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Agenda Review 15 different ways to earn recurring monthly revenue (RMR)… not just alarms.. using “Success Stories” from actual CE pros Focus on Service.

= $5 to $7/month (with a monthly Open/Close Report) Backup Transmission/Line-Cut Protection = $16/month (long-range radio or cellular) Annual Inspection/Equipment / and computer monitors: $300 Rear projection TVs (DLP, LCD & LCOS): $300 Projectors (DLP, LCD & LCOS): $350 Rear projection (CRT), and Projectors (CRT): Call for / Monitoring/maintenance contracts are required to maintain content quality (cost varies on # of displays, locations, etc.) AVP sells “content packages” in 10, 20, 30-hour increments/

ME 521 Computer Aided Design 4.1. CAD Output Devices

. Here, the beam traces straight lines between arbitrary points, repeatedly refreshing the display as quickly as possible. Vector displays for computers did not noticeably suffer from the display artifacts of Aliasing and pixelation, but were limited in that they could display only a shapes outline (advanced vector/viewing angle (like a tunnel) Maximum resolution:1280x1024 Tracking is possible Display types: CRT, LCD, OLED, LCOS, FLCOS Dr. Ahmet Zafer Şenalp ME 521 Mechanical Engineering Department, GTU

ITT Course - Unit I --> Chapter 1 - Computer Concepts

display capabilities. Penetron - military aircraft displays Plasma display Video projectors use CRT, LCD, DLP, LCoS, and other technology to emit light to a projection screen. Surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) and field emission display (FED) Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display/ is essential. The three most common forms of impact printers are dot-matrix, daisy-wheel, and line printers. Dot Matrix Printers The technology behind dot-matrix printing is quite simple. The paper is pressed/

CP5000 ColorPro Laptop PC Version CP5000 ‘ColorPro’ Color Analyzer.

temperature of 6000 K, for example, can mean any color along the 6000 K correlated color temperature line. All color measurement devices display correlated, rather than absolute, color temperature. Light Measurement Overview Tri-Stimulus Human Vision The human eye / angle. The ColorPro III sensor is designed to measure all displays except LCD flat panels - this includes CRT and plasma direct-view displays and CRT, LCD, DLP, and LCoS front and rear projectors. ColorPro Overview CP5000 ColorPro The ColorPro /

21/22 September 2002IMACS update1 IMACS: Inamori-Magellan Areal Camera and Spectrograph Magellan SAC Status Report 21/22 September 2002 Boston, MA.

- Instr. control interface (select a grating, etc.) - 60% done - Graphical Instr. Status Display - 40% done 21/22 September 2002IMACS update26 Software: Science Array Control (Birk) Shutter control: -/- Convergent Gemini 150 W. CO2 laser cutting system - Installed and operational at LCO ASB Facility upgrades: - 200A electrical service Done - Air compressor systemDone - Ventilation,/22 September 2002IMACS update35 IMACS confirms life on Earth: O 2 lines (B-band) in red Solar spectrum 21/22 September 2002IMACS /

CAP4730: Computational Structures in Computer Graphics Overview of Graphics Systems Chapter 1.

is different than your program’s update rate. Why is higher, better? Vector Displays Unlike CRTs, vector displays have a single gun that is controlled to draw lines. Think of having a VERY FAST drawing pen. Pros: Diagrams/only draw what /(MEMS) Digital micromirror device (DMD, DLP) Grating light valve (GLV) –Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) Advantages/Disadvantages of Projection Display Very large screens can provide large FoV and can be seen by several people simultaneously. Image quality can be /

디스플레이 재료공학 영 남 대 학 교영 남 대 학 교 응용화학공학부 박 진 호 History of IC (Integrated Circuits) Development Vacuum tube : 1906 Si transistor : 1948 by Shockley, Brattain.

