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Explicit Instruction - Effective Teaching of Reading, Writing, and Speaking to Struggling Students Big Ideas - Part 2 1.

of evidence to support inferences increased 4. Logical consistency/ plates. Note: If ipad tablets are used by students/reading Have individuals whisper-read to you Pose post- reading question 41 Passage Reading - Echo Reading Echo Reading Teacher reads a word, phrase or sentence. Students “echo” read the word, phrase or sentence. Useful for building fluency and expression. Needs to be faded as students grow in reading skills. 42 Passage Reading - Choral Reading Choral Reading Read selection with students Read/

Social Connections Using iPad and iPod Strategies February 2016 Vickie Dull, MS CCC-SLP and Awesome Students.

HAPPEN and you make it fun with iPad and iPod devices!! Thank you for choosing to be here, in this session, when we all know that/Infer!! We believe that presentations require flexible thinking, asking for help, having back up plans, using life lines and having fun!! Learning Targets I can use Pictello for classroom lessons. I can guide students in/set up switches, reading, and singing to her. Kay understood technology. She did not always keep track of AT devices assigned to her in younger years. She/

Unit1 Reading Boy missing, police puzzled. # Boy missing, police puzzled Can you complete the title? What information can you get from the title? What.

why” “how” ) ( to give detailed but less important information ) # How to read a newspaper article’ Steve Jobs dies (Updated: Oct. 5, 2011) California – Steve Jobs, the mastermind behind Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes died this afternoon. Steves brilliance and energy were the source /Justin’s parents asked the police for help. # 3. We can infer that the boy might go missing______. A. in his own room B. on the playground C. in Kelly’s room D. in his brother’s room # 4. What is the attitude( 态度) /

How to achieve the RIGOR expected in the CCSS AAEA

poem debate new game invention evaluate validate justify rate referee infer rank dramatize argue conclude D C A B Rigor/Relevance /: Regular practice with complex text and its academic language. Evidence: Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text, literary and informational. Knowledge: Building knowledge through/ 2012) Form Factors –Desktops, laptops, netbooks, thin-client, and tablets ) iPad, Windows and Android) that meet the above specifications Additional Accessories – Headphones may be/

GDP – measures legal production in the U.S. in one year.

smuggled drugs. ___ ___ 11. Your mother is teaching you to read [& not having much success]. ___ ___ 12. Your dad bakes /in making car doors. ___ ___ 16. You buy a new “iPad 2” [produced in China] from the Apple store. ___ ___ 17. You send in/infer that the (potential/actual) GDP is in excess of (potential/actual) GDP. 47. (Inflation/Disinflation/Deflation) is a general increase in prices. 48. (Inflation/Disinflation/Deflation) is a decline in prices. 49. (Inflation/Disinflation/Deflation) is a decrease in/

Analyzing Argumentative Discourse Units in Online Interactions Debanjan Ghosh, Smaranda Muresan, Nina Wacholder, Mark Aakhus and Matthew Mitsui First Workshop.

infeasible – The problem of high *cognitive load* (annotators have to read all the threads) – High complexity demands two or more annotators –/as our argumentative corpus – Android (iPhone vs. Android phones) – iPad (usability of iPad as a tablet) – Twitter (use of Twitter as a micro/ Issues Different IAA metrics have different outcome It is difficult to infer from IAA that what segments of the text are easier or / units like Stance/Rationale Our study also assists in detecting the text that is easy/hard to /

Reading Conference 2012 Improving Reading, Parental Involvement & Working as a TEAM!

day- Inferences and Drawing Conclusions Interactive Notebooks  To enable you to be creative, independent and a reflective thinker & writer throughout the year.  Interactive Notebooks (IN) will be used for class notes as well as for other activities where you will be asked to express your own ideas and process and /or apply the information and skills learned in the class iPad Apps  Pages-paid/

Open House, 2013 ERIN MADDEN Q.U.E.S.T. is a program for Gifted and Talented students in fourth and fifth grade. Students in Q.U.E.S.T. work on thematic.

