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Efficient Use of Biogas, Sewagegas and Landfillgas Combined Heat- and Power Generation Schnell Dual Fuel Technology SCHNELL Motoren AG Hugo-Schrott-Straße.

3 Schnell, the company Founded in 1992 by Hans Jürgen Schnell Planning and construction of some 60 complete biogas plants. Currently > 285 employees 14,000 m² covered production facilities At present, some 2,300 machines operating in /efficiency up to 48.3% possible technology bonus for turbine generator power (acc. to German legislation) enhance economic efficiency of biogas plant © SCHNELL Motoren AG 18 Conclusion In order to operate biogas plants, of whatever size, as efficiently as possible, the modern /

Impact of Feed in Tariff (FiT) on RE Power Generation 22 April 2014 Residence Hotel Uniten Ir Dr Ali Askar Sher Mohamad COO SEDA Malaysia.

of displaced cost (dc), tentative new quota release from 2015-2025 is about another 1100 MW, which includes approximately: 170 MW biogas 240 MW biomass 60 MW MSW 400 MW small hydro 200 MW PV 30 MW geothermal LESSON 2 FiT rates need to be/ the real dc is determined Small PV can be installed under Net Energy Metering (NEM) while utility scale plants can be built through existing power plant bidding exercises An alternative Legal Instrument is needed to ensure the utilities buy from the RE generators at dc and/

Sunflower Integrated Bioenergy Center An Alliance between the Kansas Bioscience Authority, NISTAC, and Sunflower Electric Power Corporation SIBC.

must construct manure and waste water management systems – an anaerobic digester offers additional value. SIBC Dairy Anaerobic Digester Sunflower Holcomb Power Plant Ethanol Plant Algae Reactor Methane Energy Products Biogas Nutrients (Nitrogen & Phosphorus) & Water Waste Water Livestock Processing Manure Thin Stillage Ammonia Glycerol Anaerobic Digester Subsystem Biodiesel Plant l Digester processes waste water and manure from the livestock facilities and potentially glycerol from the biodiesel/

BDI – BioEnergy International AG. 2 - Highly professional plant engineering and construction company for tailor-made, turn-key solutions -Industrial BioDiesel-

: expired food waste, catering waste Project start: May 2011 Construction start: September 2011 Handover: December 2011 30 BioGas | Etampes North France Capacity: 2,1 MW el / Substrate: 65.000 tons/year Scope of delivery: sanitation, fermentation, power generation, distribution of heat Scope of services: planning, plant engineering, biological commissioning, assembling Substrates: Food waste from households and restaurants, expired food products from super markets/

7 Biogas p.276.

from several African countries, a few from South America and some from Asia. Link to methane powered streetlights in China A Generalised Biogas Generator Airtight so process kept anaerobic Biogas generators take in waste material or plants, and biogas and useful fertilisers come out the other end. Fixed Dome Biogas Plant Advantages Low initial cost Long useful life as no moving or rusting parts involved Well-insulated/

Lecture 7: Renewable Power Energy Law and Policy Fall 2013.

–Resistance to lobbying of entrenched interests –Plans for social changes must be in place Costs of Renewable Power Capital Costs 2007$/Installed kW TechnologyAverage Cost Gas Turbine$ 500 Combined Cycle turbine 878 Scrubbed Coal 1534 / Artificially Produced Biogas –Process hot air exhaust –Biodegradation of volatile organic compounds –Biogas consists of CO 2 and CH 4 –Typical concentrations of CH 4 = 45 – 70% –Biogas heating values = 450 – 700 BTU/cu ft Biogas Plant Applications Biogas plant projects are /

Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering Peter Gevorkian Ch 13: Biofuels and Biogas Technology Brevard Community College EST1830 Bruce Hesher.

through a vacuum system run by LES (Brevard Energy LLC) which in turn is connected to a power grid at the FP&L Facility (Oleander Plant) and converted to Green Energy. Land Fill Gas Environmental Benefits of Using Landfill Gas p294 Converting LFG to/a concrete floor. The manure is periodically washed into covered lagoons where it creates methane gas by anaerobic digestion. Digested biogas from the lagoon is compressed and dried in a desiccant tank and is then used by a Capstone 30KW 440V microturbine /

