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Chapter 3 Part 1- The Organization of Humanity. Spaceship Earth The term spaceship earth is used to signify the finiteness (limited) of earth’s resources.

resources Late Cenozoic Ice Age- last great ice age that ended 10,000 years ago Global temperatures fell and rebounded repeatedly, causing polar ice caps to expand and retract Glaciers changed the landscape & humans and animals/for the first time in human history First settlements began to appear in an area near Southwest Asia With these new settlements a social stratification developed Society moved to a system of classes based on wealth, power, influence, etc With this social ladder, competition developed/

Class 15: Project Management August 2 nd, 2011.

Class  If you missed class, come get it.  Survey: AnimalLingo Party  Class Evaluations- Possibly Today!  Quiz 4 Tomorrow: Learning Objectives  Define or describe 1) Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), 2) Supply Chain Management, and 3) Customer Relationship Management systems.  Compare and contrast the waterfall model and Iterative and Incremental Development/7th 2nd 7th 2nd 7th DECISION MADE ON DELIVERY COST (in $) 25 10 7.50 10 7.50 6 35 15 10 9.50 7.50 6  By looking at the following variables, we/

Project Status OOMeter: Measuring Coupling and Cohesion of OO Systems This presentation will probably involve audience discussion, which will create action.

, etc.) Technical Challenges Configuration Management Tool Model Driven Development Tool Bug Management Infrastructure Resources Project Resources –Dedicated (full-time) resources Principal Investigator A Lecturer –Part-time resources Co-Investigator 2 research rssistants are being engaged –If project is constrained by lack of resources, suggest alternatives We are looking to include a third research assistant and a lecturer Goals for Next Review Date of next status update? Agree on/

IX. 1 See these resources: HDS6-01 (Section 9.3), HEC20-95 (Section 4.3 to 4.7), HDS1-78 (Section 11), TXDOT-02 (Section 4.4), FITD Class CD IX. Overview.

.5 to 8.10 OF HDS6-01] IX. 12 IX. Overview Of Design Process D.Design Checklists: Many types of Design Checklists are located in the Resource Literature. Researching them prior to design often lends valuable insights to the designer… IX. 13 [HANDOUT: Excerpts of AHDG-99] IX. Overview Of Design Process D.Design Checkists: Some examples: 1.Checklist for Planning and Locating Specific/

Math Resources. Overview What is CGI? Problem Solving ●Problem solving types and what order to give them to students ●How students progress in developing.

give them to students ●How students progress in developing problem solving abilities ●How to incorporate story problems into your math classResources Numeracy (number development) and Fact Development Resources Math Intervention Resources What is CGI? ●Cognitively Guided Instruction ●Its an approach not a curriculum ●Uses child’s thinking as a basis for instruction ●Child can solve problems without direct instruction ●Carpenter and Fennema Problem Solving My Journey ●After 1st year/

Where are the Business Opportunities Today? Answer: Outside the USA Madison Area Business Consultants May 10, 2012.

.8 Mil. US$ Millionaires in Asia ex Japan Focus on the Middle Class  Increase in Purchasing Power  Demand for Better Products and Services  Higher Savings Rates  China Marketing Formula 10% x 10% x 10% = a Big Number The Newly Rich  Consumer Products  Durables, / Resources  Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Lora Klenke VP - International Business Development 201 W. Washington Ave Madison, WI 53703 608-266-0393 Resources  Madison International /

Adolescents… What are they thinking? Heather Von Bank Ph.D. Assistant Professor FCS Child Development & Family Studies.

for tomorrow…  How to make decisions: Decision making skillsDecision making skills  Making ethical decisions: “What Do You Want the Virtual World to Say About You in 10 Years”What Do You Want the Virtual World to Say About You in 10 Years  Social skill development/ 77%: have seen parents text & drive Adolescents in FCS Class  More critical thinking opportunities  Stimulate formal- operational thinking /adapting Any questions? List of References/Resources TopicSites Inside the Teenage Brainhttp://youtu./

Welcome to Cuyahoga Community College!. OVERVIEW OF SESSION  Goals of orientation: Welcoming, memorable, feel connected, aware of resources Welcoming,