post-it notes or graphic organizers while you read to jot down questions and inferences about the text.  Read closely in order to make inferences and ask questions The 1930s in America: Facing Depression  This unit explores Depression/and education- analyze a problem situation and determine solutions)  Handouts (newspaper articles/ charts/ notes)  Interactive materials (iPad/ computer lab)  Group projects (learn through peer discussion)  Research (Which biological systems are affected by certain /

Animals and Plants in Their Environment (Grade 4) Team 3: Aliah Charles, Justin Cortes, Christina Dessources, Alyssa Duncan, Abeni Mason-Draffen.

fill out a KWL chart regarding producers, consumers, and decomposers. Station 1: iPad -- game about food chains Station 2: Computers -- use of filamentality website to/hunt below to find out how humans can maintain healthy dieting habits. Read each question or statement below and click on the links to answer/ particulars Inferring – drawing a conclusion based on prior experiences Interpreting data – analyzing data that have been obtained and organized by determining apparent patterns or relationships in the /

2015 Teacher Assistant Professional Development Day Working with English Language Learners in an Intensive Reading Classroom Amber Green ELL School Specialist.

for ELLs NEXT STEPS: Differentiated Instruction For all ELL’s in the Intensive Reading Classroom Bell Ringer : “Penny for Your Thoughts.” Score 4.0 In addition to level 3.0, in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught. Learners will /, complex themes (high- interest) at lower reading levels (low readability). This combination engages readers by giving them content they WANT to read while setting them up for success. Using the iPad in the IR for ELL Classroom Rosetta Stone Achieve /

August 2015 2015-16 SAL Administration Training ISIP Early Reading ISIP Advanced Reading ISIP Español.

Is most similar in meaning to the underlined word Reading Comprehension Timed passage with 4 MC questions. Not allowed to go back to passage Narrative and expository texts that measure: o Main idea o Cause/effect or problem/outcome o Inferences o Critical judgment / on several platforms and has very modest hardware requirements. Especially important to note is that Istation products run easily on iPads and MacBook Airs. You can run Istation from a small client app installed on your desktop or you can run /

1)Random journal from 2 nd period/3 rd period! 2)An orange literature book 3)Paper for notes to place in the literature section of your binder 4)Something.

Read your assigned creation story  With your group, discuss what your tribe believes based off your story.  Write down 3 beliefs of your tribe, and use textual evidence to support the beliefs you’ve stated.  Summarize your creation myth. One of you will be telling the class about it!  After all groups have presented, turn in your group assignments. Inferring/ prefer to read it on your phones/tablets/iPad/whatever it is you use… you can download it from my page.  Begin reading “Yellow Woman/

Welcome! Come in and find your student’s desk. While we are waiting, you may read the note your student has written to you. Please use the index card provided.

read books at their independent reading level in order to build word recognition, fluency and comprehension skills. Read Alouds and Mentor Texts are also used to teach skills. Core Literature Books: Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Molly’s Pilgrim and The Memory Coat Reading Comprehension Skills Making Predictions/Inferences/ once a month Technology: done within the classroom (COWS and iPads) New Common Core Report Card This year all schools will be/

Reading Analytically. On a sheet of paper list three topics on which you’d consider yourself to be an expert. If a non-expert were to observe one of these.

research the story (use your ipads). What things do the experts notice that you missed? What prior information did the experts need to have access to in order to come to their/is more persuasive with the ignorant than he who has knowledge? Is not that the inference? Gorgias: In the case supposed, yes. Socrates: And the same holds of the relation of /, but how the speech actually SOUNDS to the ear (or inner ear when read) In poetics meter and rhyme are king Rhetoric uses the same devices as poetry but should/

Common Core Disciplinary Literacy Instruction: Instruction: Understanding Text Complexity in Understanding Text Complexity in History and Science Literacy.

