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Basant Panchami.

bridging the gap between the various castes in India. The differences and the resulting miseries are very much in existence. Can it really bring Hindus and Muslims together and make peace? Does the way to achieve peace lie in adopting Hindu religious festivals, culture and values? The Prophet (saw) said “Whoever imitates (the practices) of another nation will be considered from amongst them” (Musnad/

Welcome ISATUHH.

of India Gateway of India, MUMBAI Glimpses of India Ellora caves, MAHARASTRA Glimpses of India Colva Beach, GOA Glimpses of India Palolem Beach, GOA Glimpses of India South India Glimpses of India Jog falls, KARNATAKA Glimpses of India Brindavan Gardens, KARNATAKA Glimpses of India Kalaripayattu -Martial art, KERALA Kathakali, KERALA Glimpses of India Beaches, KERALA Glimpses of India Backwater Locations, KERALA Glimpses of India Backwater Locations, KERALA Glimpses of India Snake Boat-Sport festival/

Part II: Mainland Southeast Asia

accompanies singing, most of which is in the form of repartee two basic pentatonic scales: san (sounds major) and yao (sounds minor) Rituals healing rocket festival buffalo sacrifice Entertainment 12 regional genres named for places or ethnic groups singers perform in small, intimate settings 7 Southern genres are preceded with the word lam performances occur with calendrical, Buddhist, and national festivals 5 Northern genres are/

22 April 2013 India International Centre,New Delhi.

: Women International Network (WIN) Shri Vijay Tiwari, Advisor, Women International Network (WIN) Chairperson, Nirman India, Yog Confederation of India Smt Laxmi Thakur Singhal, National President, Women International Network (WIN) in Italy on the occasion of India Festival-"East meets West" India Festival-"East meets West“ Italy India Festival-"East meets West“ Italy India International Centre, New Delhi India Islamic Centre, New Delhi Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi V P House, New Delhi The/

Anaadyanta, the annual techno-cultural festival of NMIT, Bangalore started it’s humble beginning in 2003 and went national in 2013 with over 80+ colleges.

BharatAs youth, it is our responsibility to be the change. In this regard, we are incorporating the national-wide campaigns of Make in India and Swachh Bharat in our college festival by organizing various cleanup drives and endorsing the makes of Indian products and people. Anaadyanta 2015 will see participation from prominent personalities from the Entertainment, Sports and Science sectors. VISION This year our vision/

Welcome Department of Disability Affairs

Corporation of India (ALIMCO) ALIMCO was set up in 1972 by the Government of India under Section 25 of the Companies/of the persons with disabilities. The events during the Festival comprised of (i) National Programme of Music & Dance; (ii) Festival of films on disability themes; (3) 5 exhibitions ‘colours of ability, of visual arts; products disabled artisans/craftsmen in action; abiliympics; aids and assistive devices. Achievements of Department of Disability Affairs Since May 2012 Rajiv Gandhi National/

India, Nepal, and Iran.  The music of India includes multiple varieties of folk, popular, pop, classical music and R&B.  Indias classical music tradition.

how-to  Bihu: the festival of New Year of Assam falling on mid April. This is a festival of nature and mother earth where /of India.  Many singers base their entire careers on the singing of Tagore musical masterpieces.  The national anthem of India and national anthem of Bangladesh are Rabindra Sangeets  Rabindra Sangeet, and again Rabindra Sangeetand again  Rajasthan has a very diverse cultural collection of musician castes. The melody of Rajasthan evokes from a variety of instruments. The essence of/

The Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing.

cultural heritage is depicted in the form of tableaus from various states. Each state depicts its unique festivals, historical locations and art. This exhibition of diversity and richness of the culture of India lends a festive air to the occasion. Tableaus from various government department and ministries of India are also presented displaying their contribution towards the progress of the nation. The most cheered section of the parade is when the children/

The Riverfront & Old City Heritage Zone of Varanasi Prepared by-Computer Section Nomination Proposal for Inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Engineer, Chief Town Planner and the Statistician of the VDA, is currently responsible for the conservation and protection of the heritage sites with participation of Tourism Department of State Government and Government of India. This Cell is responsible for monitoring the preservation of heritage sites. It is intended that the Conservation Cell take regular advise from an Expert Panel of local and national experts for formulating bylaws, ensuring their/

