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UNIT 6 Great Ideas. Lead-in Communication Strategy Listen and Practice Watch and Talk UNIT GOALS Learn words and expressions about great ideas. Listen.

ballerina 芭蕾舞女演员 Mandarin 普通话(旧指中国官话) X X New Words four years What they can/can ’ t doThe Reasons 1.Bernards parents speak French well. 2. Bernards father could speak some. 3. Bernard speak Chinese. 4. Bernards sister can also. Because they both worked for a large American. Because he a/use it to talk on their cell phone even when the phone is across the room. Suggested Answer Lena: I recharged the battery. Would you like to try it again? Hector: Okay, sure. I’d love to. Lena: Ready? Hello again, Hector/

1 Presentation Enterprise Risk Leadership. Improving Risk Management We need to understand: How we know things. How we decide. How we learn to go outside.

major decisions from the top.  Measure performance with new analytics:  Margins on products.  Number of customers/years raising two children. At age 42, she applied for a position quite similar to her previous job before the resignation. Should she be a serious candidate for/The GM Spark Car made in the Chinese joint venture. 174 Question What is/ what?  You have got to be kidding. 215 Effect of a Bankruptcy CNW Marketing /three infantry companies and an artillery battery to provide support. The tactic /

International Initiatives on Drug Safety

stimulates T cells The conventional battery of preclinical toxicity tests completed by/new expert Paediatric Committee (PDCO) within the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) Meds for Kids: Benefits For newer medicines benefits include: six months extension of the SPC to which the product is entitled two years extension of market exclusivity for orphan medicines optional access to the centralized EU level procedure for/seized There are suggestions that large Chinese counterfeit gangs, who also manufacture fake/

Lenovo Confidential| © 2009 Lenovo ASI IdeaFamily Update April 2009 Lorrie Alston, Lenovo Channel Account Executive Rodney Holder, Solutions Advocate,

: Fashion Mobility, Web based performance Price band($):299-499 User : Reassurance Seekers & Chinese Mobility Seekers Profile : smart choice with Good Enough Function & Good looking Price band($):399/6.6lbs Energy Star 4.0 6-Cell (3hrs, 5-Bar Battery Indicator) 1 Year Warranty –1yr accidental, 3yr on-site, 3yr on-site with AD/(Eyesight protection) Healthy PC use - especially for kids. Veriface An application of face recognition, which can bring customers new using experience. H200 – Lenovo Value Line Desktop/

8/24/20151 Sermons From Science -- June 2013 科学布道 -- 2013 年 6 月 Sermons from Science is now published in both YouTube under the name “Pastor Chui” and.

battery was one of the biggest challenges, so they had to tether it to a power source and computer with thin wire. Still, it’s “pretty fantastically cool,” an observer said for/they have been dubbed, look like “chemical gardens” kids play with. They look like “children’s chemistry /rocks, and thus erasing the evidence, for billions of years.” The new model would claim that the early / natural variation of a species are not evolution: The Chinese found another “new hominin” in a cave based on its teeth. But/

Econometrics Three Broad Economic Themes Where is the economy today? –It’s more than inflation & unemployment! Where is the economy going? –It’s more.

Burglary 189,000 9.Vandalism 184,000 10.Assault & Battery 181,000 Total US Prison Population: 2,103,503 Wisconsin/for kids Number of African children living with HIV? 1,100,000 Number of kids without basic education? 100,000,000 Number of women who die each year in pregnancy? 515,000 Kids/.2% 2.Colorado32.7% 3.Connecticut31.4% 4.Maryland31.4% 5.New Jersey29.8% 29. Wisconsin22.4% 46. Louisiana18.4% 47. Kentucky17/Top 10 Languages Spoken in the World 1.Mandarin/Chinese…..1,075,000,000 2.Hindustan……………..602,000,/

