Ppt on bio wave power generation

Role of Bio-Diesel in the growing energy demand scenario in India FEBRUARY 1 & 2, 2008, FICCI, NEW DELHI CLIMATE CHANGE & BIO-DIESEL 2008.

Bio-Diesel 30% Marketing through ROs Seed cake 70% Glycerol 10% Installations /Depots Seeds (100%) Cost of operations + 10% of chemicals Revenue from carbon credits 11 BENEFITS  Generation/ industries in establishment of Oil Expellers and Solvent Extraction Units  To render power tariff waivers for the expelling Units, S.E. Units and Trans- esterification/ 2Hydro includes geothermal renewables include solar, wind and tide, wave and ocean energy 3Oil consumption includes international marine bunkers 4Solid /

Estimados Expositores del II Seminario de Electricidad Consequences of increasing penetration of distributed generation on transmission and distribution.

connected to HV Fact Sheet: Different types: Tidal power Marine current power Wave power … All are still prototypes 6 Types of Distributed Generation Ulf Häger | San José, September 4th 2012 Biomass Histogramm of the nominal power of Photovoltaik plants installed in Germany in 2010: Fact Sheet: Fuel types: Firewood, Pellets, Bio oil, Bio gas, Bio ethanol Can also provide thermal power (CHP) Can be used as base load 7/

BSC Short Course 11 Identifying the Therapeutically Meaningful Signal: Sharpening Your Bio and Neurofeedback Skills.. In One Hour! Bob Grove, PhD.

Bio and/Wave Exercise Metaphor Do you need to practice every day? Oscillations and Resonance Frequency Resonance frequency (RF) training is one of the primary mechanisms for increasing HRV. Resonance is the predisposition of certain systems to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies of stimulation than others. Power/ required to allow one CPG [Central pattern generator] to assume multiple states in response to feedback.”modulation Breath Wave Dynamics So where would you encourage relaxation? /

BIO–MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION Name: Mr. T.Balasubramanian Designation: Assistant Professor Department: Electrical and Electronics Engineering Subject code:

BIO–MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION Name: Mr. T.Balasubramanian Designation/ that for the positive half-cycle of the sine wave, Q 3 would see a positive pulse, and Q 4 would see a negative pulse. Both power transistors are NPN transistors, so a positive bias is/loopstransformerspower supplygrounds (Cont…) Electrocardiogram (ECG) The electrocardiogram (ECG) is a technique of recording bioelectric currents generated by the heart. Clinicians can evaluate the conditions of a patients heart from the ECG and perform /

ENERGY By Kaelan and Joshua. What is Sustainable Energy? Energy is a power made from physical and chemical resources to light and heat buildings or to.

can produce electricity for only 10h since the tide change is limited. Collective Energy Sources: Wave Power Station Generating energy by using waves is like using a wave pool but in reverse. In a wave pool, air is blown in and out of a chamber beside the pool, which /It can be fermented to alchool and burned or it can be grinded and then burned. Manure can be used to make bio-fuels like methanol which is burned. Solid trash is sorted in to categories depending on the materials and burned. Plastic bags cant/

Folder Title: 447Intro Updated: September 15, 2015 Filename: 447Intro(NoTP) (Without TP Questions Except for Slides 6, 7, 8, & 32) BIO 447: Immunobiology.

Except for Slides 6, 7, 8, & 32) BIO 447: Immunobiology Introduction to Immunobiology and Immunology in Health and Medicine The Power-Point Presentations are available on the course web- site / immune system against tumors. The drug is part of a long-anticipated wave of medicines that could transform cancer treatment and forge a large new market/ infected cells. Are present on viral envelop. Are specific antigens that can generate a protective immune response if the antibodies are present ahead of time. Basis/

BIO 3A Spring 2011 Chapter 10 Photosynthesis. Overview: The Process That Feeds the Biosphere Photosynthesis is the process that converts solar energy.

