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Time to Learn By: Kelley Dawson Salas The New Teacher Book Jessica Gaddy.

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1 Time to Learn By: Kelley Dawson Salas The New Teacher Book Jessica Gaddy

2 Time to Learn This chapter really hit home for me! It talks about the reality and possibly fears we will all face as 1 st year teachers. So, lets get started! If possible, place your mind in the night before your 1 st day of teaching. If you haven’t already figured it out, it will be a sleepless night. So, on the morning of your 1 st day, on top of your mind and butterflies in your stomach going crazy, you will be lacking A LOT of much needed sleep.

3 Question… What are your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your FIRST day of school as a teacher? For most of you, the kind of teacher you want to be is clear in your mind. But, you will SOON realize the reality you face everyday will not match up to your idea of the teacher you thought you were going to be. Does that mean you are a bad teacher? Certainly NOT!

4 In the air about discipline… Every teacher strives for discipline in their classroom. But, the way they go about it depends on the teacher. Some take the route of being a drill sergeant while others tend to hold their authority over their student’s heads. The chapter states, “Teaching about something real and important is more effective in creating an orderly, disciplined classroom environment that acting like a drill sergeant.

5 So, what do I do? When teaching your class, relate the material to them and their life. Grab their attention and hold onto it! Chances are, your students will not want to misbehave in fear of missing something.

6 Will I ever get a break? What are some the things you will totally stress out about during your 1 st year of teaching?  Test  Classroom Management  Organization  Discipline  Possibly, your Masters…. AND THE LIST GOES ON! Well, guess what… Teachers who have been teaching for 10 years stress about most, if not all, of the same things you will as a 1 st year teacher!! The funny thing is, you will stress about standardized test for months. The day they are over, well, you will then remember that report cards are due the next week. So, there again, you are stressing about something!!

7 Who do you call on??? To make it as a teacher, you have to create your own teacher friends and co-workers. Especially your 1 st year teaching! Talking with other “new teachers” will make you feel as if you are not in this world alone. Also, don’t forget about your colleagues. The book states, “Part of my confidence I needed to take even small steps in advancing my vision came from conversations with colleagues. “ Always remember, your colleagues saw you when you first began as a teacher. Chances are, they have seen you through your ups and downs dealing with teaching.

8 Helpful things to remember: As a professional, you have the authority to do what you think is most beneficial for your students. Set high expectations for yourself as a teacher. But remember, it takes time to develop your skills.

9 Keep in mind… The job of a 1 st year teacher is hard enough. Do not add to your difficulties by beating up on yourself. You will not be able to conquer the teaching profession within your 1 st year of teaching, so do not think you can. During your 1 st year of teaching you will be faced with trying TO DO and LEARN EVERYTHING at the same time. You may have a long way to go to being the teacher you dream of, BUT, you are on your way!!!

10 So True… “Forgive yourself for making mistakes: Your first year of teaching will undoubtedly be full of them. Don’t be harsher on yourself than you would be on your most trying student.” -Dale Weiss

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