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Crabby Grammy Parts of Speech. Nouns A noun names:  A person: hero, liar, Kajala  A place: bedroom, top, Mashoes  A thing: ah, yes, a thing.

ing: Swimming is great exercise. Ms. Ho loves knitting. The twins’ constant fighting gets old. Uses of Nouns  Nouns can serve several functions: Subject: Joe hated his car. Direct Object: He crushed my hopes. Indirect Object/  Goat Man is not only vicious but also malicious. Correlative Conjunctions :  Correlative conjunctions can join different parts of sentences: Prepositional Phrases:  Zebraman was graceful both in the air and in the water. Independent Clauses:  Either Karsten will drown the kittens or Ms/

Using Grammar to Illustrate the Water Cycle INDEX Nouns Nouns Nouns Pronouns Pronouns Pronouns Verbs Verbs Verbs Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives Adverbs.

. This is called condensation. Index CONJUNCTIONS Join words, phrases, or clauses. Index Precipitation occurs when so much water has condensed that the air cannot hold it anymore. The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow./up on land. When it ends up on land, it will either soak into the earth and become part of the “ground water” that plants and animals use to drink or it may run over the soil and collect in the oceans, lakes or rivers where, guess /

4th WC 1.1 Conjunctions. Learning Objective  We will identify conjunctions in sentences.  What are we going to do today?  P/S; x3  We will identify.

partner and tell why it is important to identify conjunctions. You can use my reasons or one of your own. Read this sentence. This mistake occurs all/Use the chart or FANBOYS to check. CFU: What is the conjunction? How do you know that? whiteboards Guided Practice Variation 2 “We do” Extra Guided Practice  The zebra turned toward the watering hole, for it was getting thirsty.  I wanted to call, but it was late.  Both Africa and Asia have many kinds of butterflies.  The zebra turned toward the watering/

Lecture 9. Outline of Rule-Based Classification 1. Overview of the rule based classification 2. Algorithms to build rule-based classification directly.

instances not in the class Identify rules at each step that cover some of the instances Rule-Based Classifier Classify records by using a collection of “if…then…” rules Rule: (Condition)  y where Condition is a conjunctions of attributes y is the class label LHS: rule antecedent or condition RHS: rule consequent Examples of classification rules: (Blood Type=Warm)  (Lay Eggs=Yes)  Birds (Taxable Income < 50K/

Rhetoric Using words effectively. Rhetoric Questions Questions with words and phrases like: 1) "...the writer..." 2) "Given that all the choices are true..."

phrases A 3 rd type of relationship shown by Conjunctive Adverbs: Adding Additional Information In addition Also Furthermore And I’m tired; also, I’m hungry. I’m tired; in addition, I’m hungry. I’m tired; furthermore, this class is SO BORING! Copy Everything: COORDINATING CONJUNCTIONS 2 complete phrases joined by a coordinating conjunction use a comma before the coordinating conjunction FFor AAnd NNor BBut/

Simple Sentences & Compound Sentences Unit 2. Cross out the boldfaced conjunction in each sentence. Which sentence could be written as two separate sentences?

each sentence. Which sentence could be written as two separate sentences? Note: conjunction- a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g., and, but, or). 1.Some/. Write S next to each simple sentence. Write CS next to each compoud sentence. Circle the comma and conjunction or semicolon in each compound sentence. Water is lost off the land instead of soaking into the soil to provide moisture for plants; this leads to reduced plant and animal life. CS Areas/

Chemical Engineering Design Heat Transfer Equipment 2. Boiling and Condensing © 2012 G.P. Towler / UOP. For educational use in conjunction with Towler.

required by experience Manually vent as often as required by experience To keep noncondensibles out of steam system, boiler feed water is degassed by steam stripping To keep noncondensibles out of steam system, boiler feed water is degassed by steam stripping © 2012 G.P. Towler / UOP. For educational use in conjunction with Towler & Sinnott Chemical Engineering Design only. Do not copy Chemical Engineering Design Condensate draining/

