Ppt on business plan for wound care

Advanced Planning Brief to Industry (APBI) November 6, 2013.

opportunities will be in Q1 and Q2 The majority of HR&A small business set asides are for SDVOSB 34 Questions ? Advanced Planning Brief to Industry (APBI) Tom Muir National Cemetery Administration November 6, 2013/ Performance Metrics 116 As of 10/24/2013 PEO Organization Chart 117 Medical PMO Areas of Responsibility  General Medicine (Primary Care, Internal, Wound Care, MSPV)  Specialty Medicine (Cardiovascular, Dermatology, Endocrinology)  Geriatrics  Physical Therapy (Rehab)  Safe Patient Handling (/

Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research PI: Seth MessingerOrg: Henry M. Jackson Foundation The CRSR is a multi- and interdisciplinary research environment.

have taken advantage of exploring bachelor degree programs Retired officers (and other grads) have gone on to graduate work in business and engineering “Searchers” investigating fit between M.O.S and potential career. Work: (Messinger et al 2013) 32/the planning process We are at a transition point as care for wounded warriors shifts from MTFs to the community Care is also fragmenting among MTFs, VAMCs, Private Providers Now is an opportunity for a HCD set of practices to influence standards of care Research/

Catheter-Associated UTIs:

of Urine for Microbiology Culture Protocol is nearly universally overlooked in improvement plans Major points / the business case to obtain leadership support; address the external factors (Centers for Medicare /for healthcare workers placing the catheter; consider periodic audits of catheter placement  Healthcare workers complain of limited resources to help them “do the right thing” Build capacity to increase support, identify stakeholders with interest in supporting the work (eg, falls and wound care/

Mx 2009 Be There! iVisit Mx Remote Care & Assistance Solutions/ Services Mx CONFIDENTIAL 1.

://www.iVisit.com/ CONFIDENTIAL Mx Proven Clinical Outcomes for some Telecare Applications Wound Technology Network (WTN) Improved Patient Outcomes  WTN patients experience many benefits from the company’s mobile treatment program, including at-home care and improved continuity of care. –Based on a case study from one of WTN’s health plan partners, WTN cites a wound-healing rate of 90 percent without surgical intervention, and/

Tom Peters’ Re-Imagine

We find that eHealth consumers are willing to pay—and even switch health plansfor the services they most want.” Deloitte Research, “Winning the Loyalty of the/ 21 Ideas for Century21 1. Hospitals kill people HealthCare21: 21 Ideas for Century21 1. Hospitals kill people. (And many of those they don’t kill, they wound.) (And/Ronna Lichtenberg, It’s Not Business, It’s Personal] “The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.” William James “We look for ... “... listening, caring, smiling, saying ‘Thank /

Creating the Michigan Quality System John E. Billi, M.D. Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, University of Michigan Medical School Associate Vice President.

UMHS Patient Patient Journey Clinic ED Radiology OR Admitting Discharge Planning PICC Orders Management Project UMHS Lean Learning Projects Ideal Patient Flow CT Scheduling Ortho Scheduling OR ENT Cases Vascular Access Patient Journey Care Transition Wound Care Misdirected Results Sched. Admits References Books: Keyte B and Locher D. The Complete Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Administrative and Office Processes Liker J. The Toyota Way. Liker/

Implementing an Effective Crisis Management & Recovery Plan “The Monash University Experience” Prepared & presented by Russell Gammie, Monash University.