CREATING HAPPY INDIA Through Swadeshi Industries

hullers. Oil Mills to village size tiny oil mills. Textile Mills to family size home industry. Power Houses to farm / village size power plants. Cement Plants to village size family industries. Abolish Sugar Factories & promote only farm size Jaggery Units. RICE/ home). No other maintenance. BUSINESS OF BIOGAS PLANTS Scope of 7 crores of biogas plants in urban India. It will save Rs.14,000 crores going to gas companies. Two persons can manufacture 1 biogas plant daily as a home industry. Trained technicians/

Energy with care about nature

,1 MW to 20 MW el. in 14 countries professional engineers, years of design and construction outsized civil constructions, wastewater treatment plants, power stations Global presence Biogas equipment Quality. Always. 30 ton/day of maize silage Reactors 2400 m3 +1400 m3 Some references Biogas plant  Vircava,   Latvia 30 ton/day of maize silage Reactors 2400 m3 +1400 m3 CHP Deutz 600 KW el.  2011 Velikiy/


output is 836 kW and thermal output is 1050 kW. Production of energy, 2002-2003 2002 MWh 2003 MWh Sold biogas → 6957 7047 Heat → 5771 4658 Power (electricity) → 6804 6067 Turnover, 2002 → 7,4 MEEK (0,47 M€) Turnover, 2003 → 6,6 /with partners We are looking for new partners and financial assistance: – new potentional biogas (CHP) projects, – know-how for energy production on the base of animal waste rendering plant – short rotation willow plantations for boiler fuel (todays wood fuel demand, exceeds offer/

Dallas Water Utilities Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant Cogeneration and Co-Digestion Projects May 9, 2011 Turning Waste Into Energy.

Sewage Digesters Gas Flare Heat and Power Generation Gas Storage Gas Compression Hot Water Supply and Return Lines In lieu of current operations where a majority of the biogas is flared, the biogas can be sent to the generation/Year CITY 790,000,000 kWh/Year 4% Reduction (30,000,000 kWh / Year) SOUTHSIDEWWTP Treatment Plant / Cogeneration Site Layout 7 Biogas Hot Water Electrical Cogeneration Site 8 LESSEE/DEVELOPER RESPONSIBILITY DWU RESPONSIBILITY Southside Digesters Gas Compression Natural Gas Gas Storage/

Applications of Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems in NEDO Projects January 29, 2007 Toshiharu Yagi International Projects Management Division Energy.

area with one village of 210 households 5. Results: Interconnected operation control absorbing unstable PV power output auxiliary machinery Effectiveness of a hybrid system with biomass gas power generation PV power generation: 50kW, biogas power generation: 70kW (biogas rated output: 303m3/day ) Power plantDemand side PVPV Inverte r Villag e Tapioc a plant Cattle house Biomass gasification plant GEG Methan e gas 4. System configuration : Electrified 20 【11】 Demonstrative Research Project on Small- scale/

BIOMASS TO ENERGY. What is meant by Biomass Materials produced by metabolic activities of biological systems (plants and animals) and/or products of their.

to be the most promising technology at present in technical and economic terms. For combined heat and power stations with capacities up to about 2 MW electricity, gas use in gas-fired engines is, at the moment, more attractive than gas turbines. What is a Biogas Plant Basically Methane & CO 2 Gas Producer. Methane – Odorless, Colorless, Good Calorific Value, Green House Gas Sources/

BDI BioGas. From waste to value…. BDI GioGas – The solution for industrial and municipal waste! BDI develops technologies for producing energy from waste.

storing and land application  Reducing the impact on the environment BDI solution  Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR-Process) BioGas | Etampes North France Capacity: 2,1 MW el / Substrate: 65.000 tons/year Scope of delivery: sanitation, fermentation, power generation, distribution of heat Scope of services: planning, plant engineering, biological commissioning, assembling Substrates: Food waste from households and restaurants, expired food products from super markets/


Which Gandhiji opposed) -For constructing colleges / universities (Robbers training schools and slaughter houses of culture) -For huge nuclear power plants (Killing entire nation at a stretch) -For ports / airports etc. (Facilitating draining of wealth by MNCs). So / kg organic kitchen waste + 10 lit water is required. Generally 4 families generate 2 kg waste daily. Biogas plant will be your permanent gas cylinder. Effluent 10 liters everyday is excellent organic manure for growing organic vegetables. Gas/