Bacterial Diseases Victor Politi,M.D., FACP, Medical Director, SVCMC School of Allied Health Professions, Physician Assistant Program.

stain out of gram-negative cells. To see them now requires the use of a counterstain of a different color (e.g., the pink of safranin)./ water Stagnant water Transmission Waterborne Freshwater or moist soil near ponds Air conditioning Condensers Cooling towers Respiratory therapy equipment Showers or water /Neisseria gonorrhoeae Complications PID Systemic Gonorrhea Chronic Arthritis Neonatal Gonorrhea Gonorrheal conjunctivitis Preterm labor Neisseria gonorrhoeae Labs Gram stain: Urethral /cervical smear /

Pediatrics in Review Craig T. Carter, D.O. Associate Professor

artery aneurysms - Kawasaki Disease - Clinical Manifestations High fever Conjunctivitis Strawberry tongue Edema of hands and feed Reddening of palms and soles Lymph node swelling Kawasaki Disease - Clinical/Sun sign Bates: Physical Assessment Severe Hydrocephalus Hydrocephalus Greek meaning water on the brain Dilation of the ventricles Two primary causes: Congenital .5 to 1/stressed that most anticonvulsant-induced SJS occurs in the first 60 days of use. In late 2002, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA/

Lecture 13: Microbial diseases of the skin and eyes Edith Porter, M.D. 1.

of cornea 3. Corneal ulcerations, scarring 4. Vision loss typically at age 30 – 40 41  Herpes simplex virus 1 (HHV-1)  Infects cornea  May cause blindness  Treated with trifluridine 42 Transmitted from water Associated with unsanitary contact lenses 43  Conjunctivitis  Bacterial: Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa  Viral: Adenoviruses  Keratitis  Viral: Herpes simplex type 1 (HHV-1)  Protozoal: Acanthamoeba 44 45  Using/

Sentence Structure and Conjunctive Adverb Quiz

Is he afraid of the dark? b. The books fell with a loud bang. d. The teachers are pleased, but their students are not. a. The tap water in this village / Choose the subordinate clause in the complex sentence 7. Choose the type of sentence structure use in the sentence 8. The phone stopped ringing before I could answer /Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question Choose the conjunctive adverb in the sentence. 15. 16. Gabe marked the date on the calendar; /


water as normal now. People who can afford it drink bottled water. We essentially consider polluted water as normal now, and people who can afford it drink bottled water. Punctuation in Compound Sentences: Don’t have a Comma Splice: If you omit the conjunction/. The use of many conjunctions has the effect of speeding up the pace of a sentence and stressing the connections among things linked as you can see in examples of polysyndeton below: Polysyndeton: the deliberate use of a series of conjunctions. When /

2007 Ryko Annual Sales Meeting 2007 Ryko Annual Sales Meeting Signature Series Quoting “Oh!” “What a bundle of joy!” 2007 Ryko Annual Sales Meeting 2007.

quoting process can still be used for those who like to quote each individual component. Signature Series Quoting Sample of New Price List Signature Series Quoting/; Liquid chemical feed; Medium Pressure Presoak; High Pressure Cold Water Detergent Wash; High Pressure Cold Water Rinse; High Pressure Clear Coat Protectant; High Pressure rigid wands/ Wall mounted boom with 180-degree swing coverage (Dual boom if sold in conjunction with Foaming Brush). Rain Shield Foaming Wax System Available Soon. 2 – 12/

Ways to Improving Writing Skill

use of”. Avoid nonquantitative, meaningless word such as “rapid” and “new”. Capitalizing Words in Titles Always capitalize the first and last words and main words of titles and subtitles. Also capitalize in accordance with parts of speech. CAPITALIZED PARTS OF SPEECH Nouns Pronouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs NOT CAPITALIZED PARTS OF SPEECH Articles Prepositions Coordinating conjunctions To in infinitives Subordinating conjunctions Elements of/trophy. The lab tested samples of water taken from wells in the area/