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s Character Points and Values Primary Years Program International Baccalaureate Candidate School IB /Tressa Jones Elected Teachers (2)*: (P.E. Teacher) Carnell McCoy, (Chinese Teacher) Pun Ding Lau Special Education Teacher(s)*: (Sp.Ed. Primary /battery Shoving/Hitting (1 st offense)Fighting Habitual/excessive tardinessAssault and/or battery / new district SCS behavioral expectations and discipline protocol. She shared new / messages/themes for student check out during library. LesPasees “Kids on the Block/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Aluminum packaging - 54% Aluminum packaging - 54% Steel cans - 60% Steel cans - 60% Auto batteries - 93% Auto batteries - 93% Garbage One half of US has no curbside recycling pickup One half of US has no curbside/new chemicals registered each year 2000-3000 new chemicals registered each year 2/3 of those introduced since 1983 marked “trade secret,” making investigation difficult 2/3 of those introduced since 1983 marked “trade secret,” making investigation difficult More than 90% have never been screened for/

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Use in EXCEL Certificate National Chinese Character Certificate. Teaching Philosophy When I was a little kid, I can remember taking care of 3 or 4 year olds. Even though I was/ a few days, a new year is waiting for you. What do you want your next year to be like? Imagine the best year of 2012 you wish for. What do you think /placed an order with your firm for 12,000 ultra super long-life batteries. The ( consensus / consignment ) arrived yesterday but contained only 1,200 batteries. This error put our firm /

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postmaster of New Salem, Illinois, for which he was paid an annual salary of $55.70. Even then, twenty-four years before he/through the gates. According to the historians, the Chinese were so busy relying upon the walls of stone/For students, cheating is a way of lire.”  Ryan further comments that "kids have no moral compass other than enlightened self-interest"; Ryan blames the nations schools for/based Interstate Battery company, the top replacement-battery manufacturer in North America, boasts a/

Revised 7/121 Oak Forest Elementary School-wide PYP-PBIS Plan (Discipline Plan) 2015-2016 7440 Nonconnah View Cove Memphis, TN 38119 Phone 901-416-2257/Fax.

Jones Elected Teachers (2)*: (P.E. Teachers) Carnell McCoy/Darnell Watson, (Chinese Teacher) Pun Ding Lau Special Education Teacher(s)*: (Sp.Ed. Primary IR) //sexual battery Shoving/Hitting (1 st offense)Fighting Habitual/excessive tardinessAssault and/or battery Advising /Daily recitation of code of behavior essential agreements during “Kid’s Talk” morning announcements  Recognizing/Celebrating positive / in” toward goals and expectations for the new school year. 3.The classroom teachers reinforced the/

MRS. CONTRERAS Language Arts 9 th Grade – Eng I IGCSE Honors Room C209 Welcome Braddock Bulldogs!!! 2006-2007.

yang Entertainment  About 2000 years ago, the Chinese invented the kite. They were used for both military use and for pleasure.  The yo-yo/for frost, the speaker seems quite bummed out and disappointed; he lays his head down, similar to the reaction of a little kid/ Oct 2006 Khan, S.A.. "Art and Culture." Nature in Chinese Paintings. 06 09 2006. The New Nation. 24 Oct 2006. Wikipedia, "Li Bai." Biography. 23/, and make no room for nature or anything that doesn’t require a plug or battery. Many have become to/

lécole de météorologie de lespace, utilisation des outils GPS, SIG et grille de calculs.

finger or stylus E.g. for script based languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean by 2015, 22/new stethoscope?) uVery important for remote areas Slide: 15 Les Cottrell, SLAC Smartphones not for everbody uDeveloping regions such as India have poor power, and little WiFi, or 3G uMore important than smartphone capabilities are: large batteries/late 1980s with handwriting recognition (6 years and $75M in venture capital Go/for patients MRI & CT scanners beam hi-res images to portable devices used by doctors Autos, kids/

DAY 16—EMBEDDED ASSESSMENT 1. BELL RINGER We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. This sentence from the passage.

don’t add space between paragraphs). 12pt. (Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman) MLA Format *You have today and one full lab day/My orphanage, Shepherd’s Field, was run by Chinese and American missionaries. They felt that if this problem/ I was five years old, but I was so small my first two years were in preschool./ December for Christmas. Wood toys last a long time in an orphanage. They can survive when battery-powered toys/little girl going to school in Hawaii, other kids gave me a hard time about it because, /