PSAA Curriculum Unit Physical Science Systems. Problem Area Energy and Power Systems.

near coastlines and islands. Water Energy (cont.) Electricity produced from the falling water energy is called hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric power facilities often depend on a dam to raise the level of the water in the reservoir. Water from the/natural gas, commonly burned in our furnaces. Biogas generators have been developed to blend shredded plant materials and animal wastes with water. Biomass (cont.) Naturally occurring bacteria exist on the shredded plant material. The generator is sealed for an /

Spatial impacts and sustainability of farm biogas diffusion in Italy Oriana Gava, Fabio Bartolini and Gianluca Brunori 150th EAAE Seminar ‘The spatial.

Centre on Animal Production (CRPA) Biomass-to-energy census 2010 Number of biogas plants Feedstock Rated power operating biogas plants in 2010 operating plants fed with livestock waste operating plants fed with dedicated crops T2 Y = 2010 - 2000TreatmentATE Standard ErrorzP>z /T2T2 0.460.2558811.830.068-0.030.96 Average effects of treatments T1, T2 Discussion1 Biogas plant distribution is spatially uneven Biogas diffusion has a marked impact on rural economy Sustainability trade-offs: + positive effects on /

European Biogas Power Plant Markets: Untapped Potential Providing Substantial Growth Opportunities Ian French 8th May 2003.

European Biogas Power Plant Markets: Untapped Potential Providing Substantial Growth Opportunities Ian French 8th May 2003 EU Biogas Power Plants8th May 2003 Market Overview Relatively new concept Emissions reductions Sustainable development Cutting-edge development Undeveloped competitive arena Incentives essential Substantial growth opportunities BIOGAS EXPLOITATION EU Biogas Power Plants8th May 2003 Improved waste management techniques Diminished risk of soil degeneration Rationale Offsetting of fossil /

ALTERNATIVE POWER Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering 2002 Student Conference University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta March 15 - 17, 2002 Doug Heaton.

MW Fluidized Bed Biomass Generating Station Whitecourt, Alberta ALTERNATIVE POWER CSChE 2002 Student Conference Biogas ALTERNATIVE POWER CSChE 2002 Student Conference Integrated Manure Utilization System ALTERNATIVE POWER CSChE 2002 Student Conference Ribe Biogas Plant, Denmark ALTERNATIVE POWER CSChE 2002 Student Conference Ribe Biogas Plant, Denmark Cattle manure Hog manureDigestor tanks ALTERNATIVE POWER CSChE 2002 Student Conference Ribe Biogas Plant, Denmark Plant Data Primary tanks: 2, each of 680 m/

So Cal Alliance of POTWs Energy Management/Biosolids Committee

Sanitation District (OCSD). Project would also accept Biosolids trucked in from IRWD’s Los Alisos Water Recycling Plant (LAWRP). Biosolids Project Location Biosolids Facilities Site Location MWRP Biosolids and Energy Recovery Facilities Simplified Process Schematic/15% 28 6.1 2.4 8.5 1.5 18% Biogas Production (Digestion) Power Generation (Microturbines) Power Use (Aeration Blowers) Continuous biogas production and power generation. All power used on MWRP site. 3-D Model Renderings Digestion Facilities Egg-/

1 Biogas Sanitation Systems Heinz-Peter MANG & Ina Patricia JURGA Institute of Energy and Environmental Protection (IEEP) Chinese Academy of Agricultural.

“ Kang ” Biogas digester Northern “ Four-in-one ” Solar cooker, water heater, heating house Wind power, Photovoltaic, micro hydro Road, water supply infra. reconstruction Southern “ Pig-biogas-fruit ” Southern “ Pig-biogas-fruit ” Northwest “Five-Matches” Biogas digester, animal/biogas  1 kg buffalo dung 30 litre biogas  1 kg pig dung 60 litre biogas  1 kg chicken droppings 70 litre biogas  1 kg human excrements 60 litres biogas If the live weight of all animals whose dung is put into the biogas plant/

