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HOPE Works 2004-2009 Health, Opportunities, Partnerships and Empowerment.

Kelsey, PhD Kristine Kelsey, PhD Chantelle Fisher-Borne, MPH Chantelle Fisher-Borne, MPH Beth Hooten, PhD Beth Hooten, PhD The evolution of the Health Works projects from participation to empowerment Health Works for Women (HWW) 1993-1998 Work-site health promotion project focusing on individual risk factors (diet and exercise) and strengthening social support networks Worksites included nine textile, apparel, and light/

Telling the story of rural women and their empowerment through SDGs and WEAI Clare Bishop-Sambrook, Lead Technical Specialist (Gender and Social Inclusion)

Agriculture Index (WEAI) Index range from zero to one: higher values = greater empowerment Identifies HOW women are/ arent empowered -can support project design Identifies WHO is empowered: relative/relational empowerment of women within HH Measures absolute and relative levels of women empowerment Domains of empowerment and indicators Five dimensions of empowerment IndicatorsWeight Production1. Input in productive decisions1/10 2. Autonomy in production *1/10 Resources3. Ownership of assets1/

Empowering women through microfinance: PPT 2 Designing products and services for empowerment © Linda Mayoux 2011 Slide 1 Designing products and services.

intra-household relations and gender inequalities clients keep their own individual diaries upscaled mainly through peer learning basis for ‘relational marketing’ of products financially sustainable Empowering women through microfinance: PPT 2 Designing products and services for empowerment © Linda Mayoux 2011 Slide 5 Tools Tool 2: Financial Opportunities and Challenges Circle Maps Tool 5: Financial Planning ‘Multilane Highway’ Tool 3: Financial Management Challenge/

Women & Social Inclusion Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals

and gender-sensitive and public financial management, and promote equity. promote equity, gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment, good governance and accountability at all levels. We will strengthen national control mechanisms, such as supreme/ United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). Paragraph 40 FfD3 40. Evidence shows that gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s full participation as economic agents improves the profitability and competitiveness of business and is vital to /

System-wide Action Plan for implementation of the CEB Policy on gender equality and the empowerment of women: briefing UN Women Coordination Division.

the importance of: “accelerating our efforts to advance the agenda for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women through the practical implementation of the globally agreed commitments contained in the outcomes of global United /if aligned with gender strategies still to be prepared 8 CEB-SWAP: Content Reframed gender equality and the empowerment of women by moving from a reactive to proactive approach Reporting framework: indicators, timelines, resources, accountability 15 Performance /

Tracking progress in rural women’s economic empowerment Ana Paula de la O Campos Social Protection Division (ESP/FAO-UN) Milan, 29 May 2015 Technical Seminar.

economic activities” (Golla et al., 2011). Scarce accurate and reliable statistics Although there is global consensus that women’s empowerment – particularly in rural areas- is fundamental, the world still lacks accurate and reliable statistics This is problematic/ The indicator appears in multiple legal instruments4 Not applicableN/A Data collection and analysis Primary data on women’s empowerment with the aim to inform Member States Development of a mixed-methods methodology for: Monitoring and Impact/

REPORT OF THE NATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE: AUGUST 2011 Birchwood Hotel, Kempton Park “Working together for equal opportunities and progress for all women”,

sign MOUs with Government National Departments and Premiers’ Offices at the provincial level to build partnerships and develop joint strategies for taking forward the women’s empowerment and gender equality programme of action; The National Policy on Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality and the Gender Equality Bill to review gaps in current implementation, policies and legislation and ensure compliance; National and provincial department/


30 June 2014 Finalisation and consultations on the Mainstreaming Strategy to be done by Q4 25 PROGRAMME 2:WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND GENDER EQUALITY Performance Indicator Annual Target 2014/15 Q1Target Performance Status Description of progress made Reason /across sectors compiled AchievedStatus report on gender mainstreaming in the economic sector compiled N/A 28 PROGRAMME 2:WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND GENDER EQUALITY Main Achievements The department participated in the AU African Charter Commission on Human, Peoples /

SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge The role of the Private Sector in Women’s Economic Empowerment Perspectives from.

and Resilience: The Next Challenge The role of the Private Sector in Women Economic Empowerment Aslihan Kes International Center for Research on Women Economically empowering women yields high “returns on investment” – Strategic benefits for business: enhanced / Moving forward… SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge SABMiller and Women’s Economic Empowerment Anna Swaithes Director, Sustainability SABMiller plc SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next/

SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge Graduation Model: Do Women Benefit More Than Men.