2 nd 8-week Aug SepOct Dec Jan FebMar May 10 8 5-week 1 st 5-week 2 nd 5/Transfer Planning  Stress Management GEN Studies Classes  Career Development  Personal Development  Success Strategies  Parenting Skills  Intro to College Opportunities for Success Must be currently enrolled Complete 12/and Resources at Tri-C  In class and seminar based sessions on budgeting, responsible borrowing and credit  One on one advising appointments available with SFAS advisors  Project GO – assistance with applying for/

Oracle HTMLDB introduction IT-AIS-HR Giovanni Chierico 1/16 Oracle HTMLDB introduction CERN Oracle Developers Forum: May 12 th 2005.

16 What is HTMLDB A rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. 100% web based development PL/SQL driven Oracle HTMLDB introduction IT-AIS-/Tables, Packages, DBLinks, Java Classes, …) Create DB Objects Run arbitrary SQL Import/Export Data from/to XML/Spreadsheet Oracle HTMLDB introduction IT-AIS-HR Giovanni Chierico 10/16 Page Creation: Overview Pre-/ for small to medium applications It takes some time to get used to it Oracle HTMLDB introduction IT-AIS-HR Giovanni Chierico 15/16 Resources/

SE Regional Space Grant Meeting Lexington Nov. 11, 2006 FLORIDA WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS.

Specification & Interface –1 Kg –10 x 10 x 10 cm Cube –I/F with Launch Vehicle Many on-going programs –Cal Poly / Stanford Univ.  Int ’ l Tech. Society & Regular Meeting Tech Support: Design DB FUNSAT Senior Design Class –Hands-on project Required –Space system/ education leading to technology- related careers. HS/HT links youth to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce. HS/HT is an/

Pattern Story (for.NET Developers) YoungSu, Son Microsoft MVP Devpia Architecture&Design Sysop Devpia.NET Framework 3.0 Sysop Samsung.

Pattern Story (for.NET Developers) YoungSu, Son Microsoft MVP Devpia Architecture&Design Sysop Devpia.NET Framework 3.0 Sysop Samsung Electronics Home Solution Group YoungSu, Son Microsoft MVP Devpia Architecture&Design Sysop Devpia.NET Framework 3.0 Sysop Samsung Electronics Home Solution Group 10/12/2015 Devpia A&D EVA 2 Agenda Pattern and Model with Etymon. GoF 2/

BS-AC First Class Diver Leadership Workshop First Class Diver Leadership Workshop.

goals  Team  achieving organisational objectives  meeting performance standards  Individual  developing the capabilities of individuals First Class FCDL.5 V1.0 Leadership and Command Command includes:  the authority and responsibility for  using available resources effectively  people  equipment  time  money  planning and organising,  directing, coordinating, and controlling,  health, safety and welfare,  morale and discipline. First Class FCDL.6 V1.0 Command Authority Authority (power) comes/

Chapter 10, Social Stratification Key terms. social differentiation The process by which different statuses in any group, organization or society develop.

or society develop. statuses Refers to a socially defined position in a group or society. social stratification The fixed, hierarchical arrangements of status differences by which groups have different access to power, resources, and perceived social worth. estate systems Ownership of property and exercise of power is monopolized by an elite who have total control over societal resources. caste system Rigid hierarchy of classes, often preserved/

Collection as the Cornerstone of Presented by Sara Bishop, Administrative Systems Development West Virginia University Office of Information Technology.

Extend JSPs with custom tag libraries  Move functionality from JSP pages to tag implementation classes  Pass entire ActionForm to DTO  Username & password validation  Browsing of /confidentiality, integrity and availability of these resources”. September 28, 2005 10 App Security Safeguards  Include input validation everywhere  Test for incorrect and correct user / The goal of any development project should always be to deliver the most secure and best quality product possible and to assume pride in /

Year 10 Maths Intervention Evening Aims of the Evening Mathematics GCSE Support from School Support from Home Timeline Useful Resources Final Thoughts.