Plan & why is it necessary? ► Essential elements for implementing the CMR Plan ► Monash University’s approach to CMR planning ► The plan in action - “October 2002 campus shooting” ► Lessons learned ► Where to from here at Monash Why CMRP is important? ► Good Corporate Governance ► Business Success & Continuity ► Common Law ‘Duty of Care/ Campus. ► ► Two students died instantly in the attack and another 5 people were wounded before staff and students in the room disarmed the gunman. ► ► It was estimated that/

Lesson 14 Argentia Bay By Herman Wouk. Background about the author Herman Wouk (1915- ) is an American novelist. He is better known for his epic war.

or usual finish -welded: jointed -sticking plaster: adhesive material for covering a slight wound, usu. a thin cloth gummed on one side Cf. Band/In the text, you are (transferred,) taken away from war plans (for some purposes). cf. detached duty separate duty 184. smattering:/ and active: a brisk manner, a brisk walk, brisk business In a cool, bracing breeze with the smell of green /to be indicative of The efficiency of the organization bespoke careful planning. -high-flown adj. refers to the language which is/

Nightingale and Aspire

pain medication?” 3. Use the results of the assessment in care planning 4. Involve the physician when planning interventions for monitoring and mitigating pain 5. Consider referral to rehab services and use of modalities to mitigate pain Wound Care Orders/interventions must be specific. EXAMPLE: - Wound Number 1, Location, Treatment - Wound Number 2, Location, Treatment Maintain wound numbering! Wound measures are required Call the Physician if no progress in two/

Self Orientation requires a review of the same information that all new Tenet employees review. You are responsible for reading all information contained.

in Healthcare Settings Topics to Be Covered What is Diversity? Our Business Case for Diversity Values and Beliefs Diversity Initiatives Celebrate Diversity What is Diversity/ (endocarditis) and brain (meningitis), as well as to serious infections in open wounds. Drug-resistant TB (Tuberculosis)Drug-resistant TB –TB can cause infection in the/.Health care professionals in conjunction with the patient will establish and implement a plan to achieve pain relief. 5.Review and modify the plan of care for patients /

“Ready or Not with All The Various Surge Populations in Proximity to The Health Care Facility?” Howard S. Gwon, M.S. Office of Emergency Management (Johns.

) Hospital Community Society Altered Care Standards Alternate Care Sites Supply Stockpiles Staffing Supply and Capabilities Cohesive & Consistent Planning Regional Collaboration New Leadership Roles A Culture of Preparedness Sustainable Funding Sources Major Issues for Preparedness Surge Patient, Visitor, etc. Groups Incoming casualties Psychologically affected Patients that can not be discharged Outpatient business continuity for existing patients Worried well and walking wounded Community (Local residents/

ARMY STRONG “Apart from the war itself, we have no higher priority!” Warrior Care and Transition Update “A total transformation of the way we care for.

resource center ARMY STRONG “Apart from the war itself, we have no higher priority!” 20 Transitioning for Success An Interagency Approach The Warrior Care and Transition Office Transition Team Charter: –Integrate, synchronize, market, and develop policy for benefits, services, opportunities and information that focus on assistance services for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers, their Families, and surviving Family members to enable retention or as a/

Establishment of E-Health Network for Disasters and Healthcare Improvement: Integrated Medical Information Technology System Partner concept between Academies.

plan. Identify support team for go-live. Determine conversion downtime requirements and system freeze dates. Prepare contingency plans. Perform conversion. Identify post-live issues team. Initiate post-live support and transition. FY 01-02 IMITS Business Problem –Shortage of specialty physicians NCMF high priority Radiology Goal –Improve access to care/FY 04 project –Planning and development of multi-center clinical trial comparing platelet gel therapy to standard wound care treatments Literature review /

J. Marvin McBride, MD, MBA The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medicare, Medicaid, and Discharge Planning With Support from The Donald W. Reynolds.

Wound care (wound vac, Stage II+ press. ulcer) Ostomy care (for new stoma) Monitoring/adjusting medical gases Psychiatric evaluation, therapy, and teaching Teaching and training pt and caregivers Skilled observation and assessment Mgmt and evaluation of a patient care plan/http://www.mckesson.com/about-mckesson/our-company/businesses/mckesson- health-solutions/interqual-decision-support/http://www.mckesson.com/about-mckesson/our-company/businesses/mckesson- health-solutions/interqual-decision-support/ Lawson/

Process Improvement /New Products Manager (Wound Care) Scope of the role  The position is designed to have the management of professionals that includes.