ENGLISH GRAMMAR قواعد اللغــــــــــة الإنجليزية

عودة إلى القائمة الرئيسية Adverbial Clause of Condition الجمل الظرفية الدالة على الحالة Conjunctions: أدوات الربط if, unless These words (conjunctions) link the adverbial clause of condition with the main sentence. أدوات/water is spilling onto the floor. عودة إلى القائمة الرئيسية التالي السابق عودة إلى القائمة الرئيسية Use of Prepositions استخدام حروف الجر More Examplesمزيداً من الأمثلة Prepositions حروف الجر Example مثال off من على The man is falling off the chair. out ofمن فوق The child is falling out of/

Idaho Water Resources Research Institute

Tracy Idaho Water Resources Research Institute University of Idaho Topics for today Hydrology Basics Conjunctive Management Challenges /of excess spring run-off in high water years Conservation Reserve Program Taking acres out of production Ground-water Banking Conversion of some ground-water irrigation back to surface irrigation Toolbox for Aquifer Management (cont’d) Partial or full curtailment of use during low water years Buy-out of some threatened water rights Summary Spring discharge and aquifer water/

Diseases related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

and hygiene (WASH) WATSAN M15 ERU 13 The crucial aims of water and sanitation programmes are….. To supply sufficient safe water To supply the means for an adequate excreta disposal and other types of waste To implement hygiene measures To train people regarding hygiene and the proper use of water Diseases related to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) WATSAN M15 ERU 14 Fewtrell L et al. (2004) Lancet/

La Relación By Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca.

down. The pouch under a pelican’s bill is huge, holding up to 25 pounds of fish. Warm-Up Directions- Copy the sentence. Mark as simple or compound. If /smell earthworms. Sharks have to keep moving constantly, or they suffocate. Most rabbits drown in water,but the marsh rabbit can swim. Warm-Up Directions- Copy the sentence. Mark as / Warm-Up Directions- Create a compound sentence by joining the two independent clauses using a coordinating conjunction or a semicolon. I’m driving to the office in an hour. I/

Basic Patterns and Elements of the Sentence Simple Sentences: 1.I saw a boy. The boy was riding a bicycle. 2.I saw a boy riding a bicycle.

of Speech Nouns Countable nouns: Book table man father teacher neighbor I read a book. I ate an orange. Uncountable nouns: Feelings water happiness truth news luggage Give me some water/are different from normal verbs: 1: They dont use an s for the third person singular. 2: They / adjective, or adverb: Conjunctions Conjunctions link words, phrases, and whole clauses to each other andbutoryetfornorso Coordinating Subordinating Adverbial conjunctions conjunctions conjunctions and although therefore or /

Review Physiological Integrity of Children Question and Answer.

with the skin longer than recommended will cause burns. The area should be wiped off and flushed with large amounts of water. Then transport to the hospital. 23. A construction worker accidentally touches a high voltage electric line and is thrown to/the eye with a patch C.Instill anesthetic ointment to kill the pain D.Using strict aseptic techniques and a sterile forceps, remove the piece of wood 61. Acute conjunctivitis is diagnosed in a 3-year-old child with erythematous conjunctiva, swollen eyelids/

Compound Sentences. Compound Sentence Has 2 or more independent clauses. Use the four formulas to build compound sentences SV, SSV, SVV, SSVV Most often.

finished class, so they went to lunch. Semicolons A semicolon is used to join two independent clauses of a compound sentence Use a semicolon whenever you don’t want to use a coordinating conjunction Example: She was going to the store; her mother wanted her /home. Compound Sentence Don’t mistake a simple sentence with compound subjects/verbs for a compound sentence! Compound Sentence The water rose and then receded. Compound verbs Sarah and Ashley wore a green dress. Compound subjects The tree fell, and the/

