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Papatheochari Stavroula Environmental Scientist Ecological Recycling Society Zero Waste Systems’ Analysis.

the relevant European legislation 91 – 100 Exceptionally positive performance Model performance, actions and initiatives in the area of prevention and sustainable management of waste. Can be used as a model by other local authorities for the development or improvement of their current waste management policy. All countries… ALL COUNTRIES Number of Questionnaires236 Number of municipalities (communities) 362 Total population (of regions & countries) 81,128,381/

Recycling and Waste Prevention at San Jose State University Terri L. Ramirez Integrated Waste Management, Recycling & Moving Services Specialist Facilities.

comply with AB 939 diversion requirements Develop an integrated waste management plan Develop an integrated waste management plan Divert 25% of waste generated by 2002 and 50% by 2004 Appoint a recycling coordinator Report annually on program implementation and diversion rates 2/16/09 Recycling and Waste Prevention at SJSU Ramirez 2009 4 Other policies/statutes affecting recycling/waste management at state agencies:  Executive Order W-7-91  PCC/

California Venue and Event Recycling Legislation Review of AB 2176 Model Ordinance For Waste Reduction at Venues and Events.

Venue Facility Operations Report annually to local agency If not using contract hauler local agency may audit Owners ultimately responsible Exemptions possible Venue Design, Construction, and Demolition Projects of specified waste generation, cost, square footage, or attendance mandated - others are encouraged Waste management strategy a condition of building or demo permit Venue Design, Construction, and Demolition Compliance with requirements provides partial satisfaction for solid/


generation by hospitals 1301 Kg/day HCRW generation by health post and healthcare services2280 Kg/day Effort for Improvement MoH is formulating HCW management Plan Awareness and training programs are being conducted by NGO/INGO/Media forums Healthcare waste management is a priority program of GTZ-HSSP/PAM from new phase KMC is operating an Incinerator for city hospitals Some private and mission hospitals/

Workshop: Land Cover/Land Use Data model commonalties. HLANDATA project user’s perspective Pilot 3: Stratification of waste dumps Veronika Koskova, SEA.

making process in frame of waste management  Implement optimal cost/benefit analysis, time analysis in the waste management and planning  Simple visualisation of up-to-date waste management spatial information INSPIRE Conference Edinburgh, 27 th June 2011 CIP-ICT PSP-2009-3- GEO-250475 How to obtain that?  To create a complex integrated database of Slovak waste dumps interconnected with geospatial visualisation of waste dumps using different spatial information/

16/10/20031st Padova - Fukuoka Seminar1 Current status on municipal solid waste amount and composition in Japan ○ Shinya Suzuki Department of Civil Engineering,

fukuoka-u.ac.jp Contents 1. Introduction 5. Rate of recycling 2. Law on solid waste management5-1 Complexity of waste management 3. Outline of solid waste flow 5-2 Variety of recycling 3-1 Direct material input 5-3 Definition of “Recycling/and packaging. Collection and recycling of waste electric household appliances was made obligatory of business parties that produce/sell electric household appliances. Sorted dismantling of a building and recycling of construction wastes were made obligatory of parties who/

0 - Introduction 1/21 Benefits of Managing Solid Waste Non-sanitary landfills: Risk assessment & risk mitigation.

the biogas 12/21 0 - Introduction IMPORTANT IMMEDIATE MEASURE Collection of biogas: -mitigates the risks for humans -improves waste management operations (and increases income) -promotes production of sustainable energy & local energy generation -promotes transfer of technology to / CH 4 ) is a valuable source of energy but cannot be utilized without measures and investments: -1 st phase: structuring of waste disposal -2 nd phase: placing of biogas collection system (including covering of waste) -3 rd phase:/

Management of animal origin waste from small producers Skopje 2011 Ksenija Milošević Local assembly of Ćupija Local Environmental Management in Urban Areas.

small producers(retailers, restaurants,fisheries, homes)  municipalities are accented as responsible for managing all kinds of waste  low awarness of importance of primary selection of waste  In Ćuprija existing government enterprise for incineratin of animal origin waste Situation when project started Public communal enterprise is reorganized and sufficiency of employees created a need to preserve working places Lack of developed model of systematic manipulation on/

ELEMENTS OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT. ELEMENT OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT  The activities associated with the management of solid waste from the point of.

OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT ELEMENT OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT  The activities associated with the management of solid waste from the point of generation to final disposal has been group into six elements.  Waste Generation  Waste Storage  Waste Collection  Waste Transfer and Transport  Waste Treatment  Waste Disposal Waste Generation  Urbanization and industrialization - many changes in the quality and quantity of solid wastes generated  Some of the changes included:  change in waste characteristic/

Integrated Waste Management Strategy – preparing for SIII NuLeAF – 29 th January 2015.

– preparing for SIII NuLeAF – 29 th January 2015 IWM Topics Integrated Waste Management Lower Activity Wastes Non-Radioactive & Hazardous Wastes Higher Activity Wastes Other themes (Site Restoration etc) NDA STRATEGY THEME TOPIC NDA IWM key messages (1) Our strategy is to ensure that wastes are managed in a manner that provides value for money, protects people and the environment, whilst complying with UK Government and Devolved Governments policies/

NuLeAF Seminar NDA Integrated Waste Management Strategy Programme update 24 th October 2012.

Option(s) NOT FOR SCOTTISH WASTE 5 Products A)HAW Treatment –Thermal treatment –Regional and Mobile Treatment B)HAW Storage –Long term storage guidance –Storage co-location and consolidation –Self shielding containers C)HAW Disposal –Geological disposal –Other HAW disposal options (Scottish HAW Policy) 6 Products D)Waste Groups –Graphite waste management –Alpha waste management E)LLW Disposal –VLLW and lower activity waste –Environmental Safety Case –Ensuring best/

Barbara Kozlowska Resource flows, ecological rucksacks, production-consumption, waste flows SBR Teachers conference Kazimierz Dolny, 8-12 December, 2004.

2.4: Impact on the environment 2.5: Sustainable resources management (Waste management as subchapter) Sinikka Suomalainen Barbara Kozlowska Resource flows, ecological rucksacks, production-consumption, waste flows SBR Teachers conference Kazimierz Dolny, 8-12 December, 2004 /, waste flows SBR Teachers conference Kazimierz Dolny, 8-12 December, 2004 Sinikka Suomalainen Additional readings and web support  Additional readings not specified due to large diversity of students  Web support suggested as a sub/

Waste Management Dr. Fatima Al-Shatti Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) 2016 K- LEAD PROJECT Group #5 1.

of waste  Handling Waste in Kuwait  Waste Problem in Kuwait  Current Situation in the State of Kuwait Statistics  Composition of MSW Stream in Kuwait  Basel Convention  3 Definition of waste waste that has the potential, even in low concentrations, to have a /in Kuwait to follow Basel Convention in handling their Hazardous Waste. 3.Recycling USA armies in Kuwait by making use of it. 10 WHAT SHOULD BE DONE Awareness: Through campaign on waste management that includes media (Radio, TV, News paper), Going/

Report of recycling and waste minimization efforts on Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Gustav Response Actions.

PPE ● ● Compatible wastes bulked into DOT shippable containers CollectionProcessingDisposition Household Waste Management Procedures Electronic Waste Management Procedures Unloading Bleach Solution Wash Processing for Recycling Valley of the White Goods White Goods Management Procedures Practice Administrative /and offsite resources Lessons Learned  Recognize green practices are a primary goal  Green practice training for site managers  Preliminary and continual evaluation of practices to incorporate//

SLRD Compost Feasibility Study. Presentation Outline Background on SLRD Existing organics waste management Study focus Study findings Conclusion.

Waste Management District of Squamish o Curbside yard waste collection o Squamish Landfill – accepts leaf and yard waste, food scraps o Squamish Recycling Centre – accepts food scraps o Squamish Depots – accept leaf and yard waste Existing Organics Waste Management / measure for WCF would be implemented a quantity of the biosolids would be partially replaced by unprocessed quantity of food waste Estimation of Organic Materials: Leaf and Yard Waste and Biosolids Squamish AreaWhistler AreaLillooet Area /

BUSINESS SENSITIVE 1 Using the UT-Battelle Performance Based Management Model to Establish EMS Objectives and Targets Kathy Carney, CHMM Division Director,

and Assessments Managing Results Analyzing and Reporting Results 13 Plan, Do, Check, Act 14 Enhance Operational Discipline and Safety Culture & Resolve Legacy Issues ORNL will plan and perform Laboratory operations in a reliable and/ It drives continual improvement in environmental performance 17 Significant Environmental Aspects Hazardous Waste Generation Radioactive Waste Generation PCB Waste Generation Mixed Waste Generation Air Emissions Liquid Discharges Storage or Use of Chemicals Storage or /

WASTE MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION How do our choices as consumers and waste producers affect our environment? What steps have we taken to reduce the impact.

contamination of groundwater, soil and air. Incineration is a controlled process in which garbage is control burned at very high temperatures. WASTE MANAGEMENT EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION SANITARY LANDFILLSINCINERATION WASTE MANAGEMENT EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION WASTE REDUCTION Reducing waste is the best way to manage solid waste (ex. reduced packaging, recycling, longer lasting goods). Waste may also be reduced through composting and recycling. WASTE MANAGEMENT GUIDED PRACTICE WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should recycling/


water services under the 2014-2020 programming period for co-financing household connections. 5 Waste management activities: current situation of waste sorting and recycling Low current rate of municipal and electronic waste re-use, recycling and recovery; As a consequence, large volumes of biodegradable waste are disposed in dumpsites. This is mainly due to inadequate existing waste management system and limited possibilities for efficient collection and sorting of/

Current Status, Experience

Facility (FC) Fuel Fabrication Plant for NPP Fuel Fabrication Facility for RR Post-Irradiation Examination Facility Radioactive Waste Management Facilities (RW) RI Waste Management Facility LILW Disposal Facility (under construction) Seoul RR RR Ulchin ER Daejeon RR RW Wolsong FC FC FC/ planning to develop the 2nd stage of RW disposal facility in Wolsong site. It is expected to be a near surface disposal facility with engineered barriers. New RW classification system is under research by KINS in taking into/

Basel Convention Technical Guidelines for the Environmentally Sound Management of Wastes Consisting of Elemental Hg and Wastes Containing or Contaminated.

) A General Concept of ESM Provisions by the Basel Convention & OECD Concept of life-cycle approach B Legislative & Regulatory Framework Registration of waste generators Reduction/phase-out of Hg in products & industrial processes Transboundary movement requirements Authorization & inspection of facilities C Identification & Inventory Sources, categories, examples of Hg wastes Inventory development D Sampling, analysis & monitoring Necessary data as critical components in the management of/

European Topic Centre on Waste and Material Flows Rikke Carlsen European Topic Centre on Waste and Material Flows Under contract with the European Environment.

under contract to the Agency help develop a particular topic Topic centres under EEA Air and Climate Change Water Nature Protection and Biodiversity Waste and Material Flows Terrestrial Environment Partners to / of indicators which describes the waste management in the future – Indicators on impact – Indicators on policy effectiveness Data collection 4) Data availability and data quality WasteBase - Waste treatment facilities - Waste Management Plans - Waste minimisation strategies - ”Harmonised datasets/


-28 FEBRUARY 2008 The General Directorate of Climate Change is the one to entitle to authorize the waste incineration and co-incineration activities (Recovery type R1) PERMITS Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) permit Waste management permit No incineration or co-incineration plant shall operate without a permit 8 VALENCIA 25-28 FEBRUARY 2008 DECREE 127/2006, 15 september, on Pollution Prevention and Environmental/

ENVITECH-NET Forum Thematic Session 2 Challenges of the Waste Directive Increasing recycling rates through waste management integration via the concept.