new products in North America, at the manufacturing sites of the Wound Care area.  From the Process Improvement side, the Manager has /supporting business profitable growth  PMO leadership must also consider the communication and alignment with supply chain strategy, complexity management and long term planning in/ Ensure that projects are initiated, planned, executed, controlled and closed according to project management methodology  Develop lessons learned for continuous improvement of new product launch/

1 © 2010 KCI Licensing, Inc. For KCI Internal Training Use Only. Do Not Copy. Do Not Distribute. DSL#10-0349 (06/10) Prevena™ Q2 Marketing Update Amy Torrecillas.

Ensure there is no adhesive tape or gauze or any other foreign material under the planned dressing area. Use skin prep, such as Cavilon or Mastisol, on the area / the Prevena Clinician’s Guide into the patient’s chart for reference. Stop by post-op recovery. Leave a business card with the patient’s assigned nurse in case questions arise/Look for skin folds under the dressing. If you spot a fold extending to the perimeter of the dressing, seal it with a patch strip. You may also utilize wound care supplies,/

Teaching Emergency Medicine for Medical Students Jim Holliman, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. Professor of Military and Emergency Medicine Uniformed Services University.

.C.E.P.’s E.M. Clinical Rotation Goals Guidelines (cont.) *Develop an appropriate and cost-effective management plan for the emergency department patient presenting with common complaints such as acute asthma exacerbation, congestive heart failure, bronchitis, etc. *Demonstrate proper wound care and suture technique for simple lacerations. *Recognize ischemic patterns and dysrhythmias on EKG tracings. A.C.E.P.’s E.M. Clinical Rotation/

The Love Target A framework for organizing and prioritizing criteria to select a spouse “Love Target” Conceptual framework originated by Ben Young and.

about what she does with what she has – that she takes good care of herself and presents herself well, making the most of her God/discussing philosophy or theology with each other because they are too busy making out, going to the movies, or shopping. Seek some/Christians. The less mature, he says, believe that "God is for me, my plans, and my agenda in this world." But the truly Christ-centered/direction of their lives. In fact, many persons are so wounded emotionally that they need to do a lot of work before/

EOCT Practice Last Chance

Tippecanoe C. The Battle of Little Bighorn D. Wounded Knee Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott were involved/ care B. railroad C. automobile D. meat-packing Which of the following industries grew explosively during the 1920s? A. health care /believed that a man named Osama bin Laden was responsible for planning the attacks on September 11, 2001. Following the attacks/the Great Depression consisted of A. deserted towns filled with foreclosed businesses. B. groups of makeshift homes in shantytowns. C. poor/

Conducting a Summer Job search. Why do you want a job? Are you using the job to get money to pay for school? Are you using the job to get career related.

care in accordance with universal precautions with an emphasis on surgical/traumatic wound care and debriding, intake and output, and ostomies. Administered oral and intramuscular and subcutaneous medications Provided end of life care for terminally ill patients and families. Cared for/marketing, launched new products and services. Please, see major accomplishments for more details. Prepared and executed business, marketing and sales plans for the whole company. Successfully managed a budget of $7m per annum/

INTEGRATED CARE MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY IMPROVEMENT South Carolina KEPRO- Requirements for Requesting Prior Authorizations (PA) New 1/15/2015.

day plan of care period. HOME HEALTH Authorization requests for extended service beyond the initial authorization period must be submitted to KEPRO prior to the last authorized day in the certification period Providers have two business days to respond to requests for additional information. –If no response received to pend, the request will be forwarded for higher level review or administratively denied Providers have two business days/

Copyright 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004 by Gay Wakefield BUSINESS WRITING SKILLS.

fat Attention to detail ANSWER What’s preferred in business writing? TRIVIA QUIZ Copyright 1999, 2002, 2003/WRITING SO HARD? Language idiosyncrasies:  The bandage was wound around the wound.  The farm was used to produce produce. /on page –Spelling, grammar, typographical errors Electronic checks (be careful!)(be careful!) Physical check of printed copy –Usage errors Language confusion /discussed the patient’s plans for the future. The nurse and herpatient discussed her plans for the future. Copyright 1999/

