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Business English Upper Intermediate U2W09 John Silberstein

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1 Business English Upper Intermediate U2W09 John Silberstein

2 Agenda Management: Unity of Command Management: Staffing

3 Management Unity of Command A few Minutes with Peter Gibbons

4 Metaphors Exercise Break into groups of 4 and define the meaning of the metaphors and we will review as a class

5 Staffing Nature of Staffing Staffing is an important managerial function. The operations of these four functions depend upon the manpower which is available through staffing function. