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Avoid assigning the project to non-specialists contractors or with limited capacity. Major Categories Power stations. Gas turbine Blades & HGP parts. Transformers (Xfmr). Generators Boilers Gas turbines and its auxiliaries Steam /SEC website Issuing letters for successful qualification Generation Head Office (By Operational Excellence and Coordination Department) Generation Technical Evaluation (By Generation Operations Sectors) Fail Technical Evaluation Result Pass Contracting Commercial Evaluation (By/

Introduction to OIS Display Development Standards Presented By: Skip Hagan OIS Project Technical Lead Entergy Fossil Operations.

Detailed Displays Turbine Monitor10Performance & Efficiency,Heat Rate,Bearings Generator Monitor 5MVAR Advisor,Bearings,Stator Boiler Monitor 7Performance,Fuel Conditions,Burners,Limits Condenser Monitor 5Cleanliness,CWP Advisor,Assessment Feedwater Heater Monitor23BFP/Displays are created by: Our I.T. application development and support team Plant operators and engineers Plant monitoring & diagnostic specialists Corporate plant support engineers Casual or occasional users Opinions, perceptions & just good /

SCOPE OF PRESENTATION A. Aim of presentation B. Composition of Region C. Progress against the operational plan D. Current Inmate totals and Cases in Community.

finalized by the end of August 2004. Booking made for pending officials OPERATIONAL PLAN “Our belie” “We are working for change, nothing can be/ Persal, Personnel and Logistic Section not inspected due to unavailability of specialists. 10. The therapeutic diets, OHS Act, Firearms and ammunition control, / Sasolburg 4) Goedemoed Med. A 5) Douglas: New entrance control 6) Convert Boilers into electrical No. Achievements Current programmes and Projects Current Constraints and challenges 3.Security /

Dr William Hung System Technical Specialist National Grid Managing the Future National Transmission System – A Smart er Way Power Generation Control Conference.

Hung System Technical Specialist National Grid Managing/ coal, gas and oil stations)  New plants are less flexibility and less responsive (eg clean coal, supercritical boiler, IGCC, CCS, new nuclear)  Domination of wind farms – intermittency issues  Secured generation loss – increase to/ Smart Grid = Paradigm shift in providing flexibility From redundancy in assets to more intelligent operation through incorporation of demand side and advanced network technologies in support of real time grid management/

Industrial/Automotive/Aviation Coatings. Overview  Market – Industrial / Aerospace / Body Shop  Distribution – Filtration / Spray Specialist  Industrial.

Market – Industrial / Aerospace / Body Shop  Distribution – Filtration / Spray Specialist  Industrial User Profile  Overspray Isn’t Dust!  Selection Factors Parts Booth/ in hazardous landfill  Non-Hazardous Materials –Sanitary landfill –Industrial boiler supplemental fuel  Any additional requirements Summary Understand the application, type of paint and overspray characteristics Understand the spray booth operational specifications Select your arrestor filter based upon efficiency, airflow and paint/

Introduction The Institution Recycling Network 7 South State Street Concord, NH 03301 866-229-1962 www.ir-network.com John Gundling, CWM Specialist.

1962 www.ir-network.com John Gundling, CWM Specialist The IRN… A membership recycling organization serving:/’s School After And Again… Clean Wood Boston College Before Mulch & Boiler Fuel Boston College After And Again… Gypsum Wallboard Cambridge City Hall Annex /construction, age, value elements) Site (location, size, operations/logistics constraints) Develop Draft Waste Management Plan – Demolition Materials Markets Operations / Logistics Harvest” High Value Furnishings and Architectural Salvage Furnishings/

Power Generation In Singapore Presented By CHAN Y K Commercial Specialist Commercial Service, Singapore.

plans to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal Scheduled to operate in 2012 Government of Singapore might co-invests Estimated cost to build –/ are: Energy service companies to conduct energy audits and improve energy efficiency Boilers, heat exchangers, turbines and related auxiliary equipment Transformers, switchgear and cables / Questions? Please contact: CHAN Y K Commercial Specialist U.S. Commercial Service Email: Yiukei.Chan@mail.doc.gov URL: http://www.buyusa.gov//