resists is a thick resin called novolac DQ : photoactive compound for i-line and g-line → For deep UV(200 - 300 nm) : PMMA(polymethyl methacrylate)/ (Field Emission Display ) VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) PDP (Plasma Display Panel ) ELD (Electro luminescent Display ) Passive Active TFT (Thin Film Transistor) TFD (Thin Film Diode ) TN (Twisted Nematic) Organic EL Inorganic EL CRT ( Cathode Ray Tube ) LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon ) STN (Super Twist-Nematic) LED (Light Emitting Diode ) Display 의 종류 브라운관의/


by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which NBC teamed with RCA to beam across the city in the first large- scale display of television. MAY 1941 – NATIONAL TELEVISION SYSTEMS COMMITTEE (NTSC) STANDARD FOR B&W TV WAS ADOPTED BY FCC. /Elements EXAMPLES: LCD, PLASMA, DMD/DLP, LCoS Total Number = X (horizontal) x Y (vertical) TWO TYPES of PICTURE SCANNING INTERLACED ODD Lines are Scanned, then EVEN lines Example: 1, 3, 5, 7 --- 239, then 2, 4, 6, --- 240 PROGRESSIVE Lines are Scanned SEQUENTIALLY Example: 1, 2, 3/

TV Technology Update Whats going on in the jungle of new screens, formats, high definition, 3D, Internet TV.

fast SED – seems dead 1080p for 50 inch+ screens RPTV (DLP, LDC, LCoS). Good value, large n dark HT projectors – prices dropping needs large room OLED /) LG & Samsung (improving) Loewe (possibly/arguably) B & O Dell – but newish and unproven for displays Philips and Thomson – very variable Debatable Brands – low end of market) Tevion / Medion (Aldi, ToysRus)/ Enter your TVs picture-settings menu and adjust the contrast until the lines disappear and normal service is resumed. If necessary, use a THX Optimizer/

3D and Immersive Interfaces. 3D Interfaces – Shneiderman An “extreme” interpretation of dm in which interfaces approach richness of real 3D world is wrong.

CRT (Sterling Software), Remote Camera (Fake Space) HMDs now DISPLAY Image Source Type: Single Full-color AMOLED (800x3 pixels) x 600 lines Brightness: 25 foot lamberts Contrast: >50:1 OPTICAL Field of View: 32° Horizontal x24°/asp?Product=1151 $799.00In Stock The new i-glasses PC models utilize LCOS micro-displays from Brillian Corporation with 800 x 600 resolution. These displays have been designed to achieve a much greater range of contrast and brightness /

Jörg Müller, Michael Nischt Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, TU Berlin Input and Output Mobile and Physical Interaction, WS.

completion example –User is entering “hours” –State after two strokes (“ho”) Experimental interface –First line shows text to enter –Second line shows text already entered –Pad below Entering strokes Word completion list Unipad: Acceleration by Word Completion MacKenzie/Michael Nischt, T-Labs Projection Back- or Frontprojection Robust and cheap for large displays Difficult with ambient lighting LCD, DLP, LED (uses DLP), LCoS (like LCD), Mobile and Physical Interaction47WS 2010/2011Jörg Müller, Michael /

STEREOPHONIC SOUND,FLAT PANEL TV RECEIVERS AND 3D TV BY, Fisal Shaikh(140753111007) Submitted to, Prof. Jigar Shah.

innovation is reflective technology have brought in MEMS which employ DMD,GLV and LCOS. FLAT PANEL DISPLAY TV RECEIVERS. Picture tube replace by a flat panel display. It make the receiver much compact. flatpannel led to the development of LCD and Active /drive and deflection. It is infact an array of 3000 very small electron tubes with an effective resolution of 270 scanning lines. The display panel measures 370*355*99 mm. it is made up of lattice electrodes approximately 0.1 mm thick layered between /

LICN Lecture September 5, 2012 Dmitriy Yavid, Broad Shoulder Consulting LLC.