Global Biogas Power Plants Market 2016 Industry Trend and Forecast 2021 Phone No.: +1 (214) 884-6817 id:

knowledge and vast research experience. They offer some penetrating insights into the complex world of Global Biogas Power Plants Industry. Their sweeping overview, comprehensive analyses, precise definitions, clear classifications, and expert opinions on applications/report we put up on Orbis Research, which is the handiwork of thoroughbred professionals, this report, ‘Global Biogas Power Plants Market’, also ends with a SWOT analysis, and analyses on investment feasibility and returns, not to mention /

Citizen’s meeting on Power Sector Reform Chris Greacen November 25, 2007 Bangkok, Thailand Solar, wind, hydro, CHP in Thailand: technology, cost, potential,

; NEPO/DANCED (1998). Investigation of Pricing Incentive in a Renewable Energy Strategy -- Main report. Bangkok. Bagasse figure from interview with interview with Sirisak Tatong, power plant manager at Mitr Phol sugar factory. Biogas from interviews with biogas developers Rice husk fired power plant  9.8 MW  Roi Et province  VSPP: Subsidy 0.3 baht/kWh  Uses waste water from cassava to make methane  Produces gas for/

AgriClean David C. Palmer, P.E. Managing Partner Cost-effective Anaerobic Digestion Technologies and Their Role in Green Power.

system on a 4000 head swine nursery farm in Montpelier, MS AgriClean Ag Processing Plant Projects Underway Fixed-film digester and biogas use system at a 1000 head/day beef packing plant Covered lagoon digester with biogas capture at a 6000 head/day swine processing facility AgriClean What is Green Power…? Solar Wind Geothermal Biomass AgriClean What is Biomass…? Wood, forestry residuals Agricultural waste Industrial/

Training Course on Biogas for Latin American, Caribbean and South Pacific Countries July 14- August 27, 2015 Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture.

the country. Only three plants provides 50% of the total hydraulic energy in Argentina, these are: Yacyretà, Salto Grande and Piedra del Aguila. The other 50% are supply by other 5 plants. 8 WIND POWER The most important region in/Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria) is developing technologies for each agro region of the country targeted to small farmers: – BIOGAS – SOLAR – WIND – MINI HYDROELECTRIC 15 Implemented by the Government of Argentina through the Ministries of Agriculture and Energy, /

Cotswold Renewable Seminar 2010 Owen Yeatman. BIOGAS-NORD UK.

equipment, etc. Higher Mangement charges. Waste management licences/ duty of care, But also lower cost feedstocks and gate fees. The Farmergy Lowbrook Digester The UK’s first on farm Biogas plant powered by crops. Plant is to act as exemplar project to both farmers and public To raise awareness of the technology To provide data on AD of crop substrates under UK conditions Lowbrook/

Benefical Use of Digester Gas Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant Industrial Energy Association April 8, 2015.

30) [First project in the State of California to do so] BFE nominates the cleaned biogas (“directed biogas”) to the BioFuels customers and provides renewable energy under a long term Power Purchase Agreement: University of California San Diego (2.8 MW) City of San Diego South Bay Water Reclaimation Plant (1.4 MW) $45 M Total Capital Cost Digesters Digesters Gas Flares Gas Flares/

Thailand’s experiences in the power sector Chuenchom Sangarasri Greacen Chris Greacen, Ph.D. Palang Thai International Seminar on Dams and Sustainable.

Commercial potential from from Black & Veatch 2000 and NEPO/DANCED 1998 as well as interviews with power plant managers. * Commercial potential based on actual / Energy Strategy -- Main report. Bangkok. Bagasse figure from interview with interview with Sirisak Tatong, power plant manager at Mitr Phol sugar factory. Biogas from interviews with biogas developers Technology is available… Steam turbines for direct combustion of biomass –Rice husk, wood chip,/

First Steps of Using Biogas (Landfill gas) in Estonia INDREK TIIDEMANN TERTS AS International Conference in Tallinn 7-8 October 2005.

is 836 kW and thermal output is 1050 kW each. Production of energy 2002-2004, MWh 2002 2003 2004 Sold biogas → 6957 7047 1120 Heat → 5771 4658 5755 Power (electricity) → 6804 6067 7214 Turnover, 2002 → 7,4 MEEK (0,47 M€) Turnover, 2003 → / partners We are looking for new partners and financial assistance:  new potentional biogas (CHP) projects,  know-how for energy production on the base of animal waste rendering plant  short rotation willow plantations for boiler fuel (todays wood fuel demand, exceeds/

