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Solar Electric Power generation Two types: – Thermal -use sun’s ability to heat (usually water) to create electricity – Photovoltaic devices- a device.

– electrical current is used to reduce cations (positively charged ions) of a desired material from a solution and / atoms) in diameter. tandem/multi-junction cells – multijunction device is a stack of individual single-junction cells hot-carrier/emitters are conceivable), a photovoltaic (PV) cell, an optical coupling between the two, and an electronic control circuit. The LED/are designed to increase these efficiency numbers and reduce manufacturing costs Novel approaches UA astronomer Roger Angel Uses /

The roots of innovation NID Objective To develop novel devices and systems for information processing or storage with critical dimensions in the nanometer.

of microguns for parallel e-beam nanolithography Chanil: Nanoimprint based fabrication of charge sensing devices for information processing Cortex: Design and construction of elements of hybride / with a planned 5 to 10 year industrial impact. Low cost, manufacturability and scalability for large computational and communication bandwidths Call expected June 2001/and technologies. Studies will be at the level of molecules, the coupling of molecules and cells to natural and synthetic surfaces and the functional/

Electro-Optic Materials and Devices l Basic Concepts: Electrons (electronics), Photons (photonics) and Electro-Optics l Basic Device Structures: Stripline.

the electric field component of light (photons) interacts with the perturbed charge distribution. l Because the speed of light is altered by the /figure) Statistical Mechanics is the answer!  Simple chromophore/polymer composites.  Covalently coupled systems (dendrimers, dendronized polymers, “new” side chain polymers) where we need/to high volume manufacturing using processing techniques such as spin casting and dry etching. Straightforward fabrication of an array of prototype devices. Reactive Ion Etching/

1 Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers 155th Meeting of the Executive Committee on 17 October 2014 in Palma, Hotel Melia Victoria.

, there are almost 50 manufacturers of explosives and similar materials. Due to the absence of standardisation or unified norms, explosive devices often present sheaths of different/ use of the explosive, and/or storage on-site, which can be coupled or separated activities, the chosen procedures have to be notified clearly for data/a police officer and another member of the public. Charleville police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck said the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service crews were/

Solid State Chemistry for Physics, Information Technology Devices and Energy Art Ramirez Director Device Physics Research Bell Labs.

Device Physics - Colossal MR - Ferroelectrics - Multiferroics - Organics - Colossal MR - Ferroelectrics - Multiferroics - Organics 5 4 1 6 -Heterogeneous electronic phases, charge patterns -Strongly coupled charge/ spin/lattice degrees of freedom Solid-state Chemistry : Information Device Physics/- Lucent has 25 patents Potential Organic Materials Advantages: –Printable/manufacturable –Flexible –Multi-functional materials/ molecular design (i. e. low- dielectric constant with high EO coefficient)/

1 Graphics Device System. 2 Acknowledgement I’d like to thank Pradondet Nilagupta who creates such a good work on these lecture notes.

computer graphic system Processor Memory Frame buffer Input devices Output Devices 4 Output Technology (1/3) Calligraphic Displays/ Color CRTs Color CRTs are much more complicated Requires manufacturing very precise geometry Uses a pattern of color phosphors/ at every cell FET transfers charge into capacitor during scan Capacitor easily holds charge till next refresh 42 Active Matrix/Closely related to Beowulf clusters Idea: Use many tightly- coupled off-the-shelf machines to do rendering Problem: Dividing /

1 Graphics Device System Pradondet Nilagupta. 2 Graphical System 5 major elements for a computer graphic system Processor Memory Frame buffer Input devices.

21 Display Technologies Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) Most common display device today Evacuated glass bottle (last of the vacuum tubes) Heating element/Color CRTs Color CRTs are much more complicated Requires manufacturing very precise geometry Uses a pattern of color phosphors/ at every cell FET transfers charge into capacitor during scan Capacitor easily holds charge till next refresh 35 Active / related to Beowulf clusters Idea: Use many tightly- coupled off-the-shelf machines to do rendering Problem: Dividing/

Topic II Hot electron detector Topic I Manufacturable Symmetry Control in Nanophotonic Light- Trapping Structures to Surpass the Lambertian Limit My research.