ENVITECH-NET Forum Thematic Session 2 Challenges of the Waste Directive Increasing recycling rates through waste management integration via the concept of Sustainable Growth Parks Gill Tatum, CEO Urban Mines State of the art : Sustainable Growth Park (SGP) - Urban Mines Definition A modern, clean industrial park of 20-30 acres dedicated to:- Waste material collection Clustering recycling and reprocessing businesses Environmental technology, innovation & business incubation Education/

Titlul proiectului subtitlu EU Financing in Environmental Sector during 2007-2013 Raluca FRATILA Ministry of Environment and Forests, Managing Authority.

1 Improvement of quality and access to water and wastewater infrastructure Specific objective 2 Development of sustainable waste management system Specific objective 3 Reduction of negative environmental impact caused by urban heating plants Priority Axis 1 / 4 billion available under SOP Optimisation of investment cost at macro level – a must Regionalisation – part of the solution (economies of scale) Water/waste water sector – top priority Titlul proiectului subtitlu PRIORITY AXIS 1 Financial allocation:/

Landfill diversion targets and non-hazardous waste pre-treatment methods Heijo Scharff FEAD Workshop Implementation of the Landfill Directive Budapest,

1.3% of MSW production Dutch situation (2004) n Netherlands: 16.3 million inhabitants n Total waste management turnover: € 5.7 billion per year n Waste management cost € 349 / capita year or € 93 / tonne n MSW management turnover: € 1.6 billion per year n Average MSW levy € 98 / capita year or €/achieve high recycling rates and low landfill rates n But it takes many years to get there n And it comes at a price, that you need to be able to afford n Solutions differ from country to country n There is not one /

Hazardous Substances Management MAIN ISSUES Credible and Updated Database. Creation of Infrastructure for waste disposal and recycling. Weak Compliance.

developed a GIS based National Hazardous Waste Inventorisation System, needs to be updated by SPCBs. Similar exercise may be undertaken by CPCB with SPCBs for other wastes. SPCBs which have made good use of the NHWIS Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra and Orissa. SPCBs which have not used the NHWIS AssamKerala BiharManipur ChandigarhMeghalaya ChattisgarhPuducherry DelhiRajasthan GoaTripura Jammu & KashmirUttar Pradesh Karnataka Infrastructure for Waste Management/


: INTRODUCTION CREDENTIALS PATPERT PATPERT, India is an emerging group having its verticals Waste to Energy, Process Engineering Design, Project Management, Certification Consultancy and International Trading. CREDENTIALS Establishment : 2008 ISO 9001:2008 / better yields DESIGN. DEVELOP. DEPLOY. DESIGN. DEVELOP. DEPLOY. FACTS & FIGURES - PLASTIC WASTE Consumption: PATPERT Consumption: Electricity : 40 – 50 hp (CT/Compressor/Feeding/Reactor/Sludge) Catalyst (A) : 10 – 15 kg/day (0.5 – 1%) Catalyst (B) : 20 /


CODE SYSTEM IN WASTE MANAGEMENT Important aspects in infection disease control. Key to control and reduce nosocomial infection. The absence of management measures maximum health risk to the general public. Health care waste includes all the waste generated by medical activities. CATEGORIES OF HEALTH-CARE WASTE Non-risk health-care waste. [75-90%] Hazardous health-care waste. [10-25%] Infectious waste [laboratory cultures, waste form isolation wards] Anatomical waste. [body parts/

Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB) Overview Community POWER Grantee Orientation September 13, 2013.

materials promoting the program.  Appropriate language includes: Funding for this project was provided by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board through Community POWER: Partners on Waste Education and Reduction. Grant Activities Timeline  Contract duration Aug 26, 2013-Aug 25, 2014  Grant/ same! –Retweet and “share” our posts –Include our blog post in your newsletter or use as a news release  Let us know what events and activities you are doing throughout the grant period and we will promote/

Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Waste Management Chuck White Director of Regulatory Affairs -- WM West Western Regional Air Partnership Denver, Colorado –

a lot happening! Investment Opportunities: Companies selling products and services that address climate change could benefit significantly The Clean Dozen:... (+ 11 Others) Solid Waste Management GHG Sources and Sinks Sink Source Sink ? Source Sink Landfill Carbon Flows Waste/the credit? Who gets GHG Credit for Recycling? Govern- ment? Consumers? Collectors/ Processors? Manufact- urers? Waste Management/Recycle America – 2005 Recycling Benefits In 2005, we recycled 4.1 million tons of cardboard and paper; /

1 Environment Engineering I Dr. Amal Hudhud Dr. Abdel Fattah Hasan AnNajah National University Civil Engineering Department Solid Waste Management Chapter.

Waste Management Chapter Twelve- section 1 perspective Solid waste describe things we through away According to USA EPA Solid Waste : include any discarded item thing destined for reuse, recycle or reclamation, sludge, hazardous waste exclude radioactive waste This chapter concern with Solid Waste/ the waste or enforcing by legislation combustion To reduce waste volume, local governments or private operators can implement a controlled burning process called combustion or incineration Burning waste at /

Elisabeth Hosner, Vilnius 02/03 March 2004 Slide 1 Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, VII/2, Austria The Urban Waste.

, organise: the dissemination of information Decide wisely about: UWWT Management – “big“ centralised or small scaled decentralised solutions Do: use financial resources in a sustainable way Elisabeth Hosner, Vilnius 02/03 March 2004 Slide/Slide 18 Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, VII/2, Austria Investment costs   The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive requires the construction of waste water treatment infrastructure   Its implementation implicates significant /


, Ft Benning Compost remainder –on-site or with community partner Problem About 12% of all solid waste is food For IMCOM-SE, that’s about 97,800 tons/yr Diverting food waste is difficult Food packaging in deployed units is a Force Protection risk Solution SOUTHEAST REGION, INSTALLATION MANAGEMENT COMMAND SERO John Wuichet: IMCOM-SE, john.wuichet@forscom.army.mil, 404-464-0708john.wuichet/

Office of Project Recovery (J. Owendoff) Chief of Staff (W. Levitan) CBCCBFOOHORPPPPO DAS Acquisition & Project Management (Vacant) DAS Program Planning.

-(J. Rhoderick) Waste Processing -(Vacant) Groundwater & Soil Remediation -(L. Bailey) D&D, and Facility Engineering -(S. Waisley) Compliance -(K. Guevara) Disposal Operations -(C. Gelles) Public & Intergovernmental Accountability -(M. Nielson) Human Capital Planning & Ops -(Vacant) Safety Management -(Vacant) Safety Operations Oversight -(B. Goldsmith) Transportation -(D. Ashworth) Assistant Secretary (EM-1) (James A. Rispoli) Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (EM-2) (Charles E. Anderson) Chief/

Ecological Recycling Society (ERS) Non Governmental Organization NGO Round table II Towards ZERO WASTE: Beyond recycling-best practice on resource management.

participation in events Television Documentary Production Participation to exhibitions Scientific Activity Attendance in Congresses - Meetings Periodical Publication of “Waste and RECYCLING” Electronic newsletter: Compost & Recycling Newsletter Documentation of policies of waste management International Collaboration Association of Region and Cities for Recycling (A.R.C.C) European Waste Club Community Recycling Network (C.R.N) Rre-use Network European Advisory Board European program: Leonardo DaVinci Thank/

Development of Sustainable Industrial Waste Management System in Afyonkarahisar ETCF-II is co-funded by the European Union TOBB.