The Five Components of Graduation Model SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge What is Women’s Economic Empowerment, in practical terms? Change in – Access and use of assets – Ownership and control of assets (/ Randomized Evaluations SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next Challenge Evidence from Six Randomized Evaluations Women Empowerment Data source: IPA Comparison to the BRAC Results SEEP Annual Conference 2015 Inclusion and Resilience: The Next/

THE BUSINESSWOMEN’S ASSOCIATION OF SOUTH AFRICA A platform for the inspiration and empowerment of women Submission to Portfolio Committee of Women, Children.

and progressive measures on enterprise development, supply chain and marketing practices, starting in the public sector.  Setting enabling provisions for the development of guiding principles /code of good practice on women empowerment in community leadership and engagement.  Providing a framework for implementation, and establishing the enabling provisions for resources to support the implementation of existing rights on equal opportunity, inclusion and non/

Women’s Empowerment Programs in China Empowering Migrant Women as Entrepreneurs February 20, 2014.

. Restricted public services continue to disrupt stability/long-term operation of migrants’ businesses. Urbanization plans are demolishing “arrival” neighborhoods and sectors where most migrants run their businesses. 21 Economic Empowerment of Women: Empowering Migrant Women as Entrepreneurs Our questions:  How can we facilitate more effective networking that actually leads to improved business outcomes (rather than just moral support/idea sharing)? Regional dialogues on/

RBNOVEMBER091 One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: Women’s Empowerment Dance VT OIRED Women in Development Discussion Series: Fall 2009 Wednesday, November.

Governance Structure) RBNOVEMBER096 UN Millennium Development Goals: UN Common Goals Reform: Coordination Mandate Each UN Agency FAO Priorities Goal 1: Eradicating Poverty and Hunger Goal 3: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women UN GENDER PROGRAM ARCHITECTURE SPECIAL GENDER ADVISER TO SEC GENERAL DAW INSTRW UNIFEM MEMBER– NGO PRESSURE-2009 NEW AGENCY-DDG 7 Sustainable Livelihood Through Gender Lens Po li cies And/

Understanding the link between nutritional status and women’s empowerment in agriculture: Evidence from Ghana Hazel Malapit, Agnes Quisumbing

baseline population-based survey in Northern Ghana Link between nutrition practices (P), individual nutrition outcomes (O), and women’s empowerment estimated using OLS: Results Conclusion Uses an innovative survey-based measure of women’s empowerment in agriculture The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) directly measures women’s empowerment, inclusion and agency in the agriculture sector across 5 domains in agriculture, as measured by 10 indicators (Alkire/

Determinants of Bahraini Women’s Empowerment Entisar Mohamed Ali Shaikh Mansoor Alsetri PhD in Politics RUW Conference on Women and Society 19-20 April.

Change, Achievements, Results Methodology and methods Methodology: Mainly qualitative backed up with quantitative Interviews To investigate the perceptions and experiences of women regarding the determinants of their empowerment in more depth. Questionnaire To explore women’s perceptions regarding the determinants of their empowerment through combination of closed and open questions. Field & Observational Notes To record information in the field that help to get better/

IDBG Womens Empowerment Policy (WEP) Workshop on the Role of Women in the Development of OIC Member Countries 3- 4 October 2016 Ankara.

. This team will act as a consultative body, by providing technical advice, ensuring a global picture, and maintaining an Islamic perspective. MC Consultation Opportunities/How to utilize them Inclusion of women empowerment IDBG can be done at two levels; Operational level through guidelines, guiding principles and indicators Institutional level through awareness raising and critical mass of thinking The focus on results-based/

Tanzania - summary of qualitative and quantitative findings by research question Researching Womens Collective Action project team meeting: Arusha, Tanzania,

involved in quality assurance of product; Increased volume of production; Have more options for marketing, grow diverse crops Differences observed between women-only and mixed groups – better empowerment in regard to decision-making power in women only groups... Still strong barriers preventing women from selling at higher value markets- especially cultural restrictions around travel Qualitative findings: WCA members- More involved in quality assurance of/

Department of Women and Child Development Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women.

