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SYN107 – Is XenMobile just like any other MDM solution? Brian Robison – Principal Technology Evangelist, XenMobile May 6, 2014.

just/2014 Citrix. Confidential.11 WorxDesktop Q2 Tech Preview Your desktop in your fingertips Remote desktop files/apps on mobile Full-screen /Confidential.26 *Tolly Report shows NetScaler outperforms F5 by up to 4.8 times © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.27 Mobile Gateway Competition Roughly Equal Value © 2014/ Confidential.33 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.34 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.35 Company Productivity Apps Productivity Features Integration On- Device/Web Integration SaaS/Windo ws Network Poor Good © 2014/

Copyright © 2006 Prentice-Hall. All rights reserved.1 Computer Literacy for IC 3 Unit 2: Using Productivity Software Project 3: Formatting Text and Performing.

Unit 2: Using Productivity Software Project 3: /All rights reserved.5 Font Usage Serif Fonts (with decorative strokes) Times New Roman Courier New Baskerville Georgia Century Schoolbook Sans Serif Fonts (/ 2006 Prentice-Hall. All rights reserved.13 Margins This is just a sample text to show how margins can affect the look/© 2006 Prentice-Hall. All rights reserved.26 Summary Use formatting tools common in Microsoft Office applications Formatting  Increase readability  Organize thoughts  Lead the readers/

Production notes and photos © 2007 Fox Atomic HOLLYWOODJESUS.COM.

saw: Gods Word—the witness of Jesus Christ! [3] How blessed the reader! How blessed the hearers and keepers of these oracle words, all the words written in this book! Time is just about up. Production notes and photos © 2007 Fox Atomic HOLLYWOODJESUS.COM Take A Moment HOLLYWOODJESUS.COM I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I have/

OLYPRINT, ltd. Co....just more than printing Fictional company.

OLYPRINT, ltd. Co....just more than printing Fictional company Our company offers stationary and custom printing servies to suit order demands We offer various / The three-dimensional printing 3D printing development was based on the fact that it‘s not worth making production of limited series or single prototypes Neither production nor tools and work time are often used in effective way elsewhere but here Many technologies transferring computer data directly into 3D objects have been implemented The /

7-1. 7-2 Chapter Seven Push and Pull Production Control Systems.

-8 7-11 Kanban Information System Versus Centralized Information System Fig. 7-9 7-12 River/Inventory Analogy Illustrating the Advantages of Just-in-Time Fig. 7-10 7-13 CalcIt Model IT53 Scientific Calculator (Problem 41) Fig. 7-11 7-14 Product Structure Diagrams (for Problem 48) Fig. 7-12 7-15 Network Representation for Lot Scheduline (Example 7A-1) Fig. 7A-1

 Understand the types of warranties that may apply to products  Recognize the differences between express and implied warranties  Understand the differences.

 However, if one is given, it must comply with M-M.  Requirements:  (1) all terms/conditions in one document  (2) simple/easy to read language  (3) available to consumer prior to sale  (4)/time  (4) fixed after reasonable number of attempts (otherwise, refund or replacement) (“lemon law” provision)  (5) applies to all owners during warranty period (not just first buyer)  Most warranties are limited  Discuss problem 24.1 on p. 283 with a partner.  An unwritten promise created by law that a product/

17 January Requirements. The Plan Quick Pass on Software Engineering “Just enough” context Start with what you need for your first deliverables Back up.

Quick Pass on Software Engineering “Just enough” context Start with what/Projects Consider 4 different types of systems COMP 523 projects Productivity suites Commercial web sites Airplane systems Pacemakers How do they differ in criticality? What does that mean for the development process?/Requirements Why Written Requirements? Unambiguous Defines goals Cost of finding a requirements bug later can be 100 times more expensive ‘99 weather satellite where used wrong units (metric vs. feet) Our Requirements Phase/

The Story of Our Product: Story Mapping Your Project Faye Thompson, JD, PSM I 10 June 2015.