Reading Workshop Get: 1.Pencil 2.Yellow Folder 3.Reader’s Notebook 4.Chapter Book—Book Buddy Bins Then READ SILENTLY at your SEAT. START Time ____:____.

who is depressed, mean, rude, and a bad kid because he moved and had a baby sister A /of Spring, making flowers appear wherever she goes Chinese dragon who gives good luck for new year Supporting Detail (about the main idea) Reflections /batteries Light bulb & holder Motor Switch 6 short wires Can you build a circuit with…. 1.Switch, motor, and one battery 2.Switch, motor, two batteries 3.Switch, motor, light bulb, one battery 4.Switch, motor, light bulb, two batteries 5.Switch, light bulb, two batteries/

Adapting to the Future: Understanding and Guiding Accelerating Change as a Law Enforcement Leader POST Command College March 2010  Folsom, CA John Smart,

years) Wireless Bandwidth Growth (Cooper’s law, 2.5 years) GPS- and Video-equipped Cellphone Growth (1.5 years) Network Address Density (Poor’s law, 2 years) Flat Panel Display Size (Nishimura’s law, 2 yrs) Electronic Systems Miniaturization (5.4 years) Algorithmic Efficiency (Ebrahimi’s law, 5-6 years) Some learning curves are flat (battery/for Kids. ▪A permanently better new primary way of interacting with our machines. ▪Start with a game (limited domain) and kids (patience for/3? A Chinese-Korea-led /

0 OUR OCEAN PLANET SECTION 2 – FORCES OF NATURE. 1 REVISION HISTORY DateVersionRevised ByDescription Aug 25, 20100.0VLOriginal.

years in a given place. This includes average weather conditions, regular weather sequences (such as winter, spring, summer, and fall), and special weather events (like tornadoes and floods). Climate tells us what its usually like in the place where you live. For example, New Orleans has a humid climate, Buffalo, New/ means “big wind” in Chinese). Interesting! More energy is / 25 / Mineral oil Blue food coloring Handheld battery-operated fan Paper sheet map showing/

Learn Something From the Paper By Lucy– Luan Changyan from Jiwang School.

in setting up a factory to ________ used batteries in 1999. W: Yes. In ______ I/for kids to play with. D) Students can’t design satellites without college education. But you might not even have to wait until you get to college to start designing and building your own satellite. A new program called KatySat aims to get teenagers to take part. Once kids/ of people come to China. 3.Every Chinese very exciting. 4.We are happily. 5/ held on August 8 in Beijing this year. We need to learn more knowledge about/

TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World. Salman Khan(32) Marco Rubio(40) Innovator Education pioneer Has created a library of online lectures on.

the grocery store, the doctor’s office or the kids’ school. In Saudi Arabia, women must rely on /batteries using molten salt and liquid metal. The batteries work. TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World Cami Anderson(90) Preet Bharara(92) Modern day freedom fighter. In New/ the kelptocracy case by case. He has worked hard for many years as an activist and organizer. Navalry has mastered the / economic model at home? Xi is the modern Chinese establishment personified—the son of a colleague of Mao/

Introduction to Tourism

for visitors to Hong Kong; and to make recommendations to and advise the Chief Executive (of the Hong Kong SAR) in relation to any measures which may be taken to further any of the foregoing matters. Chinese New Year/Town Centre Area Lei Yue Mun Blessing Tree Lei Yue Mun Old Batteries Lei Yue Mun Tin Hau Temple The Hong Kong Public Records //en_universalstudio.html Singapore Resorts World at Sentosa* “Kids City” indoor park* 08/24/

Magnetism Intro mages/type_effects/Electro_Magnet.gif

Chinese later used these naturally occurring magnets, called lodestones, for ocean navigation. The first recorded description of a compass was in the Chinese Book Dream Pool Essays (1086) by Shen Kuo in the Song Dynasty, about 100 years/ –Magnetic dipole. Breaking a magnet in half forms two new magnets. Magnetic Field Cutnell & Johnson, Wiley Publishing, Physics/ battery where the terminals exchange sign periodically! AC /is a recipe for disaster –sparks every time you plug something in –risk of fire –not cat or kid friendly Need a/

