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OVERVIEW Today’s world is an information-rich world and it has become a necessity for everyone to know about computers. Purpose of this tutorial is to.

of light and dark lines). Bar coded data is generally used in labelling goods, numbering the books etc. It may be a hand held scanner or may be embedded in a stationary scanner. Bar Code Reader scans a bar code image, converts it into an alphanumeric value which is then fed to the computer to which bar code reader is connected. Optical Mark Reader(OMR) OMR is/

Practical AT session 2” WP4-D4.2. Prepared by: Shams Eldin Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Reading through Screen Readers and Magnifiers.

readers convert text into synthesized speech so that users can listen to the content. How Screen Readers Read Content 1.Screen readers pause for periods, semi-colons, commas, question marks, and explanation points. 2.Screen readers generally pause at the end of paragraphs. 3.Screen readers try to/ function of a screen reader is to read the content on the page. There are dozens of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to read content by line, sentence, word, character, etc. JAWS Screen Reader Insert + ↓: Say All/

Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility NIF Introduction to the SPICE Ephemeris Subsystem SPK Focused on reading SPK files October 2007.

on a planetary mission. (Major satellites) (Minor satellites) End of Mission cruise phase  Time line: Each bar represents a separate file Possible* SPK File Time Coverages for the Previous Example orbit /readers available starting with the version N0052 Toolkit can do on-the-fly translation of non-native binary kernels (except for VAX and Alpha), but this is not the case for earlier Toolkits. (See “porting_kernels.”) –You must get a transfer format SPK file, using ASCII mode of FTP, and convert this to/

Import / Export NCRR Data Import / Export. Import / Export NCRR Three Approaches Converters Mesh and Data separately Teem For all your raster data needs.

MatlabInterface.mat files SCIRun Import / Export NCRR Converters Convert between human-editable text (e.g. CVRTI.pts,.dat files) and SCIRun Persistent objects See examples in SCIRunData/convert-examples/ Each converter gives you usage info if invoked without arguments:/line header (use -noElementsCount if its not there). The hex entries are assumed to be zero-based, unless you specify -oneBasedIndexing. And the SCIRun output file is written in ASCII, unless you specify -binOutput. Soon, plug-ins for Readers/

The Wind At Work.

reader in a straightforward way. The factual information can often be checked by referring to other sources such as science articles, reference books and newspapers Word Structure More renewable Most renewable heavier heaviest These lines contain comparatives and superlatives. Comparatives are adjectives or adverbs that compare one person, thing or action to/, kindest Word Structure more delicately, most delicately Can you convert the words to adverbs by adding the correct suffixes? Then name the comparative/

Telecooperation/RBG Technische Universität Darmstadt Copyrighted material; for TUD student use only Introduction to Computer Science I Topic 20: Streams.

via the checkError method All characters printed by a PrintStream are converted into bytes using the platforms default character encoding –PrintWriter should /to Computer Science I: T20 User-Defined Processing Streams 38 import; import; import; class GrepReader extends FilterReader { String substring; BufferedReader in; GrepReader(BufferedReader reader, String pattern) { super(reader); in = reader; substring = pattern; } // return the next line/

Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility NIF Introduction to the SPICE Ephemeris Subsystem SPK Focused on reading SPK files November 2014.

reading” the file –This term is not very accurate since the SPK “reader” software also performs interpolation, and may chain together data from multiple sources and/the reference frame in which your output state vector is to be given. SPK software will automatically convert ephemeris data to the frame you specify (if needed). SPICE must / on SPK For more information about SPK, look at the following: –The on-line (full) SPK tutorial –Most Useful Routines document –SPK Required Reading document –Headers of/

File I/O Chapter 10 Chapter Contents Chapter Objectives 10.1 Introductory Example: Weather Data Analysis 10.2 Java/s I/O System: Readers, Writers, Streams.

for using text input 1.Build a BufferedReader by wrapping one around a FileReader 2.Use an input loop to read lines of text from the BufferedReader Convert those lines to numeric values if necessary 3.Close the BufferedReader Using a Reader Using a Writer When writing values to a text file, author suggests use a Writer class – increase FileWriter capabilities by wrapping it in BufferedWriter and/

Unit 17: Input and Output Devices

) entered by the user to be checked against the information held in the chip. DISADVANTAGE of chip readers, So easy to disappear. Scanners A device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting, or an object, and converts it to a digital image. ADVANTAGE/ graphics. Advantage of plotter are that because they are a vector graphics printer, meaning they can only print lines and minimum curves, they are great for printing blueprints and maps. Disadvantage of plotter they arent designed for printing/