You Tube 2006-Twitter2006-Twitter 2007-iphone2007-iphone 2008- Amazon Kindle2008- Amazon Kindle 2008-Facebook2008-Facebook 2010-ipad2010-ipad Common Core State Standards- As a result, the standards demand growth to ensure students reach graduation targets./in the text? Describe how you inferred these intentions by reading between the lines of the text. Generalized Content Reading Strategies Reading Strategies Discipline-specific Close Reading Approaches Close Reading Approaches Disciplinary Literacy Reading/

Over the years, I have found that one of the most effective ways to strengthen inference skills is through the use of comics. Garfield is my character.

school and/or download Garfield Daily Apps on their IPhones or IPads. If the demand is there, I will begin to make a series of Garfield PowerPoints to target inference skills. Gina Rochell PowerPoint Suggestions: 1.Because this is the /first time that some students may be exposed to Garfield comics, they may have some difficulty identifying the underlying humor. 2.Read the comic aloud. Some kids may not be in the habit of reading/

JANUARY 24, 2013 mCLASS: Reading 3D Implementation for WCPSS.

ensure that every student read at or above grade level by the end of third grade and continue to progress in reading proficiency so that he or she can read, comprehend, integrate,/ rereading as necessary. (FS 3–5) TRC Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or/roll this out? Schools will receive … An iPad for teachers based on the allotment given by DPI A Reading Kit for teachers based on the allotment given by/

Enter class quietly, get your binder off the shelf, and sit in your assigned seat. Unpack and place your back packs under your desk. Complete January Calendar.

. Essential Question How can gathering vocabulary knowledge help us to understand what we read, write, and learn? In today’s lesson, we will:  Gather vocabulary knowledge Unit 3 (3/ good guess/read between the lines) To make an educated guess. It is a conclusion that is supported by evidence from the text Ex. I inferred from the /to be dismissed. Managers: On-Task: Collect and return iPads. Attendance: Place all handouts for absent group members in your period’s color coded folder. Collectors: Collect and /

Meaning-Making in Early Learning Contexts Using e-Learning Resources to Support and Extend Learning for Young Children Pamela Solvie, Ph.D.—Northwestern.

Children draw upon their own experiences and the story to generate a visual text Children infer, reflect, and “generate” ideas as they find an entry into the text / think about the multiple ways the same photograph can be read by different audiences in different contexts with different experiences Graphic organizers (Inspiration) were /Cameras Kid Pix Hyper Studio Kidspiration/Inspiration Pentop Technology ◦Tablet computers ◦iPads Meaning-Making and E-resources BenefitsChallenges Tasks are problem or project /

Connect Expectations Friday, August 7. 7 AUG. 2015 Annotating Text Notes (in INB) iPad Practice Notability Retrieve article from Canvas Read article and.

in INB) iPad Practice Notability Retrieve article from Canvas Read article and mark text Submit in Canvas I CAN Use technology appropriately and with purposeUse technology appropriately and with purpose Personalize your Science notebook by Monday the 10th HW: 7 AUG. 2015 Imperative Mood Notes Practice Start “My Favorite Chaperone” Reading Guide Complete up to #12 in/, which asks a question. A verb in the imperative mood gives a command or request. The inferred subject for these sentences is you. Here/

  Enter class quietly, get your binder off the shelf, and sit in your assigned seat.   Unpack and place your back packs under your desk.   Place.

to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.   ELACC7.SL.1: Engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners.   ELACC7./discuss – –Reading Guide   Author’s Chair Managers:  On-Task: Collect and return iPads.  Attendance: Place today’s handout in the folder for any one absent.  Supply: Collect your group’s 6 books. Place them in your group’s red box. Place the box in the middle /

Reading Comprehension Intervention Design, Implementation, and Efficacy Among Adolescent Readers This work was supported by grant R305F100013 from the.

using tablet computers (iPads)  Video-modeled lessons  Greater emphasis on student-driven, collaborative components  Expanded focus on component skills  Decoding  Fluency  Vocabulary  Gradual release of explicit instruction  Gradual increases in text length and / evidence and synthesizing information for quizzes and discussion Knowledge Flex: Retell Frame Closing Circuit  Reading Dash  Timed fluency practice  Inference Dash  Chart progress Year 3 Study Results  228 students, grades 6-8  3/

Getting Started with i-Ready. In advance of the training 1)Confirm location 2)Confirm that there will be enough computers/laptops for participants 3)Ensure.