Important for pico-projectors  The ability to accurately reproduce colors  Critical for any display, but particularly hard to achieve in projectors relying of filters  To begin with,/ ◦ 7 um underway ◦ Still, XGA chip would be >0.5” diagonal  5um LCoS chips are available ◦ Further reduction well possible  Size = Cost. DLP is more expensive /very small!  Must be very fast indeed ◦ 60 frames/second x 768 lines = ~46 kHz ◦ 2 lines per cycle – that’s 23 kHz mechanical frequency ◦ Practically, needs to be/

CS 445: Introduction to Computer Graphics David Luebke University of Virginia The Rendering Pipeline. for more info –Hard to compete with LCDs, a moving target Display Technologies: Other l Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) –“Next big thing” for projectors –Don’t know much about this one l E-/Clip Project Rasterize Model & Camera Parameters Rendering Pipeline FramebufferDisplay Modeling: The Basics l Common interactive 3-D primitives: points, lines, polygons (i.e., triangles) l Organized into objects –Collection of primitives, other objects –Associated matrix for transformations l/

Page: 1Lattice Semiconductor ConfidentialTitle & Date Lattice Semiconductor The Mobile Consumer FPGA Leader.

ConfidentialTitle & Date FPGA Value Proposition $0 NRE Fast Time to Market Flexibility Classic Router Line Card Smartphone Page: 5Lattice Semiconductor ConfidentialTitle & Date Perception vs. Reality FPGA PerceptionNew Reality /Display Controller  Several application processors do not have the capability to drive color sequential displays  Lattice FPGA implements Flexible interface to AP (Parallel / LVDS/DSI) Breaks down RGB display data and drive R,G,B display data in sequence Lattice FPGA CS-LCOS Display/

University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering Barry Boehm and Jo Ann Lane University of Southern California Center for.

, system scoping –Commitment to proceed Valuation Phase –Feature analysis and prioritization –Display vendor option prototyping and analysis –Top-level life cycle plan, business case/Systems and Software Engineering May 19, 2009 Strategy LCA LCO 86Copyright © USC-CSSE University of Southern California Center for Systems and/ Component with Embedded Software Biggest risks: Device recall, lawsuits, production line rework, hardware-software integration –DCR carried to Critical Design Review level/

MIS – 3030 Business Technologies Mobile Technologies New Business Horizons.

phone ear piece m Computer head sets m Game consoles & controllers m Computer mouse & key boards m Replaced infrared (line of sight) Specialized Applications ¤ Local Code on device to provide functionality m Initially for productivity Email Calendar Contacts m /(also known as data glasses ) or visor. The display units are miniaturised and may include CRT, LCDs, Liquid crystal on silicon (LCos), or OLED. Some vendors employ multiple micro-displays to increase total resolution and field of view. https://www/

Digital Television & Home Theater Audio for Video  Basic Acoustics  How & Why We Hear  Movie & Home Theater Sound-System Configurations, Including Surround.

of Hearing Scout Out Our Environment (for Predators and Food) Beyond Our Line Of Sight. –What is out there?! –Is It Moving Closer Or / Technology Should I Buy? Alphabet Soup, But You Need to Know: – LCOS (D-ILA & SXRD) Front Projectors and Rear Projection Sets Screen Door Effect/Beware 1080 X 1080, Many SD (Smaller) Brightest Display Technology Brightest Display Technology Least Refined Display Technology - Digital Grain Least Refined Display Technology - Digital Grain Screen Door Effect - Acceptable Pixel/

Wearable computers Jerin George 0915912. History The concept of wearable computing was first brought by Steve Mann with the invention of ‘Wear Comp’ in.

the wearable computer system lies in its display unit. –Mainly two types of display are used.  Common portable LCD display  Head mounted display FEATURES: High resolution colour video image. Image that appears in the persons line of sight. Viewing angle comparable to viewing/either one or two small displays with lenses and semi-transparent mirrors embedded in a helmet, eye- glasses or visor. The display units are miniaturized and may include CRT, LCDs, Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCos), or OLED Key board –/

VOICE NETWORKING. 2/20 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations Contents  Overview  Overall Networking Configuration  LG IP Networking Solution  Feature.

