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. What is the probability that the three numbers rolled are the lengths of the sides of an obtuse triangle? Express your answer as a common fraction. Let a, b, c be the lengths of any obtuse triangle, with a < c & b < c. For the triangle to be obtuse, we have: a2 + b2 < c2 and c < a + b List of triplets meeting the criteria include: 1,1,(3,4,5,6); 1,2,(3/


four sides is a square. 7. A figure can be a triangle only if it is equilateral. 8. The angle sum of a quadrilateral is the same as its area. 9. The area of a quadrilateral can be obtained by transforming it into a rectangle with the same perimeter. RESEARCH ON SCHOOL MATHEMATİCS………… GEOMETRIC SENSE………………… The van Hieles, after years of extensive research, contend that a student develops an understanding of geometry by progressing/

History and Philosophy of Mathematics MA0010

A cycloid is the locus of a point on the rim of a circle of radius a rolling along a straight line. The cycloid was first studied by Cusa when he was attempting to find the area of a circle by integration. It was studied and named by Galileo in 1599. Department of Mathematics,UOM 19 April 2017 Hypocycloid The path traced out by a point on the edge of a circle of radius b rolling on the outside of a circle of radius a. Department of/

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of this parallelogram is 18 inches. The value of x is ______. Question 4-1 What is 3 inches? Because 2x + 2x + x + x = 6x 6x = 18 x = 3 Answer 4-2 The type of triangle and its area for these coordinates: (-1, 3) (-3, -3) (1, -3) Question 4-2 What is an isosceles triangle with area of 12 squared units. A/= 9 P(red) = 1/2 = 18 P(yellow) = 6 Answer 4-5 The probability of rolling a number greater than 2 on a fair number cube and flipping a coin and getting heads. Question 4-5 What is ⅓? Because 4 = 2 x 1 = 2 = 1/

Ratios and Unit Rates PRE-ALGEBRA LESSON 6-1 6-1 Write three fractions equivalent to. 4 12, 6 18 1 3 2 6 Sample answers.

. Quick Check 6-3 Similar Figures and Scale Drawings PRE-ALGEBRA LESSON 6-3 Solve. 1.Parallelogram ABCD ~ parallelogram EFGH. Find the value of x. 2.A girl who is 4 feet tall casts a shadow that is 6 feet long. The tree next to her casts a shadow that is 12 feet long. How tall is the tree? 3.The scale on a map is 3 in. : 100/

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had a height of 3 ft. and a width of 2 ft. What was the volume of the box? a.9 cubic feet b.11 cubic feet c.14 cubic feet d.24 cubic feet A pot of boiling water has a temperature of 212˚ F. What would be the temperature in Celcius? a.0 ˚C b.32 ˚C c.100 ˚C d.d. 212 ˚C c. 100 ˚C What the area of a triangle whose/


turn to either move your piece forward in a clockwise manner, or use the opportunity to move one of your pieces from the base to the track (by rolling a 6). 4. Be aware that you cant move a piece out of the starting area unless you roll a 6. If you roll something other than a 6 and do not have a piece on the track, then you forfeit your turn. 5. Note/

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sq ft C.113 sq ft D.144 sq ft What is the minimum number of same-sized triangles as the one above that would be required to form the polygon below? 1234567891011121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 A.3 B.4 C.6 D.8 What is the area of the parallelogram shown? 1234567891011121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 A.185 sq ft B.230 sq ft C.2,600 sq ft D.3/

Splash Screen. Chapter Menu Lesson 7-1Lesson 7-1Circumference and Area of Circles Lesson 7-2Lesson 7-2Problem-Solving Investigation: Solve a Simpler Problem.