Reading Domains Comprehension (Grades K-12) Informational Text Authors Purpose Categorize and Classify Cause and Effect Drawing Conclusions/Making Inferences Fact and Opinion Main Idea and Details Message Summarize Text Structure Vocabulary in Context Literature Authors Purpose Cause and Effect Drawing Conclusions/Making Inferences/ slides as needed. 61 Class Norms Report Find-a-Book Parent Handout 63 There’s a FREE iPad app for that! World’s Worst Pet Vocabulary fluency 4 th – 8 th grade Provides practice /

ACT Reading & ELA Preparation Color:________. Red Orange Green Blue.

to your list. Ask any clarifying questions about anything you’re not sure about. If nobody in your expert group is clear, look it up on your iPad. Place a star next to information that will be valuable to your group. Jigsaw Group: / to our preparation in this class? We will focus on each Reading Topic by splitting them up into units and reading several pieces that relate to the topic. We will focus on mastery of questions related to: – Main point, purpose, argument – Inference and attitude – Interpretation/

“The New Colossus” Emma Lazarus Page 493.

– (adjective) Before you read: Find the definitions…write down the definitions for each word in your notes.. With your partners… Read 492 “Theme: The American /iPad, waitquietly for your neighbor to finish with their quiz and then take the quiz. ON YOUR OWN, write a paragraph defending why this poem is considered a Lyric and why. Also discuss one piece of figurative language being used in/all immigrants. Readers can infer that Lazurus: a. Wishes Colossus was still standing. b. Believes in The American Dream. /

Social Media & Technology Current Issues in Searches, Admissibility, and Ethics Guest Speakers: James Feehan, Eric Goekin, Mark Wertz, Maureen Williams.

and it was a transcription of the entire text exchange (more on this in a moment. 2.) the message read into evidence was read verbatim 3.) the message’s date 4.) the message’s time 5.) /to be false. I.e. all doubts of truth must be resolved in favor of your client. However: if the falsehood can be inferred from the circumstances, you have to act. I.e. you can/ this is the app for you. The client signs on your ipad, you upload it to their file, print and file. You’re done. Scanbot Pro iOS scanner app/

Active Reading Strategies!. Why do I need to know how to read actively? Great Question – It’s about a Lexile! Lexile ratings are important to REAL life.

Why do I need to know how to read actively? Great Question – It’s about a Lexile! Lexile ratings are important to REAL life activities!  You want to get your driver’s license?  Get a job?  Understand how to work your iPad? Check these out! So, why do/that stumps you, write it down – then look it up ! I is for … M I is for … Making Inferences Find one passage that foreshadows something in the text. Write the page/paragraph number down. Write what you predict. Write why you predict that, using evidence from/

1 Introduction to the Big Ideas, Essential Questions & Student Learning Objectives in the Content Areas Grades 9-12 Curriculum Mapping to Advance Teaching.

any mobile device. For example a principal could use her iPad or Tablet to do a classroom walkthrough or teacher observation/ is genuine & who is phony? 67 Essential Questions  What reading comprehension strategies will be most effective in different text situations?  How is literature like life?  How/of thinking than previous 2 levels: compare, contrast, correlate, differentiate, discriminate, examine, infer, maximize, minimize, prioritize, subdivide, test 5. Evaluating arrange, collect, construct, design/

Topic Adventure English. Year 3 Objectives: Use some drama strategies to explore stories or issues. Infer characters’ feelings in fiction and consequences.

strategies to explore stories or issues. Infer characters’ feelings in fiction and consequences in logical explanations. Identify features that writers use to provoke readers’ reactions. Use beginning, middle and end to write narratives in which events are sequenced logically. Dramatic /navigate their way around, putting all their map reading skills into practice. Then, children will be creating their own maps of how to find their way around school using an IPad App (cross curricular ICT). PE Dance: /

2 nd – 6 th Rockstars January 13 - 17 Weekly Reminders Our “I Can” statements will remain the same because of the snow days…. 4th Grade Literacy – In Literacy.

