State for Power, Commerce & Industry to Northern Regional Load Dispatch.

Shri Jairam Ramesh, Hon’ble Minister of State for Power, Commerce & Industry/KV  Net import by India  Nepal  Over 16 links of 132/33/11 KV  Net export to Nepal (about 10% of Nepal’s demand) SYNCHRONOUS INTERCONNECTION WITH BHUTAN 2 x 139 + 2 x 144 kms. of 400 kV lines in Bhutan Snapshot from/the success of any power sector in which competition is sought. A TSO must be the operator of both the high voltage transmission grid and generation dispatch centre Unquote In the World Energy Council seminar /

Use the maps on pages A32 - A34 to label and illustrate the following on your map (with color): Arabian Sea Eastern Ghats Western Ghats Nepal Himalayas.

map (with color): Arabian Sea Eastern Ghats Western Ghats Nepal Himalayas Kashmir (look in index) Godavari River Ganges River Thar Desert (Great Indian Desert) Deccan Plateau Krishna River Sri Lanka Bay of Bengal Indian Ocean Narmada River Indus River Delhi New /the prime minister and the Council of Ministers who are responsible to the parliament. Eco nomy T he largest contributor to Indias economy is agriculture Tourism 2nd 3/4 of Indias population are poor farmers who live in rural villages. Most of the /

Investment Policy: Helping Developing Countries Attract and Retain Investment SPIRA Program of DFAT and WBG.

When SPIRA was announced in September 2015, Julie Bishop, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs stated: “Australia’s contribution to this partnership with the/ enabling the team to finalize and deliver this work to the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC). The team is also helping CDC deliver several /worldbank.org ♦ Sri Lanka: Emanuel Salinas Munoz (esalinas@worldbank.org)esalinas@worldbank.org ♦ Nepal: Celia Ortega (cortega@ifc.org)cortega@ifc.org Africa ♦ Regional Practice Manager: David /

A RISING STAR IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM Compiled by: Dr. Surendra K. Kaushik Professor of Finance, Pace University,NY Founder, Mrs. Helena Kaushik Women’s.

3,380 km, Nepal 1,690 km, Pakistan 2,912 km Coastline: 7,000 km Maritime claims:contiguous zone: 24 NM Continental shelf: 200 NM or to the edge of the continental margin Exclusive/of government: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee (since 19 March 1998) Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister Legislative branch:Bicameral Parliament or Sansad consists of the Council of States or Rajya Sabha (a body consisting of not more than 250 members, up to 12 of/

1. When was the Organization of American States founded? Source: Congressional Research Service “Organization of American States: Background and Issues.

CELAC in the next decade? Source: Council on Foreign Relations “Backgrounder on the Organization of American States” A.United States B.China/ 10: Current Events 1.Who recently replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister of Australia? A.Malcom Fraser B.Michael Higgins C.Malcolm Turnbull D./of which African nation? A.Liberia B.Sierra Leonne C.Democratic Republic of the Congo D.Nigeria 8.What Himalayan nation recently adopted its first democratic constitution? A.Tibet B.Bhutan C.Bangladesh D.Nepal 9. The President of/

Indo-Seychelles friendship association

milestones are: Ministry of Health, Seychelles. Seychelles Chambers of Commerce. Seychelles Medical and Dental Association. Seychelles Medical and Dental Council. Indo Seychelles Friendship Association. Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Business Career Dr.V.Ramadoss Group of Companies Founder & Director/ and India Dr.V.Ramadoss’s Professional Career Performed the role of Special Advisor to the Minister for Health. Trade commissioner for Seychelles in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu. Created employment opportunities for local /

Key Challenges for Women’s Leadership in Local Government Ratna M. Sudarshan Director, Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi.

tier in Bhutan, Nepal Reservation/ quota found in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan; no quota in Bhutan, Sri Lanka Regional systems of decentralisation BangladeshThree tier structure (District, Sub-District and Union Council). Article 9 rep. of women at local / and allow more effective participation of women – sensitivity to women’s roles Structure and agency: is anyone empowered? Indian experience Panchayati Raj Minister - priority areas for action are devolution of functions, finances and functionaries. /

Outcomes of Information provided by UNDESA, UNDP, UNICEF, UNSGAB, UN-Habitat, UNU, WHO, WSP, WSSCC, WaterAid, ADB, IaDB Presented by Bert Diphoorn, Director.