Manufacturable Symmetry Control in Nanophotonic Light- Trapping Structures to Surpass the Lambertian Limit My research topics related to surface plasmon Dielectric constant  Dielectric screening The electric field from a single point charge/practical photovoltaic devices 1. Manufacturable, cost-effective fabrication of nanophotonic structures 2. Exceeding the Lambertian limit by/similarity in terms of peak positions. C 4 shows stronger coupling to light than C 4v near normal incidence Further symmetry /

NIRT: "Surface State Engineering" Charge Storage and Conduction in Organo-Silicon Heterostructures as a Basis for Nanoscale Devices John C. Bean (PI) 1,

Model of Random Telegraph Signal in nanoFET: - Successful measurement of RTS in nanotube FETs - Design of UVA SOI nanoFET device test structure: Data 4 Our Model 4 Xiao, Yablonovitch et al., Nature 430, p. 435 (2004) Education and /SOITEC (leading manufacturer of SOI for ICs) National Institute of Standards and Technology To evaluate utility in nanoFETs & explore new modes of quantum conduction NIRT Building Block #1) Models of Organo-Si Charge Conduction & Storage Formal Challenge: Coupling weak and/

Acute Circulatory Support Device

Magnetically Driven Pump Impeller Pump Housing Magnetic coupling Magn. Coupling Stator Seal Stator Bearing Rotor The /of Manufacture Equipotential Bonding Post P1 Pressure Connector P2 Pressure Connector Label – serial number – date of manufacture. /in to main power to keep the battery charged. Pressure transducers and cables can be connected/ Bleeding Perioperative nutrition Tamponade Arrhythmias Variable volume Variable device flow Pulmonary dysfunction Right ventricular failure Patient management issues/

UK SiGe Research Programme EPSRC Final Review Meeting, Thursday November 4th 2004 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept, Imperial College, Device.

again an exciting area for research. Huge challenge for device modelling Mobility in UTB SOI Scattering from two interfaces Surface phonons TO phonons coupling Remote Coulomb scattering Interface charge scattering Body thickness fluctuations Material composition fluctuations High-k composition/to be a wish list of problems to solve in order to continue Moores Law. It was originally. Now manufacturers lower the targets, so that they triumphantly beat the Road Map. Usually each year at IEDM. Remember the HEAT/

Lexair is a privately held, American owned corporation committed to the design and manufacturing of industrial products. We are a World Class Manufacturer.

electrical control of valves is required Pilot Operated Models Actuation of small pneumatic devices, i.e. single or double acting cylinders, rotary actuators, slides,/regeneration. Both units feature anodized aluminum bodies and “Victaulic” couplings on both ends for “drop-in” installation on the /a “no-charge” option. ·Innovative lock/indicator features latest Lexair, Inc. technology (Patent Pending). Custom Valve Manufacturing Capabilities Fluid Power Products Custom Valve Manufacturing Capabilities The/

Measuring Devices.

that the device does not draw any current, except a tiny initial current needed to put a charge on the plates. Sometimes, an engineer or experimenter doesn’t want a measuring device to / actual point for the current reading, and then to wag back and forth a couple of times before coming to rest in the right place. It is possible to use/tolerances are needed for these resistors. That means their values must actually be what the manufacturer claims they are, to within a fraction of 1 percent if possible. It is /

Dielectric mirror manufacture High quality dielectric mirrors manufacture is based on the following theoretical considerations. On the surface of the glass.

respectively: (5.3)(5.3) Multilayer mirror manufacture technology After complete the polishing process with surface quality / by photodiode’s shot noise. However they demonstrated the device with sensitivity of 2 deg/s. From that moment /6) D =  q/h.  - photodiode quantum efficiency, q – electron charge, h – Planck constant, - light frequency. FOG output characteristic is linear in /changes are due to thermal effects in fiber, polarization coupling between the modes, magnetic field, thermal changes in /