Discover India. Republic of India India, Bharat, Hindustan World’s largest democracy 23 officially recognized languages New Delhi is the capital with.

needy. One of the special dishes in India is savayya, a dish of toasted, sweetened vermicelli noodles. holi Holi or the ‘Festival of Colors’ is a popular spring festival. Bonfires are lit on the eve of Holi. On the/of the East’, ‘Tourist Paradise’ and ‘Pearl of the Orient’, the state of Goa is located on the western coast of India. Goas carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure many into a psychedelic trance. dubare national park At Dubare elephant sanctuary in south India (and several other national/

INDIA AN INTRODUCTION A brief look into the socio-political, Cultural and economic aspects.

of skill – from the surgeon and the airline pilot to bus conductors and menial labourers. On an average however, women in India are socially, politically and economically weaker than men. There is a National /% FESTIVALS: Hindus- diwali,dusshera,holi,janmashtami,varmaha lakshmi,pongal,vishu........ Christians-christmas,easter..... Muslims-id,ramzan,muharram General festivals-raksha bandhan National festival-republic day,independence day Literacy rate : 52.21%; male 64.13%;female 39.29% FESTIVALS: Hindus/ Kolkata’s first literary festival, now in its 7 th year with its mission is a desire to give back to the literary world. With over 25 events.

Meaningful conversations,  A world of new ideas and experiences  Literary events in historical heritage venues across the city  Engaging with the best minds from globe & India  The intimate ambience of a heritage bookstore steeped in tradition/ including Electronic, Print, Social Media, Outdoor & Festival site presence Showing your social responsibility towards nation building Sampling your product & services to our thousands of festival visitors Making a network for your organization Promoting brand/

Exploring the Religions of Our World Chapter 6 Buddhism Chapter 6 Buddhism.

of Buddha but variety of materials, sizes, & places M ahayanan include bodhisattvas (statues & painting) in reverence R eminder of how to live but also source of power & good karma Chapter 6, Section 4: Sacred Time cont. Festivals Two major categories—life of Buddha & the sangha Minor festivals—seasons esp. spring & autumn; national/; few around origin (Israel & India) Differences—divinity; socio-economic; marriage; K. of God vs. cessation of suffering Sources of Agreement P eace & compassion—Christianity /

Unit 1 Festivals Around the World 高一英语 刘碧茹. Teaching Aims:  To learn the passage by skimming, scanning and careful reading.  To learn something about.

symbol of Halloween. Children dress in costumes and go from house to house to ask for candy by saying “Trick or Treat!” DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL boat and beat drums to scare fish away to honour the famous ancient poet, Qu Yuan threw glutinous( 粘 性的 ) rice dumplings into the water to keep the fish from eating Qu Yuans body October 2 is a national festival in India/

Come … discover india. india… १ what you already know – but what we shall tell you about anyways! २ what you probably don’t know ३ a dozen reasons for.

needy. One of the special dishes in India is savayya, a dish of toasted, sweetened vermicelli noodles. holi Holi or the ‘Festival of Colors’ is a popular spring festival. Bonfires are lit on the eve of Holi. On the/of the East’, ‘Tourist Paradise’ and ‘Pearl of the Orient’, the state of Goa is located on the western coast of India. Goas carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure many into a psychedelic trance. dubare national park At Dubare elephant sanctuary in south India (and several other national/

Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore-79 presents Colours and costumes of TAMIL NADU by Mrs.N.kalyani.

are clay, papier-mache and paints NEXT DOLLS ARRANGEMENT DECORATED DOLLS ARRANGEMENT OF DOLL DURING DASARA BACK DEEPAVALI-A FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Deepavali is one of the most important festival of India. Deepavali(October/November) The "Festival of Lights" is a celebration which marks the triumph of good over evil. It is known as Diwali in North India, which means festival of lights. The place is made luminous by arranging the lights and/

REACHING HINDU STUDENTS WITH THE GOSPEL A presentation to the ISI National Conference, Denver, June 28 th, 2016.