3 MI/Vocab composite figure –A figure made up of 2 or more shapes Find the area of composite figures. Lesson 3 TEKS NOTES  To find the area of composite figures 1.Draw lines to break the figure up into parts 2.Find the area of the parts 3.Add (or subtract) all the areas  THE BASE AND THE HEIGHT MUST FORM A RIGHT ANGLE!  ParallelogramA = bh  TriangleA = ½ bh b = base h = ACTUAL/

Question 1 ADD 4 to the last number 2610 L 3-5 Complete the sequences Double to last number and add 2 2614 Multiply the last number by 4 and subtract 1.

graph shows the date each year that bluebells were first seen a) On what dates in 1993 & 1996 were bluebells first seen? /Write down all the properties of an equilateral, isosceles and right-angled triangle Can an isosceles triangle also be a right- angled triangles? If yes, what can/area of the parallelogram, please give correct units? 4cm Question 30 L4-6 & L5-7 Question 31 L5-7 Number of students that have an iPhone Number of students that don’t 219 a)What % of students have an iPhone? iPhone TypeNumber of/

Math Grade 7 Common Core Test Prep Amy Ard Questions from…. parcc-practice-tests-and-sample-questions.html.

. 384 cm2 d. 512 cm2 Which of the following formulas can be used to find the area of a circle? a. C = Pid b. C = 2(pi)r c. A = (pi)r2 d. D = C/(pi) Danny rolls two number cubes (dice), one red and one blue. What is the probability that he will roll a 2 on the red cube and a 6 on the blue cube? a. 1/6 b. 2/15 c/

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and 90o. What is a 3,4,5 triangle? In the absence of this, all objects fall with the same acceleration. What is air resistance? A projectile must move this fast so that the curve it follows matches the curve of Earth. What is 8 km/s? Only this force acts on a high satellite. What is gravity? He stated that if friction were entirely absent, a ball rolling horizontally/

SC/NATS 1730, VIII 1 Euclid Axioms and Proofs. SC/NATS 1730, VIII 2 Logic at its Best Where Plato and Aristotle agreed was over the role of reason and.

31 Other propositions that are needed to prove I.47 Prop. I.41 The area of a triangle is one half the area of a parallelogram with the same base and height. SC/NATS 1730, VIII 32 Constructions that are required to prove I.47 Prop. I.31 Given a line and a point not on the line, a line through the point can be constructed parallel to the first line. SC/NATS 1730/

Take out a calculator to try to solve the following problems on area of composite figures.

, and much more available on my website at http://www.mathslideshows.com I have attached the list below so you can see what is available. If you teach 5 th -10 th grade this is the place for you! Please check it out! Sincerely, Amber Pasillas amberpasillas@yahoo.com http://www.mathslideshows.com AREA FORMULAS $30 1. Area of a Rectangle & Square 2. Area of a Parallelogram & Triangle 3. Area of a Trapezoid 4. Area of a/

In your study of geometry so far, you have focused your attention on two-dimensional shapes. You have investigated the special properties of triangles,

-dimensional shapes. You have investigated the special properties of triangles, parallelograms, regular polygons and circles, and have developed tools to help you describe and analyze those shapes. For example, you have tools to find the interior angle of a regular hexagon, to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle, and to measure the perimeter of a triangle or the area of a circle. In this Chapter, you will focus on three- dimensional shapes (called solids), such as/

MPM 1D: Summative By: Fay Dickinson. Number Sense and Algebra: Number Sense Multiplying Exponents: If base number is the same add the exponents together.

Point of Intersection Measurement and Geometry Composite Area and Perimeter: When a complex shape is broken down into several different, simpler shapes which you can then use to calculate the area or perimeter of the entire shape.  Example: Surface Area: The total area of all the faces on a 3-D figure.  Example: Pyramid=Area of Base+((number of sides on base)Area of Triangle Example: Square Pyramid=Area of Square (l*w)+4(Area of Triangle (1/2(b*h)) For the area of a triangle in a/

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, what fraction is represented by a triangle and a trapezoid? If the rhombus is one, what number is represented by the trapezoid? 2005 Aims Education Foundation Fraction Riddles-Pattern Blocks The area of all the blocks together is the same as the area of 24 green triangles. Fraction Riddles-Pattern Blocks The area of all the blocks together is the same as the area of 24 green triangles. Three of the blocks together make up/

Multimedia System and Networking UTD Slide- 1 University of Texas at Dallas B. Prabhakaran Animation Process while (not finished) { MoveEverything();