Competitive Bidding: Preparing for Round Two

Enteral nutrition Hospital beds and accessories Walkers Negative pressure wound therapy devices Round One Bidding began May 15 & /for the product category. The amount given is an aggregate amount for all codes in the product category Form B: Bidding Sheet If a supplier plans to expand you must explain your business expansion plan on the form to include current and expansion plan/a competitive bid area? Check the boundaries (ZIP code/CBA) carefully! Ensure you – and all appropriate staff - understand the bid/

In 1883, Sitting Bull was a guest of honor at the opening ceremonies for the Northern Pacific Railroad. When it was his turn to speak, he said in the Lakota.

benefit the entire nation. The govt agreed. The First Big Business The Transcontinental Railroad went across the country and connected the Atlantic/the day. Women did the same, and also cared for the children, sometimes acting as doctor and teacher/and other supplies that were taken from them. Americans responded with planned massacres of Native American Villages. Little Bighorn In the Black /soldiers died since most of the weapons were collected previously Wounded knee was the end of armed conflict, and the /

HL7 Care Plan (CP) Project Care Coordination Services Project Updates May 2013 – Atlanta Meeting Updates *C are Plan Project wiki:

.Shared and up to date care plan and continuity of care data required for effective coordination of care 3.Synchronized care team and patient information context Informative ballot: May 2013 ballot cycle Draft standard for trial use planned for September 2013 Page 15 CCS – Objectives Enable flexible, controlled collaboration around a Dynamic and Shared Care Plan with links to Continuity of Care Records Comprehensive, consolidated and synchronized Care Plan view  Care team awareness, visibility and/

File #4 Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Oncology Rehabilitation: Web-based Learning for Physical Therapists Who Provide Rehabilitation to Patients with Breast.

it can happen. Turn to others for support. Turn to others for support. Stay busy to decrease time to worry. Stay busy to decrease time to worry. Go/ to include outcomes for the oncology patient. Organization of Rehab team to assure quality of care to promote functional outcomes. Progress treatment plans to map out /–Implanted device –Cardiopulmonary Insufficiency –Active phlebitis TENS TENS –Implant –Directly over wound (Pfalzer, 1992) 127 R EHABILITATION “The recognition and acceptance that breast cancer/

© Copyright, The Joint Commission Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare (CTH) Partnering for Success in Reducing Surgical Site Infections.

on statistical analysis of SHC data) ImproveFocus on identified causes, target solutions, patient outcomes ControlCorrelate interventions with SSI outcomes and create sustainability plans for any intervention that successfully decreased SSIs Statistically Significant Variables (Potential Risk Factors for SSI) Potential Identified Variables /Opportunities  Wound Disruption (0.003)  OR Duration (0.066)  ASA Class > 2 (0.015)  Open/Laparoscopic Procedure (0.054)  Total Hospital LOS (0/

Unit 9 Western Frontier Unit 10 Immigration Unit 11The Gilded Age Unit 12 Industrial Development Unit 13 Growth of Big Business Unit 14 Growth of the.

are the disadvantages of Big Business? -unfair competition Difficult for small businesses to compete -_____________ and / » No vacation days, sick days, insurance, workmen’s ____________ » Management does not care about the worker, only about their output “Galley Labor” Management vs. Labor “Tools”/ “The sailors’ wounds were all over them – heads and faces terribly cut, internal wounds, arms, legs,/Canal Controversy Although Roosevelt denied any role in planning the revolution that freed Panama from Colombia,/

 Developed Qualifications framework & Packaging Rules  Wrote many of the 242 Competency Standards  Developed format for Toolboxes  Wrote several Toolboxes.