Input to the Computer * Input * Keyboard * Pointing Devices

to touching it on the display screen to create or modify graphics. * Digitizer A digitizer converts points, lines, and curves from a sketch, drawing, or photograph to digital signals and transmits them to a computer. * Graphics Tablet A graphics tablet converts points, lines, and curves from a sketch, drawing, or photograph to digital signals and transmits them to/ (bank checks) by MICR inscribers and are read by MICR reader/sorters. Input to Computer Data Collection Devices - Source Data Automation (9) * /

Using Processing Stream. Predefined Streams InputStream used to read bytes from the keyboard System.out PrintStream used to write bytes to the.

of data from the keyboard, we need to take three steps. –Convert InputStream to Reader –Read in each line as a String. –Parse the String and convert it to appropriate type. How to read a line from InputStream InputStreamReader is the bridge between InputStream and Reader. –InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader(; With a BufferedReader, we can read a line (as a String) from Reader stream. –BufferedReader breader = new BufferedReader(isr); Now/

1 File Input. 2 Reading Files We have already seen that writing files is (can be?) similar to using System.out Not surprisingly, reading from files is.

out.println(total); Construct Scanner with a Reader Knows how to check for more input … and convert appropriately 13 Incorrect Input When reading, the input might not be in the form you expect If you use plain Reader, you have to process the characters yourself  whatever logic/ that isn’t possible  you should always consider what the “right” thing to do is  fail completely? Read data up to that point? Skip to the next line? Skip to next character? Ask the user? Can be very difficult, depending on the data/

An approach to Web Accessibility. Reminder WCAG 2.0.Web accessibility is formally defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), whose Web Content Accessibility.

are not easily converted into alternative formats such as Braille. Include a summary attribute with the table element (such as ). The summary attribute is read by screen readers, but is not displayed visually. The purpose is to provide a succinct /is not searchable, and can be inconvenient to users who want to quickly retrieve specific information from the presentation. For issues related to audio that is part of a video, see the preceding section.On-line applications such as interactive games, automated /

James A. Rome TGA August 2010 Analyzing TZ Data. What are we trying to do? I was hired by NASA to analyze air traffic in ZOB48  I had access to ETMS.

for reading File i/o (continued) // Make a place to put a line you read String line = null; // always initialize variables while((line = reader.readLine()) != null) { System.out.println(line); // do something with it } reader.close(); // always close the file when done! } catch/ It might not have enough significance left after we convert it to hours. Because we only care about time differences for our interpolation, we can convert to seconds into the day, and then to a double: long secondsInDay = 60L * 60L /

Lifelong Learning with Bookshare. 2 Understand Bookshare and its eligibility criteria and membership options Use the Bookshare online tools to manage.

, Apple Pages, RTF and HTML files and more Voice Dream 122 Synchronized word and line highlighting plus options to disable Includes bookmarking, definitions, highlighting, full- text search Voice Dream Change the word highlighting/to read along with the highlighted text Kindle/Nook/E-Readers To comply with copyright law, Bookshare books must be provided in a specialized format (DAISY, BRF, MP3) If you use a device, such as a Kindle or Nook, that requires books to be in ASCII text format, you can convert/

Lifelong Learning with Bookshare. 2 Understand Bookshare and its eligibility criteria and membership options Use the Bookshare online tools to manage.

, Apple Pages, RTF and HTML files and more Voice Dream 122 Synchronized word and line highlighting plus options to disable Includes bookmarking, definitions, highlighting, full- text search Voice Dream Change the word highlighting/to read along with the highlighted text Kindle/Nook/E-Readers To comply with copyright law, Bookshare books must be provided in a specialized format (DAISY, BRF, MP3) If you use a device, such as a Kindle or Nook, that requires books to be in ASCII text format, you can convert/

123 Oldham Road, Royton, Oldham, OL1 8NN R001 Introduction to Computer Systems – A Student’s Guide Cambridge Nationals ICT 2015 Exam Date: May 13 th 2015.