B. Prabhakaran Properties of the Cross Product area of parallelogram ab is a vector perpendicular to both a and b, in the direction defined by the right hand rule if a and b are parallel Multimedia System and Networking Lab @ UTD Slide- 28 University of Texas at Dallas B. Prabhakaran Example: Normal of a Triangle Find the unit length normal of the triangle defined by 3D points a, b, and c a b c Multimedia System and Networking Lab @ UTD/

1 A 5-foot-tall person casts an 8-foot shadow. If a vertical pole that supports a basketball hoop is 12 feet high, how long is its shadow? A. 7.5 feet.

spaces to win the game. What is the probability that Akio will roll a sum of at least nine on his next turn? Tree Problem 6 Akio and Tamera are playing a game with two number cubes, each labeled 1–6. On each turn, the person rolls both number cubes. The sum of the two numbers on top of the number cubes tells how many spaces that person can move the/

Monday, December 16, 2013. POTD Rich owns 7 acres of farmland. He grows beets on 1/2 of the land. On how many acres of land does Rich grow beets? Simplify.

pattern blocks; hexagons, trapezoids, parallelograms and triangles. Each field’s value is based on its size (its fractional relationship to the whole plot of farm land). What part of the whole farm does each field represent? What would a fair price for each field be, based on its fractional value? Show and explain all of your mathematical thinking. Guided Draw an area model to represent each of the following operations. Use your/

 Get a good night’s rest. Eat what you always eat for breakfast.  Use the test booklet for scratch paper. You can’t bring your own.  Remember your.

/act-facts-and-formulas.pdf  Relations and properties of shapes (triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, and circles), angles, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines.  What happens when you move or change these shapes? ◦ Translations, rotations, reflections  Proofs ◦ Justification, logic.  Three-dimensional geometry  Measurements: perimeter, area, and volume.  Circles Source: http://www.erikthered.com/tutor/act-facts-and-formulas.pdf  Lines in a plane  What do we know about a and b in/

GCSE Revision. A B C D 16 31 36 71 Q. How many people scored more than 30?

Q. The probability of rolling a 2 or a 4 with a fair die is ½ ¼ ⅓ True False Q. The probability Nicola wins a race is ⅓, the probability she does not win is also ⅓ A B C D A fair dice has the numbers 2, 2, 2, 2, 5 and 5 on it. The dice is rolled. Which arrow shows the probability of getting a 2. Impossible ½ Certain A B C D A B C D/

MSA REVIEW. What is the formula used to find the area of a trapezoid?

? Simplify. What is the formula used to find the area of a triangle? Find the area. 20 ft 14 ft 10 ft 8 ft Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Christina is having dinner at a restaurant. She has a choice of 2 appetizers, 4 main dishes, 6 desserts and 4 soft drinks. How many different dinner combinations are possible? The scale used on a map is 2 cm : 5 miles. If the distance/

10-6 Three-Dimensional Figures Warm Up Warm Up Lesson Presentation Lesson Presentation Problem of the Day Problem of the Day Lesson Quizzes Lesson Quizzes.

the number of faces, edges, and vertices on each three-dimensional figure. A. B. 6 faces12 edges8 vertices5 faces9 edges6 vertices 10-6 Three-Dimensional Figures A prism is a polyhedron with two congruent, parallel bases, and other faces that are all parallelograms. A prism is named for the shape of its bases. A cylinder also has two congruent, parallel bases, but bases of a cylinder are circular. A cylinder is not a polyhedron because/

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.56m² or 12.57m² Categories Shape and Space What is the area of the parallelogram, given the area of the triangle is 36cm²? Answer 8cm 14cm Answer What is 126cm² Categories Shape and Space What is the measure of an angle supplementary to angle #1 in the diagram? Answer 39° Answer What is 141° Categories Shape and Space You leave a city and travel 45° of longitude in an westerly direction. If you/

Get Your Junior High Math Program Rolling Webinar with Cathy Campbell Are you a new teacher, new to teaching math or have you changed the grade you are.

math classrooms. We will focus on personal strategies and problem solving. Digital resources and activities that support teaching mathematics will be shared as well. Follow up webinar on "Making Meaning in Junior High Math", on February 3, 2011. Welcome! Where do you work? A. Edmonton B. Greater Edmonton area C. Somewhere else in Alberta D. Outside of Alberta Place an icon in the area that best describes your experience/