6 Time ©2015 Frances Faye Thompson Practice You’re part of the team at Jurassic World, and you’ve just been tasked to work on a new product – one that monetizes the collection and removal of dinosaur waste. Appoint a product owner/map stagnate ©2015 Frances Faye Thompson Tools for Creating GOPP FeatureMap StoriesOnBoard CardboardIt JIRA Q & A Any projects that in flight or pending that could benefit from story mapping? ©2015 Frances Faye Thompson Additional Resources http://www.agileproductdesign.com//

Multiplication Multiplying by multiples of 10. Multiplying by 10 and 100: Count by each number 5 times. 5 x 1 =5 5 x 10 = 50 5 x 100 =500 5 x 1,000 =

Multiplying by multiples of 10 Multiplying by 10 and 100: Count by each number 5 times. 5 x 1 =5 5 x 10 = 50 5 x 100 =500 /. 20 tens = 200! Here’s another example… 12 120 EngageNY 8 8 8 80 15 150 You try! Use what we just learned to solve this with your group…. 20 x 4 = 2 tens x 4 = 8 tens = 80 3 x 80 =/take the shortcut! 1: Find your basic fact and multiply. 2: Count the number of zeros in the factors. 3: Add the same number of zeros to the product! Multiplying by 10 and 100 50 x 3 = 150 50 x 30 = 1,500 500 /


, boat, caravan and aircraft exterior surface, delivering a premium mirror-gloss finish in half the time of conventional waxing, provides UV protection, repels water and minimises dirt build-up/dries clear, smooth and is an extremely versatile product which helps you create the slick new showroom finish whilst helping you protect the environment/internal helmet fabric, delivering a superior performance and finish. Fast and easy to use. Just simply spray on, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique/

5 mistakes you should not commit, when you are a Product Manager/Owner/CEO, Product Camp, 10 th Apr

63 countries Showcased at G4Tech-TV, couple of chip magazine, proto.in, Radio shows and Tech-Books Husband, father, loves music, passion for products, books n art Mistake No. ! You are not the User – Just play the role Mistake no. too Don’t build “Me too”/ Mistake no. tree Don’t build the tree first – start with the seed Mistake No. fo (hour) Too early or late to market – It’s all about timing/

Draft/Final Paper Note Card II. Evidence of Research Note taking organizing Primary Source III. Finished Product! I. Gathering of Research Working Bibliography.

of Research Note taking organizing Primary Source III. Finished Product! I. Gathering of Research Working Bibliography Source #2 /paper last year. Today I watched 50% of my class hand in a research paper and have my teacher tell them right to their /it wasnt for you and all that you have taught me I would probably be just as lost as the rest of my class. An excerpt from a recent note / essay that I got back, my professor commented on it about 100 times about how he was so impressed and so proud that i knew how/

Grid Data Access: Proxy Caches and User Views EGI Technical Forum 19 September 2011 Jan Just Keijser Cristian Cirstea Jeff Templon.

2011 Jan Just Keijser Cristian Cirstea Jeff Templon 2 Who? Why? What? How? Results Whats next? Outline 3 By who Developed by Cristian Cirstea –Student at TU Eindhoven in the /well into the operating system Do not scale well when requesting the same datafile many times... Need I continue? Why was it built? 5 Grid Proxy Cache Offers a/Results (2): Performance 10 Conclusions For end user file browsing current solution is production ready The system scales well under load For grid job access the FUSE issue/

X platform A solution making PLM better. Outline Mobile trend and app market rising Looking for my data at any time Making a decision everywhere A easy.

, free to 2 dollars Looking for my data at any time Just search on Xsearch Fast response by keyword (every page one second on Intranet) Looking for my data at any time Checking product structure on phone, or have a picture in mind with 3D snapshot Looking for my data at any time Want to know production information on SAP? One step to view XSAPAdapter From storage/

Global Video Transport Transport Solutions EVP. Optical transport over dark fiber Time Division Multiplexing Coarse and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing.