Year 10 Maths Intervention Evening Aims of the Evening Mathematics GCSE Support from School Support from Home Timeline Useful Resources Final Thoughts Aims of the Evening Develop an even stronger working partnership Keep you informed Show you the resources Positivity/ Classes Monday 11 th June 1.25pm OCR Paper 1 (Non-Calculator) Wednesday 13 th June 8.45am OCR Paper 2 (Calculator) Timeline November 2012 and June 2013 Further opportunities for examination Useful Resources Revision Guide MathsWatch DVD and /

Homework Due Next Week Use Case Diagram, Class Diagram, User Interface, State Diagram.

of diagrams –Associations with functional requirements –Nonstandard information PatronResource 0..10..* Borrower {Requirement #5} {Student at most 25 resources} {Faculty and staff – no limit} Class Diagrams (cont.) Aggregation –Class containment –Filled diamond means the contained class cannot exist on its own –Hollow diamond means the contained class can exist on its own Address Patron Overdue Notice Resource Name Aggregation Often represented as an association Often represented by inclusion/

The life cycle of a satellite mission in pictures – Or, why you need a strong calibration & validation program Ocean Optics Class University of Maine July.

Class University of Maine July 2011 Why invest in a satellite? bio-optical data collected by NASA-funded scientists during the MODIS-Aqua era Because it’s hard to sample the global oceans on boats, buoys, & drifters … MODIS-Aqua observations for/And provide wonderfully complementary data streams! So, how does one build a satellite flight project & complementary calibration / validation team? Let’s say that you come up with a good idea … You develop/finance its development. You/I mention that 10-yrs have passed/

USING RUBY An Introduction By Evgeny Rahman. About Me Principal Engineer at FirstFuel Software 10+ years in Software Engineering 5 years working with.

10+ years in Software Engineering 5 years working with Ruby. Overview Dynamic language Created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in 1993 Very influenced by Perl and Smalltalk Developed as an open source project Optimized for developer productivity and/ Open classes Testing Debugging Performance Threads Testing Big part of Ruby culture Rspec/Minitest/TestUnit Mocking/stubbing TDD/BDD Frameworks Rails Sinatra Rack Rake Grape Cucumber Resources https://www/

Welcome to Glen Este Middle School. Success for All Students Team  Mrs. Lori Crowe, Principal  Dr. Deb Kobman, Assistant Principal  Lesa Loudin & Michael.

35-2:15 LUNCH (10:57-11:27) Core/ Recommendation  Work Habits  Essential Skills  Class Assessment Scores Encore Curriculum Three Daily Encore Periods /week  Teacher support is available  Students have access to technology and resources GEMS Extra Curricular Clubs  Art  Bowling  Defend a Friend/ Policies Immunization Requirement  Tdap  Required for all incoming 7 th graders  Protects / contact is your child’s Advisor  Character Development  Team Building  Organization  Bullying Prevention GEMS/

Daniel KC Liu Managing Director Dynamic Resources Asia Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vancouver, Wuhan DOING BUSINESS IN THE PRCHINA.

Contingency HEALTH CHECK CHINA 2009 - 2013 Growth 7/8%! 270m class buying luxury goods; cars etc Reconstruction of Sichuan Building 40000km of /City Prize for balancing sustainable economic development with cultural conservation, showing cities in China and other developing countries /Education Base HK 6.8m 17% 100% 10 days Minimal Yes HK Yes Convertible China, Limited/Service Organization Development Consulting Business Management Consultancy DYNAMIC RESOURCES Company Profile Dynamic Resources Consultants /

Mount Buller Geography Unit 3 Fieldwork 2010 Format of the SAC A written and media booklet is developed in and out of class over the next 3 weeks. This.

% ( completed in SAC test conditions in class) Future policy Suggest a policy for the future sustainable use of the local resource. This future policy may include some spatial elements (i.e. a map) Develop criteria to justify a policy to regulate sustainable development and use of the selected resource Evaluation of the policy Section 4: Spatial concepts (throughout the report) 10 % Identification and use of the relevant spatial concepts/

Developing 21 st Century Job Success Skills Gloria DiLeonardo, School-to-Career Coordinator Longwood High School 1.