1 March 10, 2009 Electrical Interconnection Approval of NON-HONI Biogas Projects Prepared By: Martin Lensink, P. Eng. Principal-In-Charge CEM Engineering.

sale of cogenerated energy) –CEM Engineering (thermal power engineering) 5 March 10, 2009 Description of Proponents Operation Bayview Flowers Ltd. –Jordan Station – –Established 1971 –340,000 ft 2 –Potted plants & bedding plants –High quality cut flower arrangements –Hot water / m 3 Primary Digester. –1,780 m 3 Secondary Digester and storage of both biogas & digestate. –15 m 3 dry feeder (TMR type). –Biogas Cogeneration System (1900 kW e and 320 kW t ). –Remote monitoring & control /

Decentralized Power Production in Rural Communities Andrea French Nicole Munguia November 21, 2006.

Decentralized Power Production in Rural Communities Andrea French Nicole Munguia November 21, 2006 Producer Gas Methods for Biogas Production Anaerobic Digestion Biomass Gasification Fuel Sources Decomposition Process Processing Method Various Applications: Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Production Anaerobic Digesters to Produce Biogas in Rural India Feed Material Digestion Process Plant Design Applications Potential

Biogas in the Energy Sector Peter Taglia State Energy Program Wisconsin State Energy Office Plenary Session D: Bioenergy Green Energy Summit, March 7,

with methane recovery systems) Heat Use on-farm/in-plant Nearby facilities such as greenhouses, industrial space heating Electricity Competitive, scalable Baseload renewable power Cogeneration (electricity + heat) Vehicle Fuel Renewable Natural Gas Biogas Energy: Versatile Biogas Energy: Scalable, Affordable BIOGAS 0.5 to 2 MW Plant Output: 50 MW 100+ M W 162 MW 5-50 MW 540/

Better Power for Health: Healthy Public Policy and Sustainable Energy in Thai Power Sector Dr. Decharut Sukkumnoed Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University.

energy = 2,700 MW (from 7,000 MW potential) Biomass energy = 2,700 MW (from 7,000 MW potential) Biogas = 470 MW (from 900 MW potential) Biogas = 470 MW (from 900 MW potential) Micro-hydro = 300 MW (from 700 MW potential) Micro-hydro = 300 MW /investment in renewables and DSM 10% more investment in renewables and DSM Delaying plan to scaling down lignite power plants Delaying plan to scaling down lignite power plants Install 2,100 MW CCGT by 2015 Install 2,100 MW CCGT by 2015 PDP-Renewables still provides the/

1 NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES Wastewater treatment using source separating systems 1 Petter D. Jenssen Department of Plant and Environmental.

NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES Capacity 500 persons Blackwater and grinded kitchen waste to biogas production Natural system for treatment of greywater Photo: P. D. Jenssen 33 NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF / Biodiesel from microalgae -Enhanced sustainability of biodiesel production by cultivating microalgae with urine as fertiliser and CO2 addition from power plant emissions. MSc thesis, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences. 36p. Jenssen/

TURKEY RE PRODUCTION. By the end of 2013, our country renewable energy sources established of installed power %40 with 25 596 MW.

young tectonic structure and have had fractures due to volcanic activity are rich in geothermal resources in terms of location. BIOGAS The amount of biogas that can be produced in Turkey, considering its animal waste potential, is reported as 1,5 to 2 MTEP./Renewable Energy Support (YEK) Mechanism is finally in place with the enactment of amendments to Law No. 5346. Accordingly, power plants that have come into operation since 18 May 2005 or will come into operation before 31 December 2015 will be eligible /

Biogas Energy Potential in Florida

BIOENERGY VECTOR Direct Utilization (Heat / Steam) Conversion to Bioelectricity (CHP) Natural Gas Pipeline Vehicular fuel Fuel Cells Methanol Biodiesel Biogas as fuel Water heater at UF-IFAS Dairy powered by manure biogas Natural Gas Bus - Brisbane BIOGAS PLANT CORE TECHNOLOGY DISTILLATION ETHANOL FERMENTATION BIOGAS STILLAGE ANAEROBIC DIGESTION Biomass Energy Crop Green Grass to Green Gas SUNLIGHT Green Grass to Green Gas WATER CO2 CO2 WATER Energy/

