Ppt on condition based maintenance dod

A Combat Support Agency Defense Information Systems Agency Enterprise Voice Services Component of DoD Unified Capabilities DISA/NSE.

to DoD Mission 8 A Combat Support Agency Proposed DoD UC Service Offerings Mapped from AF Operating Environments 8 Environments 1a and 1b Operational Base Environment 2 Operational Base Environment 3 Non- Operational Site 1a. Requires, under normal operating conditions,/ Support Agency Regional CVVoIP Service Replication and Syncrhonization Tier 0 Distributed WAN Soft Switch Maintenance IP Hard phone Firewall WAN SS DRSN Hosted Applications: Collaboration Services Collaboration Services Video Services Video Services/


DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines – Bipolar Disorder Published in May 2010, first update since 1999. Based on most recent research evidence, ranked according to quality and strength. Workgroup included experts from the VA, DoD/ Episode Module B: Acute Depressive Episode Module C: Maintenance Phase Module D: Psychosocial Interventions Module E: Pharmacotherapy /an evidence based psychotherapeutic intervention to improve adherence and patient outcome [B]; Consider other psychiatric and medical conditions and try/

SDR Transformation Initiative DoD WebSDR DLMS Change Proposals Information Exchange under the DLMS SDR Committee Meeting, Dec 6, 2006.

redistributions which are not ICP/IMM directed, and unscheduled returns to/from maintenance, may be reported by prior direction of the owner/manager Z3Distribution Depot/ copy from DOD WebSDR – WebSDR/DAAS creation/ transmission of information copy SDR in response to an SDR reply reject code sent to DAAS. The reject condition is applicable/ SDRs to the appropriate Logistics Support Centers (LSC) – Several USAF bases and Forward Supply Locations have cited examples of receiving duplicate shipments or receipts/

1 NCMA HOT TOPICS Performance Based Logistics NCMA HOT TOPICS Performance Based Logistics Air Force Materiel Command Major Jim Valley HQ AFMC/A4KC 27 Jan.

prevented before they need to be corrected Collected information on the size, age and condition of the installed equipment base can also help predict corrective maintenance Increasing reliability is an incentive for the supplier and a benefit to the government Increasing/on current/planned systems for FY06-09 17 Additional PBL Guidance: Title 10 US Code Statute 2464 & 2466 Specifies what DoD can and cannot do with regard to utilizing commercial support for depot tasks as part of PBL type contracts. The two/

1 Broad Overview of the European Community REACH* Regulation and Potential Impacts to DoD Presented by Shannon Cunniff, Director, Emerging Contaminants.

conditions and provide years of service (vice civilian electronics’ service life ~ 18 months) Known Fact: Lead-free Circuit Boards Are In Our Supply Chain – But where? And what is the impact on mission-critical applications? At Least Four Initiatives Are Underway at DoD/ 2009-2018 progressive implementation based on quantity & hazard /DoD Should Care – Impacts of REACH to DoD Foreign Military Sales – Competitive advantage to EU if US suppliers do not comply – US may not be able to provide maintenance/

V21 Software That Goes “Bump in the Night”: Software Licensing Do’s and Don’ts Floyd Groce, DoD ESI Co-Chair Terri Baxter, Naval Inventory Control Point.

deputy DoD CIO 6 7 Software Licensing Pitfalls and Recommendations  Selecting software by name not licensing model  Terms and conditions (T&C’s)  End user license agreements (EULA) – license grants  Sarbanes-Oxley – revenue recognition  MaintenanceMaintenance Escalation /the software? Share inward and outward Describe your requirement – give examples Definitions Describe your customer base clearly –How will the product or vendor be determined? Competitive -- provide technical evaluation criteria /


condition? Who determines a safe condition? When does the Government responsibility for security of the property and infrastructure cease? When does the Government responsibility for security of the property and infrastructure cease? THE NEXT BRAC PROCESS NEEDS TO: Recognize the uniqueness of base closure property actions by sustaining DoD/and Reinvestment Act) that ensures federal coordination Include facility maintenance and caretaker costs as part of base closure funding; create a single fund for all BRAC/


framework. Functional Directors determine functional criteria for course and promotion. SANDF promotion and career management decisions are based on discretionary and non-discretionary criteria. Air Force Command Council in the interest of greater transparency now/ positive effect on SAAF development and transformation goals, Transferring responsibility for facility maintenance from the NDPW to the DOD will improve the conditions of service of our members. Any support that the Committee can provide in/