– Implementation of Guidelines as per Supreme Courts order. Programmes for Equality and Women Empowerment Swa Shakti(RWDEP) Swayamsiddha Support to Training & Employment Programme(STEP) Swawlamban (NORAD) Programmes for Equality and Women Empowerment Hostels for Working Women Short Stay Homes Swadhar- A scheme for women in difficult circumstances Creche for Children of Working and Ailing Women ICDS – Adolescent girls schemes – Kishori Shakti Yojana and IFA supplementation Stree Shakti/

Slide 1 DFID on the economic empowerment of women and girls: a policy response IDRC/DFID Expert meeting on womens economic empowerment, labour markets,

opportunities including jobs, financial services, property and other productive assets (from which one can generate an income), skills development and market information. Slide 3 Why economic empowerment? Economic empowerment matters for women and girls – contributing to their broader empowerment, agency and voice, and to better welfare outcomes for them, their households and their wider communities. It also matters for economic growth – for example, through/

Measuring Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Draft Thinking from the Pathways Program.

about agricultural production Access to and decision making power over productive resources Control over use of income Leadership in the community, Time use – Gender Parity Index - Compares relative empowerment status within a household CARE’s Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Framework Developed as part of the “A Place to Grow,” initiative in 2008 – SII-lite for CARE’s ag portfolio Adapts CARE’s/

Norwegian University of Life Sciences1 Joint Land Certification and Intra- household Decision-making: Towards Empowerment of Wives? Stein T. Holden and.

sum of the above three variables 9 Joint Land Certification and Intra-household Decision-making: Towards Empowerment of Wives? Husbands preference for traditional position of women: Husband s’ Attitude Index Widow should not be allowed to marry outside the family of the/.4 Total Freq. 337321658 Joint Land Certification and Intra-household Decision-making: Towards Empowerment of Wives? “Husbands’ preference for traditional position of women- index in 2012 12 Index scoreFreq.PercentCum. 0 11535.8 1 12238.073./

All Protocol Observed All Protocol Observed Many thank you to UNDP and UN Women for the invitation to South Centre to participate in this very important.

evaluation Resource allocation and budgeting Knowledge generation and communications III. Climate Change/Climate change policy and women’s empowerment and inclusion in the post 2015 Promoting gender equity based analysis in agreements and in financing institutions/ countries and ensuring that policy frameworks and instruments more fully integrate gender and women empowerment perspectives. Climate change policy and women’s empowerment and inclusion in the post 2015 In this context, there will be need/

SOUTH AFRICA: COUNTRY REPORT Strengthening Women Capacities in Administration, Governance and Leadership: 20-22 February 2012. Tangier, Morocco.

Paper on the Transformation of the Public Service,1995 Policy Environment The development of the National Policy Framework for Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality – Cabinet Adopted in 2000 The Minister for Public Service and Administration is mandated to / achievement of equity/parity targets based on the premise of “beyond just numbers” and the location of women’s empowerment and gender equality at the core of the transformation process within the Public Service 10 Core Principles Underpinning the/

CA. Prafulla Premsukh Chhajed, CCM & Chairman (Women Members Empowerment Committee) Women Members Empowerment Committee.

plans to organize many more RRC’s, faculty development programms, a Mega event at Mumbai and an International women empowerment conference. WMEC GLIMPSES First National Seminar for Women Chartered Accountants held on 14 th June 2014 SAFA Women Empowerment program held on 10 th October 2014 World CA Women Summit – 2 Days International Conference at Dubai, UAE Interactive Meet with CA. Suresh ji Prabhu on 8/

Issues of Gender Equality and locating men in National Policy for Empowerment of Women, 2001 Consultation Meeting on Men, Gender Equality and Policy Response.

work and in bringing up children.” (para 129) There has been efforts to do gender sensitization of policy makers and policy managers, judges etc Analysis The policy assumes that women’s empowerment is not related to gender power relations and does not need any mention of men The policy does not explore gender- transformative roles for men or youth, neither does it/

1 Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: IFAD VIII Cheryl Morden Director, North American Liaison Office 21-22 October 2008 8th Replenishment.

project outputs and outcomes Programme and project impact To be reported in Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness 28 The way forward To advance its approach to gender equality and women’s empowerment, IFAD will: Solicit the cooperation of key partners in conducting a peer review of its gender approach Develop a corporate policy on gender to be submitted to the Executive/