To be college & career ready you will need to develop an expertise in the following “21st Century Job Success Skills/ 8 RESOURCES Human Resources TimeMoney Capital Resources 9 USE TECHNOLOGY TO: Evaluate information Organize information Interpret and communicate information Process information Acquire information 10 LEARN TO: Maintain and troubleshoot /Video 14 ASSESSMENT As a final project, complete a “Wordle” for this topic to share with the class. Be prepared to discuss the importance of each term used. /

Taking on the world’s toughest energy challenges.™ Tom Cordano President, ExxonMobil LNG Market Development Inc. April 18, 2006 Tom Cordano President,

, the development of new supply sources, political events, demographic changes, and other factors discussed herein (and in Item 1 of ExxonMobil’s latest report on Form 10-K). This material is not to be reproduced without the permission of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Investing in Qatar 2 Attractive Investment Environment Clear Vision from Leadership Abundant Natural Resources Stable Political Environment Supportive Investment Framework World-Class Infrastructure Competitive/

Resource Requirements - Page P2-L5-1 MEF-TRANSITION-P2-L5-1 Dr. M.E. Fayad Lesson 5: Establishing Resource Requirements SoftwareEngineeringII.

is Prototypes Objects x x x x x x x 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 -10,000 Accurately Communicates Requirements/Design To Formal Software Developers 100% Time (12 Sec Cycle) 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% /Classes/Inheritance Reduces Coding Effort -High Reuse Potential - Classes/Inheritance Reduces Testing Effort -Often Testing “Working” Parts +Testing for Reuse -Integration Occurs Throughout Development -Total Effort is Often Less than COCOMO -Difference is Magnified for Experienced Teams OTI ModelCOCOMO Resource/

WELCOME TO LANGUAGE ARTS! Mrs. Gingrass Resource Teacher.

periods are 3 rd hour (1010:50) and 8th hour (2:13 – 3:00) RESOURCE LANGUAGE ARTS  Follow the /and informative texts  To listen to ideas presented and participate in collaborative discussions  To develop grammar, usage, mechanics, knowledge of language, and vocabulary CLASS DOJO HOMEWORK  Every effort will be made to complete homework assignments in class.  Students will be able to answer questions and get extra help as needed.  Less stress at home  Flexible CHECKING HOMEWORK & GRADES  Resource/

Information Seeking Behavior and Information Literacy Among Business Majors Casey Long Business Liaison Librarian University Library Georgia State University,

classes and one undergraduate class. Presentation covers results from Stage I – Stage III. In each stage, refinements are made to the instruction mix to identify the most effective blend of information literacy training. Methodology Developed learning objectives. Ensure students are familiar with key business information sources. Train students how to find information quickly and efficiently. Encourage students to select quality information resources/be made available for training and research assistance. /

Clean Code and How to Achieve Zero Defects Jason Jolley Director, Application Development Micro Strategies, Inc.

Code? Clean code is simple and direct. Clean code reads like well-written prose. -Grady Booch Clean Code Basics Clear & Consistent Naming Avoid using Comments Keep functions less than 10 lines Four Simple Rules Pass All Tests Clear, Expressive, & Consistent Duplicates No Behavior Or Configuration Minimal Methods, Classes, & Modules -Kent Beck Test Driven Development Red Green Refactor Test Driven Development Red Green Refactor Test Driven/

PicketBox in AS7 | Developer Conference 2012 1 PicketBox in AS7 Peter Škopek Software Engineer, JBoss by Red Hat Brno, Developer Conference 2012.

2.0.7.Final and newer ● Contains fix which make it run as dependency of your JEE application ● Use META-INF/jboss-deployment-structure.xml: PicketBox in AS7 | Developer Conference 2012 10 Vault ● Vault storage for passwords used throughout the//mem:test" ) @WebServlet(name = "MyTestServlet", urlPatterns = { "/my/" }, loadOnStartup = 1) public class MyTestServlet extends HttpServlet { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Resource(lookup = "java:jboss/datasources/LoginDS") private DataSource ds;

Chapter 2 Economic Systems.