) Evaluation meeting 9) Preparation of evaluation report TOBB Activities ETCF-II is co-funded by the European Union To provide a platform across the Afyonkarahisar Region that enables cooperation in waste management through close collaboration of expert organizations, suppliers of waste technology and stakeholders. To develop at least two concrete investment projects for SMEs located in Afyonkarahisar Region. To give project partners opportunities to/

STFC Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Group SHE Code 21: Management of Radioactive Waste.

be tested, calibrated and subject to preventive maintenance All radioactive wastes should be reported to local Radioactive Waste Consignors who will ensure it is disposed of through the site Radioactive Waste Manager (RWM) The RWM will process, categorise, consolidate, label and assay radioactive wastes maintaining records of all disposals SHE Training A suite of radiation training is available for STFC staff and others. It can be/

1 X UCOR Oak Ridge Sample Management Office 2015 Site Status Report Presented by Dr. William Rogers.

completed 8000 analyses performed in FY15 Total cost for analytical services ~$850K Landfill Operations Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF) –CERCLA waste associated with the ORR –Must meet WAC requirements Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) Landfill – (formerly/services $1.1M Waste Management and Disposition 10 UCOR has taken a proactive approach –characterize and ship as soon as practical The majority of legacy waste has been dispositioned 600 analyses performed on waste materials in FY15/

Managing e-waste in developing countries: Empa’s experience and vision David Rochat, e-waste project coordinator EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratories for.

import of 2 nd hand equipment in these countries ■ All equipments, new and 2 nd hand, need to enter a “Clean e-Waste Channel” when obsolete ■ The producers (= manufacturers & importers!) are to be made responsible ■ All developing countries have performing, but critical e-waste management channels!  The problem is more organizational then technical!!! Our Objectives ■ Minimize the damage to the people and the environment/

Mendoza, Argentina, 9 October 2013 e-Waste: The importance of indicators and metrics in policymaking and monitoring Alexandre F. Barbosa Manager, CETIC.br.

&KS Smart Buildings Waste Management Transport and Mobility Public Services Energy Manegement Water Management 4 Policymaking and Monitoring e-WasteICT Challenges for policymaking Mendoza, Argentina, 9 October 2013 e-Waste Policies and Legislation e-Waste Political Agenda 5 /Center 13 Regional Centre of Studies for the Development of the Information Society ICT statistics in Brazil: a multistakeholder approach Mendoza, Argentina, 9 October 2013 14 Engaging stakeholders: Government, academia and civil society/

Household Waste Management: Reuse. The average American creates 5 pounds of waste per day, half which is recycled in some manner, leaving roughly 2.5.

manner, leaving roughly 2.5 pounds of waste per day. The ultimate goal of waste management is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills to the absolute minimum through recycling and/or reuse of all suitable materials. Reuse Reuse is essentially any action that extends the life of a product and keeps it out of the waste system. There are three ways to/

In addition to promoting Environmental Stewardship, there are regulations that apply to the management and disposal of pharmaceutical wastes What are healthcare.

Stream Management Items that can be poured down the drain Plain IV Solutions Solutions containing additives, such as:  Potassium chloride  Potassium phosphate  Sodium phosphate  Calcium  Sodium bicarbonate  Magnesium Sulfate Controlled Substances Discharge to Drain Sewer System Rx Waste “Dispose in Black Container” Items identified with a message or sticker Examples  Insulin  Some Multivitamins  Digoxin  Cumadin packaging  Nicotine Packaging  Medication Samples  Heparin  Lidocaine  Botox/

TITLE OF PRESENTATION Presented by: Date: Venue: LGA Directions in Waste Management Presented by:Bill Cossey Date:23 March 2007 Venue:Rubikon Room - Adelaide.

constraints particularly -  with reference to aspects where there is a high component of waste to landfill  Considering the difficulties facing Rural and Regional Councils Content Heading WASTE FORUM Specific Aims of the Review for the Local Government Sector/contribute to the Review Initial interviews with key Local Government and State Government people Content Heading WASTE FORUM Conclusion Waste Management is an area of core Local Government experience and expertise The SASP Target provides an /