QUARTERLY REPORT 4 th Quarter 2012/13 January –March 2013 BRANCH : Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality Advocacy and Gender Mainstreaming 11/8/2015 1.

the National Gender Machinery on the Sanitary dignity Campaign as one of the programmes for economic empowerment of Rural women 11/8/20158 TARGETS ACHIEVED Q4 KPIQ4 TargetProgress Information/corrective action Number of departments and / for Variances (partially or not achieved) Proposed Corrective Actions To monitor compliance and conduct impact assessments on women’s empowerment and gender equality as well as compile reports to meet national, regional, continental and international commitments Number /


- 07) CASE: SWAYIMANE KZN & LIMPOPO RESEARCH PROBLEM & CONTEXT WHAT ROLE DOES GENDER PLAY IN ACCESS TO RESOURCESS KEY FOR LAND BASED LIVELIHOODS THAT LEADS TO WOMEN’S ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Economically empowering women is essential both to realize women’s rights and to achieve broader development goals such as economic growth, poverty reduction, health, education and welfare. Secure access to natural resources for the ultra/


. Align aspects of the laws and implementation of the laws relating to women empowerment and the appointment and representation of women in decision making positions and structures; 4 OBJECTIVES OF BILL, CONT.: Facilitate the development and/may, in consultation with the relevant Minister give guidance to the designated public bodies and designated private bodies to promote women empowerment and gender equality. 13 PROVISIONS IN THE BILL, Cont.: Gender Units and Accountability: Clause 15: provides every designated/

Strategic Impact Inquiry on Women’s Empowerment Phase 2 Report: A Portfolio on the Cusp… Limiting our Vision The opportunity costs and strategic risks.

impacts on poverty and social injustice our Vision demands. The Bottom Line of Phase 2 Phase 2 Women’s Empowerment Impact Research: By the Numbers… Phase 2 Research 19 countries 25 projects +20,000,000 participants /Good Projects Do Well, Their Impacts, Their Opportunity Costs and Harms Good women’s empowerment projects… …Deliver tangible, technical, gender disaggregated outputs under contractual obligations …Focus on women’s capabilities, skills, knowledge without trying to influence gender norms …Begin /


everybody’s potential is equitably realized Mission To accelerate socio-economic transformation for women empowerment and participation STRATEGIC FOCUS 5 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 6 Economic Empowerment of Women Lack of access to opportunities Under- representation Under- development InequalityUnemployment SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 7 Social Empowerment Culture and Religion Abuse & GBVPovertyHIV&AIDSUnemployment STATUS OF WOMEN UNEMPLOYMENT IN SA 8 Unemployment rate by sex Source: Stats SA- Unemployment Statistics/

24 th FebruaryDay 01 Session-I Venue: Saaveri Seminar Hall Theme: ICT and Women Empowerment.

/5 9.00 am to 10.30 am U.Kavya Jyotsna Community Radio: An innovative strategy for women empowerment ICICTG/28 Dr. T. Konaiah Print and Electronic Media and Empowerment of Women – A Study ICICTG/73 S. Vidyalatha, Dr. D. Sai Sujatha Role and Impact of Media among Women in SHGs ICICTG/93G. Renuka Devi Social Media Coverage on in Nirbhaya Incident: An Analysis ICICTG/

Proposal Integral care model for women victims of violence in the Tijuana/San Diego area Special Committee on Migration Issues April 20, 2010.

training – Schools for parents, making violence prevention a priority. – Access to financial resources such as micro loans – Violence prevention courses – Cultural and sports activities for women and their children – Channeling women into services 7. Integral recuperation and empowerment Migrant Woman Immediate response Migratory Protection Diagnosis Access to victim Identifying risks Minors Shelter Integral Care Assessment of risks Counseling and legal assistance Basic needs/

GENDER ANALYSIS TRAINING. PURPOSE 1. Understand the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment to development, social justice and foreign policy.

, Reproduction and Property Ownership  unequal or discriminatory roles, responsibilities, distribution of benefits or revenue  equitable access to productive resources  reproductive roles and issues Political Representation and Women’s Empowerment  opportunities for women’s empowerment, challenge inequalities, strategic interests  institutional strengthening and capacity development  international agreements; accountabilities and advocacy Security and Risks  risks, threats to safety and security of/

International Women’s Day PwC Women In Work Index March 2016.

on the Index. Significant gains have been made across the OECD to improve female economic empowerment: more women are in work than ever before, and unemployment rates have gradually declined following 2008 global financial crisis. However,/ participation rates given higher score Female economic participation is the cornerstone of economic empowerment, which is a factor of the level of skills and education of women and conducive workplace conditions, and broader cultural attitudes outside the workplace (e./

Lessons and Actions: Contextualizing Sexual Violence against Indigenous Women and Providing/Practicing Holistic Healing & Cultural Safety Responding to.

