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1 e. Piezzoelectric methods Based on the change in the frequency of vibration of a piezoelectric crystal when the target complementary sequence hybridizes.

in the indicator’s electroactivity. Use of CNTs or graphene Graphene based DNA electrochemical sensors were reviewed recently (Gao et al. 2014). Example: original approach by De Souza et al. 2014, described reduced GO modified by carboxylic acid- functionalized cobalt/ with a semiconducting SWNT contacted by source (S) and drain (D), above a SiO 2 insulating layer. Middle. SEM image of a random array of CNT. Right. Typical CNTFET transfer characteristics (A: threshold voltage; B: transconductance; C: maximum/


Chapter 3 BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES PowerPoint Image Slideshow FIGURE 3.1 Foods/ that form because of hydrogen bonding between carbonyl and amino groups in the peptide backbone. Certain amino acids have a propensity to form an α-helix, while others have a propensity to form a β-pleated /double helix. The phosphate backbone (indicated by the curvy lines) is on the outside, and the bases are on the inside. Each base from one strand interacts via hydrogen bonding with a base from the opposing strand. (credit/

© 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Introductory Chemistry Fourth Edition Nivaldo J. Tro Chapter 14 Acids and Bases Dr. Sylvia Esjornson Southwestern Oklahoma.

+ ), the indicator (phenolphthalein) changes to pink, signaling the equivalence point of the titration. Phenolphthalein is an indicator that is colorless in acidic solution and pink in basic solution. © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. AcidBase Titration Calculation The / write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between the acid and the base. The solution map has two parts. SOLUTION MAP: © 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Repeat Insert equation image from middle of page 498 second box on right of /

Biochemical Building Blocks

images of one another, or enantiomers They cannot be superimposed over one another and rotate plane, polarized light in opposite directions (optical isomers) Figure 5.8 Two Enantiomers Section 5.1: Amino Acids Figure 5.9 D- and L-Glyceraldehyde Molecules are designated as D or L (glyceraldehyde is the reference compound for optical isomers) D or L is used to indicate/ proteins have been identified Proteins are categorized into families based on sequence and three-dimensional shape Superfamilies are more /

Section B Amino acid and protein

pH value at which the conjugate acid-base pair is at equimolar concentration equals to the pKa value of the weak acid. The plateau of the curve gives the pKa. 3 The titration curves of weak acids indicate that a conjugate acid-base pair can act as a buffer/detail by X-ray analysis (John Kendrew, 1950s) Tertiary structure of sperm whale myoglobin. a) backbone; b) “mesh” image; c) surface contour image; d) ribbon; e) space-filling model. 2.1 The existence of -helices were for the first time directly observed /

Office of Research and Development National Exposure Research Laboratory, Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences Division Photo image area measures 2”

high, stroked with a 1.5 pt white frame and positioned edge-to-edge with accompanying images. May 19, 2011 T.E. Kleindienst, 1 J.H. Offenberg, 1 M. Lewandowski/samples to determine the ratio of tracer compounds to SOC produced. Apply the laboratory-based factor to ambient tracer concentration to estimate the contribution of the relevant precursor to /- m/z : M – 105 ion indicates an alcoholic OH group present on parent m/z : M – 117 ion indicates an acidic OH group present Most SOA molecular tracers do /

Investigation of acid mine drainage remediation by co-treatment with municipal wastewater using the activated sludge process Theresa Hughes Water Technology.

AMD contained 30 mg L -1 Fe, 20 mg L -1 Al AMD remediation? – Metal removal: highest based on scenario of pre- mixing with MWW – Alkalinity key to metal removal Concluding statement Co-treating AMD with municipal / Strevett, K.A., 2010. Highly effective reduction of fecal indicator bacteria counts in an ecologically engineered municipal wastewater and acid mine drainage passive co-treatment system. Ecological Engineering, 36(12): 1620-1626. Image credits [A] http://www.waterworld.com/index/display/article- /

Liver function Organ = metabolism Gland = secretions Metabolic regulation Carbohydrate metabolism Lipid metabolism Amino acid metabolism De-toxification.

build up of unmetabolised wastes in body http://www.sciencephoto.com/images/download_lo_res.html?id=771500153 Jaundice Icterus (icteric) Accumulation of bilirubin =/between two a-keto acids. Alanine aminotransferase = liver cytosol (ALT) Aspartate aminotransferase = liver and other tissues (AST) Reasonably sensitive indicators of liver disease, ALT/Dart RC, Erdman AR, Olson KR, et al. Acetaminophen poisoning: an evidence-based consensus guideline for out-of-hospital management. Clin Toxicol (Phila) 2006; 44:/

Chapter 4 The images on this CD have been lifted directly, without change or modification, from textbooks and image libraries owned by the publisher, especially.

our purposes. Further, dates for geological intervals may vary between images, and between images and the textbook. Such dates are regularly revised as better / of life  Based on fossils, chemical evidence, and extrapolation from molecular clocks, the first appearance and relationships of the major domains of life are indicated against a 4./over the next week and analyzed. Among the organic molecules formed were amino acids, basic building blocks of protein. Subsequent follow-up trials, by many other/

Gel Electrophoresis. Technique used for separation of –Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) –Ribonucleic acid (RNA) –Protein molecules Using an electric current.

be analyzed quantitatively by visualizing gel with UV light and a gel imaging device Nucleic acids Direction of migration –From negative to positive electrodes –Due to / polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) Proteins SDS-PAGE - The indicated proteins are present in different concentrations in the two samples DNA Electrophoresis/ ethidium bromide DNA electrophoresis Fragment size is usually reported in "nucleotides", "base pairs" or "kb" –Fragment size determination is typically done by comparison/

Init <<5/12/2008 by Daniel R. Barnes WARNING: This presentation includes a combination of original graphical images created by the author and images taken.

presentation includes a combination of original graphical images created by the author and images taken without specific permission from the world /indicate? A: The chemical is a weak acid. Q: What is the difference between a strong acid and a weak acid? A: Strong acids completely dissociate in water. Weak acids do not. (Same thing for strong vs weak bases.) Q: How many strong acids are there? Name them. A: Six: HCl, HBr, HI, H 2 SO 4, HNO 3, HClO 4. SWBAT...... Predict and explain the outcome of acid-base/

THEME: Structure and chemical properties of carboxylic acids. Heterofunctional compounds. LECTURE 2 LecturerYevheniya. B. Dmukhalska Lecturer : Yevheniya.

acid hexandioic acid HOOC-(CH 2 ) 5 -COOH pimelic acid heptadioic acid HOOC-(CH 2 ) 6 -COOH cork acid octandioic acid maleic acid cus-butendioic acid fumaric acid trans-butendioic acid phthalic acid 1,2-benzoldicarbonic acid iso iso phthalic acid 1,3-benzoldicarbonic acid Physical properties of carboxylic acids. The melting points and boiling points of carboxylic acids are higher than those of hydrocarbons and oxygen-containing organic compounds of comparable size and shape and indicate/ mirror images of /

2- Acidity and Basicity Acidic and/or basic properties of OMAs are important in both: 1- Pharmaceutical phase (dosage formulation, etc.) and 2- Pharmacological.

of the Relative Acid/Base Strength The ionization constant (ka) indicates the relative strength of the acid or base. An acid with a ka of 1x10-3 is stronger acid (more ionized) than one with a ka of 1x10-5 A base with a ka of/ activity, transport and metabolism. For example, levo-phenol has narcotic, analgesic, and antitussive properties, whereas its mirror image, dextro-phenol, has only antitussive activity. I-Optical and geometric isomerism and pharmacological activity Geometric isomerism (cis-trans /

Tennessee SPI Objective: Identify the basic properties of acids and bases. Check for Understanding Determine whether a substance is an acid or a base by.

Notes SPI 0807.9.12 Acids and Bases AcidsAcids Change Colors in Indicators Acids Notes SPI 0807.9.12 Acids and Bases Examples of indicators: litmus paper, phenolphthalein, cabbage juice, and/or bromthymol blue  see following images When acid is added, the color changes to yellow. This flask contains water and an indicator called bromthymol blue. Notes SPI 0807.9.12 Acids and Bases Acids  Litmus paper- is a common acid/base indicator  blue litmus paper turns/

Biology Chemistry Unit Test Review Images in this power point were obtained from Google Images.

this power point were obtained from Google Images What is Matter? Anything that has _______ and _________. What is Matter? Anything that has mass and volume. What is the smallest unit of matter? Hint: not a Chihuahua/ number). It is the concentration of ___?___ in a solution. What does a pH scale indicate (do not say the pH number). It is the concentration of Hydrogen ions (H+) in a solution. Strong AcidWeak Acid pH= 1,2,3pH=4,5,6 Weak BaseStrong Base pH= 8,9,10pH=11, 12, 13, 14 Neutral pH = 7 What is a /

Water Unit The Hydrosphere and Water Quality. Biological Indicators Cohesion Adhesion Solvent Capillary Action Specific Heat Density Buoyant or Buoyancy.

acid, base or neutral. pH is very important because it affects the function of all the enzymes, hormones and other proteins. A way of describing the acidic or basic strength of a solution. The pH value of a solution is a number on a scale from 0 to 14. A pH value of 0–1 indicates a strong acid/ but not all molecules are compounds. The image to the left shows a simple diagram of water molecules. Copy the image in your science notebook. Be sure that you indicate the positive (+) and negative (-) of each/

September 10, 2003 Pairwise sequence alignment. Many of the images in this powerpoint presentation are from Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics by.

8). Copyright © 2003 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.John Wiley & Sons, Inc These images and materials may not be used without permission from the publisher. We welcome instructors to use /a log odds matrix? A score of +2 indicates that the amino acid replacement occurs 1.6 times as frequently as expected by chance. A score of 0 is /Page 61 Rat versus mouse RBP Rat versus bacterial lipocalin Page 61 PAM matrices are based on global alignments of closely related proteins. The PAM1 is the matrix calculated from /

PK a PRO™ System Overview. Disruptive Technologies Product Range and Manufacturers Represented Biolgical Sample Preparation – Nucleic acides, protein.

Preparative – OPLC chromatography solutions for semi preparative applications (OPLC systems, pumps, sample applicator, video imaging and densitometry instruments, reagent sprayer (OPLC-NIT) – Flash chromatography (Gyan) – Automated SPE /pK a by Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)‏ Time +N Bases Time +N N Acids Time N- N N- Acid/Base Time +N N N- Low pH Intermediate pH / 2.96 pK a Analysis of a Peptide: Asp-Phe Charge-based measurement provides indication of isoelectric point as well as pK a values pK a Analysis /

Urinalysis Laboratory Procedures Ch. 5. Urinalysis This test is often part of an initial data base for case work up of a clinically ill patient. It is.

Urine pH will be affected by many things including the diet, handling of the sample, and acid-base balance of the animal. An alkaline pH is most indicative of an infectious process. Normal pH is between 6 and 8 for most animals depending on /severity of the disease. The five main types of casts are : Hyaline, Cellular, Granular, Waxy and Fatty Cast Compilation The image below represents different casts seen in urine at the same magnification and lighting. Shown are hyaline, fatty, granular and waxy casts./

歐亞書局 PRINCIPLES OF BIOCHEMISTRY Chapter 3 Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins.

occupy two unique spatial arrangements, and thus amino acids have two possible stereoisomers. Since they are nonsuperposable mirror images of each other (Fig. 3-3), the / A zwitterions can act as either an acid (proton donor) or a base (proton acceptor). 歐亞書局 Amino Acids have Characteristic Titration Curves  Acid-base titration involves the gradual addition or removal /boxes, centered at about pK 1 = 2.34 and pK 2 = 9.60, indicate the regions of greatest buffering power. Note that 1 equivalent of OH – = 0./

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this document. Image Bank Strengths of Acids and Bases To return to the chapter summary click Escape or close this document. Image Bank Table – Strengths of Some Acids and Bases To return to the chapter summary click Escape or close this document. Image Bank Juice To/. Standardized Test Practice Answer The answer is D. A pH of 7 is right in the middle of the scale, indicating neutral status. To return to the chapter summary click Escape or close this document. Standardized Test Practice Question 2 Which is/

Acids & Bases I. Properties of Acids & Bases-_____ taste ____ and produce a _______ sensation to the touch Hydrangea – the color varies depending on the.

The color of pH paper in test well 1 was _______, indicating an approximate pH of _______. F. In test well 2 universal indicator was ________ in color. X. pH (pondus hydrogenii) Acids & Bases XI. pOH (potential Hydroxide)-the _______, or ________, of a /x 10 -6 K sp = 4.9 x 10 -5 neutralizing bases Neutralization Acids & Bases XVII. Acid Rain Forest damaged by acid rain http://www.supergreenme.com/data/images/11/acid_rain.jpg - How is the H +, acid rain and an ecosystem like the HIV, AIDS and the human body/

Formula- shows the composition of a compound. [TYPES OF COMPOUND FORMULAE] 1. Structural formula --indicates the kinds of atoms in a molecule, their proportions,

images/glucose.gif 2. molecular formula --indicates the actual nos. and kinds of atoms in a molecule --does NOT indicate structural setup C 6 H 12 O 6 Molecular formula Structural formula http://wwwchem.csustan.edu/chem3070/images/charged atom or molecule Dissociation results in the formation of ACIDS AND BASES Percent Hydrogen 13 ACIDS, BASES,& pH 14 Testing for Acidity/Alkalinity 15 Several methods: Litmus paper pH paper Probe Acids 16 Acids: substances which ionize (split up) into positively charged /

Acids, Bases and pH Image. Standards & Objectives  PWC Objective: Bio.2a  Critical Attributes: –Water can break into two charged ions (H+ and OH-) –The.

. 2 Water molecules can react to form ions H 2 O H + + OH - H + hydrogen ion OH - hydroxide ion pH Scale -indicates the concentration (or #) of H+ (hydrogen ions) in a solution -Each step on the pH scale represents a factor of 10. -Ex. pH/pH of items of items? Image Litmus Paper Litmus PaperLitmus PaperLitmus PaperLitmus Paper Image Red stays red when an acid is present Red turns blue when a base is present Blue turns red when an acid is present Blue stays blue when a base is present pHydrion paper Starts /

PubMed 2013 October. Lactic Acid Bacteria Biotechnol Lett.Biotechnol Lett. 2013 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print] Genetic engineering techniques for lactic.

accurate and miniaturized-binding assays. Toward this end, a high-throughput biosensor platform was developed based on surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) of glycan microarrays. The SPRi was validated, and its utility was tested, by/ Viable plate counts of presumptive lactic acid bacteria, ratio between lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, rate of acidification, permutation analysis based on biochemical and microbial features, number of OTUs and diversity indices, all together demonstrated maturity of the /

1 A Tanzanian Graphite Developer INVESTOR PRESENTATION OCTOBER 2016 Scanning Electron Microscope Images showing first test batch.

tested to date indicate that it can be applied to the premium battery market. Potential cost, performance and environmental advantages if acid purification step can/ – representative surface bulk samples and diamond core along strike Ulanzi Cascades Image showing Ulanzi and Cascades localities. Red triangles are completed drill holes at/high grade JORC resource in Tanzania. Cascades is adding to this resource base and expected to deliver higher grades Superior metallurgy. Testing to date demonstrates/

Psychopharmacology of Mood Disorders

with agonists leads to deficient hormone output and neuronal firing rates Imaging studies show decreased hippocampal volume in depression Summary: How do /including cognitive impairment, peripheral neuropathy and cerebellar dysfunction Hospitalize for levels >2.0 or based on clinical symptoms Lithium: Initial Work-up Lytes, BUN, Cr (renally excreted) / GABA & glutamate MedTech to change to Valproic acid Valproic Acid: treatment effects Indicated for bipolar mania and for maintenance phase First line /

Unit : Introduction to Organic Chemistry

molecules have a mirror image – but for many /do not react with most acids, bases, oxidizing and reducing agents/acidIndicate the identity and location of substituents on the parent chain at the front of the carboxylic acid’s name Benzoic acid Common names for carboxylic acids Naming Carboxylic Acids Formula IUPAC Common alkan -oic acid prefix – ic acid HCOOH methanoic acid formic acid CH3COOH ethanoic acid acetic acid CH3CH2COOH propanoic acid propionic acid CH3CH2CH2COOH butanoic acid butyric acid/

Pairwise sequence alignment.

sequence alignment Copyright notice Many of the images in this PowerPoint presentation are from Bioinformatics/numbers mean in a log odds matrix? A score of +2 indicates that the amino acid replacement occurs 1.6 times as frequently as expected by chance. A score of 0 is neutral. A / versus bacterial lipocalin Page 61 Point-accepted mutations PAM matrices: Point-accepted mutations PAM matrices are based on global alignments of closely related proteins. The PAM1 is the matrix calculated from comparisons of /

Biology 100 Chapter 8 DNA and RNA. Structure of DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) serves as the memory/blueprint for proteins in the cell. The building.

Francis Crick took some of Rosalind’s x-ray diffraction images of DNA and correctly determined that it was a double / makes the strand semiconservative. DNA Replication Once every 10,000 bases, DNA polymerase adds the wrong nucleotide. Before proceeding to the/indicates only one amino acid. There is more than one codon for most amino acids. Except for tryptophan or methionine, each amino acids has 2-6 possible codons. The 3rd position, the wobble position is less critical in dictating specific amino acids/

Motilin Motilin is a 22 aa peptide secreted by endocrinocytes in the mucosa of the proximal SI. Based on aa sequence, motilin is unrelated to other hormones.

of the proximal SI. Based on aa sequence, /sections it is difficult to discern their characteristic shape. In the image of equine pancreas below, one fairly-good cross section through an/food) and increased blood concentrations of other fuel molecules, including amino acids and fatty acids, also WEAKLY promote insulin secretion. Our understanding of the mechanisms /diabetes. A1C, also known as glycated hemoglobin or glycosylated hemoglobin, indicates a patients blood sugar control over the last 2-3 months/

Structure-based Evidence for Function (TIGRfam, Pfam and PDB)

about the weather where Bob lives, but she knows general trends. Based on what Bob tells her he did each day, Alice tries to/ (#HMM): all capital letters indicate conserved residues in the HMM consensus sequence. Middle row (#MATCH): identical or functionally conserved (similar) amino acids Bottom row (#SEQ): query / coordinates crystallization conditions 3-D structure neighbors derived geometric data structure factors 3-D images Click on the link provided in your notebook. Select “Advanced Search” Select “/

8/27/20151 Pairwise sequence Alignment. 8/27/20152 Many of the images in this power point presentation are from Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics.

Pairwise sequence Alignment 8/27/20152 Many of the images in this power point presentation are from Bioinformatics and /in a log odds matrix? A score of +2 indicates that the amino acid replacement occurs 1.6 times as frequently as expected by chance. A score of 0 is neutral. A/ are based on an implicit model of evolution. The PAM matrices are based on mutations observed throughout a global alignment, this includes both highly conserved and highly mutable regions. The BLOSUM matrices are based only on/

1 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. 2 Types of Organic Compounds organic compounds.Vast majority of over 20 million known compounds are based on C: organic compounds.

acids are non- superimposable mirror images. 12 Stereoisomers in Nature Right- and left- handed seashells The DNA here is right-handed 13 Compounds of C and HCompounds of C and H Subgroups:Subgroups: –Alkanes: C-C single bonds –Alkenes: C=C double bonds –Alkynes: carbon-carbon triple bonds –Aromatic: based/3 H 5 OH: how many structural isomers? Naming: Add -ol to name of 3-C hydrocarbon. Indicate position of OH with number. 39 Alcohol Properties Alcohols are a derivative of waterAlcohols are a derivative of /

Chem II: 1/5/14 Objectives: Review Classroom Rules and Expectations Assess First Semester Exams Review Acid/Base Properties and Definitions Homework: First.

can we calculate the [H 3 O + ] and [OH - ] concentration in solutions containing weak acids and bases? http://www.sensorland.com/HowPage037.html Weak Acids and Bases How can we calculate the [H 3 O + ] and [OH - ] concentration in solutions containing weak acids and bases? http://www.sensorland.com/HowPage037.html Acid-Base Indicators http://acid-base-titration.blogspot.com/ Chem II Block: 2.02.15 Objectives: I can identify the/

Nucleic acid Aptamers as Potential Therapeutic and Diagnostic agents for Lymphoma Presented by Naila Sajjad PhD Biochemistry 10-arid-1766 1.

BL cells binding target for TD05 Aptamers 18 Aptamer nanoparticle strip biosensors Flow based detection of BL Development of simple, sensitive dipstick test Litmus test type /Conti…. Phase I clinical trials (involving 30 patients) were completed in 2006 and indicated that AS1411 was safe and well-tolerated Phase II trials for AML are showing/from natural D-RNA library by using mirror image target D-amino acid Synthesized as L-RNA to bind natural target (L amino acid) 32 Conti…. NOXA12 Antagonize CXCL12/SDF-1 /

1. 2 Acid and Bases 3 4 5 Some Household Acids and Bases.

solution from the end of the stirring rod onto a piece of the paper –Read and record the color change. Note what the color indicates. –You should only use a small portion of the paper. You can use one piece of paper for several tests. 23 pH and / pink flowers. Between pH 5.5 and pH 6.5, the flowers will be purple (see image at right) or a mixture of blue and pink flowers will be found on the same plant. 24 Conjugate acid-base pairs Neutralization reaction example: HCl + HOH ↔ H 3 O + + Cl¯ Notice that each/

Chapter 21 *Lecture Outline with Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Images Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for reproduction.

or display. *See separate Image PowerPoint slides for all figures /Acid-Base Balance Acids are electrolytes that ionize in water and release hydrogen ions Bases are substances that combine with hydrogen ions Acid-base balance entails regulation of the hydrogen ion concentrations of body fluids This is important because slight changes in hydrogen ion concentrations can alter the rates of enzyme-controlled metabolic reactions, shift the distribution of other ions, or modify hormone actions pH number indicates/

The Case of the Snack Shack Based on the 4 th grade BCPS “CSI: As a Matter of Fact” unit Written by L. Shaw ©March 2010.

webquest by David Warken at http://projects.edtech.sandi.net/kroc/scimethodhttp://projects.edtech.sandi.net/kroc/scimethod – Fingerprint images taken from http://www.cyberbee.com/whodunnit/classify.html http://www.cyberbee.com/whodunnit/classify.html Accusation Form I, / lemonade is acid base *Make sure your cursor turns into a pointing hand before you click. acid Look back at your notes from the videos. What does the blue litmus paper mean? Base Right-o! Blue litmus paper indicates a base. Perhaps the/

Chapter Menu Lesson 1:SolutionsSolutions Lesson 2:Acidic, Basic, and Neutral SolutionsAcidic, Basic, and Neutral Solutions Click on a hyperlink to view.

Solutions End of Lesson 1 acid hydronium ion base pH indicator pH meter 9.2 Acidic, Basic, and Neutral Solutions Acids The pH scale measures the acidity of a solution. The part that is H + in the water Acids are any substance that releases /2 Chapter Assessment California Standards Practice Concepts in Motion Image Bank Science Online Chapter Resources Menu Click on a hyperlink to view the corresponding feature. Blue litmus paper turns ____ in acid solutions. Ared Borange Cgreen Dblue Chapter Assessment 1 /

BLB – Chapter 2 Atoms, Molecules, and Ions Note: Many images are from “Chemistry, The Central Science”, 9 th Ed., by Brown, LeMay, and Bursten.

Molecules, and Ions Note: Many images are from “Chemistry, The Central Science/following elements, write its chemical symbol determine the name of the group to which it belongs, and indicate whether it is a metal, metalloid, or nonmetal ElementSymbolGroupnonmetal metalloid or Metal a) Potassium b) /of acids –formulas start with a hydrogen atom. a. Acids based on anions whose names end with –ide: “hydro-” as prefix and “-ic” as ending. HCl is hydrochloric acid H 2 S is hydrosulfuric acid. b. Acids based on /

De-risking the development programs of CETP inhibitors after the torcetrapib failure: Structural & functional imaging Prof. Robin Choudhury John Radcliffe.

JMS et al; J Am Coll Cardiol, 2009;54:1787-94 Effect of nicotinic acid on lipoproteins Placebo Nicotinic acid Change in carotid wall area (mm 2 ) * * p=0.03 (mixed/sites US & Canada multicenter study Non-invasive simultaneous multimodality imaging (MRI and PET/CT) to assess structural and inflammatory indices of atherosclerosis 130 CHD or CHD risk (diabetes or/ wall (total vessel area, wall area, wall thickness, normalised wall index) based on the average of the right and left carotids after 24 months* 6-/

Plan, Ppt 13: Substances in Aqueous Solution (PS5, 19-22 and PS6, 1-7 material) 1.Reminder: Ionic vs. Molecular (non-acid) vs. Acid 2.Molarity of solutes.

ionic compounds. Because of the OH - ion (not the cation!), these ionic compounds are also called “bases”. KNOW YOUR IONS!! (PS3) 2 Ppt13 Reminder—Molecular Compounds In this class, a compound that is/. – Solute can be a molecular compound (non-acid or acid), or an ionic compound If solvent is water, solution is called “aqueous” [indicated by (aq) after solute] – E.g., / [one of the six strong acids] 25 Ppt13 Analogous to image on p. 148 in Tro. Acetic Acid (HC 2 H 3 O 2 ) (weak acid [not one of the six])/

Chapter 6: Proteins & Amino Acids.

acids so not essential to eat them Essential vs. non-essential amino acids b. Twenty amino acids are commonly found in proteins. The table shown here lists them based on whether they are essential or nonessential and indicates those that are conditionally essential. Essential vs. non-essential amino acids/muscle growth; 1.2 to 1.7 g kilogram/day is recommended. Laurence Griffiths/Staff/Getty Images Sport Protein supplements How much protein does this person need? Calculate 100 pound adult weight in kilograms/

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

due to tubular disorders, *Abnormalities detected by histology, *Structural abnormalities detected by imaging, Or *history of kidney transplantation. ** An abnormality in kidney function is usually indicated by a ↓ (GFR). The prognosis of CKD can vary and depends on:/ growth hormone 6)Altered thyroid function 7)Inflammation Pathophysiology: Kidneys play a role in the body’s acid-base homeostasis. Normal kidneys: *HCO3 that is freely filtered through the glomerulus is then completely reabsorbed by renal/

The Human Body Through Images

or specific gravity. Most body tissues are carbon-, hydrogen-, oxygen- and nitrogen based. The atomic masses of these elements are 12, 1, 16 and 14 respectively/is insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid. This is important, because this property makes it nonabsorbable even in the strong acidic environment of the stomach. It /bloodstream. It is ‘concentrated’ in the urine by the kidneys. This imaging method also indicates that the kidney is functional! avb Radio-opaque vs Radioactive Positive contrast media/

Acids, pH, and Buffers: Some Basic Chemistry for Biological Science

Shed a proton. Shed an electron. Gain a proton. Gain an electron. None of the above. pH A strong acid A strong base SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:PH_scale.png#file pH 10-2 10-3 10-5 10-4 10-8 10-7 10-6 [H+] M / Actually Determine the pH of a Solution? Use a pH meter—read the number. Use pH paper (color patterns indicate pH). Titrate the solution with precise amounts of base or acid in conjunction with a soluble dye, like phenolphthalein, whose color changes when a specific pH is reached. 8 In /

Geiger Counter Dr. Kornberg’s key contributions to nucleic acid research: Demonstration of the antiparallel orientation of complementary strands 10/16/2006.

materials. Detection by autoradiography Chemical properties of photographic film The film base is usually plastic such as tri-acetate or polyester which is coated/9: 5 Detection by autoradiography Development of the latent image Dr. Kornberg’s key contributions to nucleic acid research: Discovery of poly(P) We (Dr./ a factor has positive (+ve) or negative (-ve) effects on any enzyme is indicated. Briefly, phosphorylase b is phosphorylated, and rendered highly active, by phosphorylase kinase. Phosphorylase/

1 SUPPOSITORIES. 2 i/Image:Suppositories_three_differ ent_sizes_2.jpg Dose character: For rectal administration, one.

commons.wikimedia.org/wik i/Image:Suppositories_three_differ ent_sizes_2.jpg Dose character/antioxidants and emulsifiers 17 2- Melting Range : Suppository bases dont have a sharp melting point, their melting characteristics are expressed as ranges, indicating the temperature at which the fats start to melt and/reacts with l00 g of fat or other unsaturated material. The possibility of decomposition by moisture, acids, oxygen (which leads to rancidity of fats) increases with higher iodine value. 8- Water Number/

1 Chapter 3 Disorder of Water, Electrolyte and Acid-base Professor A. S. Alhomida Disclaimer The texts, tables, figures and images contained in this course.

1 Chapter 3 Disorder of Water, Electrolyte and Acid-base Professor A. S. Alhomida Disclaimer The texts, tables, figures and images contained in this course presentation (BCH 376)/ therapy 53 Acid-base Changes in Acidosis and Alkalosis Acid-base DisturbancepHHCO 3 - PCO 2 Respiratory acidosis   Respiratory alkalosis   Metabolic acidosis    Metabolic alkalosis    Thicker arrows indicate primary disorder 54 Memorize Acid-base Changes in Acidosis and Alkalosis, Cont’d Acid-base DisturbancepHHCO 3 /

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