THE SUMMIT COUNTY SAFETY COUNCIL MEETING SEPTEMBER 21, 2011 Presented by: John L. Schmidt - Engineering Specialist, FM Global - Cleveland Operations PRESENTATION AGENDA: History Channel video Video test demonstrations Dust explosion losses Definition (FM Global/NFPA) 5/– 22 Silo – 8 Processing Equipment – 7 Oven – 5 Conveyor – 4 Grain Elevator – 4 Spray Dryer – 4 Dryer – 3 Boiler - 3 What is a combustible dust? FM Global: median particle size less than 500 microns NFPA: median particle size of less than 420 /


JUST STAYING WARM… BRANDY TOFT AIR QUALITY SPECIALIST LEECH LAKE BAND OF OJIBWE Home Heating Types of Home Heating Fuel Sources Propane (LP) Natural Gas Fuel Oil Wood Coal Kerosene Pellets Outdoor wood boilers Electric Central Air Conditioning (Heat and AC)/heating season  Furnaces  Gas water heaters  While there check gas stoves, gas fireplaces Use care when operating combustion appliances indoors Make sure burner is properly adjusted and has good ventilation Ensure condensate pump works, unblocked /

Hunting for Dollars Keith Worley, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Forester, Arborist Forestree Development, LLC 1.

, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist, Forester, Arborist/ zone around Larkspur Elementary School.  Volunteer Labor:  Project Photographer  Sawyers  Slash Engineers  Machine Time with operator at billable rate.  Donated items: Pizza, fuel, beverages. 19 Project Area, 2 acres 20 Larkspur Elem. School/  Universities  Cooperative Extension 52 “Letters of Support”  Personal phone call critical.  Write a “boiler plate” letter for them to put on their letterhead.  Include how they have worked with you in/

Confined Spaces in Construction – What’s Different? 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA Melissa Linton Compliance Assistance Specialist Columbus OSHA.

1926 Subpart AA Melissa Linton Compliance Assistance Specialist Columbus OSHA Construction Double Fatality in a /: Weather was clear and sunny; approximately 70 degrees F and no humidity Type of operation: Construction of wastewater treatment lagoon and water piping system Size of work crew: Three / employee occupancy. Where are confined spaces usually found? –Sewers, pits, tanks, crawl spaces, attics, boilers, utility rooms/closets, etc What is a Permit Space? Permit-Required Confined Space (Permit Space) –/

1. Occupational lung Diseases Bahrami By : Dr.Hamid OCUPATIONAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST ابان 94 2.

1 Occupational lung Diseases Bahrami By : Dr.Hamid OCUPATIONAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST ابان 94 2  مَن قَتَلَ نَفْسًا بِغَيْرِ نَفْسٍ أَوْ فَسَادٍ فِي الْأَرْضِ فَكَأَنَّمَا قَتَلَ النَّاسَ جَمِيعًا  وَمَنْ أَحْيَاهَا فَكَأَنَّمَا أَحْيَا النَّاسَ جَمِيعًا سوره مایده 32 3 دکتر/of platinum used in electroplating, platinum refinery operations, manufacture of fluorescent screens, jewelry  Specific/plaster  Textiles Asbestos insulated pipe Asbestos insulated boiler Asbestos has been used for centuries, but greatly/

Biomass Waste Utilization Projects at PhilRice Manuel Jose C. Regalado, PhD Supervising Science Research Specialist Rice Engineering & Mechanization Division.

