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1 Lidar Working Group 17Feb03 Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations Development status of the CALIPSO lidar Gary Wilson Ball.

Gary Wilson Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. 2 Lidar Working Group 17Feb03 Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations CALIPSO is a pathfinder for the GTWS mission Flight-qualified Nd:YAG lasers demonstrated to 2/Simulator (right) will be used for spacecraft software development and includes actual instrument computer and flight code 19 Lidar Working Group 17Feb03 Cloud-Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations Launch planned for 4Q 2004 Instrument delivery /

| Basel Fabric Management with Virtual Machine Manager Philipp Witschi – Cloud Architect & Microsoft vTSP Thomas Maurer – Cloud Architect & Microsoft MVP.

Manager Storage iSCSI, Fiber Channel, SMB, Storage Spaces Network Logical Networks, VLAN based, NVGRE Compute Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Citrix Xen Clouds (Resources Pools) Tenants (Service Customers) VMs and Services System Center Virtual Machine Manager Deployment /Basel Network Demo | Basel Clouds, VM Templates and Service Services Overview | Basel Clouds, Services and Server App-V Demo Services Overview Why Services? Manage multi-tier applications across multiple servers as a single unit Scale out based /

Changes in Cloud Computing. Do you feel like you understand what the cloud is? 44% Source: Wakefield Research.

? 44% Source: Wakefield Research Do you think that stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing? 51% Source: Wakefield Research Are you currently using any cloud-based production tools? 23% Source: Ovum Research Are you considering using any cloud-based production tools? 75% Source: Ovum Research So what is the cloud, anyway? A place where you store stuff online, and collaborate with other people. Data center Why/

© 2010 IBM Corporation What’s New in RSA 8.0 Beta 1 – Tools for the IBM Compute Cloud March, 2010.

IBM Compute Cloud March, 2010 © 2010 IBM Corporation Tools for the IBM Compute CloudCloud Client for RSA and RAD  Server Tools extensions  Deployment Planning for the Cloud © 2010 IBM Corporation The Cloud Client Access and manage Cloud resources /Capture new images –View asset catalog  Convenient in-IDE Cloud admin  Manage Resources –Keys –Storage Volumes –Static IP Addresses © 2010 IBM Corporation Cloud Client - Making a Request  Provision images directly from the development environment  /

SeqMapReduce: software and web service for accelerating sequence mapping Yanen Li Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

: formatting the genome Format once, use every time Bases at the end are duplicated Inside SeqMapReduce Map phase: Seed & Filtering Divide a read into K parts, If M mismatches: at least (K-M) parts are exactly matched e.g. K=4, M=2/Results on CAMDA 2009 datasets Pol II ChIP-seq FC201WVA_20080307_s_5 (4.5 million) IFNg stimulated STAT1 ChIP-seq FC302MA_20080507_s_1 (6.2 million) Illinois Cloud Computing Testbed (CCT). Each node: 64 bit 2.6 GHz CPUs, 16 GB RAM, and 2 TB storage. 2 mismatches are allowed./

OpenStack Mission To produce the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform that will meet the needs of public and private clouds regardless of size,

Values Remain We’re keeping sacred what has made OpenStack so successful Open source is essential to unlock the value of cloud computing Four opens: –Open Design –Open Development –Open Community –Open Source On the horizon New projects & functionality, but /“Daisy” Guo Ask.OpenStack.org Please participate and help answer questions User Profile If you are an OpenStack user, please create a profile (public or private) at openstack.org/user-survey Hong Kong Summit November 5-8, 2013 – Hong Kong! Registration/

1 NETE4631 Communicating with the Cloud and Using Media and Streaming Lecture Notes #14.

a community of your own Common features Personal profile Friends, buddies, and connections Groups Discussions Blogs Widgets 8 Facebook 9 Aggregator Site 10 Using Media and Streaming Streaming files Delivering large content in pieces and playback can begin more quickly Used for broadcasting current events, showing TV and movies on your computer/ Broadband networks/ high capacity commodity disk drives/ low cost computing power -> now Cloud Computing Some of them are content servers, caching and storing content/

Internet ISP (Mobile) Network Operators Personal Environment and Networks Device Field Gateway Cloud Systems Device Cloud Gateway Device Local Interaction.

