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Responding to the Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Problem solve  Revise  Re-assess Magyar, C., (2008, November). Developing a system of support for students with autism spectrum disorders: A classroom model. Presentation given at the 7 th Annual Conference sponsored by CARD-Albany, Albany, NY./ G.; Huber, H.; and Kincaid, D. (2003). Effective educational practices for students with autism spectrum disorders. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities,18, 150-165 Effective Components for Educational Practices Individualized Supports and Services/

Marion Staff Training 2009 Lisa Anderson M.S. Education, Autism Consultant, CESA 8.

reactions personally!!!  The grieving process is ONGOING…  Consider the emotional aspects of raising a child with autismAutism Everyday… - RrFQ&feature=related reward – food, drink, toys, etc., immediate feedback…sensory needs being met  Revenge or justice…not common with autism  Expression of self – seeking independence  Acceptance or affiliation – seeking social interaction, gain acceptance from peers  ABC /

Improving the Lives of all Affected by Autism. Facing Challenges of Providing Services to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder December 8, 2008 Washington,

Environment Factors contributing to climate change and global warming are also the same factors contributing to the rise in Autism Human Rights Systematically discriminated and subjected to global abuses Moral and Ethical Obligation Can no longer accept that this/of rights of virtually every country essential health care has been recognized as a fundamental human right. But with Autism, there is a pervasive discrimination on an equally global scale. Proper and timely access to medical diagnosis and treatment/

Abnormal Child Psychology, 3rd Edition, Eric J. Mash, David A. Wolfe Chapter 10: Autism and Childhood Onset Schizophrenia Chapter 10 Autism and Childhood.

self-stimulatory behavior Abnormal Child Psychology, 3rd Edition, Eric J. Mash, David A. Wolfe Chapter 10: Autism and Childhood Onset Schizophrenia Core Characteristics (cont.)  Watch the following video about Rebecca, a first- grader/dominance  stimulus overselectivity Abnormal Child Psychology, 3rd Edition, Eric J. Mash, David A. Wolfe Chapter 10: Autism and Childhood Onset Schizophrenia Associated Characteristics (cont.)  Cognitive Deficits  difficulty understanding social situations  impairments in /

Accommodating Autism After School Mary Roth, Lead Ally

Sensory issues Perceived aloofness – prefers to be alone Perseveration on a particular topic (Asperger’s) Visual learners Autism Society of Indiana Other Health Issues Intellectual impairment (~70% of cases) Seizures (~40% of/with extra security and window locks Restraint must be done extremely carefully in case the individual has positional asphyxia Autism Society of Indiana Interventions and Treatments Therapy – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Occupational, Physical/

Autism: What the Physician Assistant Needs to Know Jennie Plocica Advisor: Dr. Gairola.

antipsychotics – risperidone showing efficacy in severe behavioral problems Anticonvulsants Anticonvulsants Stimulants Stimulants Many more Many more Conclusion Autism is prevalent! Autism is prevalent! Be aware of the Red Flags Be aware of the Red Flags Pay attention to/ HG, Green G, and Stanislaw H. A comparison of intensive behavior analytic and eclectic treatments for young children with autism. Research in Developmental Disabilities 2005; 26:359-383. Howard JS, Sparkman CR, Cohen HG, Green G, and /

Autism A Brief Introduction to Autism

a difficulty in making sense of the world. There is also a condition called Asperger syndrome, which is a form of autism used to describe people who are usually at the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum. "Reality to an autistic person / to possess an unusually high level of specific ability. Savant ability is more frequently associated with those having some form of autism rather than with other disabilities. Current thinking holds that at most 1 or 2 in 200 individuals with an autistic spectrum/

The State of Autism in 2011 from a Neurologist Perspective Bhagwan Moorjani, MD, FAAP, FAAN.

