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American Chemical Society WELCOME TO THE ACS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: LOCAL SECTION TRACK Lee Latimer California Local Section Chair, ACS Committee on Local.

strong, shared infrastructure SECTION CHAIR IS A MANAGER Good training for running a research group managing a lab leading a department operating a company being governor or president Surrounding yourself with good people creating an executive/Subcommittee on Technology, Tools and Operations (TTO) –Carol Libby, Chair, Subcommittee on Grants and Awards (G&A) American Chemical Society 129 130 Special ACS Funds for Local Section Events Innovative Projects Grants (IPGs), up to $3000, apply by Jan. 31 or June/

Computers and Society Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2006 Cranor/Tongia/Farber 1 Ethics Week 2 - January.

, intext, filetype, daterange, numrange Boolean operators: OR, - Fuzzy searching: ~,.., * Exact phrases: “” 10-term limit Special searches Definitions (define), calculator, area codes, flight searches, and more Research and Communication Skills Computers and Society Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2006 Cranor/Tongia//page that had been posted but had not yet been linked in Dozens of students who had applied to several top business schools followed this advice Some were able to find out whether they had /

INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS RESEARCH. TOPICS  Introduction to Operational Research  History of Operational ResearchOperational Research in India 

Women were engaged to work for British Army. After World War II, Military Operational Research in U.K. became Operational Analysis (OA) within the U.K. Ministry of Defence with expanded techniques and graving awareness. OPERATIONAL RESEARCH IN INDIA The Operational Research Society of India was founded in 1957 to provide a forum for the Operational Research Scientists as well as an avenue to widen their horizon by exchange of/

Information Literacy Why and What?. Discussion on LV What do our Students Learn now? What our students should learn in this modern society? What should.

3 main social development trends The Emerging Knowledge Society Capability for Information Processing Digital culture Know “ how/research questions; Standards and Indicators- Cognitive C2 An information literate person is able to apply information to problem-solving and decision making. Indicators C2.1 Apply An information literate person is able to: 1. apply information to inform decisions; 2. apply/ information Level II: use keywords with logical operators to search library catalogues Level III: access on/

Creating knowledge and developing ethical leaders for a global society 1 Faculty and Staff Honors/Recognition.

) KimJournal of Financial Economics2015 Creating knowledge and developing ethical leaders for a global society 12 Scholarly Research Publications Department NameJournalYear INFOXen Koufteros Journal of Operations Management 2014 INFO Subodha KumarProduction and Operations Management2015 INFO Rogelio OlivaOrganization Science2014 MGMTDeidra SchleicherJournal of Applied Psychology2015 FINCDavid SkeieReview of Financial Studies2014 MKTG Alina SorescuJournal of Marketing Research2014 INFOChelliah Sriskandarajah/

Ethical Aspects of ICT Implants in the Human Body Rafael Capurro Distinguished Researcher in Information Ethics, School of Information Studies, University.

of an ICT network, the operation of the whole network – not just the ICT implant – needs to be considered.“ Rafael Capurro, ECLSC 1051 Opinion „Freedom of Research: „Freedom of Research: The freedom of research in this field should be / same general principles should apply to the use of ICT implants for military purposes.“ Rafael Capurro, ECLSC 1061 Opinion „General Considerations „General Considerations Development of the Information Society Development of the Information Society The EGE considers that the/

Society: the basics CHAPTER Eleventh Edition Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh Edition John.

REVIEW –Labeling theory ignores the fact that some kinds of behavior are condemned just about everywhere –Research on the consequences of deviant labeling does not clearly show whether deviant labeling produces further deviance or /All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh Edition John J. Macionis Deviance and Capitalism Deviant labels are applied to the people who interfere with the operation of capitalism Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh/

Introduction to Healthcare for Industrial Engineers This presentation incorporates the work of many active IIE and SHS members and to whom the society.