Detection Physical Access Security IoT Sweet Spot $1000 PCs $400 Phones Cost Computational Capabilities Memory/Storage Capacity Energy Consumption/Source $1 Sensor $1000 0 Server /… and they even broaden the attack surface area by fusing the networks Not a whole lot … Service Desk Machine Control Logic Operator Configuration T,I 1. / Transfer Application Level No Peer Exposure Device OPC UA Gateway Cloud Systems Cloud Gateway Cloud Portals and APIs Control System Analytics Data Management Local Gateway Local/

Self-service Cloud Computing Shakeel Butt Department of Computer Science Rutgers University.

SSC Hypervisor Management VM Client’s VM 10 Mutual trust Mutually Trusted VM SSC Control Plane 11 Cloud Infrastructure SSC Hypervisor Contributions Self-service Cloud Computing [CCS’12] –SSC hypervisor –Mutual trust –Six services On the Control Plane of a Self-service Cloud Platform [SoCC’14] –SSC Control Plane –Five Network-based services 12 Duties of the management VM Manages and multiplexes hardware resourcesManages client/

1 Performability Models for Designing Disaster Tolerant Cloud Computing Systems.

Architecture Perfomability Sensitivity Analysis Survivability Evaluation GeoClouds Tool 3 MOTIVATION Why adopt cloud computing? 4 Cloud computing infrastructure is available on demand. Adopted as a service. Minimizes the costs of IT infrastructures Service Level Agreement (SLA). Penalties may be applied if the defined availability level is not satisfied 5 Motivation Large cloud service providers adopts service level agreements (SLAs) to regulate the availability of/

Dependability Models for Designing Disaster Tolerant Cloud Computing Systems.

Agenda Motivation Approach Architecture Basic Blocks Case Studies Results MOTIVATION Why adopt cloud computing? Cloud computing – infrastructure is available on demand. – Adopted as a service. – Minimizes the costs associated to the IT infrastructure – Service Level Agreement (SLA). Penalties may be applied if the defined availability level is not satisfied Motivation Large cloud service providers adopts service level agreements (SLAs) to regulate the availability of/

1/45 A Fast Rendering Method for Clouds Illuminated by Lightning Taking into Account Multiple Scattering Yoshinori Dobashi (Hokkaido University) Yoshihiro.

1/45 A Fast Rendering Method for Clouds Illuminated by Lightning Taking into Account Multiple Scattering Yoshinori Dobashi (Hokkaido University) Yoshihiro / Rainfalls, windstorm, lightning, clouds, etc…  Flight simulation/computer games  Real-time rendering  Reality 4/45 Introduction (2/3) Example image clouds illuminated by lightning 5/45 Introduction (3/3) Multiple scattering  Enhancing reality  High computation cost Difficult to achieve real-time rendering clouds viewpoint lightning 6/45 Features/

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation GENI and Cloud Computing Niky RIga GENI Project Office

move to data, rather than the other way around Sponsored by the National Science Foundation23IC2E‘14 – 10 March 2014www.geni.net GENI Experiments: TransGEO Compute how “Green” a City using satellite images Transcontinental Federation of Cloud Systems with Private 10Gb/s transcontinental network linking sites Perform distributed query on TransCloud Sponsored by the National Science Foundation24IC2E‘14 – 10 March 2014www.geni.net QUESTIONS/

Godfrey Ntoele Managing Executive: Government Business Service Cloud Computing Telco perspective ICT Summit 2012 Gauteng Province.

Godfrey Ntoele Managing Executive: Government Business Service Cloud Computing Telco perspective ICT Summit 2012 Gauteng Province Cloud computing: Contextualised ? ‘Cloud as a Consolidation Strategy ‘ Cloud driving ‘efficiencies and productivity gains ‘Cloud to drive total cost of ownership ‘Private vs Public Cloud Security’ Choosing the right ICT partner is key to delivery the Cloud solution Right partner to deliver Cloud Access network ‘Put your data centre in the heart of the network’ Core/

Cloud Security: Critical Threats and Global Initiatives Jim Reavis, Executive Director July, 2010.