Work in Progress --- Not for Publication 1 ERD WG 7/12-13/08 San Francisco Workshop & FxF Meeting ITRS/ERD ITWG Emerging Research Devices Work Group Workshop.

remaining to accept the technology for manufacture.  Technology roadmap outlining a 5-15 year develop path leading to manufacture in 5-10 years. Work /gate – Few devices  Logic gate demonstrated Cons  Slow – 10 7 cm/sec  Huge –  m size gates  Large dampening – poor interconnect  Limited by coulomb input & output coupling Work in / – control & stability issues  Need to integrate with CMOS  Still based on charge as state variable  Need fault tolerant circuits Work in Progress --- Not for Publication /

SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES INTRODUCTION. Semiconductor Devices In year 2010 sales volume of the electronic industry will reach three trillion dollars and will.

(Fig.4b)) at room temperature was first demonstrated by Yano et al. 1970: Boyle and Smith invented the charge-coupled device (CCD) which is used extensively in video cameras and in optical sensing applications. 1974: The resonant tunneling diode / photoresist technology. Lithography is also a significant economic factor. Currrently representing over 35% of the integrated-circuit manufacturing cost. In the same year the epitaxial growth process based on chemical vapor deposition technique was developed by/

Northeastern University Fabrication and Characterization Facilities at the George J. Kostas Nanoscale Technology and Manufacturing Research Center Richard.

at the George J. Kostas Nanoscale Technology and Manufacturing Research Center The center consists of 5000 square /University Zyvex Nanomanipulator S-100 Mechanical and electrical characterization. Device quality/failure analysis. Nanostructure/nanomaterial /nanointerconnect R&D/ N = Number of electrons for stability  density e = Electronic Charge a = Area T = Thickness A = Atomic Weight I = / post development prior to deposition Low temp inductively coupled plasma Northeastern University CMP G&P Poli -400/

Securing Mobile Devices Security Professionals 2011 Preconference Seminar 8:30-12:00, Monday, April 4 th, 2011 Bonham D/Third Level, Grand Hyatt, San Antonio.

Division Multiple Access; CDMA2000 is the 3G follow-on technology to CDMA. There are a couple of variations of CDMA2000 (e.g., 1X and EV-DO) CDMA is probably the/ Internet Devices? If so, is the policy well known? What does it specifically require? Does your policy have “teeth” (penalties for non- compliance)? Who’s in charge of enforcing/148 “Apple Peel:” iPod into iPhone? 149 Some Implications of Non-Vendor Hardware Manufacturers are obviously unhappy at losing profit from what they view as a key market/

Hack in the Box Conference April 10 -13, 2005, Bahrain 1 Toward Architectural Challenges of Secured Mobile Devices Manzur Ashraf BRAC University, Bangladesh.

device is in a low power sleep state or charging its battery; for instance, if a mobile user extensively uses the device for short periods, an energy harvesting system might be able to ensure that battery is always topped up during the standby period. Why Needed? Due to significant manufacturing/ different file system (surrogate connected to internet will locate and download client applications) Highly coupled client and surrogate will increase network overhead and thus energy consumption. ( Messer 2002) /

During FIRST Robotics Manufacture, Assembly, Test & Operation Greg Kirksey, OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer Scot Marshall, Lockheed Martin Space.

shock and release of stored energy from accumulating devices Improper Installation The design and layout of equipment,/Storage Battery, Capacitor Pneumatic Energy Storage Charged Air Cylinders Compressed Air in Lines / These components include flywheels, pulleys, belts, connecting rods, couplings, cams, spindles, chains, cranks, and gears. Other moving/Safeguarding Safety Captain Independent monitor of operations during concept, manufacturing process, shipping / receiving, field trip, and competition/

Introduction to Integrated Systems Design Automation Outline Why Do You Care? Technology Trends Process and Device Technology Logic Technology Memory Technology.

’t help much - still LC Interconnect delays not scaling with technology Device Technology Current CMOS - strained Si channel - elevated source/drain soon/common in consumer products Trends time-to-market dominates over manufacturing cost - product life of 1-2 years increasing /SRAM w/magnet DRAM speed lagging logic - Must amplify small charge - More bits => longer I/O path - Higher /small memories close to logic – cache hierarchy loosely coupled components – multiple cores on a chip yesterdays supercomputer/

1 MOS Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs). MOSFET ( Voltage Controlled Current Device) MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor Physical Structure FETField Effect.

