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Technologies for Building Content Delivery Networks Pei Cao Cisco Systems, Inc.

Technologies for Building Content Delivery Networks Pei Cao Cisco Systems, Inc. cao@cisco.com What are Content Delivery Networks A centrally managed network of devices that collectively facilitate the delivery of content to end users Solve network bandwidth bottleneck Solve server throughput bottleneck CDN Categories Network Infrastructure: –Single ISP –Overlay networks –Enterprise premise Content types: –Static images and texts –Multimedia content: audio and video streams –Dynamic HTML and XML pages /

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Dr. Yingwu Zhu Reverse Proxy Reverse Proxy Reverse Proxy Intranet Web Cache Architecure Browser Local ISP cache L4 Switch.

of Web servers Not financially viable for individual content providers (say, bbc.com) to set up their own server networks Content Delivery Networks (CDN) What : Geographically distributed network of Web servers around the globe (by an individual provider, E.g. Akamai). Why: Improve the performance and scalability of content retrieval. How: Allow several content providers to replicate their content in a network of servers. Conventional CDN Architecture Classical Example: Akamai/

FY13 F1 Premium Contents Delivery 2012/09/18 Premium Contents WG.

Japan Total Distribution operation may be done by DADC. SonyID and account management system. SNEI will provide Green box features. Content Delivery Network (CDN) CDN (SNEI rate) 4K MASTERING BD 33 4K Mastering BD with wide color gamut (xvColor) Concept of / estimate max download time – DL not in time for “street date” ISP cost 49 Delivery method: 4K Download EST Pros Can deliver content where: content bitrate > network bandwidth Cons Long download time – Bad UX 70%+ users never return after 1 st purchase/

E-learning ?. e-learning ? Components of elearning from Enhance Content of learning LMS (Learning Management System) Networking / Offline.

Games ICICI Bank Succession Planning Nestle Home Page for School LMS Grade 3 – 6 Grade 6 - 9 Social Networking Learning (Under- development) LMS transition, Course Update Services and Help Desk CD / Offline with DRM Services – / generation & review feature Services – Learning Management System Bankers Selling Skill Builder Simulation based Selling skills training content and delivery engine (multi-level decision tree) Sales situations with customer comments & learner options to respond from Backend tracking/

EC(II) - 1 © Minder Chen, 1996-2008 Electronic Commerce: Business Models, Strategies, Investment and Implementation in the Network Economics August, 2008.

- 21 © Minder Chen, 1996-2008 E-Business and EC Architecture Security and Access Control User Profiling Search Engine Content Management Catalog Management Payment Workflow Management Event Notification Collaboration Reporting & Analysis Application / Data / Message Integration EC(II) /innovation (18-month product cycle shrinks to 3-month cycle) Started a revolution in communication, network computing, and information delivery Supported by standards such as TCP/IP, HTML, HTTP, and SNMP Served as a platform /

Mobility and Future Internet Networking Lab. Department of Computer Engineering Kyung Hee University Networking Lab. Department of Computer Engineering.

Data fetch from NA43 GNRS Query Get (content_GUID, SID=128 - cache service) Get (content_GUID) Enhanced service example – content delivery with in-network storage MF Compute Layer with Content Cache Service plug-in Query SID=128 (enhanced service) GUID=13247..99 Filter on SID=128 Mobile’s GUID Content file 58 MobilityFirst Prototyping: Click-based Router Implementation Click Forwarding Engine Routing Name Resolution Mgmt. Service Classifier/

1 © 2001 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Content Delivery Solutions Fabrice Serey Zagreb 23/09/02.

multi-site companies and companies implementing high rate services on their Intranet.” 55 © 2001 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 5 5 Key Elements of Content Networks Content Services Content Delivery Network Management Content Switching Content Routing Content Distribution & Delivery Agenda CDN technical introduction. Content Switches and their applications in data centers. Caching or how to increase end users response time. IP Video or how to build a Pay Per View/


DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING 31 Architectural Components  Content Description Describe type of content, format, access methods,... SDP, SDPng, IMGs, MPEG tables, proprietary formats,...  Content Description Delivery / Access Protocol Delivers Content Description HTTP, SMTP, NNTP, SAP, proprietary protocols,...  Content Access (= Media Streaming) Protocol Initiates, controls, and terminates media streams RTSP, proprietary protocols,...  Content Delivery (= Media Transport) Protocol Carries/

Offline Algorithmic Techniques for Several Content Delivery Problems in Some Restricted Types of Distributed Systems Mugurel Ionut Andreica, Nicolae Tapus.

the solutions to the case where the capacities are monotonically non-increasing functions over time Offline Algorithmic Techniques for Several Content Delivery Problems in Some Restricted Types of Distributed Systems 13 Conclusions offline content delivery problems –broadcast in directed (optical) tree networks –multicast in wireless sensor networks –packet routing and ordering –optimal constrained paths and trees efficient algorithms for the discussed problems work – mostly theoretical in/

1 Security in Computer Networks Multilateral Security in Distributed and by Distributed Systems Transparencies for the Last Part of the Lecture: Security.

attacks modifying attacks at sender anonymity extend the access method recipient anonymity service delivery publish input and output if dispute: reconfiguration covered in RING- network by attacker model 15 Superposed sending (DC-network) + + ++........ +........ station 1 M 1 3A781 M 2 00000 M/, then 2. awaits the Blobs of all other stations, and finally 3. reveals its own Blob’s content. 37 Fault tolerance: 2 modes of operation A-mode anonymous transmission of messages using superposed sending F-mode /

New Models and Conflicts in the Interconnection and Delivery of Internet-mediated Content New Models and Conflicts in the Interconnection and Delivery.

the end of “appointment television” with content delivery to at least 4 different screens (TV, PC, smartphone and tablet). As the nature and type of ISPs proliferate, so have interconnection models; for example a Content Distribution Network will have lots of traffic to deliver /ISPs such as Comcast. It is untrue to assert that hyper giant sources of traffic, do not pay for delivery of their content. Comcast enjoys the ability to charge twice in what economists term a double-sided market: 1)monthly retail /

A Scalable, Adaptive, Network-aware Infrastructure for Efficient Content Delivery Yan Chen Ph.D. Status Talk EECS Department UC Berkeley.

perspective: 40 most popular Web servers »27 Internet Data Centers (IDCs) Related Work Internet content delivery systems –Web caching »Client-initiated »Server-initiated –Pull-based Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) –Push-based CDNs Update dissemination –IP multicast –Application-level multicast Network E2E Distance Monitoring Systems Clien t Local DNS serverProxy cache server Web content server Client Local DNS server Proxy cache server 1.GET request 4. Response 2/

N ETWORKed M EDIA L AB. D EPT. OF I NFO. & C OMM., K-JIST Video over IP as a VoIP extension JongWon Kim, Ph.D. Advanced Network Conference (APAN Busan.

modification  Synchronization oIntra-media oInter-media oInter-client oTight vs Loosely-coupled N ETWORKed M EDIA L AB. D EPT. OF I NFO. & C OMM., K-JIST Media DeliveryNetwork Adaptation MM Content Scalable stream in rate/error Integrated &prioritized stream Channel stream Network Source encoding Source transcoding & Framing/Multiplexing Trans-MUX & Channel coding with FEC/ARQ Transmission Feedback from Host/Application Feedback from/

Coordinated Management and Peering of Content Delivery Networks Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Laboratory Dept.