Manuel Jose C. Regalado, PhD Supervising Science Research Specialist Rice Engineering & Mechanization Division Philippine Rice Research Institute/Hull Gasifier –Engine –Pump System (2006-08) 6.5 kg RH load/batch; 1.5h operation 6 min start-up & firing time 3-in pump; 6.5 hp engine; 6-9 L/way: Automated Carbonization System Rice Mill Husk Storage CRH Storage Carbonizer CRH Extinguisher Waste Heat Boiler Chimney Turbine Generator Electric Power ACS ESTABLISHMENT MOA signing 2004: 3 ACS units Design /


& DETAILED ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Specialist in: Piping ,Mechanical /, M.O.C, DESIGN DATA SHEETS & SPECIFICATIONS. UTILITY EQUIPMENTS SIZING, DESIGN & SPECIFICATIONS. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTATION PHILOSOPHY. BASIC PLANT LAYOUT & PROCESS PLANT EQUIPMENT LAYOUT. SAFETY & FIRE/Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, Etc. Specification for Proprietary & Utility Equipments Like Boilers, Hot Oil Systems, Refrigeration Units, Vacuum Systems, Pumps, Blowers, Etc. Specification /

Recruiting the Next Generation of Water and Wastewater Operators Utility Workforce Workshop Robert F. Canova, PE, AAEE VA AWWA/VWEA November 9, 2011.

III was a pump worker for the City of Chicago. He tended the boilers at a water-filtration plant. Operator Recruitment Allies Career and Technical Education school administrators Guidance Counselors in local high schools/Career Descriptions with Salary Ranges Plant Operator, Plant Manager Chemist, Lab Technician, Microbiologist Distribution System Worker, Equipment Operator Engineer, Hydrologist Customer Services Representative Information Technology-GIS Specialist Utility Workforce Workshop, November 9, /

Energy Efficient Operations Presentation to ASHRAE Energy Expo October 2, 2013 Center for Energy and Environment.

Large 24x7 facility probably has a full staff with specialists Small 50 hr/week facility may have a part time staff, or it may be a secondary responsibility of someone else Operators will differ in competency Page 11 State of Minnesota /Buildings: Most common energy saving opportunities Page 12 DescriptionAverage SavingsNumber Observed Boiler retrofit8.1 kbtu/sq. ft.3 Heat recovery retrofit3/

Facilities Maintenance and Call Center Operations for AT&T Retail Stores June 26, 2012.

a solution developer who leads the process and communication and coordinates with specialists representing human resources and personnel retention, accounting and finance, geographic operations support, safety, training and work management technology. From our experience,/materials stored at the central storage facility Generating and tracking preventive maintenance of building systems like boilers, water systems, roofs, lighting and parking areas Tracking energy consumption Improving efficiency by wireless /

Soil Disinfestation With Steam in California Strawberry Steve Fennimore, Extension Specialist U.C. Davis, at Salinas, CA UCCE Ventura April 23, 2015.

in California Strawberry Steve Fennimore, Extension Specialist U.C. Davis, at Salinas,/9/10/12 AUTOMATIC STEAM APPLICATION THE BETA MACHINE 2015 Direct-fire Steam Generators  Advantages  No steam boiler  Very efficient  Water hardness Johnson Gas Appliance, Cedar Rapids, IA Precision Combustion, North Haven, /be fumigated, 7 acres cannot  Combined total treatment cost of $158,006.  Net returns above operating costs for 7 acres $129,745 based on Albion yields compared to no steam Fennimore & Goodhue 2015/

DESIGN & DETAILED ENGINEERING CONSULTANT Specialist in: Piping,Mechanical Engineering & Deputation for supply of Man Power Hari Om Shopping Center, Opp.

Specialist/ equipment list, Sizing, M.O.C, Design data sheets & Specifications.  Utility equipments sizing, design & specifications.  Operating instructions.  Process control instrumentation philosophy.  Basic plant layout & process plant equipment layout.  Safety & Fire fighting requirements/Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Vessels, Etc.  Specification for Proprietary & Utility Equipments Like Boilers, Hot Oil Systems, Refrigeration Units, Vacuum Systems, Pumps, Blowers, Etc.  Specification for/

© Shark Finesse Ltd 2007 Who are Shark Finesse ? ► Originated from NASDAQ listed Telco ► Spun off Jan 2002 to form Shark Finesse Ltd ► ROI specialists.