BIO/ 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Gamma rays X-rays UV Infrared Micro- waves Radio waves Visible light Shorter wavelength Longer wavelength Lower energy Higher energy 380 450500 550600650/ center accepts excited electrons and is reduced as a result Solar-powered transfer of an electron from a chlorophyll a molecule to the /Inc. A Comparison of Chemiosmosis in Chloroplasts and Mitochondria Chloroplasts and mitochondria generate ATP by chemiosmosis, but use different sources of energy Mitochondria transfer /

Solid and Hazardous Waste. 2 Women and Waste are inseparable Women generate most of the kitchen wastes and dispose of waste from homes. Women bear the.

landfilling Give recognition and facilities to recyclers Give power concessions for pollution- control equipment Fill geographic /Waste Disposable Decades Mid-1950s – emphasis on a disposable lifestyle –Wave of the future –Way to reduce household duties. Convenience was sold/Bio-medical wastes: Solid or liquid wastes including containers, intermediate or end products generated during diagnosis, treatment & research activities of medical sciences. Industrial wastes: Liquid and solid wastes that are generated/

Today’s Event What is Generate? How Generate works Specialist Mentoring Discussion with Generate Team Register Interest and Networking.

of supply chain opportunities and strategic collaborations Research and Development support What is Generate? Scale of opportunity within sectors: Wind – offshore - £525 million (NI) £100 billion (UK) Bio-energy - £100 billion (UK) Wave and Tidal - £8 billion per year by 2030 (UK) Smart-/first steam biomass plant and is currently working on the first of a series of new Biomass/EFW power stations in Northern Ireland incorporating innovative zero liquid effluent technologies. Sally is an active member of the /

Essay Prompt #1 AP BIO QUESTION 1996

__Good technical description of absorption, reradiation and wavelength shift leading to production or long wave infrared absorbed by greenhouse gases __Concept of sinks: CO2 removal by photosynthesis, CaCO3/ can use the if/then... form. Essay Prompt #5 AP BIO CELL RESPIRATION 1977 Explain how the molecular reactions of cellular respiration transform/ This survival power for increased life span yields increased reproductive fitness, the individual’s ability to pass its genes onto future generations 5. This/


BIO/ as though it consists of discrete particles, called photons UV Visible light Infrared Micro- waves Radio waves X-rays Gamma rays 10 3 m 1 m (10 9 nm) 10 6 nm/ accepts an electron from chlorophyll a that has been excited by a photon Solar-powered transfer of an electron from a chlorophyll a molecule to the primary electron acceptor /synthase, embedded in the thylakoid membrane, coverts ADP + P i to ATP using the energy generated by the rush of the H + ions in the inner compartment out into the stroma /

2111 2005 Technology for 2 nd Generation Biofuels Petter Hieronymus Heyerdahl.

solid material Condenser NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES www.umb.no Technology for 2nd Generation Biofuels 4 Microwaves are radio waves + - O H H Radio waves travel through biomass Molecules are put into motion – that is heat Frequency: 2450/ for 2nd Generation Biofuels 10 Why MWP? Conclusion  Powerful tool in concentration of hazardous components in biomass and waste streams  Waste reduction and in-process separation  Conversion of biomass and bio wastes for bio fuels, energy and bio chemicals  /

3 Lecture in physics Newton Laws Keplers laws Friction Rotation Moment Oscillations Waves Deformation Fluid.

different states. Familiar examples include a swinging pendulum and alternating current power. The term vibration is sometimes used more narrowly to mean a/are closely related. Sound, or "pressure waves", are generated by vibrating structures (e.g. vocal cords); these pressure waves can also induce the vibration of structures/todays robots are inspired by nature contributing to the field of bio-inspired robotics.mechanical engineering electrical engineeringcomputer sciencerobotsbio-inspired robotics Forensic /

Essay Prompt #1 AP BIO QUESTION 1996 The unique properties (characteristics) of water make life possible on Earth. Select three properties of water and.

__Good technical description of absorption, reradiation and wavelength shift leading to production or long wave infrared absorbed by greenhouse gases __Concept of sinks: CO2 removal by photosynthesis, CaCO3/ can use the if/then... form. Essay Prompt #5 AP BIO CELL RESPIRATION 1977 Explain how the molecular reactions of cellular respiration transform/. This survival power for increased life span yields increased reproductive fitness, the individual’s ability to pass its genes onto future generations 5. This /