Promoting high quality, cost effective drug therapy throughout the Military Health System The Basics for a Successful MTF P&T Meeting Prepared by the DoD.

formulary can guide physicians to prescribe the safest and most effective agents for treatment of a particular condition. DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center www.pec.ha.osd.mil Formulary Management Objectives –Decrease drug cost –Assure high quality/ to that of similar medications. Should be based on scientific evidence Consider effectiveness, safety and cost DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center www.pec.ha.osd.mil Formulary Management Principles –Formulary Maintenance Addition/deletion –Newly approved agents –New information/

Transforming Army Aviation to Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)! 1 DSS-0228 – CBM (OSD) – 11/29/2004 CBM Program Update DA & OSD Senior Leaders Robert.

Transformation Milestones  Summary Topics for 30 Nov 2004 Transforming Army Aviation to Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)! 2 DSS-0228 – CBM (OSD) – 11/29/2004 OSD Policy and Army Guidance  DOD – Policy Letter for CBM Dtd: 25 Nov 2002 — Guidance and Directive/ Under Different Management ? Systems of Record Responsible Agencies Aviation Data SystemsEnterprise Data Systems Transforming Army Aviation to Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)! 18 DSS-0228 – CBM (OSD) – 11/29/2004 AMCOM CBM Proof of Principle /

1 Discrepancy/Deficiency Reporting Functional Review Ellen Hilert, DoD SDR Administrator April 28, 2015  Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)  Product Quality.

from commercial sources that require the inspection and acceptance. (2) Reflect the actual condition of the materiel received in materiel receipt transactions based on screening or inspection. (3) Reflect the quantity accepted from commercial sources for/ and Equipment and Operating Materials and Supplies Portions of DOD Financial Statements. The UII will serve as a common key in financial, property accountability, acquisition, supply, maintenance and logistics systems. Goal: DLMS transactions enhanced to /

DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center www.pec.ha.osd.mil 1 TMA DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center Fort Sam Houston, TX MTF Quarterly Webcast December 9, 2010 LTC Stacia.

is low, and the drugs are used short term to treat an acute condition Bepotastine -taste perversion: 25% Ketotifen –hyperemia: 10-25% Nedocromil -burning// Rx for any strength of that NP agent in the last 180 days Based on %LDL lowering Low to moderate intensity: < 45% High intensity: /DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center www.pec.ha.osd.mil DRAFT CHCS WTU/SPP Drug Entry: Formulary Maintenance (FRM) 86 DoD Pharmacoeconomic Center www.pec.ha.osd.mil DRAFT CHCS WTU/SPP Drug Entry: Formulary Maintenance (FRM) 87 DoD/

Open Source Software (OSS or FLOSS) and the U.S. Department Of Defense (DoD) DACS Webinar February 11, 2008 Presenter: David A. Wheeler Institute for Defense.

based standards for its key interfaces, and has been subjected to successful V&V tests to ensure the openness of its key interfaces”. [DoD/Evaluation criteria – same (though data sources differ) – Functionality, total cost of ownership, support, maintenance/ longevity, reliability, performance, scalability, flexibility, legal/license (inc. rights and responsibilities – OSS/ use a copy/copies – OSS licenses grant more rights, but still conditional licenses Over 100 OSS licenses, but only a few widely used Can /

DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release: distribution unlimited. 11 Reliability Centered Maintenance Version 1 / Oct 29, 2014 Mr. Del “Treetop” Bennie.

% 11% 89% “Reliability Centered Maintenance” 1978 Nolan and Heap for the U.S. DoD B LIFE Random Failure patterns reflecting NO RELATIONSHIP TO AGE Based on several industry and DoD studies, the vast majority of components/distribution unlimited. 16 RCM Analysis Outputs Proactive Tasks: Scheduled tasks designed to anticipate or prevent failures. - On condition tasks (CBM) - Scheduled Maintenance: (aka “Hard Time”) Rebuild / Overhaul Replacement - Lubrication/Service Default Actions: Actions taken if a /

USAF Condition-Based Maintenance Research Environment Air Force Research Laboratory 17 June 2009.

management 3.AF ENTERPRISE INTEGRATION REQUIREMENTS –Linkage between platforms and logistics enterprise –Integrated architectures defining information exchange 4 Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+) DoDD 4151.18 – Maintenance of Military Materiel – Mar 2004 AFI 63-107 – Integrated Product Support Planning and Assessment – Nov 2004 DODI 4151.22 – CBM+ Policy – Dec 2007 DoD CBM+ Guidebook – May 2008... “ the application and integration of appropriate processes, technologies, and knowledge/

Condition-Based Maintenance Steve Butcher Logistics Management Institute LMI.