Telco ► Spun off Jan 2002 to form Shark Finesse Ltd ► ROI specialists - customised ROI tools / services ► Provide Sales / Marketing ROI tools and/SAS....cutting 6 months from the ‘No-Go’ decision” Source: Tony Cotterill – Sales Operations Manager (SAS) © Shark Finesse Ltd 2007 8 Why Shark Finesse ? – Client Feedback/and challenge sales people to understand their customer’s businesses and prevent them sending out boiler-plate/generic proposals ”. Source: Stan Maslen– Services Director © Shark Finesse Ltd 2007/

Paula Farrow Board of Management – CDS Co-operatives Chair – Minster Housing Co-operative The important role of Housing Co-operatives in giving tenants.

suitable to the tenant demographic long term maintenance issues may need maintenance specialists parts difficult to get maintenance contractors may not have the credentials to/ general behaviour and created beneficial changes with a collective impact co-operatives can integrate climate change and sustainable consumption patterns into their statutes Energy/by over 60%, using: solar water heating insulating cavity walls biomass boilers built organic gardens 6 Sanford Housing Co-op, London grey water recycling/

Plant Operations. Throughput & Waste Types 2 Process Trains equating to 40,000 tonnes pa Expansion to 3 Trains will give 60,000 tonnes pa Hazardous and.

Flue Gas Treatment and Water Treatment. Sodium Bicarbonate Powdered Activated Carbon Urea Gas Oil Water Storage Boiler Treatment/Water Treatment Chemicals Storage required for chemicals in accordance with environmental legislation. Silos, Storage tanks/selection of required personnel/specialist contractors. Classroom and Practical Training given Set out Training Matrix ensures competency is delivered. On going Training ensures skills are developed and enhanced. Ranking of operators according to experience /

Steam Generation – Operational Flexibility and Lifetime Extension Considerations Kevin Murray Senior Integrity Engineer Marsh Power Forum – Istanbul, October.

be considered Through Life Asset Life Management Tools Provided by Doosan Babcock Plant Design & Construction Operational Data Analysis Metallurgical & Structural Integrity Design & Constructability Review Risk Assessment & Profiling Water /Assessment (Technical Review) Outage Inspections Inspection techniques including:  Boiler condition assessment  Metallurgical condition assessment of high temperature components  Conventional and specialist NDT techniques  Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)  Pipework/


grinder and the D-bit grinder.  These usually can perform the minor function of the drill bit grinder, or other specialist toolroom grinding operations. Jig grinder  Jig grinder, which as the name implies, has a variety of uses when finishing jigs, dies, and/ plants (corn). 3. Grinding used shipping pallets for mulch. 4. Sawmills, size reduction of trim scrap and planer shavings into boiler fuel or mulch. 5. A farm machine, which mills grain into coarse flour to be fed to livestock. Desktop hammer mill /

Società Aerospaziale Mediterranea s.c.r.l.

system through satellite and avionic platform using multisensor technologies and possessing operating characteristics enabling data acquisition via diverse sensors in a single /production is rapid and safe. The production area is divided in 3 specialistic sector.-Design:design of scientific tools for the research in optics, / maintenance (according to the normative EASA) for floor panels, ovens and boilers. Costumers ALENIA WHITEHEAD ASI (ITALIAN SPACE AGENCY) ALITALIA-ATITECH ASTRONIMICAL OBSERVATORY /

Christine Miktarian, Associate Vice Chancellor, Business & Operations Carl Simms, Director of Maintenance & Operations Bruce Hartman, Chief of Police.

Exterior Siding Replacement 5. Fire Alarm Upgrade, campus wide Reedley College Continued): 6. Replace Boiler & Chilled Water Pump at Utility Building 7. Replace Toilet Partitions 8. Replace Fiberglass Roof at/Speakers  FCC, Reedley, CTC, Oakhurst & Clovis-Herndon - Phones Carl Simms, Director of Maintenance and Operations  SchoolDude  Security Systems/Energy Management Specialist Position  District Wide Security Systems  Transportation  SchoolDude Maintenance Direct  Work Order System  Submit “/

Put the verbs into correct Passive Form: 1. Logic systems _________ (to use) to sequence mechanical operations in many applications. 2. In most applications.

power _________ (to reapplied) each time the MV "measured variable" drops. 3.Our boiler plant automation _________ ( to equip) with latest techniques and provides more prominent results./ ( to integrate) into a system that _________ ( to develop) by a specialist maritime supply and service company which aims to keep ships productively at sea by / in harbour and maintenance yards. 5.Poor water treatment can cause overhauling operation which _________ (to schedule) every 4-5 years throughout the ships life/

Inspection Techniques. ISO/IEC 17020:2012 Conformity assessment Requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection  ISO/IEC.