CamerasDigital Cameras -Web CamsWeb Cams -Touch ScreensTouch Screens -Barcode ReadersBarcode Readers -Magnetic StripesMagnetic Stripes -Chip and PinChip and Pin -MIDI InstrumentsMIDI /to two or more data lines from different networks When a data packet comes in one of the lines, the router reads the address information in the packet to determine its ultimate destination Modem – Modem stands for modulator/demodulator. This device converts signals to encode digital information and demodulates signals to/

Chapter 16 – Files, Buffers, and Channels Using Files for Input and Output A Simple Text-File Example – HTML File Generator A Website Reader Object I/O.

; URL url; URLConnection connection; InputStream inStream; // stream of bytes int i = 0, maxI; // line number and max line number A website reader needs a try block because the URL constructor can throw a MalformedURLException, the openConnection method call can throw an/1.67, 1.6] 30 Character Sets Revisited In the ByteBufferArrayAccess program, the getBytes method call that converts the specified String to a byte array in the declarations and the later String constructor with the byte[] argument both use /

Input and Output Devices. Input Devices Input devices are used to get data into a system. Examples of input devices are Keyboard Mouse Tracker Ball Touch.

of a credit or debit card. Barcode Readers Barcodes are used in shops, libraries, luggage handling, and stock control. The lines on a barcode represent numbers, and can be scanned very quickly using a laser scanner. Optical character readers/recognition Optical character recognition is a method of inputting text using a scanner. It requires special software to convert the scanned image of each letter into/

C++ to Java Gang Qian Department of Computer Science University of Central Oklahoma.

the same object are allowed It is not possible to convert between the boolean type and a numeric type  / default: statements; } Java Comments Comments with several lines (C style)  /* … */ Comments with a single line (C++ style)  // Java Documentation  /** … */  Used to explain user defined classes and their methods  The command/ Example: Close a file FileReader reader = null; try{ reader = new FileReader(name);... }catch(Exception e){... }finally{ if (reader != null) reader.close(); } Use exceptions /

Midterm OPERATING SYSTEM. Objectives At the end of the course, the student should be able to: Define the operating system; Demonstrate the abstract view.

of the arrival of assemblers (programs that convert assembly language to machine language). Computers were much faster and smaller now because vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors. Early System Introduction to Operating System Compilers were invented. Programs were /faster than a card reader). In this case, the card reader and the line printer were operated off-line, not by the main computer. Off-Line Operation Introduction to Operating System The main advantage of the off-line operation was that the/

W000. WELCOME TO W r i t i n g D y n a m i c s ™ W r i t i n g D y n a m i c s ™ W001.

to verbs 6. Use visuals W014 Sentences Passiveverbs Words Nouns to verbs Linkingverbs Visuals #1 SHORTEN SENTENCES Increases clarity Speeds up reading Aids persuasion Increases clarity Speeds up reading Aids persuasion W015 MANAGE READER’S ATTENTION Keep maximum length 2 - 2 1/2 lines/. Find doee 4. Put in active order: doer-verb-doee 5. Check sentence makes sense W027 #5 CONVERT NOUNS TO VERBS Find the real action Seek smothered verbs Replace weak verbs Find the real action Seek smothered verbs Replace weak/

1 How to provide access to information through the Internet and the WWW? Paul Nieuwenhuysen Vrije Universiteit Brussel Information and Library Science,

Use a graphics program and if required: 1. rotate, 2. crop, 3. convert to grayscale 4. increase the tonal range (which also increases contrast) 5. decrease /realize that the navigation structure of a web (the view of the user/reader/consumer) is a different concept from the folder structure of a web site/***- 111 Developing web documents: guidelines related to HTML (2) To segregate logical document components for better readability, insert »blank lines, or »horizontal lines, or »small pictures ***- 112 !? /

Unit 9 (and Unit 10) Reading:

reader, and the worst Latino reader in our sample reads better than the worst Anglo reader. © Sean Parker EdStats.Org Regression (R) Call: lm(formula = read ~ latino) Residuals: Regression Perspective: 100% Review load("E:/Datasets/NELSBoys/nelsboys.rda") # you can get the regression output in one line/t.test(read~latino, var.equal=FALSE) boxplot(read ~ socioeconomicstatus, horizontal=TRUE) # convert the polychotomy to dichotomies (dummies) <- as.numeric(socioeconomicstatus==1) <- as.numeric(/

Early Exploration Do Now # 8 It is common for us all to have curiosity about an unknown place/thing. What have you wanted to explore, or been curious.

