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DENİZCİLİK İNGİLİZCESİ. ------------- is the first signal of lube- oil trouble. A)Lube oil gravity tank low level alarm goes off B)Low lube oil sump level.

stroke, c.A normal rudder order is given by the control system, d.An electric power failure occurs at the steering gear, e.A and B 263. Static electricity is most often produced by....... a.Pressure, b.Heat, c.Magnetism, d.Friction, e.Motion. 264. When vacuum is lost on a turbo generator the trip is actuated by........ a.Sentinel valve, b.Back/

1 IGCC: Towards zero emissions power plants Francisco García Peña – Engineering R&D Director, ELCOGAS, Spain Conference on Clean Coal and Carbon Capture.

generation transformer isolation fault 2006: Gas turbine major overhaul & candle fly ash filters crisis 2007 & 2008: ASU WN 2 compressor coupling fault and repair MAN TURBO 2010: No operation due to non-profitable electricity price (30-40 days). 2011: 100,000 EOH Major Overhaul 2012: 1,498 hours in stand-by due to regulatory restrictions. (3,969 in 2013) Operational data: Annual energy/dry dedusting system. Improvements in Sulphur Recovery plant. In/ and in tests Integration optimization. Improvement of/

Carrier Air Wing ELEVEN EAWS Common Core Tutorial Created by: NCC(AW) M. J. WILSON Command Career Counselor.

power generating and converting systems; lighting, control and indicating systems? Aviations/systems: Turbojet; Turbo shaft; Turboprop; Turbofan Turbojet- Projects a column of air to the rear at an extremely high velocity to propel the aircraft Turbo shaft- Delivers power through a shaft to drive something other than a propeller Turboprop- Converts the majority of the gas energy into mechanical power to drive a propeller Turbofan- Converts gas energy/based recovery equipment/to ensure the integrity of the /

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Safety, Health & Environment performance. Energy, water and other resources, / Integrated with product traceability systems and data collection systems./generation capacity of 31 mega watts. Gas Fired turbine and engines generate 13 MW electricity and 18 tons of steam per hour. Furnace oil/Gas fired engines provides a backup of 18 MW power during no gas period. Uninterrupted power supply to manufacturing units. GAS TURBINE MACHINE TYPE Qty CAPACITY ELECTRICITY 7.5 MWH TURBO MACH GAS TURBINE 1 FUEL TYPE GAS/

APES year in review Part II 2011, The year everyone gets a 5! Food Production-Industrial Agriculture Water source…water pollution Atmosphere…. Pollution.

drought Pollution of Freshwater Streams –stream recovery, cont. breakdown of pollutants by bacteria/non-point pollution, modernizing monitoring system, increasing compliance with the law integrating watershed and airshed planning to protect/ fuels Possibly a transition fuel between fossil fuel and alternative energy sources. Sources of Natural Gas Russia & Kazakhstan - almost 40% of worlds supply. /can be used to boil water and turn a turbo generator to create electricity. D.Naturally occurring Uranium is /

6.2 Gross Volume Flow Rate Flow, Flow Volume, & Flow Rate There are different flow measurement sensors.  Many flow sensors.

Liquids Gases Steam Magnetic Mag Electromagnetic Measures voltage generated by electrically conductive liquid as it moves through /moving parts  No pressure loss to system  Conductive fluids only  Expensive to/% of flow Internal RTD for Integrated mass flow measurement Compact installation -/Meter High pressure and energy recovery makes the venturi meter /Gas and Steam ±1.5% of flow rate test conditions Turndown up to 20:1 VBar 2015-9-13cary_wang@sohu.com89 Turbo-Bar Insertion Turbine Flow Meter Liquid, Gas/

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Off-Shoring Turbo-charged / growth or recovery The future lies/accommodations and meals Integrated “theme packages”/instrument landing systems and /Generation Increasing 1.10 Energy Coal-fired power plants (including utilities, independent power producers, and end-use combined heat & power) continue to supply most U.S. electricity through 2030 Coal Nuclear Natural Gas Renewables Petroleum 2005 50% 19% 9% 3% 2030 57% 15% 16% Source: Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook 2007 Alternative Energy/

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accuracies Latest software applications like Integrated CAD/CAM for seamless manufacturing/ Data Acquisition and Display System High Speed Vacuum Balancing /, Rotor Dynamics and Lifting analysis of turbo-machinery components. Innovative product development concepts /Recovery Incineration Biomass Sugar Palm Oil Distillery Pulp & Paper Food Processing Textiles Steel & Metal Carbon Black Cement Chemicals & Fertilizers Oil & Gas and Petrochemical District Heating & Cooling Municipal Solid waste Power Generation/