Threats and Global Initiatives Jim Reavis, Executive Director July, 2010 www.cloudsecurityalliance.org Copyright © 2010 Cloud Security Alliance What is Cloud Computing? Compute as a utility: third major era of computing Mainframe PC Client/Server Cloud computing: On demand model for allocation and consumption of computing Cloud enabled by Moore’s Law: Costs of compute & storage approaching zero Hyperconnectivity: Robust bandwidth from dotcom investments Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Scale: Major/

© BLADE Network Technologies, 2009 www.bladenetwork.net ©2010 www.bladenetwork.net FASTER VIRTUAL PROVEN Cloud Ready Network Open Products, Shipping Now.

Fabric Intelligence: Abstraction of fabric medium Efficiency & load balancing Disaster recovery Ease of provisioning Follows workload Dynamic Management: Abstraction of compute & fabric Job scheduling & management Disaster recovery Global provisioning FASTER VIRTUAL PROVEN Cloud Ready Network Requirements 11-Nov-15 BLADE Network Technologies 3 Cloud Ready “Truths”: Solutions should be OPEN – with multi-vendor support Customers prefer incremental deployment, not rip and replace 1/

Large Asian Bank Getting Ready for the Cloud: "Empowering Traders and Risk Managers using GigaSpaces XAP,.NET and Excel"

transaction data and pricing parameters in the Excel spreadsheet models Large Asian Bank: Value Proposition Now : Move computational tasks to the cloud. Spreadsheets are merely GUIs for parameter inputs and data viewing Calculation speeds up by 5 times. Using/ seconds. More servers, faster computation If a PC crashes, simply restart, no loss of data or computation time Retrieve market data, deal data, and account data from the cloud in milliseconds With Sharepoint server and the cloud, 10 sales and 3 traders/

Infrastructure Consolidation Cloud/SaaS Web 2.0 Converged Communications Virtualization Mobile Devices.

Infrastructure Consolidation Cloud/SaaS Web 2.0 Converged Communications Virtualization Mobile Devices Social Networking = Business Networking When did Facebook become a business application?  Blogging  Facebook  Twitter  IM  Streaming video  Streaming / Content Inspection, Not by Filename By Application By Application Category By Destination By Content By User/Group Cloud Computing & the Next Generation Firewall Application Chaos So many on Port 80 Critical Apps Prioritized Bandwidth Acceptable Apps/

Windows Server 2016 Cloud building brick Ljubo Brodarić Siemens CVC.

Cloud Witness Cluster Compute Resiliency (1) Resiliency to transient failures Network is the most common reason Cluster should react ASAP, but… Two types of resiliency ‐ Node Isolation ‐ Node Quarantine Cluster Compute Resiliency (2) Node Isolation VMs or any other resources continue to run even when a node falls out of cluster membership Cluster waits 4 minutes before roles drain ? Cluster Compute Resiliency (3) Node Quarantine/

Tunis, Tunisia, 28 April 2014 Cloud Computing Standardization Includes Security Ruan HE, Senior Expert, Orange, Verdana 24 2 nd SG 13.

– Dec 2011 Main industrial participants: China Telecom, China Unicom, Cisco, Huawei, KDDI, NTT, Microsoft, Oracle, Orange, ZTE, etc Tunis, Tunisia, 28 April 2014 4 Starting Cloud Computing Security in FGCC Release of a Technical Report on seven parts: 1. Introduction to the cloud ecosystem: definitions, taxonomies, use cases and high-level requirements 2. Functional requirements and reference architecture 3. Requirements and framework architecture of/

Workshop on Enterprise Clouds Georgia Institute of Technology Ohio State University Karsten Schwan, Calton Pu, Douglas Blough, Sudhakar Yalamanchili Jay.

Pu, Douglas Blough, Sudhakar Yalamanchili Jay Ramananathan Rajiv Ramnath IUCRCERCS NSF Industry University Co-operative Research Center Purpose Enterprise B Enterprise A Enterprise C Remote and Mobile Access Identify and discuss key technology areas for future systems work in enterprise cloud computing Web clients Expected Outcome Internal: –Improved understanding of important research directions, i.e., technical challenges –Opportunities for joint work, community participation/

Moving to the Cloud: the Future of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems By Arielle Levine.