to not only continue to fight the Muslims, but to convert non-christians. “To serve God and his majesty, to give light to those who were in darkness and to grow rich as all men deserve to.”/ 1494-Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesilla, agreeing to honor the imaginary line. Early Explorers Book Project Explorers Project Things to include in your project: Book Cover & Title - colorful,/, is colorful, neat and grabs the reader ’ s attention. It contains at least one picture. Cover is lacking one component/

Chapter 5 Input. What Is Input? What is input? p. 234 and 236 Fig. 5-1 Next  Input device is any hardware component that allows users to enter data and.

p. 243 - 244 Fig. 5-14 and 5-15 Next  Looks like a ballpoint pen, but uses pressure to write text and draw lines  Used with graphics tablets, flat electronic boards Voice Input How does voice recognition work? p. 245 Fig. 5-18 /optical reader? p. 257 Fig. 5-32 Next  Optical character recognition (OCR) reads characters in OCR font  Optical mark recognition (OMR) reads hand-drawn pencil marks, such as small circles  Device that uses light source to read characters, marks, and codes and then converts them/

Section 508: MS Word to PDFs Jessica Delp, Ryan Irving & Pim Yawagun September 17, 2008.

Use Word’s “Bullet and Numbering” preformatted lists as a tool to make your lists accessible. a) Select the items to which you wish to add numbering or bullets. (Each item should be on its own line, i.e., in its own paragraph.) b) Click Numbering or / alternative text is what a screen reader is “saying” the the disabled user. Note: Background images or watermarks do not have to be tagged. When the document is converted to PDF these images will not be detected and will not have to be tagged. 8. Use Long /

GCSE English Language Unit One and Two Revision. What can I expect? You will be expected to showcase your analytical skills and your ability to select.

as we realise she is a recent convert to driving – having recently allowed it to ‘transform [her] life’ - and as a result feel that we too should be converted. The language and style in “boiling the frog” is brief and effective. Short snappy sentences are used such as ‘Ever tried to boil a frog?’ to immediately engage the reader. This particular line is intriguing as it is ambiguous/

1. 2 Welcome to Walk Thru the Bible Book by Book, an exciting interactive teaching tool. Learn all of the names and basic themes of each of the books.

, much of the metropolis had been brought into the church through the lives of new converts. Factionalism, immorality, doctrinal confusion, abuses of spiritual liberty—you name it, and the /the Keyword of Galatians is Unshackled. The fine line between the obligation to obey the Law of God and the freedom to obey Him is at the heart of this/ James and half-brother of the Lord, here writes a passionate letter urging his readers to fight for the faith. In language reminiscent of Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 23, /

Chapter 4: Input and Output. Overview This chapter covers: – Different types of keyboards and pointing devices – Types of scanners, readers, and digital.

used with mobile devices and tablet computers – Used to input handwritten text and sketches and to manipulate text – If handwriting recognition is used, written text can be converted to editable typed text Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow,/antennas – Attached to objects for identification purposes – Read by RFID readers – Tags only need to be within range of the reader, rather than in the line of sight Understanding Computers: Today and Tomorrow, 14th Edition 17 Scanners, Readers, and Digital /


Data Comms 485 Data Comms Ethernet Data Comms Sateon Pro Controllers 485 Ethernet Sateon Pro Enclosures Line Header to Panel (Comms Converter) Cable Types Line Header to Panel (Comms Converter) 2 Pair Belden (or equivalent) #8723 1200m per Segment Cat 5 – Use Twists – Not for electrically noisy environments – 200m Panel to Reader See Reader Documentation 50m (if using Keypad Interface) External Inputs 2 Core Cable (Alarm) 100m Locks Use/

Chapter 13—Collection Classes The Art and Science of An Introduction to Computer Science ERIC S. ROBERTS Java Collection Classes C H A P T E R 1 3 I think.

4 and uses the ArrayList class, adding each line as it appears. –The second version uses only arrays in the implementation and therefore has to allocate space as the program reads additional lines from the reader. In this implementation, the code doubles the /conventionally called a bucket. In practice, the array of buckets is smaller than the number of hash codes, making it necessary to convert the hash code into a bucket index, typically by executing a statement like int bucket = Math.abs(key.hashCode()) %/

PhRMA Presentation to FDA: Bar Codes to Reduce Medication Errors

is converted to a manufacturing number by adding “3” EAN, 13 digits formatted Manufactures Number, Product, Ck digit. To convert from UPC to EAN add a “0” GTIN, 14 digits formatted Packing level, Manufactures Number, Product, Ck digit. To convert from EAN to GTIN add a digit to designate/linear codes of UPC and Code 128. Linear readers won’t read Datamatrix and only the newest ones will read RSS. Most development has been in the hand held devices. The on-line equipment is lagging, vision systems are likely /