VLSI NMOSFET/PMOSFET n/p-channel enhancement mode MOSFET MOSFET Small Size Manufacturing process is simple Requires comparatively low power Implement digital & analog functions /charge controls the current flow through the channel when a voltage v DS is applied. Gate Channel Figure 4.3 An NMOS transistor with v GS > V t and with a small v DS applied. The device/ through a bypass capacitor Not to disturb dc bias current & voltages coupling capacitors are used to pass the signal voltages to the input terminal /


Full Wave Rectifier Example Find average value of the full-wave rectified voltage? Transformer Coupling Turns ratio, n = N sec /N pri V (sec) = nV (/charges to 2Vp through D2 Positive half-cycle: C3 charges to 2Vp through D3 Output: 3Vp across C1 and C3 Voltage Quadrupler Output: 4Vp across C2 and C4 The Diode Data Sheet The data sheet for diodes and other devices/Breakdown voltage – set by controlling the doping level during manufacture When diode reached reverse breakdown – voltage remains constant- /

Class 02 DICCD. 2 1- Transistors: Silicon Transistors are built out of silicon, a semiconductor Pure silicon is a poor conductor (no free charges) Doped.

instructions per second on a single chip Automobiles, medical devices, televisions, computers, and even the Space Shuttle use/ drains connected Ideal Structure of a CMOS Intverter CMOS geometry (and manufacturing process) is more complicated than the NMOS p n+ SD p/ that degrades the signal – E.g., resistance, power supply noise, coupling to neighboring wires, etc. Example: a gate (driver) could output a/0 or vice versa) at that frequency, the capacitor is charged f/2 times per second (discharging from 1 to 0 /

1 Transferred Electron Devices TEDs are made of compound semiconductors such as GaAs. They exhibit periodic fluctuations of current due to negative resistance.

excited by current pulses from the Gunn diode and the RF energy is coupled via the iris to the waveguide. IMPATT IMPact ionization Avalanche Transit Time They/avalanche multiplication of electrons and holes in the space charge region of the junction. 10 Avalanche Transit-Time Devices If reverse-bias potential exceeds a certain threshold,/ than BJTs. Gunn diodes are manufactured using III–V compound semiconductors, such as GaAs or Pin (Phosphorus-Indium). Gunn diodes are manufactured in three layers, with an /

Wireless Charging Market to Global Analysis and Forecasts by Technology, and Application No of Pages: 150 Publishing Date: Apr 2017 Single User.

steady growth during the forecast period due to growing number of smart devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Also, insufficient availability of charging ports at public places and its malfunctioning due to excessive usage /opportunities, and future trend  To provide exhaustive PEST analysis for all five regions  To profiles key Wireless Charging manufacturing players influencing the market along with their SWOT analysis and market strategies Request for Sample @ http://www.theinsightpartners/

Recent Challenges. 2 Soft Errors Scaling:  SEU (Single-event upset): −Ionizing radiation corrupts data stored  Cause: −Radioactive impurities in device.

capacitors to nodes in the memory  increases the amount of charge necessary to cause SEU 2.System-level: −Ensures that the / manufacturers test the speed of each FPGA after manufacturing and binning each device according to its speed. −Higher speeds: more expensive −Unacceptable leakage power: discard the device /: a structural or electrical parameter e.g. −W, −tox, −Vth, −channel mobility, −coupling capacitances, −line resistances. 23 Corner Analysis PRCA (Process Corner Analysis):  Takes 1.nominal values /

Part 2 Current State-of-the-Art For Commercial ‘Micro’-Electronic Device Production Silicon Technology and Next Generation Lithography.

easily released for conduction. The donor site becomes positively charged (fixed charge). Silicon doped with a donor is called n-type/ and distribution, we can realise useful devices. Fabrication of a Device (MOSFET) Silicon devices are built up in a series of/ of Immersion: Contamination of the Resist by Immersion Liquid Couple of Wafer/Lens Vibrations Cavitation in the Immersion Liquid Bubble/ atomic. As the size becomes smaller though, the manufacturing speed drops dramatically. What We Will Look at… /

Magnetic Material 2. MANUFACTURING METHODS Iron making Outline of steel processing Cold rolling methods Heat treatments Critical grain growth Hardness.