Electromagnetic Field and Waves

D field to H, B field Moving charge (velocity = const) Bio sarvart’s law and Ampere’s circuital law Independent on material property Bio-Savart’s law  I dl  H field R Experimental eq./ Magnetic torque and moment Current loop in the magnetic field H D.C motor, generator Loop//H  max rotating power Slant loop   an B F0  A bar magnet or small current loop/: E(x,y,z,t), H(x,y,z,t) Time-varying EM field or waves : due to accelated charge or time varying current Electric field can be shown by emf-produced/

The Multi-Scale Nature of Earth-system and Weather Prediction: recent results on hurricane vortex Rossby-waves predictability and dynamical processes Dr.

second eyewall intensification Conclusion A Vortex Rossby Wave (VRW) wave-mean flow interaction mechanism is proposed for/ Prediction The progress in computational power, science, telecommunication and observations over the last decade/ quality, turbidity, color, pollutants concentrations Controlling variables Bio-socio-economic systems Humans: drinking water, recreation, / Kevin Noone and Jean Ometto. Toward a new generation of world climate research and computing facilities Shukla, J., T.N. Palmer/

Chapter 24: The Digestive System BIO 211 Lecture Instructor: Dr. Gollwitzer 1.

BIO/ 7 th edition 19 Movement of Digestive Materials Mass movements – Powerful peristaltic contractions – Move GI contents from transverse colon through rest/ stimulates: Mucous cells  mucus Chief cells  pepsinogen Parietal cells  HCl Mixing waves in muscularis externa 57 Gastric Phase Hormonal mechanism – G cells  gastrin, stimulated/ molecules Bile salts – reabsorbed in cecum, transported in blood to liver Vitamins generated by bacteria – Vitamin K – blood clotting factors – Biotin – glucose metabolism/

Kenneth M. Klemow, Ph.D. Wilkes University Prepared for BIO/EES 105 Energy in our World II. Concepts relating to heat.

BIO/ much energy  Involves electromagnetic waves  Produced by charged particles  Travel at speed of light  Wave components include: ◦ Amplitude ◦ Frequency ◦ Wavelength  Electric and magnetic waves are perpendicular to field of/ When cold we add heat via radiators, fireplaces, space heaters  Heat generators warm the air via radiant energy  If air carried away, need to warm/coal, wood, hydro, dung, oil Conversion power plant, kiln, refinery, digester Secondary refined oil, electricity, biogas Transport//

Essential Oils and high-vibrant Frequencies „The vigor of the entire world is to be found in the plants. Almighty is the knower of their secret powers.“

generators were confiscated. Also possessors of self made generators in Munich had to deal with serious problems. Nowadays this technology is used in Mexico, the Caribbeans and Southeast Asia. Bruce Tainio, owner and chairman of Tainio Technologies, developed a calibrated frequency monitoring system, which was used to measure bio/Hertzian wave is generated and travels out from its source, the wave transfers energy to the / Nowotny „Nothing in this world is as powerful as an idea whose time has come“ /

BIOPHYSICAL METHODS. Analysis of Bio molecules UV and Visible Light Spectroscopy NMR and ESR Circular dichorism X ray diffraction Mass Spectroscopy Surface.

Bio/ protein is in its native conformation Visible CD spectroscopy is a very powerful technique to study metal–protein interactions CD gives less specific structural information/ a given wavelength and angle SPR Emission When the surface plasmon wave hits a local particle or irregularity - like on a rough surface/sensitivity of several spectroscopic measurements including fluorescence, Raman scattering, and second harmonic generation in their simplest form, SPR reflectivity measurements can be used to detect /

Bio.2.1 Analyze the interdependence of living organisms within their environments. Bio.2.2 Understand the impact of human activities on the environment.

Bio.2.2 Understand the impact of human activities on the environment (one generation affects the next). Photosynthesis: Absorbs Carbon Respiration: Releases carbon Decomposition: Releases carbon  As carbon dioxide levels go up, temperatures rise.  Gases trap in the heat.  Carbon dioxide levels are rising due to ◦ Less trees to absorb it. ◦ Coal power/away of land or the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents, wave currents or drainage.  Beach erosion is increasing due to amount/

Rotating and Linear Synchronous Generators for Renewable Electric Energy Conversion - an Update of the Ongoing Research Projects at Uppsala University.