“9” : CO Access Code IP Networking Lock Key(5) for each system is required to use LANU VOIB PSTN LCO LANU VOIB 7/20 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations VoIP Connection 8. Networking Table PGM320 BTN 1 : Net Enable PGM322 (Net/slave station number at QSIG master system  Up to 4 digits are displayed at station column Operation 1. The station number, which makes a transit call, is printed instead of CO line number of networking path. ---- Site Name : MASTER ---------------------------------------- NO STA /

KMU FORSCHUNG AUSTRIA Austrian Institute for SME Research

by partner network) Results validation Results dissemination Core Research Team: Analysis Guide-lines Selection process Study IPR Expert Group Gußhausstraße 8, A-1040 Wien/ Extensive networking Integration into a portfolio of general innovation support schemes Services displaying good practice elements (II) IOI (Innovation by patent information) (NLD/ the role of IPR in R&D collaboration between SMEs and large companies (LCOs) Cooperation with University of Bremen  Transatlantic IPR – A review of policies/

A Sahu Deptt. of Comp. Sc. & Engg. IIT Guwahati Computer Peripheral & Interfaces (Introduction )

atom 45x have DDR2 memory controller + Graphics controller in inside processor chip Dolby Digital Stereo: Moving origin of sound in a line Stereo Ear Phone: Stereo Image: to calculate Depth : why two eye in human face? Dolby Lab: 5.1 (5 normal/nested doll) Cinema:Old-2K(2048×1080),New- 4K(4096×2160 ) TI- Digital Light Processing, Sony: SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display), LCOS ( liquid crystal on silicon) MI Tech 2010 :Nvidia GPUs Nvidia GTX295, 480 Cuda core VGA upto Res: 2048x1536, Dual monitor HD /

University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering Barry Boehm and Jo Ann Lane University of Southern California Center for.

, system scoping –Commitment to proceed Valuation Phase –Feature analysis and prioritization –Display vendor option prototyping and analysis –Top-level life cycle plan, business case /Software Engineering May 2009©USC-CSSE54 Strategy LCA LCO University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software /Hardware Component with Embedded Software Biggest risks: Device recall, lawsuits, production line rework, hardware-software integration –DCR carried to Critical Design Review level/

PSTN Caller ID. 2/12 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations  IP-60 supports FSK Caller ID for CO and SLT  IP-60 supports DTMF Caller ID for CO and.

220-250-713(Brazil) General 3/12 Always Surpassing Customers Expectations SLT Caller ID Display - IP-60 system generates FSK signal or DTMF tone to make CLI display on SLTs - Only Type 1 Supported (OnHook Data Transmission) Program Description Station ID/ Caller ID information from outside CO lines. - Detected CLI is displayed on the stations assigned in PGM144. LCO Caller ID Display Program Description CID MODE SELECT : PGM 147-BTN1 CID NAME DISPLAY : PGM 147-BTN2 CLIP DISPLAY : PGM 114-BTN1 SMS Service /

Introduction References Procedures Objective Is Environmental Pollution Resulting in Biodiversity of Indigenous Species from the North and South Shores.

and intuitive interface that uses the metaphor of a network of subway lines to guide users through the maze of analysis steps necessary to annotate and/the primers COl for insects and ITSI for fungi. PCR products were displayed by agarose gel electrophoresis and only successful PCR products submitted for sequencing./-20°C until ready to run 2% agarose gel Primers: Invertebrate COI gene LCO I 490 / HCO2 I 98 LCO1490_F5’-GGTCAACAAATCATAAAGATATTGG-3’ (forward primer) HC02198_R5’-TAAACTTCAGGGTGACCAAAAAATCA-/

Networking ARIA IP - 60 Anton Hattingh. Content  Overview  Networking Configuration  VoIP Connection  Admin Programming  IP Phone Registration.

: (VOIB : Net CO Group 01) Master SystemSlave System “9” : CO Access Code LANU VOIB PSTN LCO LANU VOIB VOIP Connection 2/2 8. Networking Table PGM320 BTN 1 : Net Enable PGM322 (Net CO) /) in advance. * Note 2 : A station in slave system can access the LCOB lines of master system by dialing “9”. “9” should not be used in numbering plan./VOIM IP address and Gateway Address. When power up the IP Phone, the following message is displayed on LCD. NO RESPONSE FROM MFIM[L] SET[*] - RETRY[#] 1. To retry registration/

LSK SELF SOLUTIONS. Now Track Your Children / Spouse / Employees anytime, anywhere !! All-in-one Phone Monitoring Application: This Application has a.

2) Validity pixel: PAL: 5.78 x 4.19mm; NTSC: 4.69 x 3.45mm 3) Horizontal definition: 380 lines 4) Scan frequency: PAL /CCIR: 50Hz; NTSC/EIA: 60Hz 5) Minimum illumination: 3 LUX 6) Sensitivity: +18DB/, classrooms, training centers, factories, bands, trains, buses etc. Easy to operate. No adjustment needed. JAMMER (13) PORTABLE PROJECTOR Display Technology: LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) Light Source: White LED Luminous Flux: 120 Lumens (the highest Lumens) Projection Resolution: 600x800 Pixels (VGA/

February 26, 2015 EPE / Electrical Power Engineers April 21, 2015.

on investment by: Optimizing the system size and operation using our proprietary LCOS™ (Levelized Cost of Storage) energy consultation model Selecting the best battery/ on-site labor and start up services necessary to bring the complete system on-line, including training, maintenance and warranties. Contract Services. UtiliCell will operate and manage /Interface (WUI) runs on a standard PC with a standard browser. It displays all the status information for the EnergyVAULT™ and allows the operator to control/

SOLID STATE PHYSICS FOR NANOTECHNOLOGY I EEE5425 Introduction to Nanotechnology1.

when stacked, completely fills the space. This primitive unit cell does not always display all the symmetries inherent in the crystal. In a unit cell each atom has/)-, (111)-, and (110)- orientated silicon substrates for HfO (lines) and oxynitride (dots) gate dielectrics. Nominal current flow on (100), (111), and (110) surfaces /Nanotechnology 49 Band Theory of Solids -7 Linear combinations of atomic orbitals (LCAO): The LCO when 2 atoms are brought together leads to 2 distinct “normal modes – a /

9/20/2016 Open Mapping: Integrating Open Source Geospatial Software and Public Domain Data FOSS4G 2007.

where substring(cfcc for 1) = B 26 Open Mapping Load other TIGER line features Power lines (C10) Pipelines (C20) Aerial tramway, monorail, or ski lift (C31)/ PG:host=localhost user=postgres password=pgpass dbname=tiger2006se TABLE_NAME -update -overwrite -lco GEOMETRY_NAME=the_geom 35 Open Mapping county: 90 MB landmarks_point: 9 MB landmarks_poly: 82/With the data in PostgreSQL, you can choose your favourite visualization software to display it. Desktop eg, uDig, qGis Web eg., MapGuide OS, MapServer In /

The GLORIA demonstrator experiment Ariel Majcher National Centre for Nuclear Research Warsaw, Poland XXXII IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2013, May 29.

experiment A. Majcher 10 Pi of the Sky project First unit installed in LCO Chile, moved to San Pedro de Atacama in 2011 ● 2 CCD / – Light curve reconstruction Wilga 2013The GLORIA demonstrator experiment A. Majcher 17 Off-line demonstrator ● Preprocessing of Pi of the Sky data – Image stacking, dark subtraction/to catalogue stars – normalization uncertainty calculated frame by frame – resulting light curve displayed in web interface Wilga 2013The GLORIA demonstrator experiment A. Majcher 18 Results ● Tests/

What to get at the end of FY?. Dell  No Operating system  CD Drives  Processor  Memory  Hard drive space  Monitor Sizes and Speakers  Warranty.

horizontal pan is about 22 Mb. Some vertical panoramic examples Again pushing the straight line pan, but vertically. File size is about 28Mb for vertical pan. Movable 3”/30fps Up to 32GB SD Card Expansion 2x Digital Zoom 2.4” TFT Color Display Still image JPEG (3200x2400) Night Shot Recording Video 512MB: up to 36 minutes /-Ion battery ¼” 20 Standard Tripod socket enables hands-free operation. 5.6 ounces LCoS technology Dell 1409X Projector About $749 list 2500 ANSI Lumens brightness 1024x768 XGA Resolution /

Confidential1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. Office Network Company Edition 1.0 18 JUN., 2007 Chapter 10 VSIPGW KX-TDE100/200 System (Version 1.0)

by manually Confidential9 3. SIP Trunk Setting VSLOT No. Port No. Trunk Group CO Line Name - - 111 21 : 162 212 23 : 3 A SIP trunk has to/CLIP/CNIP feature in ISDN. Caller information is stored in “From Header” or Privacy Header. Display priority is as follows. P-Asserted-Identity > P-Preferred-identity > From Ex. From /SIP Server CO Dial 4771660 Virtual SIP Trunk Card ISDN/IP-GW (En-bloc) 819247716600924771660 810924771660 LCO Card ISDN/ PSTN 4771660 Provider B [] SIP Server Provider C [] ISDN/

Requirements and Winbook Nupul Kukreja, Barry Boehm 5 th Sept, ‘14.

. Source(s):User Input Output(s):Overview display of the archive items. Destination(s):User Display Pre-condition(s):The user has performed a/ User Interface Requirements – Describe required user interfaces if applicable: GUI, command line, textual menu, diagnostics and logs Hardware Interface Requirements – Describe interfaces to / weeks. The first 12 weeks are used to complete system Life Cycle Objectives (LCO/FCR) and Architecture (LCA/DCR), which includes system operational concept (OCD), prototype/

University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering Barry Boehm and Jo Ann Lane University of Southern California Center for.

analysis, system scoping –Commitment to proceed Valuation Phase –Feature analysis and prioritization –Display vendor option prototyping and analysis –Top-level life cycle plan, business case analysis/ 18-24 months Case 10: Family of Systems Example: Medical device product line Size, Complexity: Medium to very high Typical Change Rate/Month: 1-3%/ for Systems and Software Engineering October 2010 Strategy LCA LCO 78 Copyright © USC-CSSE University of Southern California Center for Systems/

University of Southern California Center for Software Engineering C S E USC Barry Boehm, USC CS 510, 577a Lectures Fall 2008 Value-Based Software Engineering.

development using MBASE/RUP anchor points –Life Cycle Objectives; Architecture (LCO; LCA) –Core Capability Drivethrough (CCD) –Initial; Full Operational /scoping –Commitment to proceed Valuation Phase –Feature analysis and prioritization –Display vendor option prototyping and analysis –Top-level life cycle plan, business/Software Engineering (VBSE): A Value-Driven Approach to Product-Line Engineering,” Proceedings, First Intl. Conf. On SW Product Line Engineering, August 2000. R. Kaplan & D. Norton,/

Barry Boehm University of Southern California Richard Turner George Washington University Based on Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed,

change 5/25/04 44 CCPDS-R USAF Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement for early missile warning Government contract environment required plan- driven/com Mitigations 5/25/04 57 Strategy LCA LCO 5/25/04 58 Event Managers Project Small startup company / competencies, practices Actively share experiences Topics include Subcontracting, Requirements Engineering, Product Lines Facilitators, Experience Collectors – Fraunhofer Virtual Institute for Empirical Software Engineering 5/25/

Celestial Mechanics: The night possesses an unparalleled power to excite the human imagination. Finite, yet infinite. Dark, yet full of light. Near, yet.

imagination. Finite, yet infinite. Dark, yet full of light. Near, yet unreachably far. No part of our world displays such immediately accessible patterns of order, and no part of our world remains so deeply mysterious. -Chet Raymo Overview Kepler/ to the highlighted triangle: Practical Application: Sunrise T(0, -Lcos φ, Lsin φ ) s(rsin15°, rcos15°sinφ, rcos15°cos φ ) Sundial θ T(0, 0,L) s(rsin15°, rcos15°, 0) Sundial Parametric equations of the line through T and s: Coordinates of intersection Sundial θ tan /

Thanks ● I would like to thank all of those who helped me through my time as a Master’s Student. Their help in classes and in projects was greatly appreciated.

is constant at The Gear and Rod Assembly Mechanics What we have from the previous slide is the coordinates defined as x=(R+R)cos(  )-Rcos(  -  +lcos(  ) y=(R+R)sin(  )-Rsin(  -  +lsin(  ) If we consider R  = R  And take the gear ratio to be /system. Winding Number “R” The Winding Number is a method of tracking a trajectory around phase space. The black line in the above picture displays a winding number of 2/5, since it is rational the trajectory is nonchaotic The winding number is defined as/

Human-System Integration in the System Development Process Frank E. Ritter with help from Barry Boehm 21 jan 08.

system integrator Risks - situations or events that cause projects to fail to meet goals LCO - life cycle objectives LCA - Life cycle architecture ICO - initial operating capability PDR/, system scoping –Commitment to proceed Valuation Phase –Feature analysis and prioritization –Display vendor option prototyping and analysis –Top-level life cycle plan, business case/ Line Med – Very High 1 – 3Med – Very High Some in place Related experience, med – high Full ICM; Full stakeholder participation in product line /

Executive VP, Technology R & D, SMIC

µm Imager 55nm BSI 90nm FSI/BSI 0.11µm BSI 0.13µm FSI 0.15µm FSI 0.18µm FSI LCOS 0.13µm 0.18µm 0.25µm 0.35µm MEMS 0.13µm 0.18µm PMIC 0.13µm/ You 谢谢 Diversified Technologies for Various Applications PMIC, PMU, Discrete Power Power Management Flash Controller, USB, Bridge IC, TCON, Audio, Video Wire-line Communication Mobile Phone CIS, DSC/DV/DPF, NB/PCCAM Image & Display Touchpad controller, MCU MCU Financial Card, Bank Card, ID Card Transportation Card, ePassport, etc… Smart Card Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, AM/FM/

Barry Boehm University of Southern California Richard Turner OUSD(AT&L)/DS/SE (George Washington University) Balancing Agility and Discipline: Evaluating.

Spiral, risk- and increment-driven process – Measurement – Test first (test-driven) approach Bottom Line – Both were able to confidently push-back when necessary 4/19/04 26 Outline Tutorial learning /foreseeable change 4/19/04 41 CCPDS-R USAF Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement for early missile warning Government contract environment required plan- driven / Profile 4/19/04 55 Strategy LCA LCO 4/19/04 56 NISCM Profile Broad coalition of government agencies/

ABIM Board Review: Pulmonary Medicine. Overview Topics – Respiratory Infections – Airway Disease – Restrictive Lung Diseases – Pulmonary Vascular Disease.

decrease in bacterial burden. However, sterilization rarely occurs, even though host displays acquired immunity, rapidly clearing subsequent exposures. THEORETICALLY, as the host begins/ Overwhelming MTB disease HIV+ or other viral infection Immunosuppressive Therapy BCG Bottom line: prior vaccination with BCG should be ignored and the patient treated appropriately if/ x-ray or HRCT – Restrictive pulmonary physiology with reduced lung volumes and D LCO and widened A aP O 2 Coultas DB et al. Am J Respir Crit/

Barry Boehm University of Southern California Richard Turner OUSD(AT&L)/DS/SE (George Washington University) Balancing Agility and Discipline: Evaluating.