EVP Optical transport over dark fiber Time Division Multiplexing Coarse and Dense / products for the Telco / Broadcast convergence marketplace Complimentary customer base and markets Common product roadmap Strengthening of VPG and Network engineering, departments significantly increased in size this year Almost 50 products / Easily deploy equipment that doesnt require frequent reconfiguration Avoid creating new infrastructure requirements just to support HD Eight HDs into one OC-48c/STM-16 Multiplexes four /

ElektroPhysik…. Measure powder before baking.............. Save set up time Improve your Bottom Line Improve Quality Reduce Rejects If you could predict.

time Improve your Bottom Line Improve Quality Reduce Rejects If you could predict the thickness of cured powder at the point where you apply the powder coating wouldnt that be valuable? Now you can do just/ or vendors change. Once Again Consider: Faster Setup Efficiencies Cost Savings Product Through-put Healthier Bottom Line The Powder Probe from ElektroPhysik is compatible / set-up gives you most flexibility and utility of any system in the market today. The Powder Probe is a contact measurement but/

Sales Process 1.Preapproach 2.Approach 3.Determining Needs 4.Demonstration/Product Presentation 5.Answering Questions/ Overcoming Objections 6.Closing.

Product Presentation 5.Answering Questions/ Overcoming Objections 6.Closing the Sale 7.Suggestion Selling/Follow-Up Suggestion Selling Selling additional goods or services to customers. –Not selling un-needed or unwanted items. –Selling items that will ultimately save time later. Example: Selling film and batteries to someone who just/for your suggestion –“If you want to use your camera immediately, you’ll need film in it.” Make the suggestion definite –“The oil is recommended by the manufacturer.” Not “Will/

2014© LOGIN PEOPLE®Ed. Sept 2014 1 www.loginpeople.com Digital DNA Server Product & portfolio presentation 09/12/2014 Channel Partner.

4 OWN APPLICATIONS REMOTE OFFICESWORKSTATIONS Login People Digital DNA Server® product Simpler, faster access control WINLOGON Remote Server LOCAL ACCESSREMOTE /App Install it on user’s equipment Only one time - Direct installation Without changing habits THE DIGITAL /, LDAP, AD FS, IOS, Android, … EASY INTEGRATION IN FEW CLICKS WITH PRE CONFIGURATION French National Cybersecurity Certified. French Ministry/ 13 Don’t let just anyone slip into your network Login People ®, simpler, faster access /

It’s not just for your students. Let’s Talk Twitter…for Professional Development.

It’s not just for your students. Let’s Talk Twitter…for Professional Development Where are you in the Twitosphere? Which best describes you? Do you/ I might add: #beiberfan at the end of my tweet. That is my hashtag. If I love a new product or saying, or style of clothing, I can create any hash tag I like and tack it on to the / and mortar of our own schools, that it can only be described as global. I Don’t Have Time…I Have Common Core to Worry About! Is this you? Then you REALLY need Twitter. The Common Core/

HD-SDI DVR (1080P Grade) Full HD Real-Time HD-SDI DVR with Universal Hybrid Input (8/16Ch) ezP2P™ Cloud Service without any complicated network setting.

7) Help Message for easy setup & Multi-Language support 8) Digital Zoom for both Live & VOD mode POS Text-in Based (RS232, USB to Serial support, TCP/IP Network) Display POS Data on Live & Playback e-SATA Local Storage/ by just following the steps which Wizard guides and also can reconfigure these setting at any time by accessing to main menu. [Language] [Date/Time] [Record] [HDD] [Network] Integrated Network Solution Guarantee unlimited scalability and seamless integration of all STL products such /

New Products Stefano Rosato. 2014 Dealer Conference New Products.

-based ‣ User-definable ‣ Easy-to-use ‣ Release 2 times each year ‣ Same guidance patterns between all consoles Horizon Software X/R Series ‣ Remote Access ‣ GuideLock ‣ Cellular RTK Improvements New Products State-of-the-art Solutions for more Precision Farming Needs 2014 /- processing * (5 - 20cm) ‣ Upgradable to Sirius Pro: Just add antenna and software options * Accuracy is determined by GSD, Altitude/‣ No Ground Control Points Required ‣ High Accuracy in Areas that Cannot be Accessed Sirius Pro World’s /

Unlimited ADSL2+ with Home Phone The Product Cost Benefits Support Information.