Rotating and Linear Synchronous Generators for Renewable Electric Energy Conversion - an Update of the Ongoing Research Projects at Uppsala University Presenter: Björn Bolund Author: whole group Research Areas A.Water Current Energy B.Bio-fuelled plants C.Wave Energy D.Wind Energy E.Hydro Power F.Pulsed power ? Water current energy Velocities ~ 1 m/s At high velocities Only on a few places Power-rating ~ 10/

The role of active millimetre wave radar in defence surveillance

), collision warning systems and UAV sense and avoid applications. Review of millimetre wave technology - filling the “THz gap” Gunn InP The generation of RF power is difficult in the range from 100 GHz to 1 THz. The “/ of man-made targets such as personnel and mortars at low altitude - submarine periscope systems - war gas (Sarin, Soman etc) and bio-agent (Anthrax etc) “See-thru-wall” systems - dismounted combat within urban environments - concealed weapon (ceramic / plastic) detection - substance/

Dr. Sara Greenberg 1 Systematic Analysis of Evolution Patterns in Bio Medical Systems Dr. Sara Greenberg Holon Institute of Technology.

Towards Micro-level and Increased Use of Fields Macro- and bio-nano- equivalence of robot components From: Biomimetics, Biologically Inspired Technologies/drag friction => conflict – TC Speed Weight of cargo => not a conflict Speed Power of engine => conflict – TC Speed Safety => conflict – TC Dr. Sara Greenberg/ Wing IFwe increase the area of the wing THENIt generates more lift BUTthe weight of the wing increases AC EC/wave and light Fluid Force, energy, and momentum Geometric Magnetic Mechanical and sound/

C2000 Digital Power Supply Workshop

generation near hand code quality Automatic code generation for F28xx peripherals: ADC, SCI, SPI, I2C, CAN, ePWM, GPIO High speed target acquisition for wave form display on PC Watch ‘how to’ tutorials on Visual Solutions web site www.vissim.com UCD9xxx Digital Power/System Initialization - Analog-to-Digital Converter - Control Peripherals - Numerical Concepts and IQmath - Using DSP/BIOS - System Design - Communications - Support Resources In-depth TMS320F2808 Design and Peripheral Training For More /

BillikenSat-II The First Bio-Fuel Cell Test Platform in Space Darren Pais Paul Lemon Nathaniel Clark Sonia Hernandez Brian Vitale Jorge Moya Final Presentation.

CubeSat  P-POD  Rocket launch Need to meet requirements: Launch vibration and static loads, thermal-vacuum testing, AMSAT guidelines Bio-Fuel Cells Introduction Thermal Structures ADCS EE Conclusions Enzymes V Anode Cathode H+H+ Nafion 112 H+H+ O2O2 H2OH2O e-e/ IF IC Band Pass Filter RF Power Amplifier Standard FSK VCO FSK Generator Microprocessor TX/Rx Rx TX Rx IF @ 10.7 MHz Approx 433 MHz Ground Station FSK Radio Waves 433 MHz Antenna Switch Power Introduction Thermal Structures ADCS EE Conclusions /

Supplying Power for Implantable Biosensors Introduction to Biosensors 16.441, 16.541 Group Members: Sujith Kana Jesse Vengren.

generate much energy Size becomes and issue. Acoustic Power Application of piezoelectric kinetic energy Power by acoustic waves Waves generated outside the body transmit power to implanted device Antenna similar to speaker cone receives acoustic wave/"Energy Harvesting and Remote Powering for Implantable Biosensors - Infoscience." Home - Infoscience. Web. 04 March. 2011. 13.Shih, Po-Jen, and Wen-Pin Shih. "Design, Fabrication, and Application of Bio-Implantable Acoustic Power Transmission." IEEEXplore. Web. /

Supplying Power for Implantable Biosensors

piezoelectric kinetic energy Power by acoustic waves Waves generated outside the body transmit power to implanted device Antenna similar to speaker cone receives acoustic wave and deforms piezoelectric material Fuel Cell Sir William Grove found it in 1839 On chip power for microelectronics Traditional Fuel cells vs Biological Fuel Cells Powered by Sacccharomyces Cerevisiae Fuel Cell Continued… Issues of Biological fuel cells Micro watts of power generation Performance over time/

Chapter 20: The Heart BIO 211 Lecture Instructor: Dr. Gollwitzer 1.