Bubendorfer, K. H. Kim, and R. Buyya, “An Architecture for Virtual Organization (VO)-Based Effective Peering of Content Delivery Networks,” UPGRADE-CN’07, In Proceedings of 16th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC 2007), Monterey,/ your attention! More information at: http://www.gridbus.org/cdn/ Coordinated Management and Peering of Content Delivery Networks Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Laboratory Dept. of Computer Science and/

< 實務篇 > Fast Web Content Delivery. Akamai 1998 年 MIT ” 50K 創業競賽 ” 入圍 客戶有 Yahoo! 、 CNN 、 Discovery 、 AOL 、 NTT …… 等 今年六月業績高達 2540 萬美元,最高股價 曾經高達 350 美元.

HTTP request rate is exceeded, DynaCache forwards subsequential HTTP requests deeper into the network. SpeedEra SpeedEra has built one of the most intelligent and accelerated network for global content delivery. Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides the world ’ s most integrated, innovative and customer-focused service for powering content providers. Universal Delivery Network (UDN), it integrates a content delivery network with global load balancing across origin web sites. Global Traffic Management (GTM/

1 Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Nitin H. Vaidya Texas A&M University © 2000 Nitin Vaidya.

= cw * 2  Else if fairness index is too small, cw = cw / 2  Else no change to cw (contention window) 146 MAC Protocols: Issues  Hidden Terminal Problem  Reliability  Collision avoidance  Congestion control  Fairness  Energy efficiency 147/past MobiCom, WCNC, MilCom, VTC, etc., conferences 154 UDP on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 155 User Datagram Protocol (UDP)  UDP provides unreliable delivery  Studies comparing different routing protocols for MANET typically measure UDP performance  Several performance/

LIDO 1 LIDO Telecommunications Essentials® Part 3 Next Generation Networks Next Generation Networks.

(VPNs) Voice over IP, Fax over IP “Fee Quality” Voice (versus “free quality”) Voice/audio portals Unified messaging Multimedia collaboration Streaming media Content delivery Applications hosting Network caching Managed wavelength services Customer management IMPACT - Business class communications require guaranteed performance LIDO 14 Communications Application Trends Transition from portables to wearables –watches with medical monitors & pagers –eyeglasses with /

OV 6 - 1 Copyright © 2011 Element K Content LLC. All rights reserved. TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery  The TCP/IP Protocol Suite  IP Addressing 

establishes a connection between a source and the destination. OV 6 - 4 Copyright © 2011 Element K Content LLC. All rights reserved. The IP Data Packet Delivery Process Application Transport Internet Network Interface TCP/IP model 1 1 2 2 Passes IP address to Internet layer Passes IP/

An Analysis of Internet Content Delivery Systems 19 rd November, 2007 Youngsub CSE, SNU.

are small(5~10KB)  Objects are accessed with Zipf popularity distribution  The number of web objects is enormous and rapidly growing 5 Overview of Content Delivery Systems  Content Delivery Networks (CDNS)  Collections of servers located strategically across the wide-area Internet  Content is replicated across the wide area. High availability  CDN have server in ISP points of presence  Clients can access topologically nearby replicas with low/

EC Consultation Workshop on Networked Media Research, 19/01/10 Thoughts on Future Networking and Network Management for Ubiquitous Media Delivery Dr. Ning.

handling functions (as patches) where necessary Radical approaches for natively enabling ubiquitous media/content delivery with intrinsic functions - Disruptive paradigms with intrinsic functions for supporting large-scale media/content delivery - Native content resolution, naming/address, routing protocols to take the place of existing IP/DNS based schemes Network virtualisation for media/content delivery? - To enable smooth migration from overlay-based approaches to future revolutionary solutions - To/

CDN Overview -Akamai 예를 통하여..-. Internet Delivery Challenges Centrally-hosted content must travel over multiple networks to reach its end users. –Even.

of servers located in thousands of sites around the world. –responsible for processing requests from nearby users and serving the requested content. Transport system –responsible for moving data and content over the long- haul Internet Main components of Akamai‘s delivery networks STREAMING AND CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKS A fundamental principle –minimizing long-haul communication through the middle-mile bottleneck of the Internet –servers site as close to/