Center –Neuroimaging QTC Provider Maximus and MES –Independent Medical Review Autism diagnosis is a clinical one in 2/3 symptoms first appear in infancy in 1/3 development is normal// the family to discuss evaluation and to begin therapy Case worker asked parents what do they know about Autism Autism A Clinical Diagnosis Beware: Autism is over-represented in individuals with an IQ in the severe to profound range –50-60% has the/

So the diagnosis is autism. Now What

session Some didactic presentation Case presentations (mine and yours?) Interactive discussions with questions Facts about Autism Autism is a brain-based disorder, onset prenatal Involves abnormalities in: Qualitative aspects of social development /haloperidol (Haldol®) Atypical, e.g. risperidone (Risperdal®) The Psycho-stimulants: Their Role Significant hyperactivity can exist with autism & Asperger syndrome (10-20%) (Ghaziuddin,1998; Martin et al, 1999) These medications act by increasing the /

Autism – Justice, Ethics, and Morality Luke Beardon Senior Lecturer in Autism The Autism Centre Sheffield Hallam University.

unethical and discriminatory Rights for the individual mean recognition of need and the right to appropriate support Luke Beardon, The Autism Centre Ethics, Morality, and Normalisation It is essential that individuals with ASDs are treated with respect for their way of/ thinking and behaving, and that ‘normal’ value bases are not enforced upon them Luke Beardon, The Autism Centre The Way Forward Better understanding and recognition of the need for a better understanding Better practice in diagnostic /

Vitamin D and Autism A look at the evidence that links the two John J Cannell, MD /// Vitamin D Council.

in numerous ways in brain development, including: Kočovská E, Fernell E, Billstedt E, Minnis H, Gillberg C. Vitamin D and autism: Clinical review. Res Dev Disabil. 2012 Sep;33(5):1541- 50. Epub 2012 Apr 21.  Synaptic development  Nerve migration and / and metabolism  Regulation of glutathione, the master antioxidant and heavy metal remover  Protection from glutamate toxicity Vitamin D and Autism A look at the evidence that links the two  Also what they found:  On breastfeeding  A recent study /

A UTISM By Emily Ramos W HAT IS A UTISM ? Autism is a complex, developmental disability that is defined by 3 areas of significant impairment: social.

child must show these delays before age 3. There are currently more than 1.5 million people with autism in the united states. S OCIAL IMPAIRMENT Nonverbal skills- eye contact, body posture, facial expressions. Peer/ interventions (floor time)- done at home with the parents. Cognitive therapy for higher functioning individuals. Specialized classrooms (Autism clusters) Specialized teaching methods: PECS (picture exchange communication system- using pictures to facilitate language). Specialized schools. T/

Autism Center Autism 101: An Introduction for Families Lindsey Miller, ARNP Rachel Montague, Ph.D. June 5, 2012.

Autism Center Autism Triad – Current Model Autism Center Autism Spectrum Disorders Autistic Disorder Aspergers Disorder PDD-NOS What are Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)? Autism Center Autism – Proposed Model Autism Center Autism Spectrum Disorder Autistic Disorder Aspergers Disorder PDD-NOS Proposed model of ASD Autism/how and why we communicate” Nonverbal Communication School-based and private speech language pathologists Autism Center Occupational (OT) & Physical Therapy (PT) Gross Motor Development – “/

Our Special Garden Our Children & Autism 1 Our Children and Autism Our Special Garden Nutrition, Fitness & Natural Health Educating You Today for a Healthier.

Certified Iridologist Certified Live Blood Technician Certified Personal Trainer Our Special Garden Our Children & Autism 2 Key Points on Autism and ASD Autism cannot be solely genetic because in the last 10 years, disease incidence has increased /improvement (better eye contact, improved vocabulary) when chronic viral and fungal infections are treated. Our Special Garden Our Children & Autism 27 OPTIONS Diets – GF/CF, Specific Carbohydrate (SCD), Low Oxalate (LOD), Feingold, etc. Supplements – wide variety /

© 2009 Autism Science Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Making the CASE for Vaccines: A new model for talking to parents about vaccines Alison Singer.

50% make enough gains to be mainstreamed by kindergarten Early Intervention programs vary by state © 2009 Autism Science Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Treatment: Evidence and Anecdote Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy –Early/Start Denver Model Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Social Skills Training Pharmacological interventions (Risperdal, Abilify) © 2009 Autism Science Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Other Treatments (Non Evidence based) Music Therapy (AIT) Horseback Riding/

Making a difference together: Understanding autism

friends. People can appear aloof, indifferent and withdrawn. 3. Social Imagination Social imagination is where people with autism have difficulties comprehending: Abstract concepts and ideas People’s actions, emotions, behaviours and consequences Solutions to life /to forget to eat. Isacc Newton was also not interested in people. People from the past with suspected autism: People with autism are in good company Fictional television character from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Theoretical Physicist: Dr Sheldon Lee /

UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

, possibly corresponding to a period in neurodevelopment that may have been altered. Wills 2007) The Integrative Treatment of Autism What is Integrative Medicine? The combination of conventional and alternative Treating the whole person- body, mind and spirit /necessary Anxiety In my experience anxiety, in many forms, is a huge issue for many children with autism Integrative treatments can include hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy Herbal treatments Inositol Inositol A simple sugar important for /

A Review of Music and Art Therapies

empathetic technique geared towards the child’s responsiveness, characteristics, and needs American Music Therapy Association (2008). Autism Spectrum disorders: Music Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Support. Retrieved fromhttp:/ / /Correctional facilities Schools Private practices. American Music therapy Association American Music Therapy Association (2008). Autism Spectrum disorders: Music Therapy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Support. Retrieved from http://www./

Refrigerator mothers and beyond….. The aetiology of autism Cognition and neuroscience.

social communication Superior low-level sensory-perceptual processing, central coherence, systemising In the mid-20th century, autism was thought to originate from the emotional coldness of the child’s mother (Refrigerator mothers) even though/ nervous systems is substantial throughout life. Frequency of immunological anomalies is increased in individuals with autism and their families. In autism, altered immune processes affect a wide array of neurodevelopmental processes (eg, neurogenesis, proliferation, /

AUTISM: THE SPECTRUM DISORDER What is It, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

 Associated with a known medical or genetic condition or environmental factor  Associated with another neurodevelopmental, mental, or behavioral disorder  With catatonia (state of unresponsiveness to external stimuli) Severity levels for Autism Spectrum Disorder Severity LevelSocial CommunicationRestricted, Repetitive Behaviors Level 3 "Requiring very substantial support” Severe deficits in verbal and nonverbal social communication skills cause severe impairments in functioning, very limited initiation/

The Big “A”: All About Autism By Cecelia Taylor-Hunt COMP 401 Directed Professional Writing Spring 2012 SUNY Potsdam By Cecelia Taylor-Hunt COMP 401 Directed.

). Since the 1990s, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have kept track of ongoing cases involving children with autism. Autism is a developmental disability that affects 1 in 88 American children alone, according to a recent report from the Center/autistm is not a epidemic, but just differentiated learning. lthguide/esn-autism-reporters.html Thinking as an Autistic person Visual Mathematics and Science Music Verbal Visual Mathematics and Science Music Verbal/

1. 2 3 Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Also called Pervasive Developmental Disorders A Spectrum of five different disorders, ranging in level.

diagnostic reference used by mental health professionals and insurance providers in the United States. The diagnosis of autism requires that at least six developmental and behavioral characteristics are apparent, that problems are evident before age /d. Web. 22 Nov. 2010. Grandin, T. (2002, December). Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism. Retrieved from Gray, C. (2007). What Are Social Stories? Retrieved November 19, 2010 from http://www.thegraycenter/


may relieve some symptoms, but no treatment is fully effective in treating the core social deficits. AutismAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and/stimulation results in agitation, anxiety or inattention Question Which of the following deficit is least often associated with autism spectrum disorder? a. Communication b. Cognition c. Social d. Behavior Cognitive Processing Visual learners, not/

The Autism-Mercury Connection Prof. James B. Adams, Ph.D. Chemical and Materials Engineering Arizona State University President, Greater Phoenix ASA Representative.

0% As4%19% Cd52%1% Pb315%478% Hg328%90% Ni51%-11% Sn1900%85% U2100%515% Support of Autism Research Institute (oldest autism research center in US) Directed by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. “detoxification of mercury from autistic children can bring / Prevention Larger, more controlled studies are needed to confirm results However, if the results are correct, then many cases of autism might be prevented by: –reduced use of oral antibiotics (especially many repeated uses for ear infections) –removal of thimerosal /

Understanding Autism in the Context of Screening: Where Do We Go From Here? Ann M. Mastergeorge CIHS/First5 Special Needs Project Consultant UC Davis/M.I.N.D.

where”, and “who” questions easily  Talks about interests and feelings about the past and future Common Presenting Features of Autism Spectrum Disorders From First Signs, Inc. (2004) Key Social, Emotional, and Communication Milestones for Your Baby’s Healthy/  Organic Brain Disorder fMRI, MRI studies demonstrate: increased head circumference, brain volume, brain region deficits Autism Can Be Identified Early  Most common initial symptom reported by parents is delayed (or abnormal) speech development/