Safety  Electrical safety  Working Environment  Health & Welfare More of What to Look for…  Equipment operation and maintenance practices  Unsafe conditions (12 % --- 20 % )  Unsafe acts (practices) ( / Movers Transmission Machinery Other Machinery Pressure Vessels by an Authorised officer  Boilers - every 12 months  Steam Receivers - every 24 months  Air/Specialist Factory Inspecting Engineer Industrial safety Division Department of Labour Colombo 05 awalahakoon @ gmail.com 94714243160 @ yandex./

FACILITIES AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – BEMS Plant and Equipment Operating Hours.

FACILITIES AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – BEMS Plant and Equipment Operating Hours FACILITIES AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – BEMS Building Energy Management System (BEMS) Air Handling Units (ventilation) Boilers and heating circuits Chillers Electrical load Lighting Specialist – CL3 / clean room FACILITIES AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT – BEMS Building Energy Management System (BEMS) 450 items of plant and equipment which would normally run over week day holidays will be turned off for the 7 days closure days

New Electrical Apparatus, and Automation Products. American Owned & Operated PHONE: (810)820-2940

New Electrical Apparatus, and Automation Products. American Owned & Operated PHONE: (810)820-2940 EMAIL: Roy@srvcelectricmotors.com AC & DC ELECTRIC MOTOR SPECIALIST! SRVC Electric Motors offers new, and refurbished electrical apparatus / presses Extruders Conveyors Exhaust fans Blowers Mill duty Severe duty Marine duty Commercial Applications Elevator motors HVAC motors Boiler motors Air mover motors Circulator motors Oven motors Nesbitt replacement motors Carbonator pump motors Farm Duty Applications Farm /


OPERATED /applies). Examples of Service Contracts –Maintenance and equipment service agreements (Buildings, Elevators, Grounds, HVAC, Fire Extinguishers, Hoods, Boilers, Inspections, Generators), etc; –Pest Control; –Janitorial Contracts; –Waste Removal (trash, waste recycling, etc); –Transportation /Internal website –(2) OPCS website; or –(3) Contact Jalaine Moore, Facilities Contract Manager and Liaison Specialist at (919) 715-7922 DHHS Open Window DHHS Open Window Update Public has search, view, and/

Heating systems This module focuses on heating systems The following will be covered: The main components of heating systems, their strengths and weaknesses.

boilers are technologically not perfect yet. Gas condensing boilers operate without problems. Solid fuel boiler There are 2 main types of solid fuel boilers, boilers for coke and coal boilers for wood 13 Solid fuel boiler There are 2 main types of solid fuel boilers, boilers for coke and coal boilers for wood 14 Boilers/to change the tube system. The size of a tube system may originally be designed by a specialist for a predefined purpose. However, problems occur when the heating system may not be used for /

San Bonifacio, february 2010

plant A key differentiating plus PRODUCTION PROCESS A fully integrated plant A key differentiating plus vs competition Ferroli group: 50 years specialist in HVAC FER: the “one-stop-shop” solution in Heating and A/C A complete and wide offer for HVAC FERROLI/ 50 KW CAST IRON + GFG 3, 4 PELLET BURNER GFG WOOD 19 – 50 KW GFG is a solid fuel high efficiency boiler, operating with wood, coke and convertible to pellet. MIKRO P7 is an optional pellet burner, with elecronic controller and output modulation on 5/

Adca Training This presentation is only a guideline, that can only be completed by a trained personel. Part 2 Adca Steam Equipment www.valsteam.comTraining.10.