1 Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: Medium Access Control and Routing Protocols Nitin H. Vaidya University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

a better trade-off depends on the traffic and mobility patterns 19 Overview of Unicast Routing Protocols 20 Flooding for Data Delivery  Sender S broadcasts data packet P to all its neighbors  Each node receiving P forwards P to its /route requests may potentially reach all nodes in the network  Care must be taken to avoid collisions between route requests propagated by neighboring nodes  insertion of random delays before forwarding RREQ  Increased contention if too many route replies come back due to/

Chapter 7 – Networking Support. Contents Packet-switched networks. The Internet. Web access and TCP congestion control. Network management; class-based.

The transformation of the Internet Web applications, cloud computing, and content-delivery networks are reshaping the definition of a network. Data streaming consumes an increasingly larger fraction of the available bandwidth as high definition TV / operating system, running on the switch. Cloud Computing: Theory and Practice. Chapter 7 39 Dan C. Marinescu Content delivery networks (CDNs) CDNs are designed to support scalability, to increase reliability and performance, and to provide better security./

Presentation | P2P Media Summit CacheLogic Advanced Solutions for P2P Networks Presentation by Andrew Parker, CTO

(aparker@cachelogic.com)aparker@cachelogic.com Addressing the cost and performance challenges of digital media content delivery P2P Media Summit Addressing the cost and performance challenges of digital media content delivery BROADCASTERS | AGGREGATORS | FILM STUDIOS | VIDEO PORTALS MUSIC LABELS | SOFTWARE VENDORS | COMPUTER GAMES VENDORS CacheLogic Advanced Solutions for P2P Networks Presentation | P2P Media Summit Introduction to CacheLogic Market leader in the provision of P2P management/

Implementation of IPTV Content Delivery network and NG-CD Technology

Interactive Training Session (Cyberjaya, Malaysia, 29 June – 1 July 2010 ) Implementation of IPTV Content Delivery network and NG-CD Technology Yeong-il Seo, Director KT Network R&D Lab Good Afternoon Everyone! At last, this is the final presentation time that /. This model will be touched in detail next part of my presentation. Next Generation Content Delivery Model ? Cyberjaya, Malaysia, 29 June – 1 July 2010 IPTV CD network architecture VoD (Hot source) APT CO HE router VoD IX, overseas, IDC IPTV Advanced/

Electronic Commerce: Business Models, Strategies, Investment and Implementation in the Network Economics August, 2008 Minder Chen, Ph.D. Associate Professor.

experiences, relationships Internet Economy Driving Forces Changing customer demands Globalization Internet ubiquity New technology New marketplace and intermediacies Network and Information Economy Information is costly to produce but cheap to reproduce. Price information according to its value/modeling segment relates to the type of product or service that is being provided. An example being "content delivery" where information, such as the online version of The Wall Street Journal, is sold and distributed/

Protecting Content for MobileTV

kb/s are simultaneously demanded. New mobile broadcasting technologies, on the other hand, provide solutions to alleviate these bandwidth restrictions on content delivery. It is now possible to broadcast real-time TV content to mobile devices through a separate and dedicated network. Transmission technologies have been specifically designed to ensure quality and reliability, while addressing issues such as mobility and the limited battery life/

Panasonic Singapore Labs – Network Team QoS and Delivery Context in Rule-Based Edge Services Prepared for IWCW2002 By Ng Chan Wah 20020814.

in Rule-Based Edge Services Prepared for IWCW2002 By Ng Chan Wah 20020814 Panasonic Singapore Labs – Network Team Agenda  Rule-Based Services in the Edge  Open Pluggable Edge Services  Need for QoS and Delivery Context  Implementations Panasonic Singapore Labs – Network Team In the Core …  Various different content formats are emerging … Flash HTML WML DHTML ASP PHP JPEG PNG GIF MPEG1 MPEG4 Real Windows Media/