Orientation and Foundations in Autism Spectrum Disorders K-12 Intensive Training.

based teams in the areas of teaming and problem solving, effective educational programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and systems change. Making Professional Development Effective Lang & Fox (2003) Traditional /develop normally then regress). Retrospective diagnosis. Restricted & Repetitive Behavior Impairment in Socialization Impairment in Communication Autism Spectrum Disorder DSM 5 Definition (2013) Deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts /

Mitochondrial Autism—A Unique Subpopulation and Piece of the Puzzle? Presented 5/25/2008 By Jon S. Poling MD PhD Clinical Assistant Professor, Department.

with near failure of classic Mendelian genetics to explain Spectrum of severity Spectrum of severity Can Autism Be A Mitochondrial Disease? Biochemical Convergent Evidence 2 Proposed environmental precipitants may selectively injury metabolically /If no, when do biomarkers appear, and what is trigger or developmental biochemical pathway maturation cycle? Mitochondrial Autism— Immediate Clinical Research Priorities2 Longitudinal case studies/high risk Biochemical markers vs. time Biochemical markers vs. time /

Autism 101 For Home and Community Presented by BHSSC: Ronda Feterl, MS Shirley Hauge, MA SLP CCC Connie Tucker, Ed.Sp.

NEGATIVE: Remove an aversive stimulus to increase a response CORRECTIVE: Any stimulus that decreases a behavior Autism and Behavior Autism is a syndrome of behavioral deficits and excesses with a neurological basis ABA focuses on teaching / of behavior – –Simple responses (looking/eye contact) – –Spontaneous Communication and Social Interaction Defining Autism Qualitative Impairment in Communication Qualitative Impairment in Social Skills Restricted Range of Interests/Activities and Stereotypical Behaviors /

Early Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders Zachary Warren, PhD Vanderbilt Kennedy Center / TRIAD Department of Psychiatry / VUMC.

There are at present no specific medical tests or biological markers that indicate the presence of autism Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) ASD Interests and Activities Communication Social Interactions Major Diagnostic Features for /: NLGN4, NRXN1Mutations: NLGN4, NRXN1 Association: GABRB3, EN2, SLC25A12…Association: GABRB3, EN2, SLC25A12… Autism Atypical Autism Anxiety Risk Intense Focus Language Impairment Relatively simple genetic examples Maternal chromosome 15q11-13 duplication or triplication Fragile/

Copyright Autism Society of America1 Public Awareness of Autism in the Schools Overheads for use by chapters when making presentations to school professionals.

the learning environment –Examples: Modify physical placement in the classroom Materials presented in visual format Copyright Autism Society of America20 Key Elements for Success Teacher sets tone of high expectations Ownership of the /greatly benefit students with autism. Copyright Autism Society of America27 Additional Resources The Autism Society of America –1-800-3-AUTISM – Autism Society of Collin County – McKinney/

AUTISM OLD RULES AND NEW RULES What everyone should know about Autism.

–(Retrieved from ABA: APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS Current Treatments: While many treatments can currently take place for Autism, many people are starting to use ABA Therapy, which is a behavior treatment plan in which a positive reinforcement /. American Journal of Psychiatry 2012, 169(10), 1056-64. Rosenblatt, A. I., & Carbone, P. S. (Eds.). (2013). Autism spectrum disorders: What every parent needs to know. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics. Sowell, E. R., & Bookheimer,/


use protoimperative, but not protodeclarative gestures  may use instrumental, but not expressive gestures  about 50% of children with autism do not develop any useful language  use qualitatively deviant forms of communication  impairments in the pragmatic use of language/ greatest degree possible  interventions to help the parents cope with the demands of having a child with autism TREATMENT OF AUTISM (CONT.) Dr. Mark Durand’s research program, as discussed in the following video, deals with motivation/

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders Review, March 21, 2013.

brain, social development and communication skills.  First signs appear by age 16 months  Children and adults with autism typically show varying degrees of difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities/2: Environmental Factors Section 2: Genetics, Family & Social History Section 2: Other Medical Conditions Associated With Autism National Institute of Health, 2005 Possible Genetic Link  Emerging research by consortium of scientists in Boston on /

The Role of the Motivating Operation in Teaching Children with Autism Vincent J. Carbone Ed.D., BCBA-D NYS Licensed Behavior Analyst Carbone Clinic New.