. Communism) Market Capitalism Individuals own resources and means of production Basically free from / the U.S., tribes living within developed countries Political System: Tribal Organization Market/classes Karl Marx $1000 $10,000 I’ve made $8950! This really bites! Surplus Value $9000 $50 Pay $1000 $10,000 Authoritarian Socialism (Communism) Methods Working class/and central planning Government takes action to protect consumers when it feels it is necessary For Example, in the U.S.: FDA screens food and/

Port of 3D Slicer to Qt Julien Finet Kitware Inc. Jan. 05 th 2010 Updated May 14 th 2010 for Slicer 3.6.

an architecture for Qt based modules (in process) Train developers (first session at January 2010 Project Week) Port modules (ongoing through 2010…) Turn off KWW (by end of 2010?) Continual Improvement (through end of supplement and beyond…) /Resources/UI/qSlicerMyModule.ui TARGET_LIBRARIES ${qt_module_target_libraries} RESOURCES Resources/qSlicerMyModule.qrc ) QTModules/MyModule/CMakeLists.txt Tadam ! MyModule Panel here MyModule Slicer3 Module: with a logic and slots: qSlicerTransformsModuleWidget class/

The Technology Horizon implications for assessment Phil Marston Centre for Academic Development University of Aberdeen.

Whats the role of HE? Any Questions? Phil Marston Centre for Academic Development University of Aberdeen Resources Learning Analytics NMC Horizon Reports Slide 10 SCORM, repositories and competencies - The big/ Slide 13 Badge Anatomy by Class Hack. Creative Commons license CC BY-SA

Masoud Milani School of Computer Science Florida International University Miami, FL Windows Programming Using MFC and.

that have been changed since last build and then linking them Introduction to Windows Programming Using MFC and Visual C ++.Net Introduction 26 CLASS VIEW ZPresents and allows the projects underlying classes Text Editor Classes and members Introduction to Windows Programming Using MFC and Visual C ++.Net Introduction 27 RESOURCE VIEW ZPresents and allows manipulation the projects resources Resources Resource Editor Introduction to Windows Programming Using MFC and Visual C ++.Net Introduction 28 SOLUTION/

Energy Management :: 2011/12 Class # 1 Course organization Sustainability and resource management Prof. Paulo Ferrão

GDP 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 0500100015002000 Ano Importância relativa Environment Labor Capital Unemployment andoverexploitation ofenvironment are factorsthat determin the majorrelevance of theProductivitity of NaturalResources Human development and resource productivity Energy Management Class # 1 :: Sustainability and resource management Slide 7 of 53 Extended product responsability Eco-efficiency Design for Environment Life Cycle Assessment LCA Product oriented Business-as-usual Compliance/

Making the Most from UKCS Exploration Simon Toole Director – Licensing, Exploration & Development Prospex Fair 11/12 Dec 2007.

2007 still changing) Discovery too small – 19 (now just part of fallow block) Class A – 72 ( Pre-development feasibility studies, Well or new seismic AFEd Significant studies, Infrastructure full or none available) Class B – 52 Under discussion (mixture of newly identified and released on website) Fallow class BR - 12 Rescued with firm plan for activity Traditional Vs Promote Licences - Observations from 21, 22 & 23 rd Rounds/

HKU Faculty of Education The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education Division of Information & Technology Studies Peter Warning Studies for Information.

& practitioner experience in Information Studies Expert practitioners from within industry World-class information resources HKU Faculty of Education Programs offered MSc[LIM] Full-time Part-time/$95k for 10 modules (some are CEF) HKU Faculty of Education Aims Designed to prepare graduates to: be ‘informed, reflective practitioners’ in the information age develop information /[IM] Project Sample publications “Use of databases and ebooks in international secondary schools in Hong Kong: A small scale survey”/

Imagination at work API SC6 Resource Group On Materials Plenary Meeting Report Tim Haeberle June 19, 2014.