PROJECT NAME CompetenciesTasks/ActivitiesUser Interactivity Items to include in VLO Geometric Castle  Identify the basic two dimensional and three dimensional.

the castle drawbridge opening. Entering the courtyard area, the player meets another messenger who gives a scroll with instructions. Instructions on the next slide. To be a part of the jousting activities, you must first earn the items you will need to participate. The items you must earn are armor, a weapon, a shield, a helmet, and a horse. Roll over and click on various places in of the castle. You must successfully complete/

10-6 Three-Dimensional Figures Course 1 Warm Up Warm Up Lesson Presentation Lesson Presentation Problem of the Day Problem of the Day.

faces that are all parallelograms. A prism is named for the shape of its bases. A cylinder also has two congruent, parallel bases, but bases of a cylinder are circular. A cylinder is not a polyhedron because not every surface is a polygon. Course 1 10-6 Three-Dimensional Figures A pyramid has one polygon shaped base, and the other faces are triangles that come to a point. A pyramid is named for the/

Sketching Ideas and Designs Sketches and quick drawings are used to record ideas on paper. These drawings can be later developed into a final idea and.

designs Produce designs with a number of materials Zoom in on specific areas of designs Rotate designs Using CAM you can: Ensure each product is exactly the same as the one prior to it CAD and CAM can also be linked together! CAD ICT Advantages and Disadvantages of CAD and CAM CAD – This stands for ‘Computer Aided Design’. It’s the use of computers for creating drawings and designing products. Software/

The Art of Asking Good Questions Maria Mitchell Based on Good Questions for Math Teaching Why Ask Them and What to Ask By Lainie Schuster and Nancy Canavan.

that show at least one acute, one right, one obtuse and one reflex angle? Geometry Find a quadrilateral that can be inscribed in a circle and one that cannot Geometry It is possible to inscribe only parallelograms that are also rectangles Geometry I drew a set of seven triangles. Five were similar to one another, three were congruent, and two were neither similar nor congruent to any other. What/

TCAP REVIEW PREP (DAILY MATH) 2011. Math Journal02.01.11 Henry drew a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides. What type of quadrilateral did.

sum of 7 and the quotient of x and 8”? A.7 + 8x B.7 + 8 – x C.7 – 8x D.7 + x 8 Kirsten wants to cover a box with newspaper on every side. To calculate how much newspaper she will need, she will use the formula for surface area of a prism/ of the angles inside an isosceles triangle measure 50° and 80°. What is the measure of the third angle? A.20° B.50° C.80° D.100° Which of these shapes could have 4 vertices and sides that are all different lengths? A.a triangle B.a parallelogram C.a pentagon D.a trapezoid A/

Vectors and the Geometry of Space 11 Copyright © Cengage Learning. All rights reserved. 11.1 11.2 11.3 11.4 11.5 11.6 11.7.

2 help you analyze the effect of gravity on the boat. For example, w 1 indicates the force necessary to keep the boat from rolling down the ramp, whereas w 2 indicates the force that the tires must withstand. Projections and Vector Components 84 Figure 11.29 Projections and Vector Components 85 Example 4 – Finding a Vector Component of u Orthogonal to v Find the vector component/

Snacktivities for Running Active Schools. With a Koosh ball can you…? Toss the ball from side to side Pass the ball behind your legs in a figure of eight.

Pass the ball behind your legs in a figure of eight Throw up and catch the ball like knuckle bones on the back of your hand Pass the ball with a partner using two hands your left hand your right hand With a skipping rope can you…? Make a circle Make a square Make a triangle Make a rectangle Make a parallelogram Make a pentagon Make an octagon Make a semicircle Can you balance by yourself/

University of British Columbia CPSC 314 Computer Graphics Jan-Apr 2007 Tamara Munzner Lighting/Shading II Week.