Distinguishing Prepositions, Conjunctions and Adverb Particles.

water I would have fainted outside Nairobi Water Company.” Adverb Particles These are prepositions or adverbs used in phrasal verbs. E.g look up, get over. Describe what you see in the image below using prepositions and phrasal verbs. Subordinating conjunctions These are words used/adverb particles and subordinating conjunctions used. The confession A priest was being honoured at his retirement dinner after serving the parish for 25 years. A leading local politician and member of the congregation was chosen /

Groundwater Modeling Study case : Central Plain of Thailand Werapol Bejranonda Department of Geohydraulics and Engineering Hydrology University of Kassel,

2026 2005 2018 Simulated groundwater table using conjunctive use ratio Conclusions Groundwater use varies on deficit of surface water supply Groundwater use varies on deficit of surface water supply Conjunctive use pattern significantly varies with surface water situation, season, aquifer characteristic and irrigation-rainfed area Conjunctive use pattern significantly varies with surface water situation, season, aquifer characteristic and irrigation-rainfed area Conjunctive use pattern is a key factor to/

1 Theme: Nature’s Fury Theme is about the power of nature and how people cope with it. Story: Eye of the Storm: about a person who photographs lightning.

a gas to a liquid precipitation: water that falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail precipitation: water that falls to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail downdraft: a downward movement of air downdraft: a downward movement of air 7 8 Phonics and Decoding What/ book 32 trans 1-12 Practice book 32 trans 1-12 Practice book 32 trans 1-12 27 Grammar Skills 81K Conjunctions and compound sentences Conjunctions may be used to join words in a sentence. (and, or, or but) Trans 1-14 PB 33 Trans 1-14 PB/

Conjunctive Adverb Pronoun Agreement: Notes Stolen from: _penguinhb_1/7/1978/506432.cw/index.html.

conjunction—the word that joins the antecedents together. The conjunctions in the following sentences are italicized. Choose the pronoun form based on the conjunction. Choosing adverb 1. If the conjunction is and, use the plural pronoun (in this case, their). 2.If the conjunction is or or nor, use/ its C. their D. his Pronoun agreement Each of the stores sets their own hours. A. no change B. its C. it’s D. his Pronoun agreement Many of the early twentieth century photographers found their work treated merely/

Semicolons To join two closely related independent clauses that do not have a coordinating conjunction – A heart attack is a medical emergency; immediate.

it’s 12:00 midnight, 12:00 noon, or any hour between, the Orloj will astound you with its moving statues. Colons Use a colon to emphasize a word, phrase, clause or sentence that explains or adds impact to the main clause. – The newest candidates/ a list – I got all the proper equipment: scissors, a bucket of water to keep things clean, some cotton for the stuffing, and needle and thread to sew it up. Semicolons Before a conjunctive adverb (with a comma after) when the word connects two independent clauses in/

Clauses and Sentences. Clauses A clause is a group of words with its own subject and verb. Clauses, like phrases, are groups of related words, but unlike.

the following sentences using both a coordinating conjunction and a conjunctive adverb. 1) The president’s recommendation called for a tax increase. Very few senators will vote for it. 2) The handwriting was almost illegible. The spelling was very poor throughout the paper. 3) Most house plants prefer a lot of sun. Some houseplants like shade. 4) Pollution is ruining our water. Soon we may/

Legal and administrative requirements for the development of unconventional gas.

the development of unconventional gas Table of contents > Permit and decision granting> Water conditions; Water abstraction; Wastewater The procedure Water law permit for abstraction of surface or ground waters According to the provisions of Water Law, abstraction of surface or ground water is a special use of waters which is subject to water law permit Legal grounds for the procedure  Water Law Art. 122.1.1 to be read in conjunction with Art. 124.8  Water Law Art/

1 Optimizing Flexibility and Value in California’s Water System Jay R. Lund Richard E. Howitt Marion W. Jenkins Stacy K. Tanaka Civil and Environmental.