air motive fluid.  The opening signal is supplied by an automatic intermittent control unit but they can also have alternative manual operation.  Valve aperture depends from the boiler manufacturer specification or water treatment specialists. Adcatrol VPA26S (Automatic)  Some impurities remains in the boiler water in the form of dissolved solids and so they cannot be eliminated trough the bottom blowdown. The concentration of this/

Chemical Engineering Design © 2012 G.P. Towler / UOP. For educational use in conjunction with Towler & SinnottChemical Engineering Design only. Do not.

construction of power boilers IIMaterials IIINuclear power plant components IVRules for construction of heating boilers VNondestructive examination VIRecommended rules for the care and operation of heating boilers VIIRecommended guidelines for the care of power boilers VIIIRules for the/ failure. The procedure in the Code is iterative. This should definitely be left to a specialist Chemical Engineering Design Loads Causing Stresses on Pressure Vessel Walls Internal or external pressureInternal or external /

Delta Energy & Environment Ltd Registered in Scotland: No SC259964 Registered Office: 15 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7TS Delta Energy & Environment.

in the building stock. ‘Upgrading’ existing oil boilers (replacing the water tank with a DHW HP) or solid fuel systems. Packaging a DHW HP with a new boiler. ‘Smart’ applications – capturing value from controlling the operating times for load management and/or integration with/ with several major European players, they have a strong route to market. The future potential for this type of specialist OEM company is strong as an increasing number of European players aim to get quickly to market with a DHW HP/

Environmental Technology Systems Awareness Learning Tool

and instantaneous centralised systems are not normally suitable for use with solar hot water systems. However, some combination boilers are compatible with solar pre-heated water. Product manufacturer’s instructions should always be consulted for advice. Module 1/ in a borehole. This type of installation requires a specialist drilling rig to be used to create the borehole. A specialist contractor is normally used to undertake the drilling operation. Vertical borehole collector loops are often used where the/

The Heat robbers ! 100% fuel energy 80% steam 3% distribution losses 77% Process consumption 57% 20% Unburnt Stack Blowdown (Condensate & Flash)

surface Comparison of Measured parameter value with Set- Point generated by DryMax Paper In Controller Paper Out Steam Condensate DryMax Summary Specialist in process efficiency & energy conservation Automation pervades every aspect of Steam in a Paper Plant To operating Efficient Boilers To World Class Steam and Condensate systems of Paper machines To Energy Efficient Hoods and PV systems To Robust Quality Control systems/

Publisher: Earthscan, UK Homepage:

and vs load Source: Durkin (2006, ASHRAE Journal 48, 7, 51–57) Pellet-burning boilers 86-94% efficiency Have a maximum output as low as 10 kW and can operate between 30-100% of maximum output (we want the capability for minimal output in super-insulated/IDP), in which The building is treated as a system Architects, engineers of various sorts, and specialists get together at the very beginning of the design process Multiple options for achieving deep energy savings are considered, then tested with/

Energy Efficiency Programs August 23, 2010 Presented by: John Rees, PE, CEM Eric Soderberg, PE, CEM Dr. Herb Eckerlin, PE Kevin Martin, MBA Presentation.

edu John D. Rees, PE, CEM Energy Extension Specialist Phone: 919.515.9436 E-mail: john_rees@ncsu.edu Eric W. Soderberg, PE, CEM Energy Extension Specialist Phone: 919.795.1114 E-mail: eric_soderberg@ncsu./Boiler No. 1 currently operates more efficiently at low fire than Boiler No. 2 (this may be corrected after burner tune-ups have been performed). Consequently, Boiler No. 1 should be operated when low fire operation is required. Tune boilers to operate most efficiently at the firing level where they operate/

IAC Student Meeting February 19, 2004 Using DOE BestPractices Steam Tools And Resources Dr. Anthony L. Wright Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Steam System Operating Practices: –Steam traps –Water treatment –Insulation –Leaks –Equipment Inspection Boiler Plant Operating Practices: –Boiler efficiency –Heat recovery –Dry steam generation –General boiler operation Distribution, Recovery Operating Practices: –/–Many available courses offered by steam service providers, training organizations –BP Steam training opportunities End User Specialist Qualification Using BP Steam Tools –2 REVIEW Available BP Steam Resource Documents – Improvement Ideas –Steam/