love.” S Radhakrishnan, 2 nd President of India THE CONCEPT OF NON-ABSOLUTEISM -Realization of Truth (Existent) is Absolute -Expression of Truth (Existent) is Relative or Non-/of lamps, rangoli, bursting of fire crackers Holi (Festival of colors) This year March 23-24, it is a Spring Festival Celebrates the survival of Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahladha’s on the pyre and the burning of/ in nationalism or the superiority of one’s culture, but in your identity as ambassador of Christ. DEALING WITH THE REST OF THE/

ViTAL Economy Alliance

SI is a historic region but lacks a name (e.g. Gettysburg) which attracts national attention Festival Tourism The State Fair and festivals in the region are developed but are individual community focused Hard Outdoor Adventure Attractive to /increase in consumption = 47% of world total India = 88% increase in consumption = 8% of world total Rest of the World = 38% increase in consumption = 37% of world total U.S. = 51% increase in consumption = 17% of world total Source: National Mining Association U.S. / New Variety Decorators Pvt.Ltd. House of Modern Needs New Variety Decorators Pvt.Ltd. House of Modern Needs ex h ibi t ion cor.

Scouts & Guides Centenary Jamboree -2007 December in Delhi. Pata Exhibition stalls for Incredible India in Hyderabad 2008. Kashmiri Festival at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts -2009 February in Delhi. Common Wealth Games Opening Ceremony at India Gate-2009 in Delhi. Other Important Events are: Conceptulization, Design, Construction, of village of India at the FETES DE GENEVA 2011 in geneva Switezerland. From 4 to 14 th/

India INDIA.

and Onam in Kerala are harvest festivals celebrated by people belonging to all religions. The food of India is extremely diverse, as ingredients, spices and cooking methods all vary from region to region. Spicy food and sweets are popular in India. Rice and wheat (in bread forms) are the staple foods of India. Sport in India Field Hockey is the national Sport in India, in which the country has/


China and India. Its culture is a blend of both interspersed with Myanmar native traits and characteristics. Buddhism has great influence on daily life of the Myanmar. The people have preserved the traditions of close family ties, respect for the elders, reverence for Buddhism and simple native dress. Myanmar is known for their simple hospitality and friendliness. RaceMyanmar is inhabited by 135 ethnic nationalities, distributed/ INDO- BELGIAN RELATIONS. Country comparison India Belgium Population1,193,340,00011,007,020 Area3,287,240 km 2 (1,269,210.

performances, fashion shows and a food festival. India has also agreed to be part of the Europalia cultural festival in Belgium in 2013-14. Number of Residents Indian Community in Belgium- According to the information received from the local Government the total number of Indians upto 2006 were around 16,132 out of which 10,000 Indian nationals have obtained Belgian citizenship and remaining 6000/

INDIA Shaishav Child Rights. IndiaIndia is:  The second most populous country in the world  The seventh largest country by geographical area  The.

India’s cultural traditions date back to 8000 BC, and the country has a recorded history of over 2500 years  Some of the largest Indian festivals include:  Diwali: Popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’, an important five day festival (Oct or Nov)  Ganesha Chaturthi: The birthday of/number of political parties catering for different ethnic groups  The country has six national parties and more than forty regional parties  Since independence, India has maintained cordial relations with most nations, /

Organized by FlashpackingINDIA in association with The International Society of Travel & Photography, under Ministry of Tourism, Himachal Pradesh 3 rd,

 The 1st Outlandish – Soul Fest has been conceived as a confluence of musicians and artists from across India.  The event has been conceptualised to fill the need for a premier music festival in the hill state which can showcase the best of regional, national and international talents in the music field to the people of the region. Besides serving as a platform for interaction among musicians/

Book 3 Unit 1 Festivals around the world Warming up & Reading.

to house to ask for candy by saying “Trick or Treat!” Columbus Day in the USA In memory of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America Mahandas Gandhi Day October 2 is a national festival in India to honor Mahandas Candhi, the leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving Day is an American traditional holiday, falling on the fourth Thursday in/

Festivals around the world Festivals are meant to celebrate important events List the names of festivals you know Eg: the Spring Festivals in China The.