1 Harnessing the energy of biogas Dr Leonid Itskovich Energy Manager Energy Awareness Week, Christchurch, May 2010.

m 3 of gas per hour 50-60% methane Methane - a powerful greenhouse gas with 22 times more impact on climate change than carbon dioxide. 8 Biogas and the City 9 10 Biogas and the City 11 Directional drilling for 18-kilometre gas pipeline Burwood Landfill/ Combustion Pipeline to WWTP Pipeline 14 Gas collection well-head on Burwood Landfill 15 Burwood Landfill Gas Treatment Plant Chillers Flare Inward gas pipe Condensate collectors Compressors Controls Blast chiller Controls Fan 16 Landfill gas boilers at /

Air Products Biogas and Hydrogen London Boroughs Seminar Roland Birley MEng AIMechE.

Residual MSW could provide 20% of total UK energy consumption in 2020. - Institute of Civil Engineers, Renewable Power Assoc. 2005 14 Waste to Natural Gas Vehicle Sorted kitchen waste = 40k tonnes/year = 4M Nm 3 /yr biogas + Wastewater biogas ~ 9M Nm 3 /yr + Air Products gas cleanup plant (1500 Nm 3 /hr) + NGV Fuelling station + Small fleet converted to gas Assume: Free organic waste/

COP16 – Espaço Brasil Marcelo Morgado Environmental Advisor to the CEO Cancun, 10/12/10 Planeta Sustentável – The Power of Collectivity Panel: Planeta.

new resources; producing energy from dams and discharges level differences (hydropower with no new flooded areas); burning WWT plants sludge and biogas and generating electricity and steam (heat for termophilic digestion meaning more methane and less sludge). Conclusions: Positive inertia on/ its commitment to overcome this challenge. We aim to do more and hope the world leaders agree a powerful compromise for dealing with this threat for the mankind and other species at Earth, our common home. Gesner/

MSc Program - Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer Modul 2 - Biomass, Biogas, and Biofuels Fundamentals.

crops and wastes, livestock operation residues, aquatic plants, and municipal and industrial wastes. MSc Program - Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe Univ. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Hermann Hofbauer Modul 2 - Biomass, Biogas, and Biofuels Fundamentals of Thermal Biomass Utilization Definitions 2 – Bioenergy / /s 2 Gravitational force on earth: On a mass of 1 kg a force of 1kgx9,81m/s 2 = 9,81N is acting. Power is given in Watt (W), whereas 1 W = 1 J/s. Newton (N), Joule (J), and Watt (W) are /

RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT IN MALAWI Presented at the FORUM on Biogas Technology, Rural Energy and Environmental Protection for Developing Countries.

trading centres and tobacco growing areas through: SITUATION OF RURAL ELECTRIFICATION I. Extension of power transmission and distribution lines II. A 4.5 Wovwe Min-hydro power plant III. Community/village Solar/Wind hybrid technologie  Solar: Malawi is blessed with sunshine / Hydro: So far the Malawi Government has developed one Min- Hydro power plant in the Northern part of the country with a capacity of 4.5MW.This is called Wovwe.  Biogas studies are underway to come up with an updated data.  Currently/

1 Facility and technologies of the biogas utilization Conference: From Science To Business 11 – 12 October 2006 year Kiev Khazhmuradov Manap A. Telephone:38-057-335-68-46.

facility. Developed and made model of the PSM-facility for biogas separation with productivity on biogas 5 m 3 /hour. Model combined with motor- generator with power 6 kW. Regimes of the separation facility operation finally optimized /of the experimental-industrial facility for biogas separation Motor-generator 10 Targeted Market Segment May be interested in such facility: heads of the municipal waste treatment plants; farmers having methane-tanks for biogas production; owners of the domestic wastes/

Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant

20 days External pump recirculation mixing Biogas collection to for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy recovery Extras CHP Energy Recovery The Extras The Captures the biogas produced from the Digesters and generate/ - Environmental Protection. The Regional Municipality of Durham. Totten Sims Hubicki Associates. (1992). Wilmont Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Town of Newcastle (Newcastle) - Addendum to the Environmental Study Report. Whitby: Totten Sims Hubicki Associates. URS Construction /

2008 ASABE Annual International Meeting Rhode Island Convention Center Providence, Rhode Island June 29 – July 2, 2008 On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Biogas.