NETWORK-ENABLED OPEN EDUCATION (NEO-Ed) Dr. Vijay Kumar Assistant Provost and Director of Academic Computing Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Physical: high bandwidth connections; national backbone; connectivity with global networks. Physical: high bandwidth connections; national backbone; connectivity with global networks. Delivery: user applications; service-oriented architecture; localisation and contextualisation. Delivery: user applications; service-oriented architecture; localisation and contextualisation. Pedagogical: relevant, quality content; distributed repositories; standards; global alliances (OCW). Pedagogical: relevant, quality/

Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures Patterns & Frameworks for Concurrent & Networked Software Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt

to be performed in a uniform manner 99 Example: High-performance Content Delivery Servers Support many content delivery server design alternatives seamlessly e.g., different concurrency & event models Design is guided by patterns /Network OS Kernel & Protocols OS Kernel & Protocols 100 JAWS Content Server Framework Key Sources of Variation Concurrency models e.g.,thread pool vs. thread- per-connection Event demultiplexing models e.g.,sync vs. async File caching models e.g.,LRU vs. LFU Content delivery/

Mobility in Publish/Subscribe Networks Walter Wong HIIT & NomadicLab 24.02.2010.

is decoupled from the location (data is not part of the storage location) Communication is decoupled in time and synchronization Scenarios Peer-to-peer, Content delivery networks Publish/Subscribe Towards Information-centric Networking Client/server model Scenario: low resources Services centralized in a ‘powerful’ server Roles: well-defined clients and servers Storage is centralized in the server Drawbacks Bottleneck – scalability issues Server could /

15-849: Hot Topics in Networking Data Oriented Architectures Srinivasan Seshan 1.

and CDN Akamai BitTorrent DOT DONA RE CCN 3 Key Questions Each of the papers introduce some form of optimization for content delivery - what are your thoughts on adding static content exchange optimizations to the network? Each of the papers solves this at a different layer of the protocol stack can these happily coexist? where is the right place to solve this? Granularity and/

©2000 EMBA All rights reserved. 分散式系統 Presentation Fast Content Delivery EMBA 資管所 陳建廷 December 20, 2000.

lose money due to slow Web sites – more than $ 4 billion annually (Zona Research) ©2000 Taiwan University EMBA. All rights reserved. 4 Fast Content Delivery – Industry 1. CDN (Content Delivery Network) - Company provide network & services - Typical vender : Akamai, Digital-Island 2. Companies offer content delivery S/W & H/W solutions -Typical vender : Arrowpoint, F5, Inktomi,.. 3. Satellite-base distribution services - Edgix, iBeam, … ©2000 Taiwan University EMBA. All rights/

Competitive Services for the Delivery of Digital Content Leonardo Chiariglione – CEDEO.net Competitive Platforms for the Delivery of Digital Content Genève,

interoperable and proprietary technologies –Creators and end-users may access proprietary or interoperable services at their discretion For three different areas: –Digital rights management –Network access –Payment systems 2007/06/14 Competitive Services for the Delivery of Digital Content 11 Interoperable DRM (iDRM) 1.A national iDRM specification is adopted that is 1.Public 2.Implemented as Open Source Software (OSS) 3.Not/

Unit Information on Unit web page On-line resources on the web

station wishing to transmit reserves future slots for an extended or even an indefinite period Medium Access Control Contd. Contention Usually appropriate for bursty traffic No control is exercised to determine whose turn it is, all stations contend for/ The AAL maps higher-layer information into ATM cells to be transported over an ATM network It also collects information from ATM cells for delivery to higher layers Protocol Architecture Contd. Protocol Architecture Contd. The ATM protocol reference model /

SS8 Lawful Intercept Briefing

#2 Routers, data switches Standards Based Delivery (J-STD, ETSI, PacketCable) HI-3 INI-3 Media Content Handover Interface #3 Media Content Internal Network Interface #3 Passive probe Methods for Lawful Intercept Active Approach Work with the network equipment manufacturers to develop lawful intercept capability in the network elements. Utilize existing network elements for lawful intercept Sometimes serious impact to network performance No need for additional hardware Passive/

1 12. Detecting Service Violations in Internet and Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Bharat Bhargava CERIAS Security Center CWSA Wireless Center Department of CS.