; active 1. When did ancient people celebrate? 2. What are festivals of the dead for? 3.why does India have a national festival on October 2? 4. Why are autumn festivals happy events? 5. Name three things people do at spring festivals. 6.What is one important reason to have festivals and celebrations? They would celebrate the end of the cold weather,planting in spring and harvest in autumn/

Third graders with Christine at entry to Colegio La Esperanza Elementary school in Tijuana, Baja California. Photos courtesy of Family Circle Magazine,

Blanca Summer Build program Summer classroom construction August, 2008 Pakistani Kindergartners at India Pakistani Festival Celebrating United Nations Day in lieu of Halloween Members of the elementary school boys soccer team High schoolers perform snake dance at the India Pakistani Kermesse. Booths at the 2008 African Kermesse Costumed orchestra members playing during the India Pakistani Festival Kindergarten class at Jardin de Ninos La Esperanza The Big Jump (High/

MUMBAI, INDIA. India Film Export Why is Bollywood globalizing? 1. Technology advances- Digital media has improved prints of Indian movies.

: India 1 st movie (RajahHarischandra) 1927: Thailand 1 st private sector movie (Chok Song Chun) 1913: Hollywood become American Movie Capital 1931: First Indonesia sound movie (Boenga Roos) 1936 : First Indonesian language movie (Terang Boelan) 1927 : Fist Talkie Film 1953: Indonesia rank 15 th from 35 countries in term of number of Theatre (outside US) 1953: First Indonesia Film Festival 1943 : 1 st National Film/

Festivals around the world 李晓琴. Group work 1.Help each other to know and remember the new words and expressions. 2.Discuss the form in warming up. 6 minutes.

/Japan the Spring FestivalChina Carnival Easter Cherry Blossom Festival Japan Thanksgiving festivals Festivals of the dead Festivals to honour people Harvest festivals Spring festivals western countries European countries Scanning 1.Which three times of the year did people celebrate in ancient times? Answer the following questions: 2.What kind of things are done to celebrate the Obon Festival? 3. Why does India have a national festival on October 2? 4. How do Europeans/

The stores of exoticism in this endlessly absorbing land extend from the Himalaya in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south. India, Mark Twain once.

. Two women in Jaipur hold candles to celebrate Diwali, or the Festival of Lights. Observed over five days throughout India, it marks, among other things, the start of the new business year and the victory of light over dark. Photograph by Joe McNally/National Geographic Stock In the spring, Hindis celebrate Holi, or the festival of color, by taking to the streets and throwing colored powder or colored/

Unit 1 Festivals around the World (Speaking) 作者:唐梓超 工作单位:会昌中学 适用对象:高一年级 学科:英语(人教版)

Mahandas Gandhi Day India the Mid-autumn Festival China/Japan the Spring FestivalChina Carnival Easter Cherry Blossom Festival Japan Thanksgiving festivals Festivals of the dead Festivals to honour people Harvest festivals Spring festivals Western countries European countries Festivals around the world  Chinese Festivals  Lantern Festival  The Dragon Boat Festival  Tomb Sweeping Day  Mid-Autumn Day  New Year’s Day  Double-ninth Day  National Day  Foreign Festivals  Christmas Day  Thanksgiving/

India Namhaste Its our respectful way of saying hello.

the wheel shows the 28 states of India. NATIONAL EMBLEM (satyamev jayate) This emblem shows four lions (one is at the back). The lions represent the power, the wheel at the bottom is the wheel of law and duty (darma). The wheel is also called truth alone triumph. Nationally Recognized  National Animal – Tiger  National Bird – Peacock  National Fruit – Mango  National Flower- Lotus Religions India’s major religions:  Hinduism  Sikhism  Jainism/

Revision Module 3 Unit One Festivals around the world.

, for example, the ____ ____ ______in China honors the famous ancient poet, Qu Yuan. Festivals celebrate harvest starve honour satisfy Dragon Boat Festival Retell the text of unit 1 India has a national festival on October 2 to honor Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India’s _______________ from Britain. In harvest festivals, people are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and a season/

Warming up Festivals are meant to celebrate important times of year.

the sea to keep the fish from eating Qu Yuans body. Columbus Day in the USA in memory of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America October 2 is a national festival in India to honour Mohandas Candhi Mohandas Gandhi Day Gandhi is the leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain People are grateful because their food is ________ for the winter, and because/

Who is Indian ? Indian...? Indian people or Indians are people who are citizens of India, which forms a major part of South Asia, containing 17.31% of.