Reading for Wed/Today/Next Time FCG Chap 9 Surface Shading RB Chap Lighting 14 Review: Computing Barycentric Coordinates 2D triangle area half of parallelogram area from cross product A =  P1 +  P2 +  P3  P1 /A  P2 /A  P3 /A (  ) = (1,0,0) (0,1,0) (0,0,1) weighted combination of three points [demo] 15 Review: Light Sources directional/parallel lights point at infinity: (x,y,z,0) T point/

M… in S.T.E.M. WELCOME S.T.E.M  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  What is STEM? STEM is a real world focus.  STEM.

as, "How high can you make a tower of cups?" Measure each tower and record their height. Skills used: engineering and math Build Ramps  Use a board, sheet of cardboard, or small table with one side elevated to build a ramp.  Try rolling a variety of objects, two at a time down the ramp to see which is fastest. Record your findings on a chart. Skills used: engineering and math. Cooking Activity  Look up/

Parents Forum Tuesday 26.1.16.  Mrs McCulloch  To inform you of the changes in the new Maths curriculum  Let you know what your child is being taught.

 Y6: Use formula for area & volume of shapes  Y6: Calculate area of triangles & parallelograms  Y6: Introductory algebra & equation-solving  Textbooks – anyone remember Alpha & Beta?  Worksheets  Games  Specific number of days on a subject  Lots of different methods for children to try  Learn from the East – Singapore, China etc  Mastery – being able to apply a concept to many different situations is considered mastery  Using textbooks – improving independence and reading  Use one method/

Patti and Paul are going to the movies

in one or more categories. Opposite sides equal in length and parallel Only one pair of parallel sides At least two angles LESS than 90 degrees (right angles) Trapezoid Triangle Square Rhombus Hexagon Parallelogram Rectangle There are 6 candy bars for 8 children to/. How many inches will each piece of rope be? Nicole bought 6 rolls of film for her camera Nicole bought 6 rolls of film for her camera. She was going on a hiking trip and planned to take a bunch of pictures. Each roll of film cost $4.82. How much/

Stepping up for Success on the Math SOL:

. Determine the congruence of segments, angles, and polygons given their attributes. Subdivide a figure into triangles, rectangles, squares, trapezoids and semicircles. Estimate the area of subdivisions and combine to determine the area of the composite figure. Describe the characteristics of triangles, squares, and rectangles, including number of sides and number of angles. Compare and contrast attributes of the following quadrilaterals: parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, and trapezoid. Compare the/

1 A 5-foot-tall person casts an 8-foot shadow. If a vertical pole that supports a basketball hoop is 12 feet high, how long is its shadow? A. 7.5 feet.

of point D? A. (6, 2) B. (-6,-2) C. (2, 6) D. (-2, 6) 5. Akio and Tamera are playing a game with two number cubes, each labeled 1–6. On each turn, the person rolls both number cubes. The sum of the two numbers on top of/ about three groups over a 28-year period—the number of licensed drivers, the number of registered vehicles, and the resident population of a certain area. 23. Describe one way that any two of the groups changed in relation to one another during a particular period of time.  Name the/

Fun Differentiated Tasks and New Standards NJEA 2011 Convention, 1-4 p.m. room 411 FOCUS - MIDDLE SCHOOL Presented by Judith T. Brendel Supervisor of Mathematics.

-4 Algebra (handout page-10/47) Roll a die (pick from cards 1-6 or use a spinner) -Draw a picture on a coordinate plane …. -- Bring in a portion of a map and …. ---In 1990, … write an equation to model... ----Write a poem, song or rap …. -----Make up 5 sets of order pairs. Find the …. ------ Tape 2 … sticks … use this as a ramp …. Algebra CONCEPTUAL CATEGORY: Equations and Inequalities DOMAIN: Creating Equations Standard: Create/

5 th Grade Math Assessment by Unit. Unit 1 How many numbers between 20 and 50 have no remainder when divided by 6? a.3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6.

90. What is the lowest score he could have made on any of the five tests? Unit 9 Three vertices of a parallelogram are at the points (0, 0), (2, 4), and (6, 0). What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex? What units would most likely be used to measure the area of a classroom floor? a.Square inches b. Square feet c.Cubic feet d. Cubic yards Carol measured/

1 The minute hand on a clock pointed directly at the 12. It then moved 2700 degrees clockwise. At which number is the minutes hand pointed after this rotation?