I can develop oral vocabulary. I can recognize that a plot contains a problem and solution. I can infer by using clues from the story and background knowledge. 2 nd Grade Science I can identify which plant parts/5 Happy New Year! So excited to see what we will read in 2014. This weeks focus skill is Main Idea. We will be finding the main idea in everything we read and write. Happy New Year! Rock On 2014! Linder 5th/ manipulative as well as the app on the iPads. This is so much fun. We wont want to move on!!

Lesson 8 E-waste. WSJ  In Stock Market Stampede, China Welcomes Slow Bulls and Mad Cows.

into tiffs when one person pulls out a cellphone at dinner or clicks on the iPad before bed, forgoing pillow talk for Twitter.  One way to find a /to it. 2. Valentine ’ s banquet invitation  Task 1: multiple choice.  Q. What can be inferred from the conversation?  A. It is a freezingly cold day.  B. Tanya looks warm wearing a /persecution under the heading of fun. Let me read you something by Martin Niemoller a German pastor who opposed the Nazis. “ In Germany they came first for the communists and I/

FLIPPING WITH JUST-IN- TIME TEACHING Justin Houseknecht (Wittenberg University, Ohio)

conversion in the laboratory? Simkins and Maier, p 85 JiTT Questions and Arnold Arons’ (1979) Taxonomy of Reasoning Attributes  Drawing inferences from / learning exercises  Think-Pair-Share  Jigsaw  Gallery Walk  Huddle boards / iPads Simkins and Maier, p 69-74 Why go through all this effort?  Students /all this effort?  Consistent with findings in cognitive science  Metacognition  Bloom’s taxonomy  Consistent with goals of higher education  Reading ability  Learning communities and teamwork  /

Class Picture Goes in this Section Doyle Elementary 2015-2016.

, Visualizations, Questioning, Monitoring, Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, Summarizing Story Elements and Main Ideas and Supporting Details Guided Reading Groups at Child’s Instructional Level Daily Five Reading HW each night Ways to Practice Fluency: Weekly Poems and Poetry Notebook Reader’s Theater Listening Center Rereading familiar books Fluent Readers read with expression, at “just the right rate”, attend to punctuation, and read in meaningful phrases. Everyday Math/

Content Area Literacy in the Middle Grades Dr. Jennifer Del Nero 48 th Annual Reading and Writing Conference New Brunswick,

Video Context Whole Class Paired Cooperative Individual Balance with Regard to the Related Context Literacy Centers in Science & Social Studies Displayed books (change with theme) Picture books First hand accounts Biographies/Autobiographies Novels Magazines Kindles/IPADs Magazines Computers Periodicals National Geographic Student-created texts Mimic home reading/viewing environment Soft lighting Carpet(s) Tables Bean bags/cushions/big pillows Motivational signs/posters The/

Parent Night – Fall 2014 We’re heading in the right direction… WELCOME to Mrs. Trummel’s Class!

Everyday Math site; log on and help your child practice. Literacy – Reading: Journeys, Making Meaning and Guided Reading Groups Comprehension Strategies – Retelling – Using schema/making connections – Visualizing – Wondering/questioning – Making inferences – Determining important ideas – Understanding text structure – Summarizing – synthesizing Journeys and CCSS Units of Study created to increase the level of rigor in our classrooms. Our assessments will look at “end of the year/

1 Getting Them All Engaged Inclusive Active Participation in Secondary Schools.

arguments, intertextual connections Inferences Author’s Purpose Vocabulary/ Procedure #2 - Use ipad or iphone app (e.g/reading Have individuals whisper-read to you Pose post- reading question 71 Passage Reading - Choral Reading Choral Reading Read selection with students Read at a moderate rate Tell students “Keep your voice with mine” Possible Uses: Chorally read wording on slide, directions, steps in strategy, initial part of story/chapter 72 Passage Reading - Cloze Reading Cloze Reading - word deleted Read/