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criticized in this way include debt recovery and giveaways (concert tickets, /they do not include training, system integration costs that might be considered /energy storage - Economics 1 To minimize the total operational cost of generating power, base load generators are dispatched most of the time, while peak power generators are dispatched only when necessary, generally when energy/operational costs for the oil and gas industry, lower heating costs, /state of the art over the Turbo in every way, offering a/

------------- Image1 ------------- Field Data Title Apollo -- July 1969 Creator NASA Subject Apollo -- July 1969 Description Astronaut Edwin E. "Buzz"

generator drives an energetic wind of electrons and ions away from the neutron star. As the electrons move through the magnetized nebula, they radiate away their energy// ] (EGGs) emerging from pillars of molecular hydrogen gas [ /Terra satellite, MODIS provides an integrated tool for observing a variety /a mixed rocket and turbo-jet propulsion system. From the experience gained/Keywords 16 Keywords Apollo Keywords Recovery Keywords Splashdown Audience General /

Topseller Playbook The Complete Portfolio January – March 2012.

Gas industry SAS/SATA/SDD + RAID EPEAT Gold and Energy/Core™ i5-2450M (2.50 GHz, Turbo Boost)  LENOVO ENHANCED EXPERIENCE 2.0/memory, up to Intel Core 2 Duo Processors  Integrated DX10 graphics  New Microsoft Office 2010 Starter  /energy bills through Power Manager  and greenest ThinkCentre ever compliant with Energy Star 5 Customers LE/MM, SMB (non-vPro system), Customers who need stability and standard manageability Specifications  2nd Generation/times and 15 min. recovery. Customers The Style-Conscious/

AUDEC The implementation plan of the Low-carbon Model Town Appendix 1 The candidate project The candidate project at Ngu Hanh Son District in Danang City,

1. Methane recovery and effective utilization of biomass energy 1)Plant trees producing non-edible oil on degraded land possibly. Bio-diesel is produced from it. 2)The accumulation of methane that is generated from an existing sewage plant with an integrated garbage, /School/ Hospital Residen ce HP: Heat Pump, TR: Turbo Freezer CT: Cooling Tower, HT: Heating Tower 3-1. Encourage employing the technologies into public facilities 1) Heat pump systems with highly efficiency using water are installed at Marble /

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Objective High Energy Bills Best Use Of Performance The Challenges Next Generation PRIMERGY Servers / available frequency bins (+133 MHz) of Intel® Turbo Boost Technology that are available for 4, 3,/& LED Supports top notch PRIMERGY maintenance system Full ServerView integration Designed & Manufactured by Fujitsu Japan Ltd./Recovery“ the Nehalem-EX will provide RAS functionality of RISC systems in the x86 server segment (source: Intel) . The Feature „MCA Recovery“ must be supported by the Operating Systems/

Topseller Playbook The Complete Portfolio January – March 2012.

Gas industry SAS/SATA/SDD + RAID EPEAT Gold and Energy/Core™ i5-2450M (2.50 GHz, Turbo Boost)  LENOVO ENHANCED EXPERIENCE 2.0/memory, up to Intel Core 2 Duo Processors  Integrated DX10 graphics  New Microsoft Office 2010 Starter  /energy bills through Power Manager  and greenest ThinkCentre ever compliant with Energy Star 5 Customers LE/MM, SMB (non-vPro system), Customers who need stability and standard manageability Specifications  2nd Generation/times and 15 min. recovery. Customers The Style-Conscious/


gas turbines for power generation Industrial gas turbines differ from aeronautical designs in that the frames, bearings, and blading are of heavier construction. They are also much more closely integrated with the devices they power—electric generator—and the secondary-energy equipment that is used to recover residual energy (largely heat). They range in size from man-portable mobile plants to enormous, complex systems/ turbine of turbo jet is designed to extract only enough power from the hot gas stream to /

1©Bull, 2010Bull Extreme Computing. 2©Bull, 2010Bull Extreme Computing Table of Contents BULL – Company introduction bullx – European HPC offer BULL/Academic.

AIX systems - x86 systems (Windows/Linux) - Systems Integration - Open Source - Business Intelligence - Security solutions - Infrastructure integration - Supercomputers - Solution integration - Consultancy, optimization - Green IT - Data Center relocation - Disaster recovery - /R422 E2 computing nodes - New generation Intel® Xeon series 5500 processors - interconnected via an InfiniBand® QDR network - water-cooled cabinets for maximum density and optimal energy efficiency Together, the 2 supercomputers rank/

Safety aspects of Indian advanced reactors

integrity of the Ist and IInd physical barriers – Fuel & Clad) The recovery of the core cooling To retain melt inside the RPV (To keep the integrity/shutdown system, or passive gas-gap filling system /generator plant Turbo-electrical generation plant Accelerator-driven Sub-critical reactor system Generation of fissile materials from thorium by spallation reaction using high energy proton accelerators Inherently safe, flexible fuel cycle Higher burn-up Reduced doubling time for ADS-breeders Intense, low-energy/ The contribution of the rail industry for the development of rail freight transport Axel Schuppe German Railway Industry Association.