MSIA711.041 E- enterprise Liability Liability Requirements (how to incur liability): –By law –By contract Promise of a duty to perform Implied promise.

new CISCO product worth billions, which he used to set up his own company that would manufacture a competing product. Hawkins received a 3-year/well, but parents and children must be diligent to allow kids to use websites that contain those service marks, exclusively./ earned. There was even a Nevada arrest warrant for domestic battery issued against her. Someone used her identity to establish/ in 1992 to 522,922 in 1997. –Techniques: Chinese method: hack into databases to compromise credit cards and identity/

1 Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds Unlocking Knowledge, Empowering Minds. 23 November 2010Your Name Here.

for years. Zhang first heard about MIT OCW in early 2004, through a program on Chinese national television. At the time, a limited amount of higher education information was available from Chinese/batteries, and resistors. When he was 12, Lara began to study calculus, linear algebra, classical mechanics, and learned mechanical drawing using AutoCAD®. His father worked hard to foster his enthusiasm for/-kid automatons,” Dehesh explains. “The introductory remarks for /s a call for new material,” Stewart explains/

In April 1995, Good Morning America reported the dangers of bathtubs. Bathtubs can contain up to 88% lead in the glaze. Manufacturers used lead because.

proclaim a new national blood lead upper goal for all Australians of 10 mcg/dL and specified that 90% of children aged 1 to 4 years should have/kids bit pencils had level of 21 mcg/dL  Compared to 18 mcg/dL for those who didn’t bite pencils The earliest glazes are traced to the Egyptians. Across the continent, the Chinese/batteries and used for glaze in the production of roof tiles. Children live, play, and eat near the lead-glazing kilns. Due to their close proximity, when 166 children (4 months to 15 years/

Magnetism Intro mages/type_effects/Electro_Magnet.gif

Chinese later used these naturally occurring magnets, called lodestones, for ocean navigation. The first recorded description of a compass was in the Chinese Book Dream Pool Essays (1086) by Shen Kuo in the Song Dynasty, about 100 years/ Breaking a magnet in half forms two new magnets. Magnetic Field Cutnell & Johnson, Wiley/in moving charge from one terminal of the battery to the other. –Motional EMF – /a recipe for disaster –sparks every time you plug something in –risk of fire –not cat or kid friendly Need/

Единый Государственный Экзамен.  28 заданий-выбор ответа.  16 заданий открытого типа(краткий ответ).  4 задания открытого типа(развернутый ответ). 

for thousands of years 1)……Acupuncture involves putting extremely thin metallic needles into the skin at certain sites. These needles are then moved around by hand, heated or connected to a battery. The aim is to return health and relieve pain. In traditional Chinese/Making a home hazard-free We want to be famous? Ask kids in Britain what they want to be when they grow up /by the desire to become a celebrity. Of course there is nothing new in childhood dreams of fame. Young children have always wanted to be/

Questions on Notice Sydney Region CC Training Day Term 1 2006.

for all the childs years at the school. Yes. But parents must be informed that they can withdraw (or grant) permission at any time in writing. Note : With the Project formally known as Webservices you will have to send out new permission notes. Can you suggest some fabulous software for kids/ dispose of old laptop batteries? Take the batteries to any major battery retailer that has a disposal point Eg Battery World, Coda, Do not throw them in the bin. Will we be able to access the new OASIS servers from home/

From Sputnik to Google Earth. Sputnik I Launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957 Worlds first man-made satellite Size of a beach ball; Weighed.