The Learning Community in Room 17 WelcomesOurFamilies.

a passion for exploratory learning. Readers are Thinkers Digging Deep Using Comprehension Strategies Making Connections Asking Questions Making Inferences Synthesizing Determining Importance Visualizing Readers are Thinkers Read Aloud Independent Reading Guided Reading Shared Reading Partner Reading Closed Reading Book Clubs Budding Authors Types of Writing Journal writing Reading response writing Narrative writing Informative writing Persuasive writing Poetry Content area writing Budding Authors We will be/

IATEFL 2012 Glasgow Extensive Reading through Web-based ELT Book Clubs Ian Rogers Zayed University

Reading Steffensen and Joag-Dev (1984): ….reading comprehension is a function of cultural background knowledge...If readers possess the schemata assumed by the writer, they understand what is stated and effortlessly make the inferences /reading scores as well as increasing interest in reading and reducing learning anxiety. Extension Projects Cross-cultural Book Club - group of students in Taiwan reading the same books as my students in Dubai and collaborating on ELT Book Club E-Books, ELT Book club iPad/

Itinerary: 1.Attendance – Seats in ABC order… for now! 2.Teacher Intro 3.Course Packet – a quick overview 4.Opening Day Questionnaire 5.Movie Quote Carousel.

Outliers paragraph 1 worksheet ENGLISH 10 Mr. Whinnem Sept 10, 2015 Itinerary: IPADS TODAY!!! Activator: GRAMMAR - Everyday Edits 2 Check/Collect HW – Vocab 1 Chart, Active Reading Log (ARL) for Outliers Chpt 1 VOCAB – Go over synonyms and sentences/answer the question asked Length: 1-2 paragraphs Correct answers can be found in the reading or can be inferred from information in the reading. In other words, go back to the reading! Uses quotes with citations! Your comprehension of the text matters more than/

R EADING S T. M ARGARET ’ S CE(A) PRIMARY SCHOOL To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history,

SCHOOL Guided reading Shared reading Independent reading Individual reading Reading in the environment Reading as a writer Reading across the curriculum Paired reading P HONICS The independent review of early reading, conducted by/ evidence Which character… Fill in the gaps in the table Choose the best word to fill the gap… D EDUCE, INFER OR INTERPRET INFORMATION, EVENTS / free ebooks! ipad/iphone apps Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosnt mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are/

Welcome to Third Grade Open House !. Introductions Mrs. Gongora Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies Mrs. Wideman Math, Science, and Technology.

.m.—10:45 Instruction begins at 7:50 a.m. Reading and Language Arts Reading –Shift from learning to read to reading to learn cognitive strategies –connections –visualizing –predictions –questioning –inferring –story structure Spelling –Test on Friday –Individualized list for / Science Notebooks Technology Integrated into all curriculum Rotation in classroom Carts with Ipads and Laptops Computer Lab… NO REPORT CARD GRADE Special Testing MAP testing—online, Math/Reading Benchmarks/CFAs STAAR Test—May 9 th and /

Active Participation Engagement in the Classroom Part 1 1.

evidence to support inferences increased 4.Logical/ student. Procedure #2 - Use iPad or iPhone app (e.g.,/reading –Have individuals whisper-read to you –Pose post-reading question 57 Passage Reading - Choral Reading Choral ReadingRead selection with students –Read at a moderate rate –Provide precorrection. “Keep your voice with mine” Older Readers: Chorally read wording on slide, directions, steps in strategy, initial part of story/chapter 58 Passage Reading - Cloze Reading Cloze Reading (delete word) –Read/

Teaching reading at Queensmill School

System) or communication devices such as iPads. These modes of communication help our pupils to organise and present their language in a more understandable way and allow them/ students that pictures, text and context all contribute to the reading process as often they see everything in isolation. Pupils are encouraged to look at the pictures to answer/ the focus is on the new concept. Inference is very challenging for ASD students. ‘What do you think might happen next in the story?’ is the type of question /