ADSL2+ with Home Phone The Product Cost Benefits Support Information Provides / email addresses Keep Existing Phone Number or Get New Phone Number Benefits Once off Charges at the time of sale Used to fund all call charges: *Local calls *National calls *International call We automatically/ – number porting TPG supports ‘vacant premises’ – we just need an address not a landline number for installation For home phone services with other provider, ‘in use’ – TPG converts current telephone service For Home Movers/

Caltech Alumni Fund Training.  Goals  Contacting alumni  Informing alumni about Caltech (this is not redundant!)  Just getting a response  …  Raising.

be shown in a few minutes) Strategy (continued)  Scan the entire list:  Categorize the alumni  Previous donations  Activities while a student  Alumni you knew personally  Time zone  Other/pledged, etc  This prevents ‘oops’ calls where the prospect says, “but you just called me last week.” Frustration training  You will usually get an answering machine /, etc  Mailing cost ($1.90) was more than production cost (about 50 cents plus my time)  My expenses are also a donation  MANY additional /

Overview of Centra 7. Centra 7 Highlights A real-time collaboration and communication platform Security, Scalability, Flexibility Supports all the critical.

Balancing Automatic Failover During LIVE Session (No Re-Login) Enhanced System and License Usage Metrics Enhanced Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts Dynamic Property Settings IT-Friendly Application Support for Enterprise Class Server Platforms DB2, Oracle/ Accelerates Rate of Adoption Increase Workforce Productivity Centra 7 Workflow of Centra 7 Centra for eLearning Training Workflow Create & Manage Content Personalize Learning Programs Deliver Just in Time, Just Enough Track Progress & Performance Create /

Manufacturing Production Control Systems Dr. Ron Tibben-Lembke SCM 461.

, priorities Shop-Floor Systems Supplier Systems Our plan Resource Planning Master Production Scheduling Sales and Operations Planning Demand Management Detailed Capacity Planning Material and Capacity Plans Detailed Material Planning Shop-Floor Systems Supplier Systems Front end Engine Back end Project MRP Just-in-Time Repetitive MPC Classification Flow Seconds Minutes Days Weeks Months Time between successive units Number of subparts Ch 1 HW Problems 2/

1.Minimum Operating Revenue (MOR) 2.Time, Price, Volume.

include an increase in cash reserves. Refer to the booklet Planning for & Estimating Revenue for calculating details. Do you have the time to sell the/Estimating Revenue for details on determining time (to sell). Divide Products into categories that reflect the nature of the grouping. The final product grouping should all have the same/time to sell the required number of units to meet revenue requirements? Minimum Operating Revenue (MOR) is not an arbitrary number nor is it a number determined by volume. Just/

Co-Development: More Than Just Outsourcing Rajesh Rao Founder & CEO Dhruva Interactive.

: More Than Just Outsourcing Rajesh Rao/ strengths/weaknesses –Team profiles –Review of past work –Tests/pilot project ( could even be some pre- production work) 4 Setting up for Co-Development Checklist: Project management –Change management Communication Plan –Touchpoints, Roles/Responsibilities/ PC A Hidden Object game, developed to promote the rock band REO Speedwagon. Featured in the New York Times and Tonight Show 2011 Gametantra iPhone, iPad Published by GameTantra and distributed by Capcom Mobile/

The Value of Social Data Tim Barker, Chief Product Officer, DataSift. Confidential.

Actionable insights drive 38% increase in product purchase loyalty Dell maps social data to product and intent feedback Intent Measurement with Machine Learning Research Panels applied to social data Predictive Power of Social Recruited UK Research Panel Remove Demographic Bias Real-time research to drive traditional research /. Create Predictive Models based on Social Signals The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed. William Gibson “ ” Tim Barker | @timbarker | tim.barker@datasift.com

Year 10 GCSE Graphic Products Revision 2014 Summer exam.