. (reported in Star Tribune) Her students, many of whom were Air Force kids admire the U.S. F100’s out the window of their classroom Politicians criticize/battery problems Stopped working late in 2011, decommissioned in June 2013. Landsat 5 image: Chinese Himalaya 1999 Landsat 6 – (1993) Launched by EOSAT but failed to achieve orbit Carried a new/ satellite L8 launched on February 11, 2013 Significant data gap for the first time in over 30 years of earth observation between demise of Landsat 5 and launch of/

Jack Dempsey American Boxer

Chrysler made up 70% of all new car sales Automobile manufacturers made enormous/for the future because after this series most series starred women and blacks in the main cast. 221 episodes were made over about 20 years. The cast was meant to be a bunch of everyday poor city kids that always had bad run ins with the rich kids/for Best Actress. *Her and Fairbanks were among the first to leave their hand and footprints in cement at the Chinese/one of the greatest seasons any battery in history hitting .373 with /

Advanced Interpretation. Week One(1)  Basic knowledge of Interpretation.

training:  You should be able to repeat more than four English or Chinese sentences at a time.  You should be able to repeat two /for all, more than fifty thousand dollars.  Bryan McNulty, the communications director, says Bates has offered a three-year bachelors degree since the nineteen sixties. But he says only one or two students usually choose it each year, and no one did in the graduating class in May.  Still, other schools are preparing their own programs. These include Hartwick College in New/

Supreme Court Cases Marbury v Madison 1. Marbury was commissioned by John Adams as a Justice of the Peace 2. Madison was Jefferson’s Secretary of State.

New Jersey v. T.L.O. (1985) 1. Initials are used when a minor is involved. TLO was a fourteen year/time when kids could meditate /for Michigan State Police – No violation, checkpoints are reasonable and allowable. International Union of UAW v Johnson Controls (1991) Johnson Controls is a company that makes batteries Batteries/Chinese child enrolled in the San Francisco Schools. In the 1970’s 2,856 chinese decent, non English speaking children were enrolled in the schools. Majority were not given assistance for/

Unit Four Run Like the Wind. Teaching plan Situation: Night talk in the dorm Pattern: Oral Situation: The job fair Pattern: Writing Situation: In the.

and many years of / / 克里斯坦 · 赫 尔 Language Points Articler1_popwin_kid Language Points kid /  /: n. child or young person 小孩;年轻人 Articler1_popwin_actually Language/for success, fulfillment, etc.; need 有赖于;需要 e.g. We require extra help. This radio requires two batteries. T 我们需要额外的帮助。 T 这台收音机需要两节电池。 Articler2- 5_popwin_S_Football players … Language Points Football players, for/PW3 11 Please write an English business card for Mr. Chen Yang based on the Chinese one given below. Chen Yang Operations Manager,/


(52%) are unable to accept new patients, while 33 (14%) /for Red Cross hospitals), 495 deployable medical teams; 2 million registered volunteers. A Family Links web site has been opened in cooperation with ICRC (in Japanese, English, Chinese/for the kids who are scheduled return there in mid-April. Soldiers and Marines unload hardware to install hot showers at a makeshift shelter for/the backup generators. While some batteries remained operable, the entire site/of tap water for infants less than 1 year of age. /

Take off with history! Welcome to November 1! Historical brains engaged…commence ignition! World History : American History : Word of the day : Bonus Corner.

for space duty. The electrodes, attached to his body, sent data back as to how space effects the body. He later died in space when the batteries keeping/defeat the Chinese and ended 1,000 years of Chinese control. Imagine that your country has been governed by another for 1,000 years. Formulate what your country would do with that new freedom./ location for the following!), Billy The Kid was shot and killed by Buckskin Leslie. Except for pizza, Tombstone seems like a bad name! Create an explanation for the /

The Best and Worst of America Unit 5 The Industrial Era, 1865-1900 After the Civil War, America enters a period of….. WASTE, GREED, and CORRUPTION.