Providers’ Session: Part 1 Responding to and Preventing Sexual Violence Project – Paqtnkek Women’s Centres Connect Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre & Sexual Assault Service Association Introduction to residential schools The 19 th/and medicines, storytelling, and ceremonyInclude traditional teachings and medicines, storytelling, and ceremony Physical Empowerment Aboriginal Healing Foundation Restored through: Breathing and rest/relaxation techniquesBreathing and rest/relaxation techniques ExerciseExercise/

THE SADC GENDER PROTOCOL SUMMIT 2014 Women Empowerment Evelyne Wangu Programme Officer VSO- Lesotho 14 th April 2014 Maseru sun Cabanas. Maseru Lesotho.

and take my medication.” Malethapata Thamae- Community phone beneficiary 50/50 BY 2015: DEMANDING A STRONG POST 2015 AGENDA RESULTS Women Empowerment 50/50 BY 2015: DEMANDING A STRONG POST 2015 AGENDA RESULTS Men of change As much as the target beneficiaries for/other organisations working in the same thematic areas as VSO in the SADC region, and encouraging more donors to invest in women empowerment and health aspects in the region. 50/50 BY 2015: DEMANDING A STRONG POST 2015 AGENDA KEY PRIORITIES FOR 2014 /

Building Communities Together 1Fetter lane London EC4A 1BR Tel. +442034273858 COMMERCIAL OFFER ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS SIERRA LEONE., Our organization can implement projects on development, Human Rights, Community Empowerment and Women Economic Empowerment. We use the following strategies to achieved the above approaches:  Information on human rights education/documentation./their children. Our experience working with gender issues has shown that addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment requires strategic interventions at all levels of programming and policy-making 17 Brima Lane Makeni, /

A Learning Tool for Change and Empowerment Association for Progressive Communications Womens Networking Support Programme.

to track are qualitative indicators. Yet these indicators more vividly illustrated the relationship of ICT interventions and womens empowerment. For example, five telecenters further differentiated their sex-disaggregated user data with respect to participation in decision/Significant Issues Back to Projects Evaluation Menu Lessons in Testing GEM Promoting acceptance of gender equality and womens empowerment goals in the ICT for development arena. Finding evidence of change in gender roles and relations and/

© 2002, CARE USA. All rights reserved. CAREs Strategic Impact Inquiry: From Womens Empowerment to Girls Empowerment 2007 Gender & Education Symposium Engaging.

implications of CAREs own institutional form. © 2005, CARE USA. All rights reserved. CAREs Strategic Impact Inquiry (SII) on Womens Empowerment Phase II (2006-2007) Expanded to 30 research sites & secondary data from 1,000 projects Continue local generation of empowerment evidence categories that most matter to women Added exploration of structural and relational changes systematically across contexts Began to identify core sub-dimensions of/

Solution: Al Hima System a mean of Women Empowerment Presented by Jamal Hamzeh.

assuming their own accountability for the management of those resources. Thus, empowering them politically & economically. Al Hima System A Mean of Women Empowerment Al Hima System A Mean of Women Empowerment Programme Country: Lebanon Grant Amount: US $280,000 Thematic Area: Political/Social & Economic Empowerment Duration : 3 years (2013-2015) 5 involved sites : Aanjar, Kfar Zabad, el-Fekha, Qoleileh, & Al Mansouri Main Aim: To enhance/

Women’s Empowerment Through Gender Budgeting - The Indian Context

of Government Budgets and policies (Revenue and Expenditure). Enables Tracking and Allocating resources for women empowerment Opportunity to determine real value of resources allocated to women What are gender commitments in the Indian context ? Constitutional Provisions Legal Framework Women Specific Laws Laws affecting Women Policies Public Expenditure Programmes Women and Legal Framework Women specific Legislations Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 The Maternity Benefit Act 1961 The Dowry/