BIO/ R atrium near entrance to superior vena cava Contains cardiac pacemaker cells – Originate/generate action potential – Reach threshold first – Establish heart rate Abnormal function – Tachycardia/heart beat (contraction) – Action potential initiated spontaneously at SA node – Wave of depolarization radiates from SA node – Spreads through contractile cells of /and may cease – Hypercalcemia Cardiac muscle cells very excitable Have powerful, prolonged contractions Extreme case: heart goes into extended state /

Normal and pathological oscillatory communication in the brain Jaeseung Jeong, Ph.D Department of Bio and Brain Engineering KAIST.

brain Jaeseung Jeong, Ph.D Department of Bio and Brain Engineering KAIST Complex spatiotemporal dynamics /a single channel recording, even though the slow oscillation is generated by the interaction of thousands of cells! Slow oscillations During slow-wave sleep and some types of anesthesia the dominant activity pattern/ drug, such as kainate or carbachol, and can last for hours. Persistent gamma in Hippocampus Power spectra of the field oscillation reveal both a gamma peak, and also a faster, but non/

1 Fortum – Power and heat company in the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Baltics Anne Brunila Executive Vice President Fortum Corporation 31 January.

Emissions free production High Low Solar Economy Inexhaustible and emissions-free, solar-based production Geothermal Hydro Wind Sun Ocean Bio Traditional energy production Exhaustible fuels and production that burdens the environment Coal Gas Oil Advanced energy production Energy efficient/66% of Fortums total power generation CO 2 -free 86% of Fortum’s power generation in the EU CO 2 -free Close to 100% of the ongoing investment programme in the EU CO2-free 84 189 16 Wave power to commercial use Biomass /

Dell ™ Vostro ™ 3360 Introducing the new 13-inch Vostro 3360 - an uncompromising balance of power and mobility. Performance that business demands Power.

Rapid Start Technology- requires a Solid-State Drive (SSD) and BIOS update. Depending on system configuration, your results may vary. Offer/ G12000834 FeaturesSpecifications Processor Options Intel® 3 rd Generation Core™ i5, Core™ i7 Processors Intel 2 nd Generation Core™ i3 Chipset Intel® Mobile HM77 Panther /Waves MaxxVoice Pro Dell Webcam Central and video conferencing via MS Messenger or Skype Ports and Connectors VGA, HDMI, LAN RJ-45, Power, headphone/ headset /speaker out USB 3.0 X 2, USB 3.0 with Power/


(<10 MW) power, Photovoltaic (PV) systems, wind energy, Geothermal and solar thermal sources will be more significant as energy sources in future. PV will then be the largest renewable electricity source with a production of 25.1% of global power generation in 2040. Other non-combustible RES Wave energy Tidal energy Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) RENEWABLES Biorenewable Energy Sources Biomass Bioalcohols Bio-oil Biodiesel/

Technical Presentation

Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) Technology “The Liquid Wave Guide" Utilizing Fiber Optic Principles “Total Internal Reflection”     Simply powerful Atlantium: Who We Are? We are a leading provider of Next Generation Water Disinfection Solutions We bring a revolutionary disinfection/ adherence THM reduction 4 Get new regulation credits (4 log for virus) 186 mj/cm Bio-terrorism Virus Reactor 5 Membrane Protection from Bio-Film MEKOROT Water Desalination Plant – Ktsiot, Negev Desert 450 m³/hr Two Atlantium R-200/

CLEAN TECHNOLOGY. Contents Sustainable Energy Solar Power Plants Wind Power Plants Hydro Power Plants Biomass Biodiesel Tidal Power Plants Geothermal.

soybean or rapeseed oils, animal fats, waste vegetable oil or microalgae oil. bio diesel BIODIESEL Feedstock is transported to biorefinery mills. They produce biodiesel. And we use it. TIDAL POWER PLANTS Tidal waves make the blades turn. Turning blades turn the mill wheel. Turning mill wheel turn the device in the generator. So, they produce the electricity without polluting the earth and causing the/

University of Tsukuba Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of New Functions “Emission of Continuous THz Waves by Layered Superconductors and Its.