, 23 Sept. 2015. Web. 11 Oct. 2015.. References Cont. McKendrick, Joe. "Has Cloud Computing Growth Plateaued In Enterprises?" Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 18 Sept. 2015. Web. 10 Oct. 2015.. Navaneethakrishnan, C. M. "A Comparative Study of Cloud Based ERP Systems with Traditional ERP and Analysis of Cloud ERP Implementation." International Journal of Engineering and Computer Science 2.9 (2013): 2866-869. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.. Noyes, Katherine/

Records management and cloud computing Records Services LRC meeting September 2012.

LRC meeting September 2012 What is cloud computing? Resources or services offered via a network (usually the web) Can operate at different levels eg: IaaS SaaS PaaS Private, community and public clouds Cloud examples include: Terremark (IaaS) Microsoft Azure (PaaS) Google Apps (SaaS) Cloud computing risks Privacy Control Security Access Hosting location Viability of service Sustainability over time Making an elegant exit Cloud at UoM Evolving guidance from/

CS 695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Autumn 2012 CS 695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing Live Migration of Virtual Machines.

8) ● Realistic problem in the virtualization domain ● All VM technologies support migration CS 695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Autumn 2012 Negatives ● Section 5.3, dynamic-rate limiting, could have been presented as an algorithm ● Pseudo/in Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Autumn 2012 Questions #1 ● What is et.al.? ● What is NSDI? ● What is RAID? ● Why is migration-time a parameter? ● What are the resource parameters? CS 695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Autumn 2012 /

1 The Interactions of Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation on the Regional Scale.

cradm2 (31,48%) ISOROPIA (14,72%) ART org (22,72%) 9 The Interactions of Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation on the Regional Scale Further Metrics MetricValueART Computational Imbalance 17,33 CPU hours (6,46 % of total) 85% of imbalance due to ART Synchronizations56,/3D prognotstic fields 10 The Interactions of Aerosols, Clouds, and Radiation on the Regional Scale Way forward Model chemistry and physics: Use KPP chemical solver (GPU “version”) Use a simplified version of ISOROPIA Call chemistry and aerosols not/

Web Services Course Program, Evaluation, Exams Telerik Software Academy Web Services and Cloud.

comments are not obligatory 16  From now on you should check your presence on the barcode reader 2-3 times a day :  In the morning when lectures begin (~10:30)  After lunch break (~13:30)  When /development/web-services-and-cloud http://forums.academy.telerik.com/web- development/web-services-and-cloud academy.telerik.com/student-courses/software- technologies/web-services-and-cloud-computing academy.telerik.com/student-courses/software- technologies/web-services-and-cloud-computing  The Telerik /

The benefits of using cloud computing for Stem Cell Imaging Nick Trigg CEO, Constellation 24 th June 2009.

Stem Cell Imaging Nick Trigg CEO, Constellation 24 th June 2009 Constellation Technologies Cloud computing solutions and services to companies/institutions with large computing needs –Providing expertise into a variety of sectors Using technology developed at CERN –European Particle Physics research Over €100m spent on the technology –Robust and working Independent of hardware and across operating systems >90,000 /

VMworld 2014 Barcelona Key Announcements. Hybrid Cloud VMware Strategic Initiatives Remain Unchanged 2 End-User Computing Software-Defined Data Center.

Air vRealize Air Automation Delivers Infrastructure Automation-as-a-Service Includes: Service Catalog IaaS Delivery Policies & Governance SaaSFor Enterprise vRealize Suite Purpose built to manage the heterogeneous datacenter and hybrid cloud Includes: vCenter Operations Management Suite vCloud Automation/www.vmware.com/go/ondemand VMworld 2014 Barcelona Key Announcements End User Computing VMware EUC Portfolio Horizon View Horizon View Horizon Advanced Horizon Advanced Horizon Enterprise Horizon Enterprise Horizon 6/


Conclusions 15/16  Future Work Correlate the image of the sky pattern to the measurements of the PV power output Integrate the algorithm to images from all sky camera for computation of cloud motion vectors Develop a comprehensive algorithm for the short-term forecast of the solar electricity generation of the PV End of Presentation THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Questions? 16/16

Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement EFD Informatiksteuerungsorgan des Bundes ISB Cloud Computing Strategy of Swiss Public Services Willy Müller - 20.10.2013.

Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement EFD Informatiksteuerungsorgan des Bundes ISB Cloud Computing Strategy of Swiss Public Services Willy Müller - 20.10.2013 2 Eidgenössisches /- Going local Switzerland - 20.10.2013 The Swiss eGovernment steering commitee adopted the Cloud Strategy for Swiss Public Services. 2 Swiss Federal Counclis 2 Members of Cantonal Government 3 Mayors A strategy for municipalities, cantons and Federal Government 4 Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement EFD Informatiksteuerungsorgan des /

Gold Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Silver Sponsors Taking SharePoint to the Cloud Aaron Saikovski Readify – Software Solution Specialist.

timer jobs, patching SharePoint on AWS (Amazon EC2) Start with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Provision preconfigured Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) within Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Use Cloud Formation to speed up deployment Suggested AMIs for SharePoint 2013: WFE - m3./Useful for the “data sovereignty” conversation Can use Azure or AWS for “on premises” Demos Q & A Questions? Comments? More info Gold Sponsors Bronze Sponsors Silver Sponsors Thanks for listening Remember to submit your feedback/

Cloud Services Measurement, Audit – and Standards Martin Kuppinger Founder and Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole

High ImpactHigh Legal Considerations Cloud computing contracts, Kristof de Vulder, DLA Piper LLP http://www.isaca.org/Groups/Professional-English/cloud- computing/GroupDocuments/DLA_Cloudcomputing%20legal%20considerations.pdf Cloud Service Delivery Management Check /– Can be enhanced for cloud Carnegie Mellon SMI – Cloud Service Measurement Initiative Consortium – Set of KPIs for measuring cloud services NIST – Just published a definition of „Cloud“ Who else? – … 14 Cloud Security Alliance: CCM 15 /

Copyright 2006-2013 all rights reserved Smartvue Corporation THE CLOUD SURVEILLANCE COMPANY Martin Renkis Founder & CEO

to Install Smartvue Apps iPad, iPhone, Android, Win8 Cloud & Local Interface Live and Recorded Video Elegantly Simple User Experience NO SOFTWARE. Smartvue works on almost any web browser on Apple or Windows computers. Intuitive Apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Win8/2006-2013 all rights reserved Smartvue Corporation Make Your World a Safer Place Call toll free (888) 754-4543 or visit www.smartvue.com today to learn more about Smartvue cloud video surveillance. www.smartvue.com Copyright 2006-2013 all /

Data Management in Cloud Workflow Systems Dong Yuan Faculty of Information and Communication Technology Swinburne University of Technology.

Technology Swinburne University of Technology Outline >Cloud Computing & Cloud Workflow Systems –Introduction to cloud workflow systems. A brief overview of grid workflow systems. >Data Management in Cloud Workflow Systems –New features and research issues >Cloud Computing Environment and SwinDeW-C –Our simulation environment and cloud workflow system >Cloud Computing & Cloud Workflow Systems Cloud Computing >Some new features of cloud computing –Large data centres with cheap hardware –Virtualisation/

1 Plenary Panel on Cloud Security and Privacy: What is new and What needs to be done? Ravi Sandhu Executive Director and Endowed Professor December 2010.

Cloud Computing:  Dependability  Security  Guess who wins?! © Ravi Sandhu 2 World-Leading Research with Real-World Impact! What is Not New Cyber security has evolved  Computer security  Computer security + Communications security  Consider ACM Computer and Communications Security (CCS) Conference founded 1993  Information security  Information assurance  Mission assurance  The cloud, or any other cyber infrastructure, by itself cannot guarantee mission assurance.  Cyber security then becomes a/

Minnesota Systems Cloud Research Vision Jon Weissman Abhishek Chandra Distributed Computing Systems Group Department of CS&E University of Minnesota NSF.