L. (2010). The role of the reflexive conditioned motivating operation (CMO-R) during discrete trial instruction of children with autism. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, 25, 110-124. Carnine, D. W. (1976). Effects of two teacher presentation rates /. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 30, 267 – 278. Smith, T. (2001) Discrete trial training in the treatment of autism. Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities Summer 2001 16: 86-92. Sprague, J. R., & Horner, R. H. (1992). Co/

Use Cases for Autism: The Telehealth Program at the Marcus Autism Center Felissa P. Goldstein, MD 4 th Annual Telehealth Summit of South Carolina October.

through the, Georgia Partnership for Telehealth network Same psychiatric care as provided in person 7 Marcus Autism Center Current Sites Participating with 85 presenting sites throughout Georgia* –Healthcare Organizations –Private Practices/clinics / behaviors: –Aggression –Self-Injurious Behavior –Disruptive Behavior –Noncompliance Caregiver must be able to manage behavior Marcus Autism Center Outcomes Since March, four clients have had BBI - Telehealth admissions –Two clients have successfully discharged (/

Designing and delivering autism- friendly services for justice professionals in Northern Ireland Shirelle Stewart National Director National Autistic Society.

Commission Christine Watts from the Commission contacted the NAS Meeting to discuss how the Commission could provide autism friendly public services The NAS consultation group went on a mystery shop/ tour of the Assembly / restaurant, Islington, London - Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Inverness Airport - Middlesborough CAB Advocacy Service Creating Autism Friendly Public Services Christine Watts Environmental Services Manager Northern Ireland Assembly Key Elements The partnership we developed with the /

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Workshop Malta October 2012 Professor Michael Fitzgerald.

related to special skills. #Routines related to special skills. #Intellectual interests. #Intellectual interests. (* Kanner# Asperger) Concepts of Autism 8. Commonly Associated Features Abnormalities of: Language (grammar, semantics). Responses to sensory stimuli. Responses to sensory stimuli. Posture and/ speech perception and production is very different from the person without autism. Autism Language (Personal View) 3. Persons with autism do not capture the regularities of culture and language and are /

AUTISM Maria Elena Barta EDSP 5311Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching for Exceptional Children Houston Baptist University.

issues, where further research has the potential to improve the lives of those who struggle with autism. What Are the Symptoms of Autism? ◦ Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by social-interaction difficulties, communication challenges and a tendency to / informed, active participant in planning and monitoring their childs unique program and legal rights. Teaching a Child with Autism ◦ Children’s Books

There are so many kids, teenagers and adults with AUTISM all round the world. They are just like us.

not meeting developmental milestones, should contact their pediatricians and request a developmental screening. The Diagnosis of Autism Communication- trouble understanding or communicating their thoughts. Development Issues Lack of or delay in spoken language /to development novel treatments based on shared biological pathways." The study used some genetic samples from Autism Speaks Autism Shares Risk Genes With Major Psychiatric Disorders Anxiety is a normal human emotion that everyone experiences /

The Benefits of Employing Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders Im proving Outcomes as a Community Lisa Deer The University of North Texas Autism.

Accuracy Productivity Hard-working Loyalty Technically proficient Avoids office politics Less Turnover (Lee and Carter, 2012) NOTICE ANY PARALLELS???????????? What Industries and Careers are a Good Match for People with Autism? Food Service Retail Manufacturing Animal Husbandry/ Agriculture Office Support Finance/ Accounting Graphic Arts/ Design Music Architecture Engineering Academia Journalism Technology Quality Control Corporate Success Stories: Specialisterne Specialisterne (“The Specialists”), a/

Understanding Autism An Introduction to the Characteristics and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders Peggy Halliday, M.Ed., BCBA October 2, 2012 SOMA/COMA.

that could be physically harmful, and always consult a doctor The primary evidence-based treatment for autism is intensive, structured teaching Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) regarding: – Student characteristics – Teaching procedures – Level of demands – Behavior support plans ACTIVITY SCHEDULES © Virginia Institute of Autism 2011 All Rights Reserved What is an Activity Schedule? “A set of pictures or words that cues someone to engage in/

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Impact on Family Functioning and Dynamics Melissa DeVincentis, PhD, LMFT, BCBA