9. October 2013 Greenhouse gas emissions per ton-kilometers  Diesel locomotive with an electric power unit consists of:  Battery  Diesel generator  Electric engine  /Recovery of previously unused energy to increase energy efficiency  60% of the energy stored in fuel escapes in the form of unused waste heat  Integration of a heat pump into exhaust system/ TRAXX (Bombardier) Vectron AC high power (Siemens) Gravita (Voith Turbo Locomotive) German Railway Industry Association ▪ Railway Days - The wider /

Desert Heat Collection and Conversion into Electricity Muftah Elarbash, M.Sc., PE Senior Environmental Consultant Executive Director Waves Environmental.

@ zero-carbon emissions Clean and Green Desert Energy Potential Total clean collectable power potential in North Africa and the Near East is 1635 TW; Total global consumption in 2009 is 16.7 TW, 42 in 2050, and 64 TW in the year 2100 1 billion turbos, 70 million hectares of transparencies and supporting construction material, integration systems, transmission systems and networks, marine cable business, several/

APES year in review 2015, The year everyone gets a 5!

Air Greenhouse gas emissions from /energy source? Ch 14: Nuclear Power A. Pros: No CO 2 emissions, no particulate emissions B. Cons: Radiation can lead to damaged DNA, costs, radioactive waste, thermal pollution C. Basically- the splitting of uranium’s nucleus gives off heat that can be used to boil water and turn a turbo generator/in U.S. Insecticides/Pesticides  Integrated pest management includes: adjusting environmental conditions/Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)  Cradle-to-the-grave system to keep/

Types of Plants_Anup A Mohabansi 1

Labeler Stretch Blow Mold System Suspending Rotary Rinser, Filler/ plant / Atomic Energy PlantsTidal Power Wind energy plants Types of /Gas refinery Gas Turbine Packages for power generation (10 to 34 MW) Mechanical Drive Gas Turbines (10 to 34 MW) Steam Turbines for Mechanical Drive Compressors (Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Oil-free Screw) Hot Gas Expanders Turbo/ Bitumen Blowing  Unit Sulphur Recovery Unit Delta Hudson, Canada/Mohabansi 1 Ship Building Plants & Integrated Steel Plants Bhilai Steel Plant (/

Lesson 16 Marine boilers boilers(锅炉) Jimei university.

tube boiler’—’弯管锅炉‘。 bent(弯的) Jimei university This boiler has two drums, an integral furnace and is often referred to as the ‘D’ type because of/recovery system (W. H. R) Generation of electric power from a steam turbo-generator and the supply of saturated steam(饱合蒸汽) to heating services by exhaust gas heat recovery systems is effected in many ships. Waste heat recovery/vacuum evaporator is quite low, around 40℃ for example, the energy from diesel engine jacket water is usually used to produce distilled /

1 Technology Trajectories Alstom Future Technical Leaders Program Tuesday February 17, 2015 Prof. Olivier de Weck

among different energy types. –More challenging data recovery and metric definition for energy as compared to/gas, combined cycle, add-ons) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Boilers- Turbo generators- Hydro generators- Air preheaters Power plant chemistry Power automation and control systems Turbines (steam, gas, nuclear, industry as well as blades) Environmental control systems/Customer Value -Market, Technology Uncertainty -Can we identify integration problems sooner? 29 Technology Infusion Focus: Cost, /

Copyright 2011 FUJITSU Fujitsu‘s proGREEN selection 2011.

Energy Harvester Jan 2011 Launch Notebook with 0-Watt AC Adapter 2007 1 st energy efficient Fujitsu Server 2008 Joined Biodiversity in Good Company 2010 BY IT Solution: WisReed Sensor Networks 2009 IBUKI greenhouse gas/ formulated 2006 Globally integrated ISO 14001 certification /system certified according to ISO 14001 involving all employees and suppliers 1. Manufacturing and logistics2. Product operations - focus on energy saving 3. Reuse, recycling and recovery/-1240 3.30GHz 8MB Turbo Boost HDD 1000 GB /

Partim: Harmful algal blooms

toxin as nerve gas poisoning may /the marine snail Turbo pica (called cigua/recovery of clearance rate, and no significant differences were observed between contaminated and control groups. The lower clearance rates observed over the first days of exposure would produce a decrease in the energy/yield only an integrated quantitative value /generate an overestimation or underestimation of the toxicity? What is the difference in sensitivity between the mouse assay and Ridascreen of PSP? Mist Alert system/

Portable Vibration Shaker Demonstration & Advance Analysis Presentation AF Condition Monitoring Sdn. Bhd. 15-1, Jalan Kenanga SD 9/4, Bandar Sri Damansara.