Waves by Layered Superconductors and Its Applications” Characteristics of THz from IJJ’s Advantages 1. New generation mechanism/bio-molecular substances such as DNA, RNA, etc.: applied all kinds of materials 3. Chemical finger prints: distinction of materials from atomic or molecular levels in drug industries for separation, detection, etc. 4. Low energy: 1 THz = 4 meV = 50 K 5. Nondestructive and noninvasive: non-ionizing, but thermal effects 6. Compact and all solid state devices: small, light, high power/

Biology I Chapter 1 Notes The Study of Life. Section 1: Intro to Biology The Science of Life BIO = life BIO = life LOGOS = study LOGOS = study Biology.

The Science of Life BIO = life BIO = life LOGOS = study/ results Test Claims Use peer review Use the metric system: units with divisions that are powers of ten (International System of Units = SI)  (meter = length, gram =/. What am I? –ANSWER: a dictionary I have hands that wave at you, though I never say goodbye. Its cool for you to/ until the year 1668. Spontaneous Generation: AKA “abiogenesis” Spontaneous Generation: AKA “abiogenesis” –Living organisms are generated by decaying organic substances –EX/

Introduction to Photosynthesis Chapter 8 OCC BIO-161 Dave Werner.

Introduction to Photosynthesis Chapter 8 OCC BIO-161 Dave Werner Essential Questions Why study /in wavelength is detectable by the human eye and is called visible light the model of light as waves explains many of its properties, but in certain respects it behaves as though it consists of discrete/light reactions of photosynthesis that give off O 2 as a by- product The light reactions also generate ATP by powering the addition of a phosphate group to ADP, a process called photophosphorylation. This is done w//

Sustainable Development, Global Change and Ecosystem Stockholm-pat III WP IP and NoESTREP  Fuel cell systems for power generation, combined heat/cold.

Stockholm-pat III WP IP and NoESTREP  Fuel cell systems for power generation, combined heat/cold and power, and mobile applications  Solid polymer fuel cell for stationary and transport applications  Materials, processes, components and systems for Proton Exchange Membrane and Direct Methanol Fuel Cells  Fuel cell systems for small portable applications  "Next generation" of advanced computational models and simulation tools Fuel cells (call 2003/

1 © A. Kwasinski, 2015 Cyber Physical Power Systems Fall 2015 Microgrids and Smart Grids.

power plants. Typical power outputs of microturbines range from a few tens of kW to a few hundred of kW. Natural gas is the most common fuel, but other hydrocarbons, such as kerosene, or bio-fuels can be used, too. Natural Gas Air Generator/ billion years the sun will still radiate power without making the Earth inhabitable. Solar power is radiated through space. Solar power is generated by nuclear fusion. Light propagation can be represented through waves or through particles (dual representation). To /

General Overview on Nanotechnologies State of Play in Ukraine Thematic International Conference on Bio-, Nano-, and Space Technologies, Ljubljana, Slovenia,

STRUCTURE OF NANOMATTER 4. MODELING OF NANOs 5. BIO-INERT NANOSYSTEMS 6. BIO-ACTIVE NANOSYSTEMS National academy of sciences of Ukraine 4 /of carbon (С int ) Synthesis from charcoal by high-temperature shock wave compression at: Р = 30 GPа, Т 2500 К С int shows/ to the global priorities. The National Program has to provide powerful international collaboration in nanotechnologies, for instance to meet priorities of /products encouraging young generation in NANOtechnology development for the sake of competitiveness of Ukrainian/

2014 WATER QUALITY-(B&C) Marine & Estuary

National Bio Rules /EVENT RULES FOR EVENT PARAMETERS AND TOPICS FOR EACH COMPETITION LEVEL TRAINING MATERIALS Training Power Point – content overview Training Handout – content information Sample Tournament – sample problems/The adaptation is not passed onto its progeny Evolutionary adaptations Over generations, species adapt to the environment through natural selection. Genetic /oxygen consumption mechanisms to deal with high energy winds and waves most efficient tree is low, with numerous crowded branches /

Dell - Internal Use - Confidential Dell XPS 13 FeatureTechnical Specifications Processor Options 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i3-5010U processor (3M Cache,

Generation Intel® Core™ i3-5010U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.1 GHz) 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-5200U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.7 GHz) 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-5500U processor (4M Cache, up to 3.0 GHz) 5th Generation/Connect Technology*, InstantGo optional Audio Stereo speakers professionally tuned with Waves MaxxAudio® Pro 1W x 2 = 2W total Webcam / security options Dell Bios, Dell Command | Configure, Dell Command | Deploy, Dell Command | Monitor, Dell Command | Power Manager, Dell Command/