bleeding – to limit blood loss Wound care – to limit blood loss and infection by covering wounds Treatment for burns and scalds – including treatment for electric shock Bandaging and splinting –/, or is ‘padded’ with irrelevant material. In summary, remember to: Plan ahead Be clear and concise Answer the question Proofread the final draft. 3/call). Class Activity – Consideration of workplace policies Trainer obtains from local businesses a range of policies relating to Telephone Use and Standards and: /

1. 2 Supervising Partner for Care Transitions and Care Coordination.

needed. (ex: Wound care, Lovenox injections, wound vac, etc.)  Does not happen very often but has occurred recently. 24  Patients not being given enough information about their illness and care needed. 25  Mid-County patients that go to The Medical Center have very little information for follow-up. Some do not even have correct phone numbers. This would be a problem from the business office at/

For Those Who Care: Heads-up on Providing Safer Care Janna Bennett, CPHRM Risk Control Consultant, CNA 2015 Spring SCARCH Conference April 15-16, 2015.

/index.html http://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/systems/long-term-care/resources/pressure- ulcers/pressureulcertoolkit/putoolkit.pdfhttp://www.ahrq.gov/professionals/systems/long-term-care/resources/pressure- ulcers/pressureulcertoolkit/putoolkit.pdf Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ (WOCN®)Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ (WOCN®) www.wocn.org/www.wocn.org/ Association For The Advancement of Wound CareAssociation For The Advancement of Wound Care www.aawconline.orgwww.aawconline.org

Elizabeth Flaherty, RN Barbara Seymour, BSW Health Care Compliance Specialist II 1 Department of Medical Assistance Services.

could be covered under the Virginia State Plan for Medical Assistance (State Plan) through the Early and Periodic Screening, /or items to Medicaid members as an enticement for their business may violate federal law. If a provider /for all DME and supplies, specific additional medical justification and/or documentation requirements are in place for the following DME. http://dmasva.dmas.virginia.gov/ 47 Department of Medical Assistance Services Guidelines and Documentation - Specific DME Wheelchairs Wound Care/

1 A Culture of Commitment: Creating a Career Path for Wounded Warriors Breakout Session # D16 David Sella, Department of Veteran Affairs Tuesday, July.

care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans. 13 Year 1 – A Holistic Foundation 14 Years 2 & 3 – Skills Training to Become a Trusted Business/Call to Serve The W2W program: Supports the succession planning of VA and other government agencies Provides government agencies with an experienced employee ready to make a difference Supports our wounded warriors by providing a career path in Federal acquisition /

Jan Busby-Whitehead, MD Ellen Roberts, PhD, MPH Alliance for Geriatric Education in Specialties (AGES) Curriculum With Support from The Donald W. Reynolds.

busy situations One Minute Preceptor 100 One Minute Preceptor Get a Commitment: What do you think is going on? Probe for/Surgical wound appears CDI,/care for persons with complex care needs. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Apr 2003;51(4):556-557. 177 Transitional Care Conceptual model of effective transitional care (Coleman 2003)*: Communication between sending and receiving clinicians Preparation of the caregiver and patient for transition Reconciliation of medication lists Arranging a plan for/

Emergency Care CHAPTER Copyright © 2016, 2012, 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Emergency Care, 13e Daniel Limmer | Michael F. OKeefe.

for prompt transportation of critical patients or those with specific complaints is part of a treatment plan. Copyright © 2016, 2012, 2009 by Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved Emergency Care/ Emergency Care, 13e Daniel Limmer | Michael F. OKeefe Mid-Chapter Review In the rapid trauma assessment, look for wounds, tenderness/Rights Reserved Emergency Care, 13e Daniel Limmer | Michael F. OKeefe Traditional Approach to Diagnosis The emergency physician assesses patients in the busy, hectic atmosphere/


fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. 31 Now/caring for needs. But individuals might also care for ___________ or groups in need; organisations might care for organisations in need and organisations might care for /10-T and start well, but you become busy with other church activities and programmes, or /until L-10-T is a lifestyle? Develop a plan and write it down! ____________________________________ _________________________________. As one /


dissolved, and its business must be wound up…in a /planned buyer for majoritys shares Possible dissolution of entity Increased uncertainty for all owners and their heirs Fertile field for disputes POSSIBLE TRIGGERING EVENTS IN BUY- SELL AGREEMENTS Death Termination of employment Permanent disability Divorce Retirement Non-approved transfer POSSIBLE ISSUES IN SUCCESSION PLANNING Family system vs.business system Family financial planning/for J who alone had cared for the ranch and livestock for over 20 years.