Magnetic Material 2 MANUFACTURING METHODS Iron making Outline of/use of trailing thermocouples whose junctions are placed in selected spots in a charge tray. However, the operation of inter section doors tends to sever couples so that the use of a squirrel is required. The management of/from ferromagnetism. General FEM steps Steps are as follows: 1.Pre-processing. In the pre-processing stage, the device under consideration needs to draw first. It could be drawn by the FEM packages itself or it could be /

CCD and CMOS Sensors Craig Robinson.

CCD and CMOS Sensors Craig Robinson Definitions CCD CMOS Charge Coupled Device Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor What is CCD and CMOS? Array of Diodes (photosites) / Board Layout DRAM D 0 -7 LZOP3817 CMOS CHIP DSK6711 (Or micro controller) DATA ADRESS GLUE LOGIC Horizontal Timing Vertical timing Manufacturers Philips Sharp Dalsa Fuji Sony Kodak Polaroid References HowStuffworks: Digital Cameras www.dalsa.com/markets/Photonics_Spectra_CCDvsCMOS_Litwiller.pdf www.sharpsma.com www.semiconductors.philips/

Assistive Listening Devices for D/deaf and Hard of Hearing Populations January 9, 2013 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST "Try the Alternative...where the client AND.

charges  Availability: Interpreters can be located anywhere.  Quality: Interpreter expertise can be matched to subject matter.  No on-site visitor security clearances necessary Assistive Listening Devices  Source: Hearing Loss Association of America Assistive Listening Device/ electromagnetic system manufactured by Med-EL uses an implanted magnet and an external coil coupled to a /Reputable vs non-reputable:  New devices directly from manufacturer vs reconditioned models  Full factory-supported/

The Security of Mobile Internet Devices Northwest Academic Computing Consortium (NWACC) 2010 Network Security Workshop Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. Nationwide.

computer systems, Secunia also tracks vulnerabilities for mobile Internet devices: -- Blackberry Device Software 4.x: secunia.com/advisories/product/14662/?task=/ 3G follow-on technology to CDMA. There are a couple of variations of CDMA2000 (e.g., 1X and EV/Once again, thats a big chunk of dough. 43 International Charges If you have faculty or staff who travel internationally, international/iPhone? 100 Some Implications of Non-Vendor Hardware Manufacturers are obviously unhappy at losing profit from what they/

Advanced Manufacturing Choices

Plunge EDM is best used in tool and die manufacturing, or for creating extremely accurate molds for injection-molding/ (the dry aerosol) depend on the efficiency of the energy coupling to the sample structure, i.e., the material-specific absorbance/ shock waves. These shock waves can damage nearby device structures or delaminate multilayer materials. While the amplitude of/ electrically conductive work-piece is positively charged, and the electrode is negatively charged. Relatively large cutting speeds can be/

Christel McCarty Final Project FHS 2450

were immigrants, women, and Jews. After 1873 established pharmaceutical and rubber firms made devices and chemicals know to have contraceptive benefits but they did not market them as/FTC in charge of regulating contraceptive commerce. The FTCs authority was limited, it was confined to the elimination of false and misleading advertising. Something many manufactures got around/in one day the same amount of condoms they would produce in a couple of months. The People Behind The Development of the Pill By the /


LIST THE CHARACTERISTICS OF TECHNICAL GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION Conveys technical information such as assembly, size and shape of parts for manufacture, or how to maintain a product. Uses drawing and technical media processing (CAD) LIST THE CHARACTERISTICS OF COMPUTER/ONE OF THE MAIN DIFFERENCES BETWEEN DIGITAL AND FILM PHOTOGRAPHY. Light images are stored a digital pixels on a Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Film uses light sensitive material that reacts with light to forming a physical change in the material/

Multimedia Hardware. 2 Overview Printer technology Scanning and digital cameras Display devices Other peripherals.