Sound In Medicine. Sound waves Sound is a mechanical waves travel in air as longitudinal waves in which vibrations in air causes increases (compressions)

of the crystal which results in generation of sound waves. Transducer A device converts electrical energy (alternating voltage) into mechanical energy (sound waves) in the production of Ultrasound./ a mechanical ultrasound wave and vice-versa. Pulse Pulse of sounds is send to soft tissues. Sound interaction with soft tissues= bio effect. Pulsing is/far field. AKA: TGC. 18 Gain controls receiver gain only does NOT change power output ☺ think: stereo volume Increase gain = brighter image Decrease gain = darker /

1 Fourth Generation War Evolves, Fifth Emerges T. X. Hammes August 2007.

generation Potential fifth generation What’s after that 4 4GW is Just a Model Varied terminology used in descriptions Toffler ’ s Waves Forms of Energy Generations of RMAs Fourth Generation/ Soviet will 17 Al Qaeda “Fourth Generation Wars have... proven the superiority of the weaker power.” Ubeid al-Qurashi Jan 2002 Proto-/ “cause” attacks Earth Liberation, Animal Liberation Fronts Several areas – cyber, nano, bio Biological advances Synthetic biology – Dr. Venter Australians and Mouse Pox Carlson’s Curve /

Investigations of Fluorapatite Cladding on Ti-6Al-4V substrates Using Nd-YAG Laser Technology Experimental Procedure The Fluorapatite powers used in the.

laser clad using an Nd-YAG laser set to a continuous wave mode under two different output powers. The laser cladding experiments were conducted in an Ar shielded atmosphere/ chemical compound possessed porous structures and allowed for the formation of bio-compatible and bio-decomposable bone tissue. Table 2. Parameters used in Nd-YAG / increased with the output power. It is related to the P vaporization during heating at the high temperature. The higher output power generates a higher processing temperature/

Physics 1 Revision Lesson 4 Generating electricity.

of space to grow the crops Less pollutants put in the atmosphere Growing bio fuels takes up valuable farm land and can lead to a loss of/a windy day to generate electricity Water can be used to make electricity, by making a turbine spin Wave turbine- use the kinetic energy from waves going up and down/ forms are converted into electrical energy. Usually via a turbine Generating electricity Biofuels are… Solar power is… Geothermal power is… Wind power is… Fossil fuels are… Nuclear fuels are… Over ground /

Bio& 241 A&P 1 Unit 3 / Lecture 3. Actions of Antagonistic Muscles Prime mover Antagonist.

Bio/. Unfused or Incomplete Tetanus: Due multiple stimuli that cause repeated wave summations that increase force of contraction due to recruitment. Myograms Created/) –Monitor tension developed in muscle –Prevents damage during excessive force generation Stimulation results in reflex relaxation of muscle Three Types of Skeletal Muscle/ Involved in rapid, intense, short duration activities Fiber Types and Performance Power athletes –Sprinters –Possess high percentage of fast fibers Endurance athletes –Distance/

1 Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro Department of Electronic, Telecommunication and Bio- Medical Engineering 8 th Term Neural.

of Electronic, Telecommunication and Bio- Medical Engineering 8 th Term/Human brain is very complex and cannot be fully simulated with present computing power. An artificial neural network does not have capability of human brain. Issue:/of brief explosive waves, and the message can only be varied by changes in the frequency and in the total number of these waves. … But/it looks like: spike 18 Single neuron activity A spike is generated when the membrane potential is greater than its threshold 19 Abstraction /

Generation and Applications Indus Synchrotrons Utilization Division

n-1) (1/Do + 1/Di) Coherent source Wave Optics Phase shift along the optical path For generating x-ray micro/ nano focused beam M~10-2 to/ ID (1) Electrons are generated here (2) Initially accelerated in the LINAC Building a Synchrotron Source… Magnets RF systems LCW Beam physics Power supplies Survey and alignment Health physics/and interplanetary dusts Environmental Science Analysis of toxic heavy atoms contained in bio- materials Development of novel catalysts for purifying pollutants in exhaust gases /

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