Butcher Logistics Management Institute steve_butcher@msn.com LMI Condition-Based Maintenance LMI Conference Theme: Integrating Aging and New Systems Maintenance Track: Condition-Based Maintenance Track Theme: A Snapshot of Service Initiatives Condition-Based Maintenance LMI Background: LMI Reports to ADUSD on CBM 1 st Report to DoD, August, 2000 Definitions, Technology Assessments 4 Service CBM Programs 2D Report to DoD, October, 2000 Management Issues Have we thought through how to build a/

Research and Development Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Ashok Kumar L. D. Stephenson 07 March 2007 Ashok Kumar L. D. Stephenson 07 March.

Equipment Maintenance) Customized Maximo 4.1.1 DoD sponsored program Tailored to meet USACE business needs Tool for asset management initiative Integrated with: – CEFMS – REMIS – APPMS VIMS functionality incorporated into system Customized Maximo 4.1.1 DoD /potential for future long-term prediction of maintenance based on the changes to operating machinery conditions. 3. More research is needed to determine how best to use condition monitoring data to predict maintenance, and how to automate the process/

Module 6 1 DLMS Introductory Training Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) Introductory Training Creating/Reengineering DOD Logistics Business.

Files Publish XSD Files DLMS Submit to National and International Standards Bodies Submit Data Maintenance (DM) for change Propose solution for DM Build consensus for solution Champion solution /change will ensure that BLOC data is maintained in a current and accurate condition from the authoritative data source. b.Disadvantages: None noted. Module 6 /Module 6 56 DLMS Introductory Training Summary ●DLMS is a broad base of DoD-approved business rules, standards, objects and processes designed for total /

The History of Base Realignments and Closures (BRAC)

department of defense’s total force. 2.The availability and condition of land, facilities and associated airspace at both the existing/US Army Reserve Center, NJ; and Valley Grove Area Maintenance Support Activity, WV. 18 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission Annual Savings Achieved from Final Recommendations /ForceMarines  Open xProposed oClosed 21 FY 99 Depot Capacity Utilization – Single Shift Based on Dod Certification Data Ogden ALC9,0054,89554 Oklahoma City ALC12,8636,65852 Warner Robins ALC9/

DOD LEED Implementation November 12th, 2009 John Ambert, LEED AP Cass | Sowatsky | Chapman + Associates.

Solar / Geothermal Specifications Design Build Process : Design Development : Specifications Credits addressed in 3 approaches 1. General Conditions 2. Under Material & Product Sections 3. Direct notes on Drawings Language General Specs – Division 1 “ General/vs. Non-Roof Open Space Stormwater Management LEED & DOD projects Key Aspects Water Efficiency Landscaping – ATFP Dual Plumbing – Future Use Flush vs. Flow Base Preferences Maintenance LEED & DOD projects Key Aspects Energy & Atmosphere Energy Model = /

SDR Transformation Initiative DoD WebSDR SDR Committee Meeting, April 27-28, 2008 Information Exchange under the DLMS.

transition system – Air Force IM legacy – Lockheed Martin Corporation – GSA? – DoD EMALL? 10 DAASC Task List Functional and Process Related Requirements – Info copy distribution / Discrepancy Code is for concealed shortage/wrong item/IUID – Concern: USAF maintenance document numbers do not contain valid DoDAACs 38 PDC Status Unknown PDC for/ Facilitated web-based entry available – Auto-fill feature uses DAAS requisition history to populate SDR – Data content targeted to specific discrepant condition – May /

Enterprise Agreement Requirements Management 23 February 2010 DoD ESI Working Group.

price discounts Will provide sustained, recognized value to DoDDoD and vendor accept contract and licensing terms and conditions Recent Awarded ESI Agreements New vendors only – renewals/begin now.  If priorities are needed, Buying Agents should focus on maintenance agreements first, then new licenses. Challenges Regulatory impediments –Components’ varying / ESI’s ability to award BPAs using the conventional ESI process based on direct negotiations with target publishers and resellers Limited access to /

1. 2 Defense Contract Audit Agency 3  Established in 1965.  Separate Agency of the Department of Defense.  Reports to DoD Controller.  Provides Service.