Power Generation TNB Generation TNB Distribution Kapar Energy Ventures Jimah Energy Ventures Pahlawan Power Panglima Power Oil & Gas Petronas Gas Petronas / Test alarm and trip limit Evaluate vibration system integrity ADVANCE ANALYSIS Presentation 7 We are always expending/Structure vibration analysis. Diagnostic analysis of reciprocating and turbo machinery Synchronous vibrations and balancing of rotating machinery/ contours of gas, oil and water in a separation tank Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) Optimization /

Enabling Technologies and Challenges in Coherent Transport Networks David Dahan, Ph.D. ECI Telecom Ltd.

Integrated PDM QPSK MZM LiNBO3 Modulator Confidential, not for distribution IxIx QxQx QyQy IyIy DSP block ADCs Coh. Rx S LO 90° Hybrid & Detector j j Frequency & phase recovery Slicing Clock recovery/Block Turbo code) or Turbo Product/system and technologies in compensating for non-linear channel impairments and chromatic dispersion utilizing advanced SD-FEC algorithms. Apollo Platform 100G DMUX MUX Confidential, not for distribution Next Generation/GA/Energy efficient strategies ■ Capex and Opex reductions 23

Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities An Innovative Partnership: The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection The Massachusetts Department.

, and a site visit. Integrated Approach – To Encourage  Energy benchmarking  Energy audits  Renewable energy assessments  EPA Energy Management Plan – Do – Check - Act Model  Financial Assistance 15 Slide courtesy of Alden Research Laboratory (C. Fay) In-Conduit Hydropower: Alden Lab Three parts of the project 1. Technology research 2. Potential for installations in Massachusetts 3. Screening tool to allow facilities to estimate potential energy generation & economic / environmental benefits/

Sustainable Technology For The Global Market Family of Projects James Brown Rishitha Dias Casey Dill Neranjan Dharmadasa Kevin Klucher Eric MacCormack.

system Integrate modules on D-R compressor Design new platform for open source Interchangeable propulsion/ lighting modules Scale and install on compressor Simulate sea bed conditions Meet load requirements Develop modules to fit D-R compressor Scale up & develop lab test stand Begin testing Diagnostics Wireless monitoring of DAQ Make improvements on current test stand Energy recovery from D-R VECTRA gas/objectives, introduce team to stakeholders, concept generation Assist Team Leader with final project plan/

Copyright 2008 by IIT Srl and The Chemithon Corp.: Used by Permission Advances In Sulfonation and Sulfation Technologies Luigi Perani for 2 nd International.

reactors  Gas flow splitting arrangements  Symmetrical  Asymmetrical  Variable gas concentrations Copyright /Energy Efficiency  Reducing energy consumption by  Waste heat recovery systems  More efficient rotary equipment  Longer running/lower maintenance pumps and blowers  Turbo Tube ® & other drying techniques  Energy/1 reduction  Replacing older generation reactor designs  Upgrading piping/ reliability  Additional system variables  Integration with plant-wide DCS systems Copyright 2008 by /

2013 Formula SAE Rule Clarifications and Examples

the SEF needs to show the equivalency calculations for the integral front hoop as having the required attachment strength. IC2.4.5 Fuel Tank Emptying Question: Rule IC2.4.5 states "The fuel system must have a provision for emptying the fuel tank if /turbo chargers which have a secondary heat cycle which is extracting thermal energy from the exhaust to drive the compressor wheel. The idea is now if you want to use the exhaust gas that was burned in the 4-stroke cycle you can do something with it to generate/

BMW Automobiles Presented by Even number groups 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

system in manufacturing – CAD CAM, helps to improve the quality Enhanced features, GPS Maps, Bluetooth hands free, entertainment, digital display. Alternative energy sources for cars, such as natural gas/% Germany’s economic recovery, Germany’s gross/ S-Type R and Porsche Cayenne Turbo, M6 - Ferrari F340 and Aston/ Goals To generate profits and independence/system Develop Customer relationship Management system by integrating it to R&D Standardizing the after sales services globally Revamp/

PANDA experiment at FAIR (JINR Participation) project PANDA A.G.Olshevskiy for JINR PANDA team VBLHEP – DLNP – LIT - BLTP.

target generator RICH /recovery Antiproton- beam direction Superconducting solenoid coil Solenoid magnet design Magnet FE TOSCA model Magnetic field requirements magnetic induction in the central tracker region: B = 2 T field inhomogeneity: ΔB/B < 2% radial component integral: stray fields at the turbo/Energy range - 0.3 – 10.0 GeV (Pt -> up to 2 GeV/c) * Experimental technology - Range System /System TOTAL : about 4200 MDTs Pion/muon separation in RS at 0.8 GeV Mini Drift Tube ( MDT ) module HV connector Gas/

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