Summer Reading Academy

reread book from previous lesson as you observe processing. Students read in mumble voice as you listen in to individuals. Rereading Books (5 mins) Teach principle skill /Read Aloud (Whole Group) 9:05-9:25 Read aloud titles: The Grouchy Ladybug- PA skills The Very Busy Spider- PA skills Swimmy- PA skills The Day Jimmys Boa Ate the Wash- PA skills Where the Wild Things Are- RA lesson, Infer/ data and assess via mCLASS. Please plan to bring your iPad and mCLASS username and password. A brief overview of the /

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Reading: Read 20 minutes and record on reading log. Spelling: Complete one speller’s choice activity. Math: Activities.

skill independently. Curriculum  Reading skills: Comprehension/Cognitive Strategies (making connections, predicting, questioning, inferring, determining importance) Decoding (reading strategies) Fluency  Writing /reading level is at that point in time. TECHNOLOGY  There are computers in the classroom as workstations.  Hubenak has laptop computers for the students to use in class.  Each classroom has a Promethean Board that will be used in lessons across the curriculum.  There are a number of iPads/

Earth History. Read the below article and hypothesize about how it would be possible for the same dinosaur fossils to be found on different continents.

Read the below article and hypothesize about how it would be possible for the same dinosaur fossils to be found on different continents. on-every-continent.html In notebook: Title- Fossils Write your hypothesis  1. What observations from today support inferences/Numnumnumnum…  And draw what the different boundaries look like in your notebook.  On the iPads go to this website:

Online Interactive Learning Modules to Enhance Active Learning in a Brick and Mortar Course Boston University Instructional Innovation Conference March.

910 out Critical Reading; Causal Inference 1112 out Open Discussion of Problem Q&A Mini-Lecture Individual & Team Exercises Progressive Disclosure Exercises Reading, Videos, Skill /iPad, etc. 5)Students viewed the modules as making an important contribution to their learning. A mid-course evaluation indicated that 98% of the students strongly agreed (75%) or agreed (23%) that the online modules are a significant aid to learning. Results LOVED the online sessions. Pre-and post-quizzes forced me to keep up in/

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening in the Arts Close Reading in Musical Theatre.

in the Component Strand 1.0 Artistic Perception—Theatre for your grade level/span. Highlight the words and phrases that tell what students are expected to know and do for each standard. VAPA and CCSS Reading Strand Quick and Easy Access to CA’s CCSS Standards On Your iPhone® or iPad/to your annotations. Structure Read the stage directions within the script and consider Elphaba’s point of view. How do the stage directions help make the lyrics in the final stanza so memorable? Inferences To whom is Elphaba /

Reading EXPECTATIONS Ms. Tricia Kemp. it’s All on you! It is you, the student’s responsibility to come to class prepared, with both supplies and assignments.

expository and persuasive essays; reading and writing go hand in hand. Student will acquire strategies (SKILLS) to analyze what they have read, such as… note taking/ structure: plot pyramid *Be able to drawing conclusions, use inference, analyze argument, and understand reasoning *Identify characters and understand characterization REQUIRED MATERIALS / basis. BACKPACKS, PURSES, CELL PHONES, IPODS, IPADS, and DISTRACTING OBJECTS IN GENERAL… All personal items will be stored in the students’ bag, backpack, or purse AT /

Welcome to 3 rd Grade Mrs. Ryan Room 313. About Mrs. Ryan Teaching and working in District 97 the past four years in grades 1-5 Live in Oak Park with.

in Assignment Notebook and Home Folder Technology Elmo Document Reader, Apple TV Links on my website Netbooks Connect Ed 1:1 iPad/ cards. Students will no longer receive an overall grade in reading and math, but instead will be assessed as to/Reading Reading various genres of Literature Reading Informational Text (Time for Kids, Scholastic, etc.) Practicing many reading strategies (building background knowledge, monitoring, inferring, summarizing, predicting, determining what is important) Passport to Reading/

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