Ecogender & Sustainable Development: exploring a renewed theoretical framework for the women-nature nexus in development studies Mariah Acton Spring 2009.

gendered political and legal structures on access to and distribution/control of resources (ex: agrarian reform) Social Movements & Empowerment Social Movements & Empowerment –Identifies commonalities amongst multitude of global social- environmental movements; emphasizes diversity and unity –Examines the transformation of gender identities/roles through women’s participation –Moves away from a descriptive/reactive position, advocates for pragmatic engagement between academy and society Scales: Local/

Broad-based and sustainable Pretoria Portland Cement Company Limited Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Transaction Presentation to Investors, Analysts.

womens empowerment group. Established 1996 with 100% black management, 86% Black Shareholding; 34% Broad-based shareholding; 70% Black women owned and indirectly benefitting over 500,000 black women Mission involves economic advancement of women through constructive business partnerships. Develops and supports rural women/ CEOBEE CredentialsValue – Add NOZALA (1.8%) R322m Salukazi Dakile-HlongwaneBlack women’s empowerment group est.1996 focused on mining services and construction sectors Will assist PPC/

Gender and Microfinance Lecture # 8 Week 2. Reaching Women Why Women? Evaluating Impact Can one re-define gender empowerment? Structure of this class.

, while credit provided to men has no significant effect. Women’s businesses experience higher returns to capital because of lower starting point Empowerment Impact: Targeting women reduces gender inequity and empowers women by increasing their decision-making power Empowerment Impact Increases women’s decision-making power  Pitt et al., (2006): Women’s participation in credit programs leads to women having greater role in household decisions, social networks, and/

Gender and ICTs: Empowerment of Women in Telecentres in Jamaica Satoko Nadamoto Gender Institute London School of Economics and Political Science.

Jamaica  Gender Digital Divide in Jamaica  Inclusion and Exclusion of Telecentres  Gender Difference in Telecentres  Empowerment of Women in Telecentres Gender Digital Divide in Jamaica (N=160) Nadamoto, 2006 Urban/Rural Digital Divide in Jamaica (N/ with 2 children, LC) Women’s Empowerment in Telecentres (N=33) Nadamoto, 2006 Women’s Empowerment in Telecentres (N=35) Nadamoto, 2006 Women’s Empowerment in Telecentres (N=33) Nadamoto, 2006 Challenges of Women’s Empowerment in Telecentres  The lack of/

National Strategy for Jordanian Women (NSJW) 2013-2017 - The Main Trends & General Features – Workshop on the Development of Gender Indicators in the Arab.

Organizations Working in the Field of Women Empowerment 9 Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014 10 Social Empower ment Women with Basic Needs and Challenges Woman and Education Women and Health Violence Against Women Women, Environment and Climate Change The Main Areas of Human Security and Social Protection (Social Empowerment) Domain Dr. Muna Mutaman/ 2014 Women and Food Security Women and Housing Women with Disabilities Elderly Women Women with Basic Needs and Challenges includes/

Empowerment Programs for young Women with Crisis Experience Bae, Hwa –jung (Seoul Resource Center for Young Women) :Focusing on “ Theme Project ”

providing meals and clothes -Frequent replacement of staffs, financial difficulties, limited access to various resources  Public Services - Insufficient policies for empowering teenage women Young Women with Crisis Experience and Current Society Empowerment Programs: Theme Project  Goal: To provide empowerment programs for teenage women with crisis experience in shelters - Provides various programs from gender perspective - Provides links to social resources Changes and Development 1 `01~`02/


: >> negotiation >> access and control of resources >> decision-making >> negotiation III. Collective activity, solidarity networks, political leverage and becomes a movement. (ESCAP (1994) Women in Asia and the Pacific, 1985-1993) Definition of empowerment Empowerment generally refers to the recognition that women legitimately have the ability and should, individually and collectively, participate effectively in decision-making processes that shape their societies and their own lives/

Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group: A Model for Rural Women’s Empowerment By: Sasha Hart  Research Question: What strategies does Ntankah employ.

training needed  Punctuality  Some members not as committed/active  Director plays too much of central role  Governing structure  Illiteracy not being tackled  Corruption accusations; gossiping Lessons Learned Empowerment Process  Dynamic & nuanced; non-linear: Women’s empowerment is an on-going process that must be achieved via multiple routes, on multiple different levels, and by engaging multiple different actors  Importance of education (knowledge transference/

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