Hollow centres or cavities are formed in uniform shape Relatively cheap to produce the mould Surface textures and detail can be added Each product formed will be identical Moulds can be reused many times Suitable for batch production Cost effective Examples include egg boxes,/Heat involved which makes it a more expensive / time consuming process Recycling Remember the 6Rs to help you : Reduce Reuse Recycle Repair Refuse Recover But remember you will not get marks just for listing these. You will need to give/

Today we will multiply using decimals. multiply = Multiply means to add all equal groups together a set number of times Decimals=numbers less than zero.

must multiply by.0925% to calculate the tax. Multiply Multiply means to add all equal groups together a set number of times Example: 4 x 3=12 = 12 Decimal A decimal is a number less than 1. For example $0.70 10.50989 $/ 6 2 ––––––– 1234 Let’s try some more! 1.Ignore the decimal and just multiply 2.Count the number of digits that follow the decimal 3.Place the decimal Checking Reasonableness To check that the product in the example is reasonable, round each factor to the place value of the leading/

Tony Lin Scanner Product Line - Product Manager Unitech ADC Group 06/023/2011 MS380 (New) Wireless scanner introduction.

.0 + EDR Support scanners: 1 scanner / Cradle Switch life time: 10million times Performance Best DOF Aggressive decoding Support GS1 code reading 4 mils resolution/ Patient ID checking Medicine checking Light industrial Inventory management Work in Progress Production Control Product Labeling & Packing Warehouse Dispatch Inventory management Commercial Counter service /user manual for detail step Benefit MS380 (Easy to installation) Installation Just plug USB cable to PC, then trigger to connect and star /

Program Refactoring Mitch Soden Union College. Agenda Definition –Unit Testing –Examples Why Refactor? Limitations Just Another SW Eng Practice? Automation.

Refactor? Limitations Just Another SW Eng Practice? Automation tools Definition Controlled/deliberate process Improve design/internal structure Existing code Behavior-preserving Unit Testing Solid test suite - 1 st step in refactoring Test after/understand Making software cheaper to modify Allowing developers become more productive Limitations/Drawbacks Time Human factor Changing interfaces Non-object oriented languages Just Another Software Engineering Practice? Immediate payback Personal benefits It feels/

Chris Alvarez Hudl App. WHAT IS HUDL? Hudl is a product and service of Agile Sports Technologies, Inc. - a Lincoln, Nebraska based company providing tools.

USE OF HUDL Hudl is not only used for just game film, but can be used for strength and conditioning. /season Adding this software to your team will help it in the training aspect drastically We film game film to correct/ program. ADDING IT TO YOUR GYM Athletes most of the time are visual learners Monkey see monkey do Gyms can improve their/ Direct Phone Support Text Messaging Presentation Builder Attachments SIMPLE ADDITION, GREATER PRODUCT Sport specific gyms do not really separate themselves from one another Hudl/

Unified Communications LITN Spring 2010.  A set of products that provides a consistent, unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices.

 Documents Why do we care?  Real Time Telephony in the Business Process  Contextual communication  Most effective form of contact can be dynamically carried out with minimal knowledge and effort by BOTH parties.  One common interface  Communication enabled Apps  More than just a phone system! UC to the Rescue  Justification for collaboration technologies comes down to “soft” dollars  Productivity  Better Teamwork  Better Customer Service UC/

Do Now: What do you already know about GDP?.  Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  What is it?

GDP an imperfect measure?  Consider what is not counted  Volunteer work  improvements in efficiency  qualitative changes (not just quantitative)  Underground economy  Standard of living?  Inflation  Population  Distribution of wealth  Factors Limiting Types of Products Counted  One year  Only final goods and services  Not intermediate  Only goods sold for first time  Adjusting Gross Domestic Product  Current GDP  Money GDP  Deflate with CPI  Why?  Real GDP  Constant/

VIP-Router 2009 Product presentation. VIP Router Computer aided forwarding of all calls to defined targets according to the sent caller id Monitoring.