– by far. c) Surface storage expansion has much less value, assuming conjunctive use is available. d) Water reuse can have significant water supply value. 48 Conjunctive Use a) Statewide: surface storage ~40 MAF groundwater storage 140+ MAF CALVIN uses ~73 MAF Base Case uses ~58 MAF b) Regional and statewide optimization employs more conjunctive use. c) Conjunctive use of ground and surface waters has large economic and operational benefits for every region. d) Most/

7 TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS Fragments and Run-Ons. Sentence Fragments A sentence fragment is a part of a sentence that is missing a subject, predicate, or.

of a sentence that is missing a subject, predicate, or both. Examples: Plants in the desert. (missing a predicate) Must adapt to life. (missing a subject) Without much water. (missing both) Revision: Plants in the desert must adapt to life without much water/. Run-On Sentence A run-on sentence is two or more sentences written as if they were a single sentence.  Note: When you combine two sentences with a conjunction, use a comma before the conjunction. Example: Not much rain/

Conjunction Junction WHAT’S THEIR FUNCTION?. What are conjunctions, anyway? A conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate.

’S THEIR FUNCTION? What are conjunctions, anyway? A conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause. What kinds of conjunctions are there? Coordinating conjunctions (=) FANBOYS Correlating Conjunctions Both…and, either…or, neither…nor, whether…or, not only…but also Subordinating Conjunctions (< ) After, although, as, because, before, how, if, since, than, that, though, unless, until, what (whatever), when (whenever/

SHOWING OPPOSITIONS (UNEXPECTED RESULTS) Showing oppositions can be done with: 1.Adverb Clauses 2.Conjunctions 3.Transitions 4.Prepositions 11 2 3 4 5.

use a negative form. 1.We went to the zoo. It was raining. even though nevertheless because but …. anyway in spite of 7 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102345678910 SHOWING DIRECT OPPOSITION It can be done with Adverb clauses, Transitions, and Conjunctions. 1.Adverb Clauses : whereas, while 2.Conjunction/ languages. 4.While my friends prefer to drink wine, I prefer to drink plain water. 9 11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 102345678910 SHOWING DIRECT OPPOSITION WITH CONJUNCTION ( but ) Examples: 1.Your house is big, but mine is small. 2/

Adverb Clauses Learn about adverb clauses and subordinating conjunctions, and their placement and use.

which, while, who, whoever, why Subordinating Conjunctions join ! Examples that answer How? Because she knew the answers, she felt good about the results of the test. Whether or now you believe, it did happen. Provided that the water is boiling, the pasta will turn out/with Adverb Clauses,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, When an adverb clause precedes an independent clause, a comma is used to separate the clauses. When the adverb clause follows, usually no comma is used. Example: – If I knew it was a good deal, I would buy/

Principles of Health Science Infectious Diseases.

Gargle with salt water or use throat lozenges to soothe your sore throat. Take acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) or ibuprofen (such as Advil) to reduce fever and relieve a sore throat and headaches.acetaminophenTylenolibuprofenheadaches Avoid contact sports and heavy lifting. Your spleen may be enlarged, and impact or straining could cause it to burstspleen Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis is swelling (inflammation) or infection of the membrane lining/

ABSTRACT Drought is a creeping phenomenon and a natural normal part of the climate that occurs over different time periods and at various scales and may.

over different time periods and at various scales and may cause significant economic, environmental, and social damages. Drought forecasting plays an important role in the control and management of water resources systems and mitigation of economic, environmental and social impacts of drought. This poster presents a new conjunctive nonlinear model using Wavelet Transforms and Artificial Neural Network. It plays an important role in improving the accuracy/


, particularly in Kharif season due to severe climate of the area. Proposed Conjunctive Management Approach: Punjab: Detailed assessment of crop water requirement, cropping pattern and intensities, along with existing allocations for optimal canal water distribution amongst and within canal commands; Lower Indus: Fresh assessment of crop water demand, simultaneously keeping in view the drainage quantum and groundwater use potential, needs to be accomplished for each command, as groundwater/

1 Classifier Learning: Rule Learning Intelligent Systems Lab. Soongsil University Thanks to Raymond J. Mooney in the University of Texas at Austin.