: Dispersed-Data-Intensive Services blog1 blog2 blog3 Data is geographically distributed Costly, inefficient to move to central location Nebula: A New Cloud Model Stretch the cloud – exploit the rich collection of edge computers – volunteers (P2P, @home), commercial (CDNs) Nebula Central Nebula Decentralized, less-managed cloud – dispersed storage/compute resources – low latency deployment: native client Example: Dispersed-Data-Intensive Services blog1 blog2 blog3 Data is geographically distributed/

Software engineering on semantic web and cloud computing platform Xiaolong Cui Computer Science.

benefits No capital expenditure or complexity of maintenance Shorter time to market Scalability Flexibility Cloud Computing Delivery model Cloud Computing Challenges Heterogeneous platform Distributed web services SDLC needs cloud provider in every stage Extreme Cloud Programming Effort estimation of SW development Constructive cost estimation model (COCOMO) Extreme Cloud Programming Conclusion Web service is a paradigm shift Automatic discovery and integration with web service will reduce the amount of/

N. GSU Slide 1 Chapter 04 Cloud Computing Systems N. Xiong Georgia State University.

Chapter 04 Google Datacenter Health Monitoring Infrastructure N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 21 Chapter 04 Marketplaces in Cloud computing Services N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 22 Chapter 04 Enabling Technologies for Clouds N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 23 Chapter 04 A Generic Cloud Architecture N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 24 Chapter 04 Layered Cloud Architectural Development N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 25 Chapter 04 System Virtualization N. Xiong@ GSU Slide 26/

Oscar Jimenez System X & PureSystems Technical Sales Manager Be Ready for SDE, Cloud and Big Data Era.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration on X6 Accelerating insight, improving resiliency and maintaining flexibility Reference Architecture with a combination of DB2 BLU Acceleration and x3850 X6 offer revolutionary performance enhancements for database customers Key /IBM Corporation 14 IBM Software Defined Environment Vision Next Generation Automation for Cloud Open platform to automate use of on premise and on Cloud resources – compute, storage and networking Analytics driven optimization of Software Defined resources -/

NA-MIC National Alliance for Medical Image Computing Core 1b – Engineering End-user Platform Steve Pieper Isomics, Inc.

platform – stream processing, cloud computing, statistical analysis, informatics, machine learning Data management – non-imaging and derived data, DICOM and cloud services Software engineering and software quality – navigable timeline for revision control, build, test, documentation and release National Alliance for Medical Image Computing http://na-mic.org End-user platform 3D Slicer: a cross platform system for translating innovative algorithms into clinical research applications Developer Needs/

CLOUD COMPUTING 2.0 Finally, the promise of the cloud has arrived. 2013507 v 1.8.

.” Eric Raunig, NPS Systems Administrator “ EASIER TO SET UP AND MAINTAIN API  Leverage Software Defined Data Centers and Networks  Over 50 calls covering servers, storage, networking Cloud Computing 2.06 The DCD provides us with a live graphic overview of our entire Virtual Data Center. The technology is incredibly robust, yet so simple that we’ve actually used it during sales presentations with/

Application of the Computer Vision Hough Transform for Automated Tropical Cyclone Center-Fixing from Satellite Data Mark DeMaria, NOAA/NCEP/NHC Robert.

would allow use of high temporal resolution of IR and visible data 5 Circular Hough Transform Hough transform developed for computer vision applications to detect features Originally developed for lines and edges Later generalized to shapes Circular Hough transform applied to/ IR Data Apply cold threshold to IR image to isolate cold clouds Apply edge detection method –Take Laplacian of IR brightness temperature –Apply threshold to |Laplacian| Perform CHT for a range of radii 10 to 300 km in 1 km intervals /

StratusLab Cloud Distribution Installation Charles Loomis (CNRS/LAL) 3 July 2014.

cloud distribution  Open source (Apache 2 license)  Works well for production private and public IaaS clouds Focus: Darn Simple Cloud  Simple to install on commodity hardware  Simple to use, from any client machine  Scales down as well as up! Infrastructure as a/of VM images Tools  Python CLI and APIs (Libcloud) to facilitate use of cloud  CLI to facilitate the installation of services 8 Service Details 9 Compute Features  Fast provisioning of VMs, with low latency start-up Contextualization  HEPiX /

Cluster, Grid and Cloud Computing Jazz Wang Yao-Tsung Wang Jazz Wang Yao-Tsung Wang