1972 Nurse scheduling (branch and bound) algorithms (Warner, Wolfe) 1970-72 Perishable inventory theory applied to blood banks (Pierskalla) 1972-73Simulation planning models (Rising) 1974Regional planning OR models (/SOCIETY FOR HEALTH SYSTEMS Some References Flagle CD, Young JP. Applications of operations research and industrial engineering to problems of hospitals. Journal of Industrial Engineering, 1966; 17:609-614. Fries BE. Bibliography of operations research in health-care systems. Operations Research/

RAPID Programme Civil Society Partnerships Programme Civil Society Organizations and Policy Entrepreneurship Naved Chowdhury Overseas Development Institute,

Topical relevance – What to do? –Operational usefulness – How to do it? : Credibility: –Research approach –Of researcher > of evidence itself Strenuous advocacy efforts are often needed Communication RAPID Programme Civil Society Partnerships Programme Links: Feedback and Networks / –Conclusion Key issues: Problem oriented, targeted, multidisciplinary, applied, clear, jargon-free. [Source: Young and Quinn, 2002] RAPID Programme Civil Society Partnerships Programme Targeting: Lobbying Be an authority on the/

APPLIED ETHICS What does it mean?. The process of taking the theories we have studied and applying them to set ethical topics and scenarios to determine.

is no right to a child.” Roman Catholic Church (1990) ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH VIEW The Church teaches that medical research must refrain from operations on live embryos, unless there is moral certainty of not causing harm to the life or integrity of the unborn /penalty for murder) do not seem to benefit society. There is no evidence to suggest that such retribution improves anybody’s lives or that it reduces crime. C.L. Ten notes that retribution only applies to those who have deliberately broken the law, /

The Founding of Applied Behavior Analysis: The Early Applied Research Literature Edward K. Morris University of Kansas Nathaniel G. Smith University of.

Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1, 91-97. THE APPLIED LITERATURE The Applied Dimension “The label applied is not determined by the research procedures used but by the interest in which society shows in the problems / and Social Psychology, 59, 269. Isaacs, W., Thomas, J., & Goldiamond, I. (1960). Application of operant conditioning to reinstate verbal behavior in psychotics. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 25, 8-12. JABA ARTICLES Brigham/


MASTER SELECT: VIEW > SLIDE MASTER TO APPLY PAGE STYLES RIGHT CLICK YOUR PAGE >LAYOUT Institute for Land and Water Society This seminar Scenario Previous research The study Main communication modes Use of /research manager three times at regional conferences and during an overseas postgraduate education opportunity to establish a professional relationship before sending an email to the manager. Mutual trust: ‘Lester’: “That’s one of the big issues, trust. Maybe operating inside one country, like me operating/

Society: the basics CHAPTER Eleventh Edition Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh Edition John.

the world around us Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh Edition John J. Macionis Applying the Sociological Perspective Sociology is at work guiding many of the laws and policies that / if a subject reacts to the researcher’s sex, interfering with the research operation Copyright ©2011 by Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Society: the basics, Eleventh Edition John J. Macionis Research Ethics Awareness that research can harm as well as help/


water (open + ground water) - biomass production - human health - biodiversity - culture 5. Development of strategies and operational procedures for the mitigation of the threats = Responses (R) Soil Ground Water Biodiversity Open Water Air Biomass Production (e/ be answered by the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies (ECSSS) Secretariat: Institute of Soil Research, Department of Forest and Soil Sciences University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna Peter Jordan-Str. 82/

FH Health Research Intelligence Unit

apply for an operating grant Eligibility Requirements Principal Investigator and/or Co-Investigators Role - academic, clinical or decision making position Degree and profession Experience Previous awards Publications Evidence of completed research Years of research experience Tips For national funding agencies, partner with an experienced researcher/so far as the potential risks and benefits to the patients and/or society?(8 points) Example – Reviewer Checklist PERSONNEL AND FACILITIES Are the professional /

University research, R&D and business co-operation 4.6.2014 0 President Ritva Laakso-Manninen HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences Helsinki, Finland.

a driver for the development of business and society as a whole (EDUPROF 2009: Research in UAS in Europe) 4.6.2014 3 Major challenges Defining basic research and applied research in practical situations is not an easy task Applied research is sometimes seen as having of less value Applied research requires increased speed in order to keep up with the operating rhythm of companies Companies (especially SMEs) are interested/

Third Jordan National TEMPUS Day, 4th March 2008 Dr. Saqer Abdel-Rahim, Director, Information Technology Centre Royal Scientific Society

Society (RSS). It was the first to introduce computerization in Jordan. In 1992 the centre expanded its operations to cover industrial studies and conduct long term specialized training courses in the field of Information Technology at the regional level in cooperation with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). ITC is committed to maintaining well-performed applied research/, Java, PHP..etc) - Research and Development Conducting applied research locally and internationally through partnership with/

Information Society Technologies In the 6th Framework Programme Context and rationale R. F. De Bruine Director, DG INFSO, IST programme.