Nonverbal----------Verbal Clumsy--------------Coordinated Hypo-----------------Hyper This range of abilities can contribute to the individual’s with autism behaviors. Prevalence Autism spectrum disorder: 1 in 88 PDD’s more common in males (except Rett’s Disorder)/answer different research questions Little intervention with older children Where Do We Find Information About Evidence-based Practices in Autism? Birth to 3 Years Birth to Age 8 Years The Simpson Model 33 interventions and treatments divided into 5/

A Need For Action… According to research conducted by the Center for the Study of Autism the number of children being diagnosed with Autism is on the.

development up to this point, and then report a major regression in already attained skills or development. Indicators of Autism Autism is considered a spectrum disorder due to the fact that symptoms can range from mild to severe. A child with/ (Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding) (Autism Society of Michigan) www. (Yale University-latest trends and information) References Adams, James B. et al. (2004)./

Autism Society of Minnesota Employment & Autism Initiative If not now then when……

Employment guide Completed Goal 8Investigate Companies to pilot solutions/strategies Determine feasibilityVRS 2 nd grant Autism Society of Minnesota Steering Committee Participants Parents Jenny PucketParent Kelly McLaughlinParent Barbara LuskinAuSM Consulting Psychologist /SpainState of MN Joyce SantoMetro SPLISE ASD Networks Laura GardnerDakota County Technical College Lisa KingCollege Autism spectrum Louise GoetzAnoka County Lynn StansberryUniv St. Thomas Special Ed Dept John MergesLicensed Social Worker/


frustration tolerance, persist with difficult tasks, develop communication skills. A visual schedule for an older student with autism could look like these: _all_forms.htm Behavioral Resources http://do2learn./)  video series that is free to learn more about autism and how to help students and families who are dealing with this disorder. You must sign up to /

Towards a Rhetorology for Autism Advocacy: Negotiations of Voice and Rhetorical Listening in Public Dialogue Kimberly Elmore, Texas Tech University 2014.

Advocate/Parent Dialogues,” participants made suggestions for improving interactions in the current dialogue or future ones about autism advocacy. Some of the suggestions were debated, such whether a successful dialogue requires participants to be/rhetoric of rhetoric: The quest for effective communication. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Broderick, A. A. & Neeman, A. (2008). Autism as metaphor: Narrative and counter- narrative. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 12(5-6): 459-476. Burke, K. (1945, /

© 2009 Autism Science Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Making the CASE for Vaccines: A new model for talking to parents about vaccines Alison Singer.

Anecdote Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Speech Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Social Skills Training Pharmacological interventions (Risperdal, Abilify) Special schools & School-Based Interventions –TEACCH, ABA, Floortime, Intensive Language Instruction © 2009 Autism Science Foundation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Other Treatments (Non Evidence based) Music Therapy (AIT) Horseback Riding Therapy Special Diet (Gluten and Casein Free) Vitamin Supplements Secretin Injections Anti-fungal agents/

Early Intervention in Autism

others, speaking in short phrases, appropriate play skills, and self-help skills. Early Behavioral Intervention for Autism (continued) Year 2--extend expressive vocabulary, more abstract concepts, extend treatment to group and community / or written word as component of the four-term contingency. Conditional Discriminations Involving Deictic Words Children with autism have particular difficulty learning deictic words because they require conditional discriminations (or have shifting referents). Examples: /

Autism in the Regular Early Childhood Classroom Presented by Laura Robison.

Have Fun! (Anderson, as cited in Heward, 2006) Interventions and Strategies for Teachers Working with Students with Autism (cont.) Arrange environments to promote desired student behaviors Embed instruction, prompts, and feedback into class routines Modify / of Positive Behavior Intervention, 9 (3), 159-173. Robledo, S. J., & Ham-Kucharski, D. (2005). The autism book: Answers to your most pressing questions. New York: Penguin Group. Other Resources University of North Carolina Department of Psychiatry. /


annual growth QUICK FACTS Growth comparison during the 1990s U.S. population increase: 13% Disabilities increase: 16% Autism increase: 172% QUICK FACTS $90 billion annual cost 90% of costs are in adult services Cost of /individualized, behavioral interventions show remarkable progress. In addition, limited pharmacological interventions are available to treat specific symptoms of autism. What Causes Autism? In the majority of cases, no specific underlying cause can be identified. However, a variety of factors/

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