Light bulb Phonograph Incandescent electric lamp Starter for automobiles that eliminated hand crank Batteries Perfected stock ticker New York City first city to powered by /three years old and my mother tried to protect me with her body, but he got to me. It did not seem reasonable for me /New Immigrants. New Immigrants came to this country for the same reasons as the Old Immigrants. Resentment and discrimination against the Chinese. First law to restrict immigration. Taking away jobs from Nativists Chinese/

- 1. An English Song ABC Questions about the Song 2. Word-web

to do is to deal with Translate the sentence into Chinese. 如果你一下子把太多的生词塞进头脑,必定有一些生词会被挤出来。 new words in different ways according to how frequently they occur in/The kids were throwing and catching a frisbee down on the beach. 2) see (sb.) doing (sth.) I caught him reading my private letters. 他被看到偷拿电池。 He was caught stealing batteries. 3/words for more than 1,500 years. The most _______ stealing dictionary of the English language contains a 600,000 words. It’s for new words to grow from previously words—for /

Travel Light, Live Light Hostelling International USA Hostelling International USA – Travel Light, Live Light.

Chinese (language) zhōng guó rén ( 中国人 ) Chinese (people) zhōng guó caì ( 中國菜 ) Chinese (food) Hostelling International USA – Travel Light, Live Light My language teacher asked me in Chinese/ - cell phone, charger (split cable), external battery, earphones with mic Toiletries - toothbrush, bar of/year – ask why you’ll use it next year b)5 years – get rid of it, unless it’s sporting gear or tools c)10 years/term. Teach kids from a /for Picasa on Android (includes a randomized slideshow feature) – Gallery on new/

Accelerating Change: Developing Tomorrow’s Medical Toolkit John Smart, President, ASF Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 14 Jan 2006 ◆ Long Beach, CA Slides:

seconds, keep 99% of their duty after 1,000 cycles. 180+ mpg Prius. 34 miles on battery only. Los Angeles New York Palo Alto © 2006 The Future of High Density Urban Transport: Underground Automated Highway Systems / drive, and intellectual capital. U.S. science fairs: 50,000 high school kids/year. Chinese science fairs: 6,000,000 kids/year. For now. BHR-1, 2002 8. Twenty Year Scenarios Los Angeles New York Palo Alto © 2006 The Symbiotic Age A coevolution between Saturating/

1 How to succeed in X, Y and Z (Education, Work, Life…) A brief primer on life (by someone who has lived a little) Presented to MRSM TransKrian 22-Oct-2008.

, Europe and the US For Malaysia to succeed, you must succeed, and to succeed you must beat the Chinese, Indians, Europeans, and /battery ran out. You look around (weakly) and don’t find a battery, so you cant do A. Congratulations, you’re fired! Every kedai runcit has a battery/for mining and petroleum engineering): 50% of the incoming class fails the 1 st year. 50% of the rest fails out the 2 nd year. 1,500 kids enter each year, 300 graduate each year. Their graduates are GOOD. 24 New Times call for New/

Developments in the Automotive Industry IARA Las Vegas March 9, 2011.

years at the crossroads Information Quality Changing Vehicles Technology Alternative Fuels New Makes and Models 2 Minute Drill Q&A IntelliChoice Motor Trend Auto Group Motor Trend –Original Enthusiast Magazine Automobile –Life Style and Ownership IntelliChoice –Quantitative Data WHAT WE DO Empowering and educating consumers since 1986 Online service for/for kids/ Electric Electric Battery Solar Human /Chinese exporting to other markets first? Less stringent safety and emissions regulations Higher demand for/

- 0 - WHAT DIFFERENCE WILL THEY MAKE? July 13-15, 2010.

Chinese Taipei 5. England 6. Finland 7. Hong Kong 8. India 9. Ireland 10. Japan 11. Korea 12. Singapore English language arts 1. Australia New/multi-year transition plans will be ready to be held accountable for student/effectiveness: empowerment and accountability for teachers Development of new schools and turnaround through the/ the calculators might run out of batteries or something. Thomas, 1 Because /Performance: what kids should be able to do b)Mathematical Understanding: standards for what kids need to/

PSY 620P April 9, 2015.  Mechanism?  Stage-environment fit theory  In what way do practices misfit with developmental stage in ▪ Middle school? ▪