SP1 32 Bit Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Doc.No.: ASE/APP/PLM/ 0165 / EN Benefits No unnecessary waiting time for the caller Efficient representation scheme Optimal usage of the resources Positive impact to the company image By increased reach /customer satisfaction by faster and competent answers Increased productivity of the employees Integration in existing systems Doc.No.: ASE/APP/PLM/ 0165 / EN Contact Telesnap EVERYWHERE You want to know more ? www.telesnap.com Or just contact us: Fon: +49(0)711 90/

Free or very low cost Instantaneous for lecture capture (archived video) True captioning (not just subtitles) Everything is captioned Seamless Automated.

? –Tech staff? –Researchers? Welcome Back to Caption Reality Not free Not instantaneous Sometimes just subtitles Not the rule Sometimes seamless Often difficult to turn on Not trouble free Not standardized/captioned (Y/N/Don’t know)? –Was each live or post-production captioned? Have you used caption media in instruction? Benefits for all –Search –Comprehension –ESL –Bars, workout/ materials Add more time for copyrighted materials Look for pre-captioned materials Contact McBurney Current caption pilot Resources list /

Advanced Reporting John Pattison Account Manager Stacey Gabaldon Product Manager E-Z Data.

Product Manager E-Z Data Advanced Reporting Data entry….Intro Production Reporting Detailed production Production Reports Top producer trend Production Reports No production for this year Production Dashboard Specify production period Configure spreadsheet Sort by: Agents Agencies LOB Supervisor Product Production Dashboard Production roll-up by supervisor Production/ now? How much time do you have to spend to gather this information? Is that more time than you can afford … so you just do without it? Did/

Misconceptions About Motivation 1. Some people just aren’t motivated. 2. Motivation is something you do TO others. 3. A happy worker is a productive worker.

1. Some people just aren’t motivated. 2. Motivation is something you do TO others. 3. A happy worker is a productive worker. Why is /state of deficiency -Needs Tension Behavior to reduce the tension by satisfying the need (Homeostasis) -At certain times some needs will be more important than others. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self- Actualization Esteem Belongingness Security/ work output and rewards 6.Employees are in a Working from the value system of the different career stage than manager rather than /

Monte Carlo Data Production and Analysis at Bologna LHCb Bologna.

) disk servers Data Analysis at Bologna Technical Issues NAS disk-servers used for production can’t be efficiently used for data analysis: Access time will dominate the processing time. Reading 1 TB of data would take 10 5 s at the NAS / Concerns In order to allow full interactive sessions we would need to reproduce the CERN environment Another possibility could be to produce executables at CERN and then just move the binaries to make massive analysis (similarly to what happens with MC production). We/

Radioactive Decay Radioactive materials decay from the “Parent” material into the “Daughter Product”. Original “Parent” Material Daughter Product.

from the “Parent” material into the “Daughter Product”. Original “Parent” Material Daughter Product You’ll never know which atoms will decay... (16 atoms) … or when... But one thing we do know... ...is that it always takes the same amount of time for half to disappear. (8 atoms) Each half-life, the amount of atoms gets cut in half. One half-life. Two half-lives/

Dubai Hire4Baby is the UAE’s full service baby and toddler equipment rental agency offering high quality products to the travelling parent. BABY SHOP DUBAI.

quality products to the travelling parent. BABY SHOP DUBAI BABY SHOPS IN DUBAI Let us ease the burden of travelling with children by providing you with trusted brand name baby equipment delivered straight to your door, together with the sale of supplies and baby products. / Of course one cannot take everything so how easy would it be just to rent it all at the destination? Having moved to Dubai we noticed the lack of this service every time friends with little children would come to visit, so that gave us/

Freely available from Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D., “The Productivity Professor”™   How to start your class (among other things)

D., “The Productivity Professor”™  meggin@meggin.com  www.meggin.com How to start your class (among other things) Dr. Janice Jones School of Nursing Question? What is your biggest fear in teaching a large / Problems and solutions Freely available from Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D., “The Productivity Professor”™  meggin@meggin.com  www.meggin.com Just by coming to class, what % of content may be retained by / Productivity Professor”™  meggin@meggin.com  www.meggin.com Here’s how much break time remains: 1:00

Computer Literacy for IC 3 Unit 2: Using Productivity Software Chapter 4: Importing Text and Formatting a Newsletter © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. | Publishing.