NASA National Science Foundation Defense Contract Audit Agency Non-DOD Customers 13 Nuclear Regulatory Commission United States Postal Service/Deployment Team –Based in United States –72 Hours notice Defense Contract Audit Agency International Audits 19 Providers of Unique Items Base Maintenance Contracts Training /compliance with regulations, program requirements, and objectives. Defense Contract Audit Agency 35 Condition –Requested cash advances exceeded projected period costs. Basis –Limited cash flow. –/

 Developmental Orthopedic Disorders aka “DOD” involves a diverse group of musculoskeletal disorders that occur in growing animals, most commonly fast-growing.

complete/balanced diet that does not precipitate any predisposition to DOD › When DOD do occur, the diet needs to limit any further/growth diet for dogs should contain >22% protein (dry matter base (DMB) of a high biological value  Carbohydrates › Carbohydrate /adult maintenance diet from a puppy diet, in order to avoid excess calcium and energy levels  Maintenance foods / protein and fat levels to help maintain muscle mass and body condition  Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® › Canine Mobility Support JS™ 23/

0 DoD IT Consolidation Roadmap: What’s Ahead with the DoD ESI Floyd Groce, DON CIO ESI Co-Chair Jim Clausen, DoD CIO ESI Co-Chair Jim Cecil, Consultant.

maintenance –Selected software and technical services –Enterprise access: All DoD Components, Intelligence Community (IC), NATO, Auth. Contractors Enterprise licenses –Common software deployed across DoD/DoD? Large existing DoD installed base identified through ESI Working Group or SPMs Recommended by DoD CIO community through strategic direction Vendor contact with ESI team –Is vendor “qualified” for consideration? Substantial DoD/ to DoDDoD and vendor accept contract and licensing terms and conditions 21 /

Reliability Centered Maintenance Condition Based Maintenance

solidified RCM as the basis for CBM in 2007 with the Condition Based Maintenance Plus for Material Maintenance Instruction. During the same year, the Navy reissued their own CBM Policy OPNAV instruction, which also solidified the relationship of RCM to CBM. Two years later NAVSEA issued its own RCM & CBM instruction, bringing the DOD, and OPNAV policies to our ships with specific RCM requirements for/

1 Evidence Based Practice in VHA Presentation to the Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Joseph Francis, MD, MPH Deputy Chief Quality & Performance.

adaptation process identify maintenance process champion the integration into information systems ensure integration encourage research 3 VA/DoD Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup Structure Evidence-Based Knowledge Management &Transfer Co-Chaired by VA & DoD Evaluation & Analysis Co-Chaired by VA & DoD Clinical Portfolio Management & Development Co-Chaired by VA & DoD Health Executive Council Co-Chaired by VA & DoD Joint Executive Council Co-Chaired by VA & DoD VA/DoD Evidence-Based Practice Workgroup/


15 HAZARD CLASS/DIVISION  There are nine hazard classes based on chemical and physical characteristics of the material and its reaction under various conditions.  Hazard Class 1- generally contains ammunition, explosives / to ensure that all unit personnel involved in the storage, transport, handling, maintenance, receipt/issue, and use of munitions are trained prior to their assignment to/ Class C Mishap The resulting total cost of damages to DoD or non-DoD property is $20,000 or more, but less than /

Wildland Fire Management Plan Update December 10, 2012 U.S. Naval Base Coronado San Clemente Island.