Rules For each path in a decision tree from the root to a leaf, create a rule with the conjunction of tests along the path as an antecedent and the leaf label as the consequent. color red blue green shape /AirTemp=Warm, AirTemp=Cold, Humidity=Normal, Humidity=High, Wind=Strong, Water=Warm, Water=Cool, Forecast=Same, Forecast=Change} For convenience, Use Performance = n c / n n = Number of examples, covered by the rule n c = Number of examples covered by the rule and classification is correct 88 Example for /

Sophisticated Sentences My Sophisticated Sentence routine teaches my students important skills from two of the writing traits: SENTENCE FLUENCY and CONVENTIONS.

have; AS A RESULT, the whole city is on water restrictions again this year. The drought has lasted longer than it should have; the whole city, AS A RESULT, is on water restrictions again this year. Mr. Harrison stopped the horseplay/ have too many spelling, period, capitalization and apostrophe checkers and almost no comma and grammar checkers.Community of Editors 4.Correct use of conjunctions and their required punctuation has begun showing up in my students’ writers notebooks during our Sacred Writing Time/

You need to use your mouse to see this presentation © Heidi Behrens.

You need to use your mouse to see this presentation © Heidi Behrens /ll hat. You should ride your bike so that you dont pollute the air. You should shower instead of bath so that you save water. You should recycle old paper and glass so that you save natural resources (Rohstoffe) Man sollte mit/) man Rohstoffe spart. So far, so good….? O.k. then. Now we shall have a look at the conjunction um….zu which works differently from sodass and damit. See if you can spot the differences! Man sollte Stofftaschen zum /

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Verbs can also tell us about the mind or emotions - which we cannot observe with our eyes: Julia thinks. The dog fears water. Thinks tells us what someone (Julia) does - even though we do not see her do it. Fears tells us what something (/ which breaks the normal flow of expression. It usually indicates some kind of emotion and is nearly always followed by a mark of exclamation: Oh! Mm! Hey! Yippee! Ugh! Hurray! Alas! The eighth and last part of speech is the conjunction, used to join two sentences to each/

Conjuctivitis, glaucoma and fever of unkown origin.

instruments, swimming pool water. Symptoms of viral conjunctivitis Unilateral or bilateral Redness(hyperaemia) Watering(epiphora), Itching, Mild mucoid discharge, Mild photophobia, Feeling of discomfort and foreign /of histamine and other active substances by mast cells, which stimulate dilation of blood vessels, irritate nerve endings, and increase secretion of tears. Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Self-limited Allergen avoidance, cold compresses, topical antihistamines/vasoconstrictors (do not use/

Emergency Medicine Pearls

PCP, paraldehyde, plants (jimson, belladonna alkaloids, water hemlock) B Blockers (propranolol), benzo/barb withdrawal /use oral form IV ($18 vs. $416) – no good data TCA Overdose -yline and -amine (nortriptyline,imipramine) Amitriptyline (Elavil) Block reuptake of/CONJUNCTIVITIS Leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide Most common of last three; assoc nasopharyngitis Opthalmology VIII Neonate, sticky discharge, conjunctival inflammation 5-14 days after birth CHLAMYDIA CONJUNCTIVITIS Leading cause of/

Take a breath!.   What?  Two independent clauses that have been run together without a proper conjunction, and/or mark of punctuation between them.

two clauses and separate them by inserting a comma and then a conjunction after the first clause. sentence, conjunction sentence. Separate clauses using a conjunction   For – use to show cause  I drank some water, for I was thirsty.  And – connects matching ideas  He was tired, and he had a headache Coordinating Conjunctions   Nor – negative form of  She doesn’t drink milk, nor does she eat butter.  But – connects/

Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and.