151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 Find the perimeter. 160 161 Find the area of the parallelogram. 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 Bonnie, Jason, Melda, Kenji, Tanya and Darren form a chess club. They each want to play one game with every other member of the club. How many games will be played? A16 B36 C6 D15 Tammy is selling/

Croft Church of England Primary School ‘Achievement for everyone’

very close links to the Church and surrounding community. Around 40% of pupils attend from outside our immediate area which means there are a wide diversity of socio-economic home backgrounds. Around 40% of pupils attend from outside our immediate area which means there are a wide diversity of socio-economic home backgrounds. Number on roll: 110 + 13 place Nursery (smaller than national average) Number on roll: 110 + 13 place Nursery (smaller than/

Nets  Taking a deeper look. Click on the hyperlink below.

, and a rectangle (like your notebook paper). Roll the rectangle and place the two circles one on each end and you have just formed a cylinder. Pyramid  A pyramid is a three-dimensional shape with one polygonal base and lateral sides that are all triangles that/a rectangle that is “wrapped around” the circular faces at the ends.  A cone is a three-dimensional shape with a circular base and a vertex opposite the base Surface Area  The surface area of a space figure is the total area of all the faces of/

Primary National Curriculum 2014 Summary of changes and our approach J Helsby and J Patterson 1 st October 2014.

formula for area & volume of shapes  Y6: Calculate area of triangles & parallelograms  Y6: Introductory algebra & equation-solving Science KS1  Some physics topics moved to KS2 only: Light & Dark; Sound; Forces; Electricity  Care for animals/others/environment removed  No requirement to make predictions or fair tests  Reduce requirement to know life processes  Changing materials with heat moves to KS2  Drugs as medicines removed  Y1: Naming of plants and animals/

NEXT 15 20 25 510 Multiplication and Division Geometry Probability Percents Negative Numbers 5 5 5 5 10 15 20 25 20 Team One Team Two Team.

the perimeter of a square measuring 3 inches on each side? Back to Board Geometry What is the area of a parallelogram with a base of 8 meters and a height of 15 meters? Back to Board Geometry What is the circumference of a circle with a radius of 7 feet? Back to Board Geometry What is the area of a triangle with a base of 13 inches and a height of 19 inches? Back to Board Probability What is the probability of landing on “yellow” on a spinner/

Year 5 and 6 Monday 17th November 2014 Maths Meeting.

, converting measurements of … volume… from a smaller unit of measure to a larger unit, and vice versa, using decimal notation to up to three decimal places New content recognise when it is possible to use formulae for area and volume of shapes New content calculate the area of parallelograms and trianglesNew content find unknown angles in any triangles, quadrilaterals, and regular polygons New content illustrate and name parts of circles, including radius, diameter and circumference and know that/

Ohio Graduation Test 2009 – Math Data Analysis and Probability : Benchmark A 31, 38; Benchmark B 1; Benchmark D 16; Benchmark E 22; Benchmark F 35; Benchmark.

graph. Based on this graph, which set of numbers is the closest to the total area of the five Great Lakes? A. between 70,000 and 80,000 square miles B. between 80,000 and 90,000 square miles C. between 90,000 and 100,000 square miles D. between 100,000 and 110,000 square miles index 39. Points R and T are the midpoints of the sides of triangle QSU, as/

M5M1,M5M2,M5G1,M5G2,M5A1 Geometry is just plane fun.

without learning something. Confucius Do you remember this? Spiral Review Area of a Parallelogram Hands on Practice: Parallelogram Cut Ups AIMS book- Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids: page 9 Practice finding AREA of parallelograms Answers… More Practice… Answers. Problem Solving… Spiral Review… Area of Triangles… Hands on Practice: Triangle Cut Ups AIMS book-Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids: page 25 Where there is matter, there is geometry." -- Johannes/

Curriculum Plan 2012 INDEX.

measures make simple conversions between units, using decimals use side or edge lengths to find the perimeters and areas of rectangles, parallelograms, and triangles and the volumes of cuboids sort two- and three-dimensional shapes into classes, considering the relationships between the classes and justifying the decisions made identify and describe the features of shapes or patterns that change or do not change under transformation create or identify nets for rectangular prisms/

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