Policy  DoD Fire Policy (DoDI 6055.6 December 21, 2006)  Sikes Act Improvement Act and INRMP goals  DoD 4715.03 (2011) Natural Res. Conservation Program All DoD Components shall /a component of a fuelbreak system. A reevaluation of road standards and maintenance, best practice avoidance and minimization measures for impacts, and NEPA compliance / analysis.  The ideal time to install fuel retardant needs review. Based on conditions of previous years, installation is preferred between 5/1-5/21. Precautions/

Relating the Mission and Means Framework to DoD Architecture Framework Products Jim Watkins Applied Research Laboratories The University of Texas.

and evolution over time. DoD Integrated Architecture Panel 1995, based on IEEE STD 610/maintenance of trustworthy systems within cost and time constraints An interdisciplinary process that ensures that a customer’s needs are satisfied throughout a system’s entire life-cycle The system engineer: implements a system that conforms to the architecture within cost and time constraints 9 The Architecture Frameworks Quagmire 10 DoD/ Sequence into Level 1 Interaction Conditions Missions Means 66 Missions and Means/

IUID in the Supply Chain Discrepancy and Deficiency Workshop Ellen Hilert, DoD SDR System Administrator April 27, 2011.

user, upon issue to maintenance, failure while in use -Typical quality-related deficiencies related to IUID include: Incorrect placement of data matrix Unsatisfactory application Incorrect encoding of the data matrix 4 DoD WebSDR and DLMS SDR /must be reported concurrent with acceptance process, and may preclude acceptance -Material placed in a suspended condition pending resolution (suspend based on specific discrepancies) 8 Current IUID Specific Discrepancies  Reporting criteria defined as: -Item unique /


DOD DOD PROGRAMMES REGARDING PRESIDENT’S STATE OF NATION ADDRESS DOD compiles its annual strategic planning guidelines for the Minister, the Secretary for Defence and Chief of SANDF based/HR Management and HR Development to meet identified skills gaps –Improve conditions of service for selected professionals and identified skills –Deployment of managers/Cabinet Makgotla decisions, and the President’s State of Nation Address Maintenance of the SANDF core capabilities Strategic Defence Packages to be integrated/

Module 6 1 DLMS Introductory Training Defense Logistics Management Standards (DLMS) Introductory Training Creating/Reengineering DOD Logistics Business.

Files Publish XSD Files DLMSO Submit to National and International Standards Bodies Submit Data Maintenance (DM) for change Propose solution for DM Build consensus for solution Champion solution /change will ensure that BLOC data is maintained in a current and accurate condition from the authoritative data source. b.Disadvantages: None noted. Module 6 /6 44 DLMS Introductory Training Summary ●The DLMS are a broad base of DOD-approved business rules, standards, objects and processes designed for total /

RIDING SEASON 2004. Care and Maintenance Includes: Electrical Engine Fluids Brakes Tires & Wheels Engine & Transmission Frame & Suspension.

Maintenance /cuts on tube stems). Check air pressure. Do not over inflate especially in Hot conditions/climate. Inspect rims for dents, cracks (alloy) and Carefully tighten loose spokes. /on or off base, regardless of the local laws. Helmets are MANDATORY, in Alabama, and for all military personnel, on or off base, regardless of /engaged in directed training activities; and foreign national military personnel assigned to the DOD components. Definition of “Force Military Personnel”: All U.S. Military personnel/


national interest. (DOD Directive 5230.25) Types of Information Protected 5/2/2015 6  Technical reports, engineering drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, training manuals/the best level of security and privacy available, given facilities, conditions, and environment. Transmitting voice and fax information Transmit voice and / firewalls and router policies, intrusion prevention or detection services, or host-based security services. (C) Prompt application of security-relevant software patches, service/

Defense Technology Security Administration

U.S. industrial base Align and utilize resources/Conditions 24% 35,976 Licenses Reviewed 18,178 Licenses Reviewed 2008 USG Licensing Statistics Department of State: over 85,000 license applications; roughly 40% were referred to DoD for review. Department of Commerce: ~20,000 license applications; roughly 90% were referred to DoD for review. Why the difference? Technology Security risk varies. DoD/ manufacture, assembly, operation, repair, testing, maintenance or modification of defense articles. This includes/

What can we learn from the application of computer based assessment to the military? Daniel O. Segall Kathleen E. Moreno Defense Manpower Data Center Invited.

from 3,062 subjects –Each subject was randomly assigned to one of 13 conditions  Hardware Dimensions –Input device –Color scheme –Monitor type –CPU speed / is seamlessly integrated into operational test administrations 40 MDDC Internet Testing  DoD Internet Testing –Defense Language Proficiency Tests –Defense Language Aptitude Battery –Armed/testing can defray much of the cost of computer based testing since the cost of computers and their maintenance is shared or eliminated.  Strict Standardization of /