Processing PDF: How to Go from PDF to E-text to Audio Gaeir Dietrich Director High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community Colleges Foothill.

comments  Access for text-based PDFs Production Features in Reader  Really designed for reading, not reformatting  Export PDF Subscription service (about $20/year) Upload PDF file, service auto-converts to Word, download Process with Acrobat Pro  Cropping  /line Text (Plain)  Lose styles, keeps paragraphs  Shortcut: Alt F + A Save As Options Better Text Extraction  OCR programs analyze text and structure Acrobat Pro has built-in OCR, but other programs provide more control  Can control which text to/

Introduction to XML and RSS Data Management Issues.

note element is not quoted. The first line in the document is the XML declaration The first line in the document is the XML declaration/ databaseexample of database Example of database converted to XML Example of database converted to XML Example of database converted to XML Example of database converted to XML XML representation of a sample / "readers" or "aggregators": the user "subscribes" to a feed by supplying to their reader a link to the feed; the reader can then check the users subscribed feeds to see/

Art and design Key Stage 3 Range In art and design, pupils at Key Stage 3 should develop their understanding and investigating skills in order to enrich.

the relationships between units, and convert one metric unit to another read times on analogue and digital clocks; use timetables and convert between the 12- and 24-hour/ data in a variety of ways including tables, pictograms, charts, bar charts, line graphs, diagrams, text and ICT calculate and use the mode, median, mean / organisational features. Reading Pupils should be given opportunities to: 1. develop as enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers 2. read in a variety of situations including /

Circulation Work for Principled, Adaptive & Direct Library Readers Superior Practices and World Widening Services of Philippine Libraries PAARL National.

of time required to perform circulation operations; thus, eliminating long lines – Accurate circulation status – Reduces the amount of staff time required to ready materials for re- shelving Circulation Work for Principled, Adaptive & Direct Library Readers 15 April 2010 / scanned and converted to PDF files and electronic full-text articles linked from one of the databases – Users need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the scanned files Circulation Work for Principled, Adaptive & Direct Library Readers 15 April /

5 55 CHAPTER Input and Output. 5 Objectives: To understand that input and output devices are essentially translators. To understand that input devices.

-character recognition (OCR) –Reads special preprinted characters, such as those on utility and telephone bills. Example: Wand readers Optical-mark recognition (OMR) –Reads marks on tests – also called mark sensing. 5 IMAGE CAPTURING DEVICES create / sending fax converts the image to a format for telephone lines. –The receiving fax then converts the telephone format back to its original image. –Dedicated fax machines are stand-alone devices for sending and receiving images over telephone lines. –Most /

Input & Output Part I Bayram Güzer. Input & Output Users submit input data to the computer to get processed information Sometimes the output is an instant.

the user must move the scanner in a straight line at a fixed rate This makes it difficult to get good scan 35 Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is used to scan the text in editable format using word processing/ devices also use a light source to read special characters and convert them into electrical signals to be sent to the central processing unit. A standard typeface for optical characters is called as OCR-A. The handheld wand-reader is a popular input device for /

The Writing Process Essay #1: To be a Slave by Julius Lester.

convert your organizer to an outline). Inspiration Software Helpful Job Aide and Guide You may use : Clustering or Web-Diagram. Your paper topic (thesis statement) goes in the middle circle. Then, branch out to your three or four main points. Finally, add your details. Line Diagram or Branching Line/your reading. Study it and learn from it." -Anonymous “Typos are very important to all written form. It gives the reader something to look for so they arent distracted by the total lack of content in your writing/

How to write an abstract Dr. Steve Wallace. The problem with motivation as a researcher Why computer games? Why computer games? - Tell our own story -

If the title is boring, readers will avoid your paper. Your paper wont be cited. Never try to put all the content of your paper in the title. One line is best. Never use more than two lines. Never try to put all the content of /that the code can handle spacetimes whose radiation is equivalent to a galaxy converting its whole mass into gravitational radiation in one second. We further use the characteristic formulation to treat the region close to the singularity in black hole spacetimes. The code carefully /