work API SC6 Resource Group On Materials /2011 Add higher strength classes for Alloy 718 Add other precipitation hardening nickel alloys Add another macro etch solution for Alloy 718 API Standard 6A718 3 rd Edition out for ballot Sent out for letter ballot on May/for HPHT Key issue and a recurring request from various presenters Proposal for a Work Group with initial SRRR to cover: Development of HPHT materials test program scope Development of cost estimates for test program Development of next SRRR for/

The end is nigh Weekly Recap/Preview. Recap Essay 2: Better thesis sentences, improved focus, improved editing, better development in areas Documentation:

development in areas Documentation: keep working, scholarly sources, internal documentation, format Introductions: We are not doing well there. Mid course evaluations: 18 students left in the class/. 13 have completed as of Saturday morning. 76%--assignments clearly explained; 15% think not 92%--making progress; 7% neutral 100%--assignments helping analyze, etc. 100%--assignments helping express self 92%--learning to find and use resources/a sample APA and MLA paper. Preview Review videos for all kinds /

Michelle C. Braun, SuperStar Careers How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Yoga Classes 1.

Classes 1 2 About Me Michelle C. Braun  18 years teaching management & leadership development in Fortune 100 companies  CEO of  Yogi 3  SuperStar Careers helps mid-career professionals position themselves for/- (47.9% penetration rate)  Superb ability to target customers  Easy  Sticky 10 * As of 12/2014; ** As of 3/2011 11 Business vs. Pleasure Bonus / Resources Bonus Modules 21 Facebook Groups 1.Yoga in Charlotte Rocks! 2.Yoga Teachers in Charlotte and/

Aurasium: Practical Policy Enforcement for Android Applications By Yaoqi USENIX Security Symposium 2012.

for/10)  CRePE (ISC 10)  AppFence (CCS 11)  Quire (USENIX Security 2011)  SELinux on Android  Taming Privilege-Escalation (NDSS 2012) Limitations  Modify OS – requires rooting and/ applications  Android application building and packaging process Java Source Code Application Resource.class files Classes.dex javacdx Compiled Resources AndroidManifest.xml Application Package (.apk/Repackaging time: very slow Security policies defined by developers Conclusion New approach to Android security/privacy Per-app/

2012/13 Library Orientation Teacher Professional Development Course on Enhancing Learning and Teaching in a Small Class Environment.

2012/13 Library Orientation Teacher Professional Development Course on Enhancing Learning and Teaching in a Small Class Environment Mong Man Wai Library Tai Po Campus Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 10:00 pm Sat8:30 am - 7:00 pm Sun 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Library Facilities Octopus operated Photocopier/Printer /Scanner Multimedia Workstations Discussion Room Computer Workstations Wireless Network Our Servcies Photocopy, Print & Scan/

10 nov 1999SEESCOA Applicability of UML/RT to Embedded Systems Programming Technology Lab (PROG) System & Software Engineering Lab (SSEL) Dept. of Computer.

ObjecTime & Rational Rose Douglass, Bruce Powel. Real-Time UML: Developing Efficient Objects for Embedded Systems. Addison Wesley 1998. A language for expressing the constructs and relationships of complex real-time systems. 4 10 nov 1999SEESCOA The UML Meta-Model Feature visibility:{public, protected, private} * Composition association Generalization association Class isActive:Boolean Classifier (Meta)class GeneralizeableElement isRoot:Boolean 5 10 nov 1999SEESCOA Concurrency in UML/RT Actors already are/

Teaching System z Assembler with VisibleZ

can you find resources for teaching/learning assembler? Assembler Resources Page: htm Where can you read a blog about assembler? My Assembler Blog: What’s on the websites? Software download General articles about programming assembly language (Base/Displacement Addressing, DSECTs, Looping,…) Articles about specific instructions (semantics and programming tips) A video course (in development) VisibleZ classroom/

Principles of Systems Dynamics Modeling and Analysis Pål I. Davidsen Department of Geography, University of Bergen, N-5020 Bergen,