Revised Waste Framework Directive Landfill Directive Packaging / Packaging Waste Directive “Waste” Mgt Industry “Waste” Mgt Industry / FM Industry.

life’ (or ‘end of first life’) concerns and opportunities. Green Alliance 25.11.13 Defra Waste Hierarchy Guidance Waste Smart one day training course + short assessment + CIWM validated certificate for successful candidates. delivered /help companies understand the true cost of waste managementWASTE” = “RESOURCE” (Efficiency / Security) Bottom line : “waste” or raw material Business continuity Supply chain issue CSR Compliance Health and Safety TSB 2013 TSB 2014 “Waste” The Great Recovery RSA / TSB /

California Integrated Waste Management Board Green Material ADC Strategic Policy Development Committee June 10, 2008.

, & compliance. Potential Policy Options Marketing, Re-use and Purchasing Fee Proposals Diversion Processing Capacity Local Contract Mechanisms Phase-out of Diversion Credit California Integrated Waste Management Board 5 Option 3: Diversion Processing Capacity  Require local jurisdictions to develop a “Diversion Capacity Element” – 15 year diversion processing capacity – Approval by majority/majority or one jurisdiction? – Significantly more analysis regarding implementation would be needed Potential/

California Integrated Waste Management Board 1 Consideration Of Reallocation And Of Grant Awards For the Joint Solicitation Of The Used Oil Nonprofit Grant.

used oil collection programs Cycle Focus/Project Categories: –Oil Filter Collection Must partner with local jurisdiction California Integrated Waste Management Board 3 Research, Testing and Demonstration Grant (5 th cycle) Eligible applicants: –Businesses, local governments, /ineligible –Failure to provide proof of its intent to partner with a local jurisdiction $367,000 remains unallocated California Integrated Waste Management Board 8 URD5 Applicant Summary Nine applications were received and scored Five/

March 8, 2016 Presentation of Item CCW 16-054 – Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Projects – Final Siting Report.

March 8, 2016 Presentation of Item CCW 16-054 – Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Projects – Final Siting Report Item CCW 16-054 Solid Waste Management Infrastructure Projects – Final Siting Report Why build these facilities? Ontario experience Comprehensive siting process Preferred site Next steps Building a Solution County spoke strongly about no new landfills alignment with provincial waste strategies and objectives right thing to do →committed to environmental leadership/

Responsible energy Teollisuuden Voima Oy Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power Ms Tellervo Taipale Programme Manager, Communication WANO Paris Centre Seminario.

sites. Spent fuel  Interim storages at the NPP sites  Construction of the underground site started. Current Nuclear Waste Management Responsible energy Teollisuuden Voima Oy Repository for LLW and ILW at Olkiluoto Control building Transport tunnel Excavation tunnel Silo for /ILW Silo for LLW Shaft Research tunnel Responsible energy Teollisuuden Voima Oy How is a new NPP unit possible? Responsible energy Teollisuuden Voima Oy Responsible energy Teollisuuden Voima Oy Arguments for the/

New developments and insights on the effects of kitchen & garden waste processing and the structural positive contribution to reduce global warming The.

New developments and insights on the effects of kitchen & garden waste processing and the structural positive contribution to reduce global warming The relationship between compost plants and Kyoto John van Haeff, Manager Converteren, Essent Milieu Central question Kyoto challenge in the Netherlands: 13 million tons CO 2 emission equivalents must be saved in 2010 (a 6% reduction compared to1990) To what extent is the/

Food waste collections: Research and evidence Chris Mills Programme Area Manager- Food Waste Collections.

over container numbers Hospitality & Food Service Agreement Prevention target: Reduce food and associated packaging waste arising by 5% by the end of 2015. This would be against a 2012 baseline and be measured by CO 2 e emissions Waste management target: Increase the overall rate of food and packaging waste being recycled, sent to Anaerobic Digestion or composted to at least 70% by the end/

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