European level Research Policy Moving to a European level Research Policy Strengthen co-operation between National and EU activities Strengthen co-operation between /.g: furniture, clothes, vehicles, smart materials, …) Towards an “all inclusive knowledge society” “Ambient Intelligence” tomorrow “Our surrounding” is the interface Use all senses, intuitive/internal flexibility and autonomyintegral part of internal flexibility and autonomy applied by Commission at last resortapplied by Commission at last resort/

Review of Basic Concepts

and verifying data that can be received from the senses is known as empirical evidence. This view holds that society operates according to laws like the physical world. Introspective and intuitional attempts to gain knowledge are rejected. Though the positivist/ a process, mechanism or relationship or presents basic background information or a context. Used very often in applied research. E.g.: General Household survey – describes demographic characteristics, economic factors and social trends. Can be/


the highest possible standard of physical and mental health. Australia is a society made up of people with different cultures and ways of life, /etc.) Research Mobile phones and cameras (research Mobile phone laws if any?) CCTV (research, Surveillance law if any?) At Law - - The duty to maintain confidentiality applies to all/based on the lessons learned; In implementing open disclosure, each organisation will operate:- within its own policies, procedures and processes within existing or upgraded integrated/

Public Outreach and Professional Discipline: Chronicling the Anthropological Society of Western Australia Greg Acciaioli (Anthropology & Sociology, The.

 Presentations and discussions in various Royal Societies, esp. branches of Royal Geographical Society  Anthropological Society of Australasia (1895-1914) Journal: / Royal Anthropological Association of Australasia  Objects: ‘‘to promote through co-operative effort “the science of Anthropology” and “to take public and official/applied orientations: counterorganisations  Formation and death of GRASS (Group Research and Action for the Social Sciences)  Attempts to form Australian Association for Applied/

Computers and Society Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2005 Lorrie Cranor and Dave Farber 1 Ethics Week 3 - January.

, will lead to the greatest increase in total happiness Act utilitarianism applies Principle of Utility to individual actions Rule utilitarianism applies Principle of Utility to moral rules Source: Slides for Chapter 2/, daterange, numrange  Boolean operators: OR, -  Fuzzy searching: ~,.., *  Exact phrases: “” 10-term limit Special searches Definitions (define), calculator, area codes, flight searches, and more Research and Communication Skills Computers and Society Carnegie Mellon University Spring 2005 /

Funding Opportunities and Proposal-Writing Strategies for Social and Behavioral Science Research at the National Science Foundation Thomas J. Baerwald.

and Innovation Policy Science of Organizations Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Science, Technology, and Society Law and Social Sciences Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Archaeology Biological Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Geography/and Management Sciences Supports research that explores fundamental issues in judgment and decision making, risk analysis, management science, and organizational behavior Research must be relevant to an operational or applied context, grounded in theory/

The Benjamin Fox Orthopaedic Research Fellowship Division of Orthopaedic Surgery The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia John M. Flynn, MD Associate Chief.

to present accepted research at national meetings How to Apply Eligible students can apply by visiting the CHOP Orthopaedic Research website located at http/ is Chair of the Research Grants Committee for the Scoliosis Research Society and is Vice President of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America Dr./Beck NA, Ganley TJ. “Pediatric ACL Injuries: Challenges and Solutions from Prevention to Operative Reconstruction.” University of Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Journal 2011. Beck NA, Flynn JM. “Slipped/

Association of Ukraine to the Horizon 2020 Programme Thierry Devars DG Research & Innovation European Commission

societies; 18. Security 19. Euratom 20. Joint Research Centre** 21. Spreading excellence and widening participation 22. Science with and for Society The role of National NCP Coordinator  The NCP coordinator will collaborate with the national authority in the operational/, working groups) Institutional coordination Task-Force (MES, NASU, MoE, …) Interact with/ join EU networks and platforms Apply !!! In addition to all support schemes of the rpogrammes (eg PSF, twinning, teamings, NCP trainings, etc…): NEW/

Applied Investing The alternative guide! Mission Statement Build Better Business Leaders. Produce knowledgeable but deeply skeptical investors.