DoD Sys Eng 2013/12/11 | Page-1 Distribution Statement A – Approved for public release by OSR on 12/11/2013; SR Case #14-S-0528 applies. Distribution is.

construct and operate complex systems –To forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions –To deliver their intended function while addressing economic efficiency, environmental stewardship/Period [for MAIS] Critical Changes… §801 of FY12: Core Depot-level Maintenance and Repair Capabilities §832 of FY12: Assessment, Management, and Control of/this century.” President Barack Obama February 2013 DoD efforts to advance cyber security in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) include: –DIB Cyber Security//

1 The Power of Sharing VA-DoD Conference Federal Policy Updates – OMB/GAO, Congressional Issues and Legislation Bruce Grimes, Connie McDonald, and Robert.

the employee’s rate of base pay –Preserve transferred employees seniority to the extent practicable DoD retains the authority to employ civilian/available for up to two years –Includes capital equipment, real property maintenance and minor construction projects –Includes implementation of an integrated financial reconciliation/ Assessment Act 16 Overview of Pending Legislation Evaluation for Specific Medical Conditions Related to Service –HR 1335 – DoD, with HHS and VA, to Evaluate the Effectiveness of TBI /

1 Mid-Atlantic Regional Council Meeting Subcontracting and eSRS Wendy Despres Assistant Director for Subcontracting Policy, DoD Office of Small Business.

 One SSR goes to each DoD agency for construction and related maintenance and repair contracts  All other SSRs go to the DoD agency administering the majority of the contractor/.15 and 19.7 and DFARS 215.305  Assesses compliance with terms and conditions of the contract for Small Business participation  Assesses compliance with FAR 52.219/ assessment:  Individual contract performance is unknown because plan and reporting is based on commercial items sold by the entire company, division, plant or product/

The Matchmaker’s Small Business Training An approach to Government and Prime Contractor Subcontracting The MATCHMAKERS HPT is a Subcommittee of the DOD.

features, the amount of performance risk, urgency, trade-in considerations, warranty, maintenance availability, etc. Best and Final Offer For negotiated procurements, a contractors final offer/RFP). The governments invitation to a prospective offeror to submit proposals based on the terms and conditions set forth in the RFP. Responses to RFPs are offers called /Defense National Stockpile Center DO Delivery Order DOC Director of Contracting DoD Department of Defense DOL Department of Labor DPACS DLA Preaward /

Techniques and Tools for Product-Specific Analysis Templates Towards Enhanced CAD-CAE Interoperability for Simulation-Based Design and Related Topics Russell.

Different Behaviors Diverse Design Data Fidelities Various Environment / Boundary Condition Fidelities Diverse Analysis Modules 8 Engineering Information Systems Lab / Integration Challenges –Overview of COB-based XAI Part 3: Example Applications »Airframe Structural Analysis (Boeing) »Circuit Board Thermomechanical Analysis (DoD: ProAM; JPL/NASA) »Chip/ Gaps Categories of Gap Costs u Associativity time & labor –Manual maintenance –Little re-use –Lost knowledge u Inconsistencies u Limited analysis usage/

Web-Enabled Safety System (WESS) online reporting tool for DoD Aviation Hazards and Mishaps online reporting tool for DoD Aviation Hazards and Mishaps.

WESS) online reporting tool for DoD Aviation Hazards and Mishaps online reporting tool for DoD Aviation Hazards and Mishaps Aviation/injury, or other damage. It shall include all aircrew, maintenance, facilities, and supervisory factors.  There may be aeromedical conditions present, which did not contribute to the mishap. List /QUESTIONS THEREBY, NOT ALLOWING HIM THE REST REQUIRED BY OPNAVINST 3710.7 (SV-001). BASED ON THE ABOVE ANALYSIS THE AMB CONCLUDES THE MISHAP PILOT FAILED TO LOWER THE LANDING GEAR/

2009 DoD MWR Customer Satisfaction Results. © 2009 CFI Group. All rights reserved. Survey Methodology Survey Respondents 24,920 interviews were completed.