Long term helps prevent heart attack and stroke--works in conjunction with all other 8 laws of health Long term helps prevent heart attack and stroke--works in conjunction with all other 8 laws of health Mental clarity, increased emotional stability Mental clarity, increased /a hot tub of water on the bed at 105-115F 40-45C increase as needed to keep temperature comfortable but hot. 3. Place a hot towel under the cervical spine and to sides of the neck; two hot water bags may be used, or rice packs/

Fourteenth Meeting of the National Food Security Mission Executive Committee (NFSMEC) DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, TELANGANA STATE ON 18-11-2014.

Paddy, Greengram, Blackgram 38268Overaged Seedlings, Low Organic Farming, Low plant population, Zn defiency in soils, Improper water mangement, Non application of Potash to apply FYM, Ensuring optimum plant population, Zn application, Encoraging Micro- Irrigation, application of MOP, applying green manures, Conducting On Farm Demos 3Tanks & Kuntas without conjunctive use- Black soils Paddy, Sugarcane, Greengram, Blackgram 34125Overaged Seedlings, Low Organic Farming, Low plant population, Zn defiency/


Price: $1.99 Gross Margin % Promotional Support Program: in conjunction with existing skus Demo Support Program: TBA Channel Strategy of Item: Conventional & Natural Manufacturer Launch Date - March 2014 Organic Baby/of household germs botanically Effective against Influenza A Virus Made from botanically pure plant extracts No rinsing or wiping required (even on food contact surfaces or children’s toys) 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Spray Bottle Can be used around kids, pets and food Ingredients: Aqua (water/

by Anita J. Ghajar-Selim

., …) Colon after a complete sentence introducing a list or giving explanation (e.g. I want the following: Flour and water. Or I only have one wish: fly an airplane alone) before direct quotations longer than three lines after salutation in business/They also introduce an adverb clause. To punctuate subordinating conjunctions, you should put a comma ONLY when they are used in the beginning of a sentence as an introductory phrase. If they come in the middle of the sentence, you won’t need any punctuation for /

Types of Sentences  Simple  Compound  Complex  Compound- complex.

, but I couldn’t get tickets.  Dorothy likes white water rafting, but she also enjoys kayaking.  Bridget ran the first part of the race, and Tara biked the second part. Coordinating Conjunctions  Coordinating Conjunctions are used to join together 2 independent clauses.  Examples:  For / we asked her to lead our group.  He stands at the bottom of the cliff while the climber moves up the rock. Subordinating Conjunctions AAAWWWWUUBBIISS AfterBecause Although (Though)Before As (As if, As long as)If When/

Combining Sentences When should you combine sentences?

sentence combining makes the paragraph shorter and more interesting. A geyser is a spring that shoots hot water into the air with great force. While some geysers erupt continually, some remain dormant for long periods. A geyser is/Leopards have spots. How to combine sentences Coordinating conjunctions and but or nor for yet so A coordinating conjunction joins words or groups of words that are used in the same way. How to combine sentences Using compound subjects and verbs Combine the following short /

Bell Ringer 26/27 What do all these characters have in common? Make a list of their characteristics. (List 10 commonalities)

taunt Polyphemus, and several men died as a result. Odysseus is an epic hero. Compound sentences The seven coordinating conjunctions used as connecting words at the beginning of an independent clause are for ,and, nor, but, or, yet, and so (FANBOYS) When the second /: Last summer our house was painted by me. First, the exterior was washed using warm water and a mild detergent. Question 4 Rewrite in an active voice: Then all of the chinks in the walls were sealed with putty. After the putty had had /

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