Applied Investing The alternative guide! Mission Statement Build Better Business Leaders. Produce knowledgeable but deeply skeptical investors. Introduction PJ King Fund Manager – Hermes Pension Fund Research/an active agent at the technological or geographical frontiers of society. It is not passive. It does not become a/in proportion. EVA using accounting terms EVA = Sales – Operating Costs = Operating proft -Tax on operating Profit =Net operating profit after tax (NOPAT) -Capital charge (invested capital x/

1 Historical and contemporary foundations of research ethics and research regulation Clement A. Adebamowo.

a scientist describes the moral judgments, beliefs or actions of individuals or societies in empirical terms and the reasons given for actions and beliefs 3 Bioethics/institution in Nigeria that is capable of carrying out the research shall apply for review of research HREC may adopt the result of review by another HREC/ are in development Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), prototype MTA, consent forms etc are available on NHREC websiteStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs), prototype MTA, consent forms /

Computers in a Changing Society By John Preston, Robert Ferrett, and Sally Preston © 2005 Prentice-Hall, Inc.1.

Society Chapter 7 I.The Past Company and University Research Labs © 2005 Prentice-Hall, Inc.8 Computers in a Changing Society Chapter 7 Research Contributing Corporations—Bell Laboratories TransistorsCommunication Satellites LasersDigital Signal Processors Optical Fiber CommunicationsUNIX Operating Systems Cell Phones Research/destroyed; (b) Space race pushed miniaturization  Types of government and corporate research: (a) Applied—making products out of discoveries; (b) Basic—seeking new knowledge  /

AGL Autonomous Group Learning BASED UPON MANY CONTACTS AND THE TEXTBOOK: MEDICAL HYPNOSIS PRIMER - Clinical and Research Evidence which was developed by:

CHRONIC PAIN E. PAIN MANAGEMENT - ENHANCE OUTCOME Do not apply self-hypnosis training only for chronic pain. Seek multiple /Research has shown that hypnosis can be effectively used with surgical patients to achieve all of the following EXCEPT: a. Increase bleeding time b. Decrease post-operative pain perception c. Decrease post-operative nausea and vomiting d Facilitate post-operative/, advice and response to questions. International and national societies of hypnosis are available (see Primer) with current /

Horizon 2020 Secure Societies Khoen Liem Security Research and Industry DG Enterprise and Industry Tel Aviv, 24 Feb. 2014 2013.

private companies - industrial corporations - institutional stakeholders Structure of the Secure Societies Work Programme Disaster Resilient Societies – ENTR (+ R&I) Crisis management and civil protection, critical/measures …risk-based security and a reduced operational impact on passengers and industry COPRA Aviation Security Research Roadmap: http://www.copra-project.eu// B Supplier C Supplier D Supplier B Phase 0 Curiosity Driven Research Applied R&D / Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP) Phase 4 Deployment/

The Multiversity – a supra-organisational and global scientific network co-constituting the knowledge society Intro for a visioning + discussion + preparation.

some ideas from „Wikinomics“ Principles applied in a „University of the /research as well as Clubs of … Rome, Budapest, Vienna, (New) Paris, … Permanent Research Consortia such as ERCIM = the European Research Consortium in Informatics and Mathematics International Research Centers such as the European Research Centers International Research Societies with own and managed research or research cooperation infrastructures, e.g. in Complexity Research/for supporting continuous operation of infrastructure Setting/

1 Office of Proposal Development Texas A&M University Writing Effective Research Grant Proposals Office of Proposal Development Presentation to WTAMU Lucy.

Education, Defense, Health Scope of work tightly defines research tasks/deliverables Predominately applied research for meeting near term objectives, technology development & transfer/young investigator” programs American Philosophical Society – Franklin Research Grants American Philosophical Society – Franklin Research Grants Listing of Programs http://www/ Warfare Operations Strike Technology; Expeditionary Warfare Operations 95 Office of Proposal Development Texas A&M University Army Research Lab /

ABOUT NSF GRFP o The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) is the largest and most prestigious graduate fellowship program for the sciences in.

and information for coordination officials http://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/grfp/ Application submission & award announcements CONTACTS GRF Operations Center help@nsfgrfp.org (866) 673-4737 William J. Hahn whahn@nsf.gov (703) 292-8545 /research o Clear understanding of impact and relevance of past and planned research o Clear visions of how a Ph.D. fits into their career plans o Relevant research hypotheses & cogent cohesive research plans o Demonstrated leadership in giving back to society Why should you apply/

INSTITUTE FOR SOCIETY, CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT Building Community Capacity: A Collaboration Engagement Framework Jay A. Mancini, Ph.D. Annual Meeting of.

it takes to sustain  Sustainability plan is periodically revisited INSTITUTE FOR SOCIETY, CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT Partnership Operations  Collaborator roles are defined and collaborators understand respective roles  Roles/Applied Family Studies, 53, 339-347.  Mancini, J.A., Bowen, G.L., & Martin, J.A. (2004). Families in community contexts. In V. Bengtson, A. Acock, K. Allen, P. Dillworth-Anderson, & D. Klein (Eds.), Sourcebook of family theory and research. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. INSTITUTE FOR SOCIETY/

0 Penn State, 10-17-06 Networking and Security Research Center Professor Thomas F. La Porta, Director Department of Computer Science.