DoD MWR Customer Satisfaction Results © 2009 CFI Group. All rights reserved. Survey Methodology Survey Respondents 24,920 interviews were completed and used for analysis.  The resulting confidence interval is +/- 0.2 at 95% level of confidence. Interviews were conducted via the web July 29 th to August 28 th. All respondents were active duty Service members. Results were weighted based/g., appearance, cleanliness, maintenance) Hours of operation (/, etc.) General condition of fitness facilities Availability/

Shaping the Future Tobyhanna Army Depot’s Successful Partnership with Commercial Technologies for Maintenance Activities Rick Foley Electronics Engineer.

TPS on modern systems ●Enable data collection for trend analysis and knowledge base ✔ Benefits: ●An integrated set of tools running on Microsoft Windows –Perform/ Facility Shingo Award Winner SEDSED Figure 1.MOSED device Showing Tripped Condition Indicating A Static Discharge Event Occurred (squiggly lines in left side/ Space Flight Center Technology Transfer: Inserted 12 pieces of ADF-RP equipment into DoD Maintenance facilities and 12 pieces of ADF-RP equipment for initial piloting at industrial partners/

1 TRICARE 101 Mark E. Goldstein, FACHE VA Liaison, TRO South VA/DoD Medical Sharing Office, VACO Jody W. Donehoo, Ph.D. Chief, Warrior Support Branch TRICARE.

Caribbean, Central and South America and Canada 11 DoD Roles TMA provides instructions to TRICARE Contractors based on VA/DOD Agreements, policy, and law TRICARE Regional Offices/TMA / to MTF or civilian primary care manager (PCM) Similar to Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) –Referral and authorization required for specialty care Lowest out/Medical necessity –Based on whether, from a medical point of view, the care is appropriate, reasonable, and adequate for the beneficiary’s condition Factual –Services/

DoD Lead Agent: Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment) Department of Defense Voluntary Protection Programs Center.

engineering, administrative, work practice, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) –Preventive/predictive maintenance to keep equipment from becoming hazardous –Access to medical/health professionals for/–Employee rights under OSHA –Responsibilities of managers, supervisors, workers –Recognizing hazardous conditions –Signs and symptoms of workplace related illnesses –Job specific training – for /-based VPP Application tool (e-VPP tool) for Annual Reports. 27 Summary In this session you learned about: DoD’/

Installation Name: Joint Venture Review 2011 VA/DoD Joint Venture Conference Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) and VA Pacific Islands Health Care System.

Maintenance Radiation Protection Inspections Information Technology/Visual Information Support CMS Support TAMC reimburses VAPIHCS for: DoD beneficiaries on the VA Psych Ward (3B2) and enrolled in the PRRP program (5C1) DoD/by the ER physician to determine urgent/emergent conditions. For non- urgent/non-emergent conditions, veterans may be referred after triage to /Desired 7 Best Practices: eDR Referral Management Module Charge Master Based Billing Module Analytics Module 3 rd party collections module JANUS/

UNCLASSIFIED - FOUO 5/16/20151 Marine Corps Base VRE Shuttle Service Program BASE COMMANDER’S ORIENTATION BRIEF – 29 Aug 2013 BRIEF – 29 Aug 2013 VRE BASE.

Quantico train station, in the base newspaper, Command Staff Notes, base website and any other media outlet available. The VRE shuttle services are for DoD employees and contractors who have a DoD Common Access Card (CAC). /may be adjusted based upon traffic conditions. UNCLASSIFIED - FOUO Marine Corps Base VRE Shuttle Service Program Shuttle Routes & times ( Cont.) Shuttle Routes & times ( Cont.) GREEN LONG ROUTE GREEN LONG ROUTE  Industrial Area: Front of TMO & Zielen Rd  Facilities Maintenance: Front of/

About 〝 REQUIREMENT 〞 based on - DoD-STD-2167A - MIL-STD-490 - IEEE 12207 - INCOSE TUTORIAL - CMMI TUTORIAL Alex Yin ( 尹守紀 ext-7861) Dec.20.2004.

About 〝 REQUIREMENT 〞 based on - DoD-STD-2167A - MIL-STD-490 - IEEE 12207/is Requirement? (1) 1.Based on CMMI as a)(1) A condition or capability needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve an objective. (2) A condition or capability that must be/ organizational and user requirements; safety, security, human-factors engineering (ergonomics), interface, operations, and maintenance requirements; design constraints and qualification requirements. The system requirements specification shall be documented. 5.3.4/

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