books published (The Last Taboo, The Big Necessity) High-level political support  IYS national launching by Head of State or his/her representative in several countries  India: Prime Minister opens SACOSAN  Nigeria: Handwashing campaign launching by wife of President  South Africa: Pledge signed by senior politicians – Minister, Premier of Province Policy / strategy design and adoption: national  National Sanitation Strategy under development (Burundi, Cambodia, Cote d/

SAARC Introduction Structure Limitation. SAARC Introduction The South Asia Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) comprises the eight countries of.

of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) comprises the eight countries of South Asia, i.e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, The Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In 1985 Heads of seven states (Afghanistan was not a member then) officially launched SAARC by signing a Charter of/ Council of Ministers (COM) Standing Committee Technical Committee Programming Committee Other Mechanism Expert Groups SAARC Council of Minister Council of Ministers (COM) consists of ministers of foreign/external affairs of /

President v. Prime Minister The Ideal Models for Government?

Executive President chooses Cabinet with approval and can be “fired” by him Prime Minister heads council of ministers or Cabinet selected by him Head of State Is the head of stateConstitutional Monarchy, sometimes chooses president as head of state ElectionsFixed intervalsPrime Minister calls for new elections after a vote of no confidence Political Parties 2 party systems with 3 rd parties holding marginal power Ideological parties and government formed/


1994  Theme “Cooperative Government Collaborative Strategies for the Development of Cooperatives”  Attended by 140 delegates (15 Ministers) from 24 countries and 10 international organizations. Declaration of the 3 rd Ministers’ Conference  Recognize coops as an effective instrument of economic development & poverty reduction  Transform cooperative structures in the context of economic liberalization  Set up a Regional Coop Council with membership open to Govt, International Organizations & ICA Member/

Some Tips on Negotiation Skills Purushottam Ojha Secretary Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Topics of Presentation What is Negotiation? Some Fundamentals about Negotiation Negotiation Strategies Trade Negotiations What is Negotiation? There has been always competition among the people, groups, communities, and states to be the master of all amenities, get best out of the bounty of/: Rules, Trade & Environment and TRIPS (g) Trade Facilitation Trade Negotiations Nepal is also a party to participate in the trade negotiations at the regional FTA. The /

Diwali – Festival of Light

celebrated in other part of World Diwali in Nepal: Nepal is a landlocked country nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Nepal, a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society is the only Hindu Kingdom of the world Diwali in Nepal is known as Tihar/ celebrations also have an official imprint as the Ministers of the Government also participate in the celebrations sometimes. The celebrations continue for over a week and the headquarters of the National Council of Indian Culture at Diwali Nagar becomes the focal /

Welcome Department of Disability Affairs

with Issues concerning PwDs (A) Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)   The Rehabilitation Council regulates policies, programmes and standardization of training courses for rehabilitation professionals and personnel dealing with the persons with disabilities. The Ministry has notified 16 categories of Professionals, Personnel and others falling under the purview of the Council. The Council maintains a Central Rehabilitation Register of persons possessing recognized rehabilitation qualifications and also/

Mayor and Local Authorities Stakeholder Group. Progress against Commitments Advocate for strengthening the role and functions of local governments Promote.

of DRR programs Trainings for LGs in measuring DRR and developing resilience action plans (Nepal,/of CSS Framework by Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization Promote the implementation of three pillars of Comprehensive School Safety Framework in South East and South Asia Region Promotion of/of trained professionals [AUEDM] – 25% increase of science funding [IRDR] – Accuracy and coverage of EWS [WMO] Link to Global Initiatives [1] UN Major Group: Science and Technology ICSU [International Council of/

Meeting of the State Health Secretaries 11 th and 12 th September 2012 Vigyan Bhavan.

)  In Nepals OOP health expenditure stands at (49%), Sri Lanka (44%), Indonesia (41%), Maldives (28%), Thailand (15%) and Bhutan (13%).  In comparison, only 7% of France total health expenditure/the States/UT’s The implementation of this Act is being monitored by the PMO. Hon’ble Health Minister has requested the Chief Ministers to adopt and implement the Act/ Applicable State Rules under Section 54 of the Act to be notified State / Union Territory Council of Clinical Establishments to be notified District/

P ublic- P rivate D ialogue Independent evaluation of 30 WBG-supported Public Private Dialogue and Reform Platforms for Private Sector Development Malcolm.