: Ad Hoc On-Demand Position-based Private Routing Position of destination is the information exposed in the network for routing discovery. A receiver-contention scheme is designed to determine the next hop in a route. Pseudo IDs are used instead of real IDs for data packet delivery after a route is built up. Route with a smaller number of hops will be used/

© 2007 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Presentation_ID 1 Cisco Public Cisco and the Service Provider IP Next-Generation Networks (IP NGN) Journey.

Service Exchange Enables: Application and subscriber-level control Usage reporting and billing Programmability for any current/future customer need Mobility management Control: Turning an Uncontrolled Network … Cable POP DSL POP Mobile POP Optical POP )))))) Backbone Network Internet OSS BillingNMS Content Delivery Network Multimedia Servers PSTN Service Exchange … Into a Controlled Network Barriers to Harnessing More Profit and Subscriber Loyalty: Insufficient information yields an uncertain revenue model/

Company Confidential 1 © 2005 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / yyyy-mm-dd / Initials Towards a mobile content delivery network with a P2P architecture Carlos Quiroz.

architecture would enable certain scenarios involving mobile terminals not support by current architectures Company Confidential 3 © 2005 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / yyyy-mm-dd / Initials Content Sharing and Delivery Service Content Delivery network for both mobile and web based clients Content is created mostly in the mobile nodes, e.g. pictures, movies, etc. Differences to traditional CDN Clients are mobile and have unreliable connections Most of/

Wireless Networking Technologies WLAN, WiFi Mesh and WiMAX

and fair allocation of the resources(time slots) in the uplink direction Uplink carrier : Reserved slots contention slots(random access slots) The standard scheduling algorithms can be used Sridhar Iyer IIT Bombay Bandwidth allocation/to ensure quality-of-service, guarantee delivery or prevent out-of-order delivery or loss Sridhar Iyer IIT Bombay Trends Sridhar Iyer IIT Bombay 3G Network Architecture Core Network Telephone Network Wireless Access Network Gateway Programmable Softswitch Mobile Access Router /

Transforming Services With A Service Delivery Environment (SDE) FITCE Presentation Patricia Lopes September 23, 2008.

-Speed Internet VoIP Commercial bundles Enhanced services Voice/IN services  Interactive content (incl. Advertising)  Remote/network PVR Digital TV SDE Differentiation Stovepipe Services Consolidate: Enhance and improve time to market  Portal restructuring  Unified user profile/identity  Real-time rating/charging  Presence, community, … Innovate: Service blending for more revenues  Mashups  Orchestration  Multiscreen content delivery Expose: New business models with 3rd parties  3 rd party service/

A Taxonomy and Survey of Content Delivery Networks Meng-Huan Wu 2011/10/26 1.

a replica of a resource but may act as an authoritative reference for client responses. 5 Relationships 6 Abstract architecture of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) 7 Request-routing in a CDN environment 8 Content selection and delivery 9 Full-site content selection and delivery 10 Surrogate Server CDN Origin Server Client GET index.html GET image1.gif, image2.gif index.html, image1.gif, image2.gif index/

1 Computer Networks and Communications [Δίκτυα Υπολογιστών και Επικοινωνίες] Lectures 10-13: Back to applications… The e-mail app. Univ. of the Aegean.

any network Most heavily used application on any network Protocols Protocols  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) o TCP/IP o Delivery of simple text messages  Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) o Delivery of / header fields Five new message header fields  MIME version  Content type  Content transfer encoding  Content Id  Content Description Number of content formats defines Number of content formats defines Transfer encoding defined Transfer encoding defined Petros KAVASSALIS 32 From/

Named Data Networking for Social Network Content delivery P. Truong, B. Mathieu (Orange Labs), K. Satzke (Alu) E. Stephan (Orange Labs) draft-truong-icnrg-ndn-osn-00.txt.