Years Undiscovered Discovered + CAIR RTP PP TUrRR Technically Recoverable Resource Remaining (TRRR) TUdRR Technically Discoverable Resource Remaining (TDRR) Total Resource (TR)DTP EP Recovered Production Rate + 5 000- 0 10 000- 0100 + 50 Years Undiscovered Discovered CAIR RTP PP + Investment and technology loop dominance TUrRR Technically Recoverable Resource Remaining (TRRR) TUdRR Technically Discoverable Resource Remaining (TDRR) Total Resource (TR)DTP EP - Unrecovered Depletion loop dominance Recovered/

Java Threads Part I. Lecture Objectives To understand the concepts of multithreading in Java To be able to develop simple multithreaded applications in.

thread that includes the invocation  It pauses for the number of milliseconds given as an argument  Note that it may be invoked in an ordinary program to insert a pause in the single thread of that program It may throw a checked exception, InterruptedException, which must be caught or declared  Both the Thread and InterruptedException classes are in the package java.lang The/

Introduction to Environmental Analysis Environ 239 Instructor: Prof. W. S. Currie GSIs: Nate Bosch, Michele Tobias Skills Unit 10: Integrating Ecology,

. Currie GSIs: Nate Bosch, Michele Tobias Skills Unit 10: Integrating Ecology, Engineering, and Management Questions for class discussion after each group: 1.Do you agree with /development in the watershed) What we learned about the use of models to aid in decision making (2) Adjusting parameters to test scenarios seems arbitrary unless you have some data on what the values are and how they change under the different scenarios It seemed that just about every change we simulated seemed to degrade the resource/

An Overview of the Activities of Managers Purpose of class Present definitions related to management Understand the activities that comprise management.

Need for action (often from higher managers). Decisions prove to poor based on the consequences. What would you do? I am going to give you two acceptable responses. Other ways to improve customer service. Develop a customer service center where discretion can be used. Have one person located at check in. One person per 10 gates. One person at baggage claim. First class and Business class/

218F First Class Club Coach1 Coaches Benefit By  developing team-building skills  expanding leadership know-how  increasing proficiency as a facilitator.

learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self- confidence and personal growth. 5 218F First Class Club Coach6 Teach Clubs How the DCP  helps determine how club will meet the 10 goals  allows clubs to establish additional goals  outlines strategies for achieving goals  identifies resources the club may use to accomplish goals  has room to/

Welcome to 2nd Grade! Miss Sahakian Room 8107.

Mathematics 12:20-12:50 – Cont. Mathematics 12:50-2:00 – Language Arts (Science on Fridays) 2:10 – Dismissal (1:10 on Wednesdays) Class Routine Library Mondays 8:30am – 9:00am Computer Lab Mondays 9:00am – 9:40am *Please make sure students/ Standards Develop skills rather than rote knowledge Prepare our students for their futures in college AND career Four key, life-long skills: Communication Collaboration Creativity Critical Thinking Common Core “Read like a decetive” Textbook is ONE resource Purposeful /

CERN ORACLE DEVELOPERS FORUM 5 Nov 2001 Adding Mathematica Software to an ORACLE database Roberto Terenzi CNR-IFSI & INFN CERN.

Geneva 5 Nov 20015 Project Goals Both text and graphic data presentation. No special software requirements on Client-side (WEB Browsers only). Flexible architecture (distributed systems & resources ). Roberto Terenzi (ROG) Cnr INFN Cern CERN ORACLE DEVELOPERS FORUM Geneva 5 Nov 20016 Hardware System Architecture PCs w/ss etc. (WORLD) SUN Ultra 10 (CNR-Rome) Client(s) Middle-Tier ORACLE Server CERN 0racle Server (cern/

Developing targeted outreach to subpopulations within the context of a comprehensive sexual violence prevention plan AGENDA 1. Brief Overview 2. Building.

Don’t Cancel That Class Quarterly In- Service Trainings Proactive Build relationships Deans Dept. Secretaries Researchers Custom trainings Gate crashing Faculty guide available at Reaching LGBTQ+ Students Developing self Be safe Be/ People, IPV and the Legal System Transgender 101 for Victim Service Providers Resource: The Anti-Violence Project The NCAVP Training and Technical Assistance Toll-free warmline: 1-855-AVP-LGBT Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. /

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