CMS HOSPITAL CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION (COPS) 2013 What PPS Hospitals Need to Know About the UR and Discharge Planning Standards.

noted in a status report of any actions taken. UR Plan UR Plan should say who is on the UR committee Such as the physician advisor, CNO, discharge planners, social services, business office manager, HIM director, administration, UR nurse, billing /for post hospital care (822) Patients need to be kept of the progress May need to demonstrate or verbalize the care need Teach back is good method to verify knowledge or return demonstrations of procedures such as emptying a foley or packing a wound Discharge Plan/

HIPAA for Governments & Municipalities Rebecca L. Williams, RN, JD Partner, Co-Chair of HIT/HIPAA Practice Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Seattle, WA

plan established for employees of two or more employers Medicaid Approved state child health plan Not a health plan: other government-funded programs Principal purpose is other than providing or paying the cost of health care or Principal activity is direct care or making grants to fund direct care Health care clearinghouses Sponsors of Medicare prescription drug cards Davis Wright Tremaine LLP 5 Others Affected by HIPAA Business/ wounds, certain communicable diseases), births and deaths, birth defects) For /

MCI Triage: A “Cure” For A MASSive Headache

for any damages incurred as a result of use or reliance upon the material presented. TX EMS 2008 Objectives Define “MCI” and “Triage” Discuss goals of MCI triage Perform simulated “MASS” Triage Classify simulated MCI victims by “ID-me” categories Describe life-saving interventions during MCI victim triage Identify specific all-hazards triage concerns TX EMS 2008 The Plan/” – MINIMAL: “Walking wounded” Group, sort & facilitate/business as usual” “Standard of Care” vs. “Best Choices” TX EMS 2008 “Gut Check” for/

Business & Agriculture Small and Mid-Size Business in Alberta A Changing Landscape Edward Straw, Vice President – Business Solutions, ATB Business & Agriculture.

. 48% of SMEs expecting to be sold, transferred, or wound down in the next 5 years (with a succession plan) expect to sell to a third party Business & Agriculture Boomer Businesses are Booming! 29 % of SME owner/operators report being 55/ WHY DO YOU THINK TECHNOLOGY HAS HAD A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS? Business & Agriculture Best Advice for Start-up Success Business & Agriculture Best advice for start-up success from established businesses Source: ATB Financial, Survey on Alberta SMEs, Aug/Sept 2013,/

Introduction to HIPAA for Health Care Professionals

plan. “Health Care Operations” are certain administrative, financial, legal, training, and quality improvement activities of a covered entity that are necessary to run its business and to support the core functions of treatment and payment. Disclosures of PHI for Treatment, Payment, and Health Care Operations of Another Entity This is appropriate for: Treatment activities of a health care/ abuse reporting, FDA reporting, communicable disease exposure, wound or injury reporting, response to legal process, law/

Active Shooter Incidents The community response. Campus Incidents 14 incidents: 65 dead, 46 wounded Compiled by The Associated Press Feb. 14, 2008: A.

a student before being tackled by students. The attack also wounds three female students. Odighizuwa is serving six life sentences after/, or office. Lock the door. This may require advanced planning to ensure ability to lock the door – key and type/. Contacting Emergency Personnel Emergency 911 911 may be overwhelmed busy signal multiple rings 419-634-0010 Ada Police 419-673/Types of injuries Dispatcher may provide instructions on how to care for injured until medical assistance can be provided What to /

Thursday, June 04, 2015 BIPA Case Study One Year Later: XLHealth Prepared For: Disease Management Colloquium.