Indians are people who are citizens of India, which forms a major part of South Asia, containing 17.31% of the worlds population. The Indian nationality consists of many regional ethno-linguistic groups, reflecting the rich and complex history of India. India, in its current boundaries, was formed out of a number of predecessors. Because he thought he had found a sea route to India instead of discovering the Americas, Christopher Columbus was/

PRESENTS. Uttarakhand is a state located in the northern part of India bordering the state of Himachal Pradesh in the west, Uttar Pradesh in south with.

holiest of shrines, places and temples of India. Lakhs and lakhs of devoted /of the big Fairs and Festivals of uttarakhand are Kumbh Mela Kumbh Mela which is one of the biggest and most sacred religious functions in the world is celebrated at Haridwar after every 12 years. Hundreds of millions of people converge on the bank of river Ganga during this festival/of Flowers National Park, Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary are major tourist attractions. Numerous varieties of/

2010 Park, Mi-Ru Concert & Photo Exhibit – Rhythm of the Earth April 17 th, 2010 (Saturday) Korean Buddhist Historical and Cultural Memorial, Korean Buddhist.

, and Monk Young-Gong plans on chanting a Buddhist prayer. Upon the end of Korean Classic Music Performance such as ‘Beom Pye’, Indian Dance and Song Festival which is rarely be seen in domestic stages is to follow. Often times performing in India dipabolri Festival which means ‘light festival’, dancers of the national dance of India called Baratannatiam adds a splendor to the whole performance. The shows final scene/

J N Rao Travel Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.. Gujarat Tourist Destinations India is a huge country and Gujarat is the seventh largest state of the country.

Rao Tours organizes special tours to this wonderful festival of sights, sounds and colors. We ensure that you experience all aspects of it, without any worry about accommodation, food or travel. International Kite Festivals What Makar Sankranti is one of Indias most vibrant festivals, celebrated across the nation as a harvest festival. This festival occurs on the 14th of January, and marks the beginning of the suns journey northward. Makar means Capricorn/

A Dedication to Saurabh da.. (Saurabh Benarjee). India, in the near Future It’s the day, not too far from today..

: “I remember, In my childhood, seen my grandma wearing it, Nowadays, these are not available in stores.” Dia in India On Diwali Dad: “My grandpa use to tell us some festival of lightening lamps everywhere, I don’t remember the name of the festival. Tiger – Our National Animal, National Pride Boy: “OOOOh!!!, which animal is this?” Dad: “This… Its Tiger, now they became extinct. I read somewhere/


, dance, music and architecture A land of festivals and fairs – regions with unique social and cultural identities Festivals symbolize the spirit of tolerance, harmony and universal peace Festivals of India Festivals pertain to different occasions welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon celebrate religious occasions birthdays of divine beings and saints or the advent of the New Year Festivals - Combinations of religious ceremonies, semi-ritual spectacles/

E A S T m a r r i e s W E S T Pt Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao-de Haas, prove that the music of East and West no longer just meet but are ready for an.

in a trance…immersed in a musical journey too exquisite to put down in words…the intoxication of the music kept the audience riveted to their seats… Times of India, Hyderabad ‘The festival took a flying start with Shubhendra Rao and Saskia Rao…Sharing the same wavelength, both of them were in perfect unison for the ideal jugalbandi. ‘ Hindustan Times, New Delhi “…piece-de-resistance/


Relations Tariff For Title & Co-Sponsors Partners required for… Outdoor Publicity Media-National and International Hospitality Airline Food-lunch and dinner Cultural Program Venue Transport Workshops & Seminars Foreign Publicity Contact Us Address: Jaipur International Animation Film Festival Chamber Bhawan Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry-RCCI, Near Ajmeri Gate, Jaipur – 302001 Rajasthan, INDIA Mob. No. +91-7737314147 Mr. Shesh Pratap Singh Mob. No. +91/