CRT in construction –light at the faceplate causes electrons to flow thru –this is detected and generates the video signal Solid-state sensor arrays are now taking over –CCD (the charge-coupled device) 19 CCD Single chip manufactured on light-sensitive crystalline silicon A rectangular array of photo-detector sites Light falling on a site causes loss of/

CMOS Device Model Objective –Hand calculations for analog design –Efficiently and accurately simulation CMOS transistor models –Large signal model –Small.

–Minimum detectable signal Noise in Devices and Circuits Noise is any unwanted excitation of a circuit, any input that is not an information-bearing signal. External noise: Unintended coupling with other parts of the physical/, isolation, … “intrinsic” noise –Associated with current conduction –“fundamental” –thermal noise –“manufacturing process related” –flicker noise Thermal Noise Due to thermal excitation of charge carriers in a conductor. It has a white spectral density and is proportional to absolute /

Center for Devices and Radiological Health U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Surviving an FDA Audit Richard Chapman, FDA TwinSPIN University.

and review the results for adequacy. Center for Devices and Radiological Health QSR versus Pre-market submissions  Device manufacturers may use the same procedures and records for /who is in charge. Center for Devices and Radiological Health Revision Level History  Revision history log, including release version number and date. Center for Devices and Radiological Health /Coupling analysis Center for Devices and Radiological Health Current Thinking  IEC 62304  Automated Analysis Tools  Assurance Cases

The Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter SUCCESS STORIES.

of breaker, coupled with good troubleshooting by electrical contractor, eliminated hazard. The Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers AFCI detects /circuit to protect against faulty electrical devices. The Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Equipment Manufacturers Ceiling Mounted Light Fixtures Recalled by/ Lighting. Hazard: The fixtures socket wire insulation can degrade, leading to charged wires becoming exposed, causing electricity to pass to the metal canopy of /

Two Dimensional Fast Service Imaging Adam Silva. Intro Handheld devices are currently being manufactured and developed for medical imaging. These devices.

devices are currently being manufactured and developed for medical imaging. These devices allow for a quicker turn around on results. One major use for these is for detecting breast cancer. Current Devices The main problem with current handheld devices is that they use flat faced probes. The new device/ of what it is imaging. The Device The imaging device consists of a 785 nm, 500mW laser diode source and an intensified charge-coupled device camera detector. The Device The handheld probe consists of 6 points/

Zoetrope – 180 AD A zoetrope is a device that produces an illusion of action from a rapid succession of static pictures. It consists of a cylinder with.

had to be developed; this is what the Biro brothers did. The brothers patented their invention and then opened the first ballpoint manufacturing plant in Argentina, South America. This has made a minor impact but it has still made an impact because pens are used / are invisible to the human eye. Therefore the basic process of an X-ray microscope is to expose film or use a charge-coupled device detector to detect X-rays that pass through the specimen. This has been a very useful inventions as we can use X-/

Surface Acoustics Wave Sensors. Outline Introduction Piezoelectricity effect Fabrication of acoustic waves devices Wave propagation modes Bulk Wave sensor.

wave devices and sensors use a piezoelectric material to generate the acoustic wave Piezoelectricity Piezoelectricity refers to the production of electrical charges by/, attenuation, and propagation velocity. Fabrication of Acoustic Wave Devices The sensors are made by a photolithographic process. Manufacturing Process: 1- Polishing and cleaning. 2-Deposition of /vertical shear component that can couple with a medium in contact with the device’s surface Cont’d Such coupling strongly affects the amplitude /

Charge multiplication in Lxe Needed very high field (>1MV/cm) Observed with few  m wires: not attractive in a real detector (unpractical handling) But:

luminescence can arise: possibility of fake events! We are designing an integrated “liquid Phase Charge Multiplier” implemented with use of semiconductor manufacturing techniques. Same Photodetector candidates are presently under test for the final prototype (real scale): /are flexible allowing for tailored detector assembly. AC coupling Bias GND plane/ Shielding Bonding pads For sense wires Top: Conceptual drawing of multiplication region. The entire device will be micro- machined on SiO substrates /