Advisory Panel – Board of Governors, IEEE Communications Society – Director of Magazines, IEEE Communications Society – General Co-Chair, IEEE/ICST Mobiquitous 2006,/Extending mandatory access control from applications, to operating systems, to distributed environments Collaborative Research: Flexible, Decentralized Information-flow Control for/authorization) to existing server applications Hardware-based Integrity Measurement –Apply TCG hardware to develop and convey practical proofs of system/

Celebrating the Good Works of Ball State University Researchers and Creative Scholars BENEFACTA DAY NOVEMBER 18, 2015.

Dance Research Magazine Fall 2015 Research Week 2015 Post-Award Processes Thursday, November 19 10:00 - 11:00am Schwartz Complex, Bracken Library, 1st Floor Matthew Moore, Associate Director of Post-award Operations, SPA COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCES / Environmental Center + CERES Partnership Cope Environmental Center Robert Koester Pilkington Sun Angle Calculator (SAC) Sales Society of Building Science Educators CENTER FOR PEACE & CONFLICT STUDIES Lawrence Gerstein IYLEP 2015 Meridian International Center /

This is ASHRAE. ASHRAE Overview Standards Research Publications Education/Certification Student Members/Associate Members/Young Engineers in ASHRAE ASHRAE.

of human-occupied buildings and those involved in the design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and service of centralized building water systems and components Green Building – Standard 189/Research ASHRAE Research Since 1919, research been at the core of ASHRAE’s existence Largest program of fundamental and applied research supported by a technical society – Currently 60+ active research projects, 40+ projects approved for further development – 55 percent of research/

International Research Methods © Mahir NAKİP Professor of Marketing (113 slyts) 1.

research addresses employee motivation. How can managers best encourage workers to dedicate themselves toward the organization’s goals? 30 Applied research The impact of ISIS on the economical structure of Syrian society 31 Basic research/ technologies. 52 Global Research Research has become increasingly global as more and more; researchers operate with few, if any, geographic boundaries. Some companies have extensive international research operations. Upjohn conducts research in 160 different countries/

UNIT 3 – BELIEFS IN SOCIETY. TOPIC 1: THEORIES OF RELIGION What is religion? Substantive definition – Exclusive; they draw a clear line between religious.

means. They do so by devising and applying theories or explanations, but they then have to persuade others to accept their interpretation. For example, in the case of the discovery of ‘pulsars’ by researchers at the Cambridge astronomy laboratory in 1967,/ to resist ruling class ideas and beliefs. It ignores that capitalist society can never completely control the working class as they can develop their own version of how society operates as a result of their experiences. Karl Mannheim: ideology and utopia/

PSYCHOLOGY UNIT 2. Abnormality Deviations from social norms -> Behaviour considered antisocial, undesirable majority society members. Society has social.

as id, ego and superego are difficult to define and research. Actions motivated by them operate at an unconscious level, there is no way to know /the behaviour of someone else who shows a phobia. -> Learning environments : society provides deviant maladaptive models that children identify and imitate e.g. TV. Method/think different and learn adaptive behaviours. -> Application phase. Client given opportunity to apply coping skills in different situations through, imagery, modelling and role-play. Strengths /

University of Bologna (UOB) DEIS (Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Automatics) Faculty of Engineering Operations Research Unit.