2: Using Productivity Software Chapter /Pearson Education, Inc. | Publishing as Prentice Hall. 4 Margins This is just a sample text to show how margins can affect the look of a / some options may not retain all formatting – such as the table heading. While centered in the Excel document, it is left aligned after pasting Columns © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc/the Format Painter once to copy a format one time Double-click the Format Painter to copy a format multiple times The Format Painter This is what I want it/

POM - J. Galván 1 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Ch. 11: Human Resources and Job Design SUMMARY.

Time studies Work sampling POM - J. Galván 2 QUESTIONS What are some of the worst jobs you know about? Why are they bad jobs? Why do people want these jobs? If you were redesigning a job described to suit a worker better, what changes would you make? Are your changes realistic? Would they improve productivity (not just production, but productivity/ of work measurement. Write a detailed note on work study and its importance in today’s production environment. POM - J. Galván 5 MOTIVATION IS NOT ONLY DRIVEN BY/

1 1.Team + 2.Execution (Culture) + 3.Product / Market Fit = Scale+ Sustainability.

to the open. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. Spend zero time on what you could have done – devote all of your time on what you might do – nobody cares – just run your company. 10 Founders journey to become a CEO > skill set/ + network Skill set > Managing execs, Org Design, Sales Org Network > Customers, PR, know best developers! Take care of people / product / profits – in that/

Recycle fundraising Pro-Ashram USA GOAL:$8,000.00 USD TIME:9 Months TIME:9 Months.

713) 231-7514 Our 1 st Shipping was sent in January 20,2012 A full box is one that follows the 20-20 Rule: contains at least 20 pounds of any mixed product or 20 items of one product type that appear on the Qualifying List. Qualifying items/ are those posted on the Qualifying List at www.fundingfactory.com www.fundingfactory.com But the easiest way is by weight just focus on cells, inkjet/laser/

LINEAR PROGRAMMING Classic Types of Constrained Decision Problems 1. Product Mix 2. Ingredient Mix 3. Transportation 4. Assignment 5. Time Period.

LINEAR PROGRAMMING Classic Types of Constrained Decision Problems 1. Product Mix 2. Ingredient Mix 3. Transportation 4. Assignment 5. Time Period RECOGNITION CHARACTERISTICS OF LP PROBLEMS 1. Single, well-defined objective 2. Alternative courses of action 3. Achievement of the objective / plot it Note the lines are parallel to each other If maximizing, find the highest member of this family of lines just tangent to a final pt. in the feasible space. It is the optimum. If minimizing, find the smallest member/

Backups When just having a system isn’t enough. 321 Rule of Thumb 3 generations 2 media 1 off-site at least.

Backups When just having a system isn’t enough 321 Rule of Thumb 3 generations 2 media 1 off-site at least /, similar to Apple Time Machine Nice data management tools  Can "pick" any version to restore, not just latest Workstation oriented fwbackups Often include in standard distros Cross Platform support Multiple format support Mondorescue Desktop orientation Flexable output format, media Enterprise oriented Commercial product Time Vault GNOME based, similar to Apple Time Machine Workstation oriented Focus/

Run the Race. Church Culture Types of people Church Communications Targeting Approaches to communications –Product –Sales –Marketing/consumer society.

Product –Sales –Marketing/consumer society Mission zone Dumbing down debate Short is better Headlines Pictures important Will scan the page Majority of the population behave this way Words important Layout not important Time to read Detail !, Detail !, Detail ! Bishops Synod members Pictures primary Words get in/ lighting candles Are you selling, marketing or just wonderful ? We are wonderful (Product orientation) When people encounter the organisation, product or service they will be attracted and ‘buy/

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