Input and Output Computer Devices Pengantar Teknologi Informasi.

take picture. Light passes into the lens of the camera. Step 2. Image is focused on a chip called a charge-coupled device (CCD). Step 3. CCD generates an analog signal that represents the image. Step 4. Analog signal is converted / actual viewing area CRT Monitor What is the ENERGY STAR program?  Encourages manufacturers to create energy-efficient devices that require little power when not in use  Monitors and devices meeting guidelines display ENERGY STAR label CRT Monitor What is resolution?  Sharpness /

1 1 Celtic-Plus Event 28-29 April 2016, Stockholm IoT Device Connectivity Platform A better way to manage “Things” Dr. C. Paul Slaby

smartRFpower as a way of energizing passive electronics devices or charging active devices thus reducing the need for batteries, their replacement and maintenance /device solutions that bridge software and the physical environment; also partners developing technology capabilities to fit a specific market application Initial partnership talks involve: ●Electronic component manufacturer (global - Germany, Austria, Holland) ●Integrated sensor vendor (Spain) ●Teslonix (Canada) - initiating partner ●A couple/

Components Review. CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs, Second Edition2 WLAN Devices In-building Infrastructure 1200 Series (802.11a and 802.11b) 1100 Series.

available for Cisco wireless devices. Antennas should be chosen carefully to ensure that optimum range and coverage is obtained Coupling the right antenna with /Other 802.11-Enabled Devices PDA’s Phones Printers Projectors Tablet PC’s Security Cameras Barcode scanners Custom devices for vertical markets: –Healthcare –Manufacturing –Retail –Restaurants HP/ can typically be purchased and installed in a day with no recurring charges. Wireless LAN Market CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs, Second Edition22 Implications/

[1]. [7] ConstraintsDescription Power RequirementsThe solar panel must be coupled with a battery to function during night time usage and instances.

the manufacturer Output PowerThe unit must be able to output a range of power from 10W to 40W. Up to 5A combined. User InterfaceThe user interface must display when charging station has power available, the user’s remaining charge time,/ and whether the station is in normal operation or a low power state. Secure EnclosureThe charging station must provide a secure weatherproof enclosure for users to leave a device unattended while charging/


power plant Wind power plant Solar power plant Power producing devices Boiler Internal combustion engine Turbines Boiler or steam generator *FUNCTION/head contains inlet and exit valves for admitting fresh charge and exhausting the burnt gases Connecting Rod Gudgeon Pin / two-stroke engines lighter, simpler and less expensive to manufacture. Two-stroke engines also have the potential to pack /, however. Thats because two-stroke engines have a couple of significant disadvantages that will make more sense once /

1 Light Collection  Once light is produced in a scintillator it must collected, transported, and coupled to some device that can convert it into an electrical.

in a scintillator it must collected, transported, and coupled to some device that can convert it into an electrical signal (/divider network is used to supply voltage to the dynodes Typical supply voltage is 2kV  The manufacturer usually supplies a circuit diagram and often sells the accompanying base 29 PMT Base  The / PMT voltage will “sag” Additional charge can be supplied by using capacitors or transistors 30 PMT Base  Using capacitors or transistors to supply charge 31 Magnetic Shielding   V between/

March 25, 2004 IRIS Seismometer Workshop1 Testing & Testing Facilities – charge to breakout group nWho/where are current testing facilities? Do we need.

Facilities – charge to breakout/ nClip level nStability of sensitivity & transfer function over time, temperature nCross axis coupling nDynamic range (get from noise & clip level vs. f) nSensitivity to / or analog) nHow to test Super Conducting Gravity Meters, Laser Interferometer devices not specifically discussed. Characterize as black box (see above). March 25/USGS –UCSD nPossible outside funding sources –NSF –NIST –IRIS –AFTAC –Manufacturers? Fees for testing? Try to avoid, if possible, except for lengthy,/

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