1 Poultry (layers) – 72,000 1000 Beef + 120,000 Poultry 1 industrial AD under construction @ a Swiss Cheese Plant 2 in Design phase7 in Planning phase 1 Beef & Poultry – What is an anaerobic digester? Air tight, oxygen free /the late 1970’s) Completion of de-regulation of Pennsylvania electrical utility companies Biogas used for power production: decrease, meet or eliminate electricity purchases from power companies Growing concern of greenhouse gas emissions Nutrient management concerns Why are digesters /

Expansion of the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant WEAO Student Design Competition 2013.

the WAS from the secondary clarifier  SRT of 20 days  External pump recirculation mixing  Biogas collection  Biogas collection to for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy recovery Processed Sludge Disposal  On approved agricultural land site under the Durham /the population analysis rechecked every 5 years  Recommended that population growth trends are rechecked every 5 years Plant Design Plant Design: 12 months Permits and Approvals Permits and Approvals: 12 months Tendering/Awards Tendering/Awards: 2/

Adgen Energy Plants in Partnership Samantha Fuller Women in Telecoms & Technology London, 10 January 2011.

We can see the middle Fog of future developments Getting on the bridge is clear Adgen Energy Examples of bio power horizons - the only horizon-stretching tech play. Mixed Waste to Solid Fuel (RDF) that can substitute for modest/ Energy Our company’s Embedded Energy Solution – today! Local connectivity Home Energy Local Farms and Gardens (Fertiliser) Local Biogas Plant Organic waste from local homes and businesses The same folk Adgen Energy INFRASTRUCTURE MIGRATION Major Investment Themes: Urban Age Global /

Resources from Sewage: Power from the People "Ask not what we must do for sewage - ask what sewage can do for us." Stephen Salter, PEng September 26, 2005.

kgs/year Organics 16,000,000 kgs/year $3,000,000 as biodiesel $3,000,000 as biogas Kyoto & green power $credits Kyoto & green power $ credits $700,000 Reduced greenhouse gases: 33,000,000 kgs/year Some treatment options Constructed / option Biogas Scrubber Biogas Sludge Treated Sewage Digester Raw Sewage Scrubber Biogas Mineral/ metal ingots Pyrolysis Digester Biogas Cooke r 180ºC Other Organic Waste What recovery looks like Kristianstad biogas plant, Sweden Lille, France runs 100 buses on biogas What /

1. WHAT IS BIOMASS? In the developed world biomass is becoming more important for dual applications such as heat and power generation. Biomass is a clean.

landfills (pits in which garbage is burned) and the methane gas is collected. It is then used to make energy in power plants. 14 Biomass High Heat Boiler Steam Steam spins the turbine blades Turning Biomass into Electricity Rotating magnets create electricity Inside a biomass /palm oil from south east Asia could be reduced, it affects to diminish the extimates that we have highlighted here. 26 Biogas in Italy 27 Farms can be dirty places Making food can leave behind a lot of nasty waste Food or animal waste /


funds and Bio2Watt. Project will officially start evacuating power in April 2015 THE BRONKHORSTSPRUIT BIOGAS PROJECT BENEFITS AVOID WATER POLLUTION BYPASS LANDFILLS AVOID GHG EMMISSIONS OFF-TAKER POWER PURCHASING AGREEMENT 3MW WASTE FLARE BIOGAS GAS ENGINES FERTILISER MIXER DIGESTOR FOOD PRODUCERS ORGANIC WASTE/weeks old Mechanism to control stones from the manure Manure alone is not sufficient to make the plant viable Support from farm is critical e.g. grey water is required ±300m3/day At this stage Electricity price/ 1 Biomethane roadmap for Austria 27 02 2015 Austrian Compost & Biogas Association.

Biogas Association Franz Kirchmeyr Mail: 2 Developement of biogas and biomethane in Austria - CHP - ~ 290 plants producing electricity and heat - 550 GWhel. + 300 GWhth. - Biomethane production - 12 plants/ and organic waste 6 Fortunately we have two very good developed energy grids: Power and gas grid 2050 climate and energy targets /

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