54 months Cognitive-academic achievement Woodcock-Johnson Psycho- Educational Battery Revised 54 months, 1 st Grade, 3 rd Grade/achievement/values in Latin American boys Hoffman Tracked kids for 4 years, N = 572 3 HS in Los/kids had Mexican backgrounds and Asian kids had Chinese backgrounds… Implications for lack of differences across ethnicity What do results this mean for/how “hang out” with friends  Degree of acceptance in new neighborhood  Ability to navigate neighborhood environments  Effect of father/

Intellige nce Prof. Dr. Elham AlJammas 22/9/2013.

who desperately try to get their kids into the best schools, hire tutors/Chinese Japanese Asian American Box 10-1: Asian students higher on math scores; Figures 10-6 and 10-7 Differences: Chinese/New york university in 1939 the original test gone through several revisions the latest revision is lll WAIS lll : is designed for person 16-89 WISC lll : ( Wechsler intelligence scale years for children) designed for/difficulties according to mental ages there is a battery of question *Binet test * spearman approach/

Retail sales

in 2014. The start of retail sales in the Chinese market was rescheduled several times, and deliveries began in/the Government incentives for plug-in electric vehicles#France|government bonus, plus a monthly fee of () for the batteries https://store.theartofservice./new Packard Bell 1 However, Compaq overtook it in retail sales in mid-1996, and cemented its lead the next year /eOne Family 1 In the UK, eOne Family (formerly E1 Kids) creates, produces and distributes children’s entertainment with partners /

Differentiated Instruction and Critical Thinking

changes for yourself for when you do this lesson in future years./metaphorically. Hispanic, Greek, French, Phillippino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, Egyptian, Iraqi,/phrase/essay? smile/laughter? penlight/lighthouse? Battery power/nuclear power? bench/recliner? Seed//poor Meta – beyond, after, change Mis – incorrect, bad Mono – one Multi – many Neo – new Non – not Ob, of, op, oc – toward, against Oct – eight   Paleo – ancient/1994, 2000 Beers, Kylene. (2003) When Kids Can’t Read What Teachers Can Do, /

Objectives Content: Choose one inventor and defend why his invention was the most important. Language: List the 3 inventors and their inventions.

new inventions 1.) The Electric Light Bulb (1879) Thomas Edison “The Wizard of Menlo Park” Perfected the light bulb Also either invented or contributed to the first power plants, phonograph, motion picture projector and the storage battery/and discrimination. 1.) Chinese Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) – Prohibited Chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years. It was extended many times and lasted until 1943. Discrimination spread to all Asian immigrants Why? Competition for gold and jobs /

IMMIGRATION If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move? Why? Who would you take with you, if anyone? Why?

YMCA and YWCA - Recreation center for inner city kids 23rd Street YMCA, 1897 metropolitan champions 3) Political machines – gained power by helping new immigrants: -Would provide housing and jobs in exchange for votes! Why Cities Grew 3 /5. New England states were textiles Discrimination against Immigrants (2 main groups) 1)The Chinese Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) – Prohibited Chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years. Was extended in 1892 and again in 1902. Why? Competition for gold /

Warm Up Use notebook paper to answer the following questions: What invention could you NOT live without? How would your life be different without it?

new inventions 1.) The Electric Light Bulb (1879) Thomas Edison “The Wizard of Menlo Park” Perfected the light bulb Also either invented or contributed to the first power plants, phonograph, motion picture projector and the storage battery/and discrimination. 1.) Chinese Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) – Prohibited Chinese workers from entering the United States for 10 years. It was extended many times and lasted until 1943. Discrimination spread to all Asian immigrants Why? Competition for gold and jobs /

Using Photovoice & Participatory Video with Youth Julie Tritz CYFAR Conference Baltimore, MD May 21, 2009.

Union project Implemented both methods over 2 years –Delivery mode: day camp Two high school/ (s) Tripod Extra batteries if no electrical outlet Flipchart paper for Storyboard –Rain location, /C., M.A. Burris, and X. Yueping (1996) Chinese village women as visual anthropologists: A participatory approach to reaching/empower, (pp. 63- 101). New Delhi: Sage Publications. Google ‘participatory video’ for additional resources. Thank you Contact Julie/house. I dont trust my kids going there. There are bottles /

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