Agenda Purpose: To discuss improvement and changes for a revised StEP Plan Welcome: Teresa Marks, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Opening.

from ABA): Continued from previous slide #1Replacement of central heating boilers and pumps in #1 Capitol Mall. This project involves the replacement of 3 large steam boilers operating at approximately 65% efficiency sized to heat #1 Capitol Mall/ of Information Systemscorbin.naekel@arkansas.govEnterprise Systems representative for servers and PCs / State Systems Specialist RickMartinDepartment of Information Systemsrick.martin@arkansas.gov Enterprise Network representative for network equipment at DIS and/

Domestic GDA Training – 8. Renewables & Microgeneration1Training Material © Stroma Certification 2013 | Version 1.1 ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green.

Training – 8. Renewables & Microgeneration44Training Material © Stroma Certification 2013 | Version 1.1 Solar PV – Operation First the inverter transforms the electricity generated by the panel from direct current (DC) into alternative current/ the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Servicing costs and maintenance are estimated to be similar to a standard boiler – although a specialist will be required. Domestic GDA Training – 8. Renewables & Microgeneration60Training Material © Stroma Certification 2013/

Cathy Beahm Technical Assistance Specialist NH DES, Air Resources

National Air Quality Regulations and How They Will Impact Hospitals Cathy Beahm Technical Assistance Specialist NH DES, Air Resources Presentation Overview Air Emission Basics Boiler Regulations Emergency Generator Regulations Questions Air Emission Basics Criteria Pollutants Products of combustion: /notice of the date upon which you will switch fuels. If you own or operate an industrial, commercial, or institutional boiler and would be subject to this subpart except for the exemption for units covered /


overload margins up to 8 %, that is, 210 MW operate at up to 227 MW. Siemens turbines normally have a built in margin of 15 % in torque. It has been clarified from turbine specialists that turbines have margins up to 15 % in power / this load is not harming the life of the unit as the DTPS has ensured boiler operation is within 100 % BMCR limits, turbine operation is within 100 % VWO limits and generator operation is within the capability curve. Further, all parameters are kept within OEM recommended limits./



ENV-2D02 Energy Conservation

hot water changed to encompass overall system performance, not just controls Boiler seasonal efficiency, inspection & commissioning included New requirements for efficient lighting systems/ Pressure testing of large buildings & developments Providing information Maintenance and operation of the building (Home Information Pack) Dwelling Emission Rate (DER/fuel supply industries Construction building services Fragmented Multiple suppliers of specialist products Huge number of sub contractors Costs saved by: /

Environmental Compliance Hot Topics Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association May 25, 2010.

must be performed by qualified personnel A qualified specialist is someone: – Who has successfully completed the Department of Energys Qualified Specialist Program for all systems or – A professional engineer certified as a Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers. Energy Assessment Requirements Complete a visual inspection and review of the boiler system. Establish operating parameters of the facility energy systems Identify the/


the coldest winter months, we can predict maximum fuel consumption for the month of January with the boiler operating for a 12 hour heating period. The following calculations provide an indication of the maximum amount of/ Take readings. Equipment Required for Commissioning (p40) The commissioning of a biomass appliance will typically require the following specialist equipment: Draught gauge Combustion analyser designed for use with biomass (Wood pellet or Chip) appliances. Temperature measurement equipment/

Presentation… Hydronics Ltd. Family of Products New Additions to.

and high quality materials, engineered to operate with maximum efficiency, providing years of dependable service. The CAMUS Product Development Team is comprised of the very best engineers and hydronic specialists in the industry, continually setting higher /for low-temp loop applications: heat- pump, pool heating, etc. Gas Fired Residential / Light Commercial Copper Tube Boilers for Hydronic Heating and Hot Water Supply 85% Efficient Hydronic Heating – Models MFH60 through MFH 4000 85% Efficient Hot/

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