: Transportation Science, Journal of Heuristics, Networks, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of the Operational Research Society, Discrete Optimization, Algorithmic Operations Research, International Transactions in Operational Research  Co-Editor of the “Software Section” of the journal Discrete Applied Mathematics  President of IFORS (International Federation of the OR Societies) in the period 2001-2003 DEIS- Operations Research Unit Staff members involved in the Project: Daniele Vigo/

SOME EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING HIGHLIGHTS As pursued through IoBM Student Societies Parvez Jamil 021-35091905 111-002-004 ext 334

finance, economics, public relations and corporate communication etc., They are practically applying it as success stories in social media entrepreneurship. Among IoBM social media / Outreach Services, AkUH, Mr. Haroon Qassim MD, Pharmevo, Dr. Farhan Essa, Director Operations, Essa Lab and Diagnostics, Dr. Shakti Gupta, Medical Superintendent, AIIMS, New Delhi, / guests and focused on how universities can contribute to research on CPEC. IoBM Inter Society Sports Festival, 2015, amid IoBM 20 years celebrations/

Technology for a better society Amela Karahasanovic e.mail: and

, green and integrated transport; Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials; Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies Secure societies - protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens Technology for a better society 13 SINTEFs Mode of Operation From Basic Research to Market Introduction Dissemination Basic Research Applied Research DevelopmentCommercialisation TechnologyMarket Focus on: R&D Results, Patents and IP Products and Services System Solutions Business/

Introduction Ian Devine European Advisor – UK Research Office University of Manchester, 11 September 2014.

actionSocietiesSecurity Widening Participation; Science with and for Society European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Joint Research Centre (JRC) EURATOM  Challenge-based, /operation Pillar 2 – Industrial Leadership Excellent Science European Research Council (ERC) Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Research / Some risk financing for a basic or applied research project by a public organisation (university, research institute) is also planned, under the /

What Is Sociology?  The systematic study of human society. ◦ Systematic  Scientific discipline that focuses attention on patterns of behavior. ◦ Human.

the course of their career. May combine multiple paradigms. Applying the Paradigms: Sports Functions of Sports S-F approach looks at the ways in which sports help society operate. What are the functions of sports? Manifest – providing /(Post-Test) Sometimes use Experimental and Control Groups Experimental: Receives IV Control: Receives Nothing or Placebo Survey Research Survey – a research method in which subjects respond to a series of statements or questions in a questionnaire or an interview Descriptive/

IST & International Relations Simon Bensasson European Commission Directorate General Information Society & Media Head of Unit International Relations.

in the Knowledge Society New/Emerging S&T and Policy Support New/Emerging S&T and Policy Support SME Activities International Co-operation International Co-operation The components of FP6/ Naturalinteractionswith knowledge Naturalinteractionswith knowledge Applied IST for major societal & economic challenges Applied IST for major societal /more than 3000 Universities, i.e. virtually all the researchers in Europe in all disciplines -9 international circuits operating at 10Gbps while 11 other run at 2,5Gbps -/

Civil Society Organisations and Policy Entrepreneurship Naved Chowdhury Overseas Development Institute, London.

research institutes professional associations human rights advocacy bodies and other promotional groups foundations and other philanthropic bodies trade unions and workers co-operatives media/journalist societies community based organizations faith based organizations cross-national policy dialogue groups Civil Society/ –Problem description –Policy options –Conclusion Key issues: Problem oriented, targeted, multidisciplinary, applied, clear, jargon-free. [Source: Young and Quinn, 2002] Issues: Lobbying Be/

Professor Clement K. Dzidonu Senior Research Fellow

cutting-edge R&D encompassing basic and applied industrial and product development. An economy / Government Administration and Service Delivery - Promoting E-Government Promoting Research & Development (R&D) Promoting Universal Access and Service Legal/-spread deployment and exploitation of ICTs within the society to support the delivery of health, education, /Impact on Government Performance Outcomes Indicators Productivity Levels Operational Efficiency Levels Service Delivery Improvement Levels Reduction in/

The Sociological Perspective

money on weddings? War in Iraq and Afghanistan Question: Why should another government have a say in how another country operates? Gay Marriage Question: What’s the purpose of marriage? Homework: Vocabulary pages 1-8 Social Location The corners in/woman given the Nobel Peace Prize Question of Sociologists Should the research be used to reform society or used for another purpose What do you think? Basic versus applied Sociology Analyze society and publish results The use of sociology to solve problems Careers/


of Political Science. He wrote about social science research methodology and political philosophy. After publication of (1) Reason in Society (1962), Diesing continued to publish: (2)/. (4) Legal rationality uses the logical principles of public and applying-law-to-an-individual-case to resolve legal conflicts and protect rights/ observable and describable and explainable -- without making evaluative judgments on their operation. This distinguishes empiricism in social sciences from policy judgments. What is/

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