& Social Data Points Central Relational Database –Data & “Plans” accessible to Doctors at Point-of Care –Integrated with Pharmacy Partners, PBM, etc Create Custom Intervention Plan & Allocate Resources –Intensity: F2F, Call, Letter & /Care Managers contact her PCP & make an Immediate Appointment With Network Podiatrist for Wound Healing, Pedorthic Assessment & Prevention of Amputation  XLH - Care Manager Identifies Elizabeth as a Level III CHF Patient  Telemonitoring Equipment Installed in her home for/

Macbeth: …Goodness Knows the Wicked Die Alone Feraco Search for Human Potential 18 November 2014.

for any reason now. He thinks he’s hatching plans, making independent choices, and generally executing a strategy. He thinks he’s hatching plans, making independent choices, and generally executing a strategy. But it’s a delusion. But it’s a delusion. Like a wind-up toy wound/care about most will fight for them, but that makes those cherished ones more likely to die. The people they care about most will fight for/with him discussing the need to get down to business – reaching out to those who fled the country/

Application of Lean Thinking to Health Care Development of the “Michigan Quality System” at the U of M Health System John E. Billi, M.D. Associate Dean.

the Lean Enterprise –Rethink our entire business –Based on what we do that/Planning PICC Orders Management Project UMHS Lean “Model Line” Projects Ideal Patient Flow CT Scheduling and Reporting Ortho Scheduling ENT Cases Vascular Access: Order to Line Placement Patient Journey Care Transition Wound Care Misdirected Results Sched. Admits Determining Scope is Not Easy –Emergency Department: Idealized patient flow? Chest pain patients? Observation patients? Patients needing CT scan or MRI? Patients waiting for/

Discharge Planning The Process at Hillsdale Community Health Center.

Planning staff also review patient charts daily for patients with a potential need for assistance. Agencies/Resources Long-term care Short-term care Home Health Hospice Sub-acute care Rehabilitation Support Groups Durable medical equipment Adult Foster Care Mental Health Community Agencies Wound Care/within one business day of the referral (excluding w/e & holidays). Documentation of the Discharge Plan will be found in the Progress notes so that all medical team members are aware of the Plan. Adult /

Jan 2013.

Park. The newly constructed Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will have facilities such as businesses, housing, parklands as well as venues which will showcase sports, entertainment and /Life Care for You Advantage Plan, which provides a comprehensive coverage to a family under single scheme. Features of the Reliance Life Care for You Advantage Plan • Reliance Life Care for You Advantage Plan is / is unable to speak. He may have a self-inflicted gunshot wound. APRIL 25 ,2013 5 U.S PRESIDENTS IN 1 PLACE Five/

ICO DiR. The ‘Qualy’ End of Life Care Observatory - WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Palliative Care Programmes Institut Català d’Oncologia Lecture.

Sexual Fluids, nutrition, wounds Habits (alcohol, smoking) 3. PSYCHOLOGICAL Personality, strengths, behavior, motivation Depression, anxiety Emotions (anger, distress, hope, loneliness) Fears (abandonment, burdens, death) Control, dignity, independence Conflict, guilt, stress, assuming answers Self-image, self-esteem 8. LOSS, BEREAVEMENT Loss Pain (for example, chronic acute, anticipatory) Bereavement planning Mourning 7. CARE AT THE END OF LIFE/DEATH MANAGEMENT End of life (businesses ending, relationships/

Business Case for Adoption: Vendor Community June 29, 2009 Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

the Road” Data Portability Interoperability Data Liquidity Consumers control their data regardless of employers, health plans, or care providers. Data owners should be able to securely exchange data with different systems in a / Health Partnership to Provide Continuity of Care for Wounded Warriors Chris Ingersoll Director, Interoperability Product Management Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved. CONNECT: Addressing RelayHealth’s Goals RelayHealth’s Business Drivers –Maximize the breadth of longitudinal/

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