Java How to Program, 9/e © Copyright 1992-2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

a buffered character stream that keeps track of the number of lines read. © Copyright 1992-2012 by Pearson Education, Inc. All Rights Reserved.  An InputStream can be converted to a Reader via class InputStreamReader.  An OuputStream can be converted to a Writer via class OutputStreamWriter.  Class File-Reader and class FileWriter read characters from and write characters to a file.  Class PipedReader and class PipedWriter implement piped-character/

By: Melissa Robbins. CPU’s When choosing your CPU, there are usually two major brands to choose from. IntelAMD.

in 1997, AGP is a 32-bit Bus designed for high demanding video cards. AGP has a direct line to the computer memory, which allows 3-D elements to be stored in the system memory instead of the video memory and is available in three different standards (1/ often come with a special converter when purchased, which will allow them to fit into a device which takes SD cards or an SD card reader. For users that already have a convertor such as this, any SD card reader should be able to read a Micro SD card /

Introduction to Read&Write 11 Gold Kimberly Nix, Instructor

p.36 Exercise 1-2 Screenshot Reader Selected text will be read aloud with highlighting. Provides read aloud for "locked" files Reads virtually any text including images, Flash, and locked PDF documents Converts “screenshot” text to Word document for instructional adaptations Training/ Exercise 4 Screen Masking Aids Reading Focus with color overlay or color line Aids Writing Focus for easy locating of line typed on Tint screen/window/line Underline width adjusts for easy location and Choice of 48 colors Has /

Week 2 Definitions Assignment Expressions Input. Variables Usually when problem solving multiple things need determining Without the ability to remember.

that variable you will be interacting with the keyboard supplies Scanner reader = new Scanner( ) Reconsider CelsiusToFahrenheit Program CelsiusToFahrenheit can convert whatever temperature a user is interested in because of its Scanner usage Method main() begins with a Scanner variable definition Scanner reader = new Scanner( ); It next prompts the user to supply a value. Prompts are helpful because otherwise the program/

1 Technical Communication A Reader-Centred Approach First Canadian Edition Paul V. Anderson Kerry Surman

Readers’ Tasks Use a mental portrait of your readers to envision the tasks they want your communication to help them perform Use a mental portrait of your readers to envision the tasks they want your communication to help them perform – Organize hierarchically – Group together the items your readers will use together – Give the bottom line/Software to Outline Make an outline and convert it into headings Make an outline and convert it into headings Switch from outline to normal view Switch from outline to /

The word computer comes from “compute” which means to calculate. Hence people usually consider a computer to be a calculating device. Computer is a processing.

lead pencil reflect the light enabling the reader to determine which responses are marked. Sheetal Chhabra iv) Bar Code Reader: Bar codes represent alphanumeric data by a combination of adjacent vertical lines (bars) by verifying their width and / – Educational & Tutorial work. 5)Medical Application Programs. Sheetal Chhabra Compiler : A high level language program must be converted into its equivalent machine language program before it can be executed on the computer. This translation is done with the help/

Java Input and Output. Java Input  Input is any information needed by your program to complete its execution  So far we have been using InputBox for.

not necessarily a robin  If you need a bird, a robin will do  We will use an InputStreamReader for our reader (Because we want an InputStream)  Look at constructor for InputStreamReader  We need an InputStream object Java Console Input  The/// 4. Use the BufferedReader object to read a line of text from the user String input = stdin.readLine(); // 5. Convert/use the input received System.out.println(“You typed: “ + input); Java Console Input Don’t forget to import*; Shorter version: /

AP Exam Preparations and Strategies

English Language & Comp. Thursday 5/12 Mcroeconomics World History AP Exam Scores The Readers’ scores on the free-response questions are combined with the results of the computer-scored multiple-choice questions; the weighted raw scores are summed to give a composite score. The composite score is then converted to a score on AP’s 5-point scale. While colleges and universities are responsible/

NEWBIES GUIDE to Assistive Technology Creating a wiki guide to Free – Low – High Tech resources WINK HARNER Manager, Disability Resources & Services Mesa.

line learning materials. All strategies have been provided by students who have first hand experience of e-learning. […] Handy hints & tips on technologies you can use to/– Activities Braille (Grade 1) Converter Braille (Grade 1) Converter Captions in MAGpie Fingerspelling Converter Fingerspelling Converter Video Description Visual Emphasis Sample Exam/ Software Scan/Read Software Text-to-Speech Software Text-to-Speech Software Screen Reader Software Screen Reader Software Scanning Software Scanning Software /

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