– Spiral, risk- and increment-driven process – Measurement – Test first (test-driven) approach Bottom Line – Both were able to confidently push-back when necessary 34 Scrum Pregame – Planning - define system./ handle foreseeable change 54 CCPDS-R USAF Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement for early missile warning Government contract environment required plan/evolving 67 Profile 68 Strategy LCA LCO 69 NISCM Profile Broad coalition of government agencies and /

3PNT – Photonics and Nanotechnology Part I Quantum electronic and optical confinement (6 lectures, Prof BN Murdin) –Recap of basic semiconductor physics.

a cell wall Cluster of atoms, a nanoparticle Eight hydrogen atoms lined up Nanophotonics: Nobel Prizes in Physics 1991 & 2000 2000 ZI/Discs (bluray), LCD (LTP-Si, reflective, low power consumption), Projectors (DLP, LCoS, LCD, VR) –Advanced networking systems (Local LAN, all-optical networks) Overview /? Information technology: storage and processing (Moore’s Law), transmission and reception, displays Sensors: identification of compounds (bio/chem/medical), nondestructive testing and evaluation Nanomedicine:/

JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language used to make web pages interactive. JavaScript is scripting language used for client side scripting.

used to print text JavaScript document.writeln() and - used to print in new line(only valid when tag)  (pre format) document.write (" Welcome to popo!/information Syn alert(“message”); alert("I am popo"); JavaScript Prompt() Method Prompt method displays a small dialog box with a provision for text entry along with 2 buttons /= new String("Welcome to popo"); document.write(my_string.substring(2,5)); Output : lco JavaScript String reversal using charat and length property var my_str="nattop" var i=my_str./

Warren Phillips 11/24/07 In ExploraVision, students choose a current technology and imagine what it could be like in 20 years. As recognition for their.

See How Stuff WorksHow Stuff Works High Definition- 6x resolution LCOS TV DLP TV Digital Light Projection DMD Liquid Crystal on Silicon Gas Tubes SED TV (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) Laser TV Coming Video exchange began 2004 - sold / stores recipes Timer controls coffee maker, electric blanket,etc. Energy efficient products Satellites will monitor stress on fault lines using radar data. Infrared images can show the increased temperatures just before an earthquake. Monthly monitoring will give/

COURSE PARTICIPANTS BOOK Open Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship 1 – 7 October, Deurne – The Netherlands led by Henry W. Chesbrough Marcel Dissel.

AgroParisTech/Veterinary School in Alfort/University Paris VI&XI AgroParisTech Career: Junior Product Manager – Microbiology Product Line at FISCHER SCIENTIFIC Current Employment: Company:FIST SA Company Activity: CNRS’s Technology Transfer Company Job /PhD. Physical Chemistry Career:1984 – 1989 Philips Research Scientist; 1989 -2004 Department Manager Display Components (various departments) 2001-2004 Sr. Director LCOS Product Dev. (Philips Corp. Venture); 2005 – 2009 Venture manager Handheld Drugs-of-Abuse/

What every Change Analyst should know - our experience with Agile PLM.

product  CAPA – Corrective And Preventive Actions  TDA – Temporary Deviation on released products, including shipment authorization for unreleased  LCO – Lifecycle Change Order – moves product from one lifecycle status to another (e.g. Production to Service Only) Things That /not the same as ‘1’)  Clean up Notifications and Workflow Routing tab entries (only limited number are displayed and refresh is faster)  Using wrong change type to obsolete an item  Attribute used on both change order and/

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