GridComputing Data Explode CloudComputing CloudComputing Source: http://mmdays.com/2008/02/14/cloud-computing/http://mmdays.com/2008/02/14/cloud-computing/ Source: http://cyberpingui.free.fr/humour/evolution-white.jpghttp://cyberpingui.free.fr/humour/evolution-white.jpg Evolution of Computing Architecture Mainframe MainframeSuperComputer SuperComputer Single Super Computer Single MultipleUsersMultipleUsersSingleCPUSingleCPUSharedMemorySharedMemoryOneAdmin.OneAdmin. Multiple PC in One Location Multiple PC in/

ENGINEERING WORKSHOP Copyright 2014 Cavium Inc Workload Optimized Processor Addressing the Needs of Next Generation Cloud HPC Craig Prunty Cavium Inc Director,

Analytics Built on basic batch processing Demand for optimized Real Time Unique advantage with Silicon Class Integration (accelerators) XILINX CONFIDENTIAL. Copyright 2014 Cavium Inc HPC Cloud Targets Software and Hardware as a Service Focus on High-performance utility computing Target unlimited application resources  Instant Resource Availability is critical Efficient & Ease of Use  Flexible, Secure and Dynamically Scalable Key Applications: Workload Management Cluster Management/

Gustavo Cavalcanti tinyfit.com. About me... Programmer since mid-90s BS in Computer Science (Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil) MBA with emphasis.

Open to part-time consulting - tinyfit.com Birds Eye View Data Access Windows Deployment Web Service orientation Cloud computing Team System Alternative languages BizSpark Data Access Linq Linq to Sql o SQL Server Only o C# /, fixes of above Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Introduced with.Net 3 in 2006 API for building communication in a service-oriented architecture Unifies all Microsoft communication technologies Data Access Windows Applications Windows Forms - supported for minor improvements/bug/

Alyssa Fung Kyung Yi Brian Patullo. Introduction Background of cloud computing implementation Cloud technology Fundamental problems of cloud computing.

servers for users and hackers (single sign-on) Attack on Google’s cloud system Phishing attack Cloud Security & Accounting Scope of cloud audit Cloud service provider OR cloud service client Assess and evaluate risks of cloud computing changes in company’s operating environment Internal controls Assess and evaluate risks of cloud computing to auditors Conclusion Cloud computing as a result of change in traditional connectivity models Understanding and minimizing risks associated with/

UW meets the Cloud Strategic issues & choices: lifting the fog around our institutional role Terry Gray, PhD Associate Vice President, University Technology.

low-touch DIY support What is Cloud Computing? aka “utility computing”, “SaaS” Motivation Individual – /a right to use) e.g. Exchange Borrow (open source) e.g. Thunderbird Barter*/Rent (cloud svcs) e.g. Gmail The last two are transformational, especially in bad times * eyeballs for ads IT Evolution Who ya gonna call (for commodity IT)? Individual Departmental Central Cloud Goodbye “IT priesthood”... Hello “Consumer Computing” In the beginning... Part II: Strategy Cloud computing is transforming IT Cloud/

Enable Multi Tenant Clouds Network Virtualization. Dynamic VM Placement. Secure Isolation. … High Scale & Low Cost Datacenters Leverage Hardware. High.

VMs Compute & Storage Scale Together Compute & Storage Scale Independently Hyper-V Server SAS Hyper-V Server(s) Compute/Storage SAS / iSCSI / FC Hyper-V Server(s) Compute / promises? Cluster (optional) Cluster VMs not designed for failures, H/A at server level, Failover clustering as another layer of protection, High /or downtime acceptable Lower End Industry Standard Server, single infrastructure Failover Clustering HostersPrivate Clouds / Legacy Apps Application failover Switc h Hyper-V / Parent VMs Hyper-V/

Alliance Cloud Computing Jul 13, 2011 Summer Meeting Kyle Banerjee Digital Services Program Manager.

real places on real hardware Performance, security, etc accomplished using the same methods You still need a backup and disaster recovery plan Most libraries currently shift significant computing costs to other entities Some parting thoughts Cloud computing is technology’s answer to the outsourcing debate The main thing the cloud buys you is flexibility Legal, organizational, and accountability challenges Kyle Banerjee banerjek@uoregon.edu Digital/

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