The Grand Mammoth Festival MMXIV Presents.  The Grand Mammoth Festival is a gig series, backed and promoted by veteran musicians, bands and people from.

aims at kick starting what we see as a change to the Indian music scene, by promoting national bands.  Over the last few events, The Grand Mammoth Festival has built up a loyal fan following, and the audience has warmed up to larger scale events / as the Wacken metal battle India winner and also represented the country at the Wacken open Air, Germany festival. TDT has always been noted for its unique blend of conventional Thrash and Groove Metal with a large dose of traditional Kerala folk music elements,/

Mango Festival, India Photograph by Amit Dave 1 Loggia Della Signoria, Florence Photograph by Berthold Steinhilber 2.

Mango Festival, India Photograph by Amit Dave 1 Loggia /Christian Franz Tragni 8 Castle Square, Warsaw Photograph by Sisse Brimberg & Cotton Coulson, KEENPRESS 9 Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil Photograph by George Steinmetz 10 Lands End, Baja California Photograph by Ralph Lee Hopkins, 11 Mayon / by Paul Nicklen 26 Thimphu, Bhutan Photograph by Paul Chesley 27 Peyto Lake, Banff National Park Photograph by Andreas Hub, Redux 28 Louvre Pyramid, Paris Photograph by Frank Heuer, laif/Redux 29 Horse /

1 Manipur JEWEL OF INDIA For updated information, please visit AUGUST 2012.

preserve the state’s ancient heritage. → A number of festivals are celebrated in Manipur such as Lai Haraoba, Yaoshang (Dol Jatra), Ratha Jatra, festival of Kuki Chin Mizo, Gang-Ngai (festival of Kabui Nagas) and Chumpha. → Theatre and society /Purpose Vehicle (SPV) mode, in association with the National Mission on Bamboo Application (NMBA), of Government of India. → Bamboo Shoot production units have potentials for bamboo cultivation and marketing of processed bamboo shoots, products (orient food) for the/

Scouting (or the Scout Movement) has the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, that they may play.

Capital city is Bhubaneswar, The Temple City Of India. It’s the Essence Of Incredible India. Buddhist heritage is the legacy of Odisha and Pride Of India. Odisha Is the Land Of Fabulous Festivals, i.e., Konark Festival, Shreekshetra utsav, Ekamra Utsav, Kalinga Mahostav, Rajarani Music Festival and much more. Its also Famous For Its Cart Festival Of Lord Of the world Shri Jaganath. The Culture of Odisha is famous in many countries and state/

Prehistory & the Rise of Civilization

sense of self distinct from society Sense of isolation  Rising rates of depression starting in 1600s Napoleonic wars (FC.106) Mussolini (FC.133) Nationalist military parades w/beat to recreate festive /of modern Arab nations (FC.146A) Foundation of modern Turkey by Kemal Atatturk in 1921 (FC.128) Influx of Jewish settlers after WWII  Found israel in 1948 (FC.146A) Classical India to c.1800 C.E. FC.50 THE DEVELOPMENT OF INDIAN CIVILIZATION (c.1500-500B.C.E.) Introduction of coinage from Persia Fall of/

Cognizance, India’s second largest technical festival is:- ISO 9001:2008 certified and operates a Quality Management System in organizing its events.

Media Outreach: Advertisements in print media through popular magazines like The Week, Outlook etc. and national dailies like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, etc. One Full Page Colour advertisements in the Cognizance 2015 souvenir, sent to/supports the Region’s Premier Technical Institute’s Festival Cognizance.” - Mr. Feroz Khan (Minister, U.T. Govt.) On Stage Recognition: Your Company shall be promoted as Initiative Partner over all modes of promotion which includes exclusive promotion in Marathon Run/

CHRISTMAS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES Kolyada E.A.. Christmas in India Christian community in India celebrate Christmas with pomp, gaiety and devotion. Celebrations.

CHRISTMAS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES Kolyada E.A. Christmas in India Christian community in India celebrate Christmas with pomp, gaiety and devotion. Celebrations of Christmas festival begin on the eve of Christmas on 24th of December and continue till New Years Day. Christmas Day called Bada Din (Big Day) in Hindi is a national holiday in India and people from all religions join their Christian friends to make the most/



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