Laos 2005 Liberia 2007 Nepal 2008 Pakistan 2008 Rwanda N/A Sierra Leone 2007 North Sudan 2007 South Sudan 2007 Timor Leste 2008 Tonga 2005 Vanuatu 2008 Vietnam1997 Zambia2007 Presidential Investor Advisory Councils (PIACs) BeninN/A/ Groups (genuine commitment to reform)  “Ownership of PPD by the Government, including the direct involvement of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, has resulted in the PPD Forum having become a key part of Government machinery, and now all Government mechanisms are /

POLITICAL REGIME. what ıs polıtıcal regıme? A political regime is a set of political structures that make up a state.Political structures have many different.

A few (usually a small group of wealthy individuals) DemocracyMany or all Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Jordan Libya, Cuba, North Korea, Nazi Germany Ancient Sparta Syria,Iraq USA,Turkey THE BEGINING OF polıtical system ın turkey The / of Powers? LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL 9)Legislative means of........... Making law. 10)Application as the laws of the p - - - i - - - -, the p - - - me m - - i - t - - and the C - - - - - - of M - - i - - e - - rights reserved. PRESIDENT THE PRIME MINISTER COUNCIL OF MINISTERS 11/

COUNTRY PRESENTATION (DRUGS AND HIV/AIDS)– Nepal Dr. Krishna Kumar Rai, Director National Centre for AIDS and STD Control, Ministry of Health and Population.

(DRUGS AND HIV/AIDS)– Nepal Dr. Krishna Kumar Rai, Director National Centre for AIDS and STD Control, Ministry of Health and Population National structures in response to HIV/AIDS  National AIDS Council (NAC) headed by the Prime Minister  National HIV/AIDS and STI Control Board (HSCB)  National Centre for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC) headed by a Director (under Ministry of Health and Population)  HIV/

Self-Governing Muslims of Medieval Spain 1240 to 1327Conquered Moors of Al-Andalus had special status and were permitted to have their own communities.

of Lerma (Philip III’s first minister, 1598-1618) also underwent a change of heart when it was agreed that the lords of Valencia would be given the lands of the expelled Moriscos in compensation for the loss of their vassals. The decision to proceed with the expulsion was approved unanimously by the Council of/ King Put on a Pension 16/06/2008King Put on a Pension In May of 2008, the new parliament of Nepal finally decided to dismiss the puppet monarchy installed by the British Empire 240 years previous/

AP Comparative Government and Politics

Politics in China: 1949 - 2010 Comparative Politics: People’s Republic of China CHINA China’s neighbors: Mongolia, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikstan, Krygystan, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea China’s/lawmaking role of the less cumbersome NPC Standing Committee seems to be gaining. Structure of the Party State State Council-executive functions Composed the premier, who is head of government, and his cabinet of vice-premiers, state councillors, ministers, auditor/

Economic Environment and Policies of SAARC

: Committee on Economic Cooperation : Overall coordination in economic areas; SAFTA (south Asia free trade area) committee of Expert and SAFTA Ministerial Council : Administration and implementation of SAFTA ; Finance ministers Mechanism: Cooperation in the field of finance and related areas; Standing group on standards and SAARC Standards coordination Board: Cooperation in the field of harmonization of standards; Group on customs cooperation is dealing with issues related to harmonization/

ー Through a lens of Capacity-Building - 4 March 2011 Col Nobutaka MINAMIKAWA, JGSDF Visiting Fellow, The Henry L. Stimson Center.

East Timor) 2002-2004 Anti-Piracy (Djibouti) 2009- IDRA (Sumatra Island) 2009 UNMIN (Nepal) 2007- IDRA (Haiti) 2010 MINUSTAH (Haiti) 2010 ONUMOZ (Mozambique) 1993-1995 IDRA (/of 2010 NDPG  Tackle political issues, such as the establishment of a national security council, revise the 5 Principles for participation in UN Peace Keeping from a new point of/MOD NGO Enterprise The government offices concerned ○ Strengthen function of Prime Minister’s Official Residence (Kantei) and relationship among other relevant/

UNGEI in UGANDA Presentation by Dr. Sheila Wamahiu, Chief, Education, UNICEF Uganda CO, at Asia-Pacific Meeting of UNGEI Global Advisory Committee, 11-12.

Meeting of UNGEI Global Advisory Committee, 11-12 June 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal The/Minister for Education & Sports (then Minister of State) Current Minister for Education & Sports (then Minister of State) Chair: GoU (MoES Dept of Pre-Primary & Primary) & Co-chair: FAWEU Chair: GoU (MoES Dept of/of right of girl child to education. Signed with GEM by local leaders Draft Girls Education Ordinance to be tabled before District Council Draft Girls Education Ordinance to be tabled before District Council Re-entry of/

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