. Stephan (Orange Labs) draft-truong-icnrg-ndn-osn-00.txt IETF 92, ICN RG, March 24, 2015 2 Timeline  eCousin Project  Online Social Networks (OSNs) analysis –locality observation –optimization simulation  NDN-based network architecture with local routing for OSN content delivery  SDN-based routing configuration employing OSN information 3 Project eCOUSIN  Research leading to these results has received funding from the European FP7 project/

Building A Trustworthy, Secure, And Privacy Preserving Network

: Ad Hoc On-Demand Position-based Private Routing Position of destination is the information exposed in the network for routing discovery. A receiver-contention scheme is designed to determine the next hop in a route. Pseudo IDs are used instead of real IDs for data packet delivery after a route is built up. Route with a smaller number of hops will be used/

Lecture 4: Design Philosophy & Applications 15-441: Computer Networking.

Authenticate – request for authentication Allow – list of methods supported (get, head, etc) Content-Encoding – E.g x-gzip Content-Length Content-Type Expires Last-Modified Blank-line Body 9-6-2007 19Lecture 4: Design Philosophy & /& Applications Varieties of Networks Several “networks” already existed Interconnect the ARPANET, X.25 networks, LANs, satellite networks, packet networks, serial links… Minimum set of assumptions for underlying net Minimum packet size Reasonable delivery odds, but not 100/

Postfix. Computer Center, CS, NCTU 2 3 Role of Postfix  MTA that Receive and deliver email over the network via SMTP Local delivery directly or use.

program runs when a service is requested lmtp  Local Mail Transfer Protocol  Used for deliveries between mail systems on the same network even the same host –Such as postfix  POP/IMAP to store message in store with//etc/postfix/sender_access smtpd_recipient_restrictions = check_recipient_access hash:/usr/local/etc/postfix/recipient_access Actions  OK, REJECT, DUNNO  FILTER(redirect to content filter)  HOLD(put in hold queue)  DISCARD(report success to client but drop)  4xx message or 5xx message/

2: Application Layer1 Chapter 2 Application Layer Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet, 3 rd edition. Jim Kurose, Keith Ross.

e) { } 2: Application Layer54 High-level server-side Java networking classes r Servlets  Dynamically generate content  Implement common protocol header logic Example http servlets –Cookies –Content-type –Content-length r Servlet classes  javax.servlet.Servlet javax.servlet.HttpServlet init()/as a simple set of GETs  Problems with pipelined serialized requests Stall in one object prevents delivery of others Most useful information in first few bytes (layout info) –Multiple connections allow incremental /

Content Distribution Networks CPE 401 / 601 Computer Network Systems Modified from Ravi Sundaram, Janardhan R. Iyengar, and others.

clients to nearby CDN nodes with DNS:  Client query returns local CDN node as response  Local CDN node caches content for nearby clients and reduces load on the origin server Content Delivery Networks (3) Origin server rewrites pages to serve content via CDN Page that distributes content via CDN Traditional Web page on server Surrogate Request Routing Infrastructure Distribution and Accounting Infrastructure CDN CDN Architecture Origin/

EBU-UER / ITU: Competitive Platforms for the Delivery of Digital Content, 21-22 June 2007 International Telecommunication Union ITU-T IPTV – Market, Services,

o USA: e.g. Verizon’s IPTV service seems to be proving popular (FFTP(remises); $18 bio project to upgrade network) o World’s success story: PCCW, Hong Kong ITU-T EBU-UER / ITU: Competitive Platforms for the Delivery of Digital Content, 21-22 June 2007 12 Outline o Market o Services o Regulation o Standards ITU-T EBU-UER / ITU: Competitive Platforms/

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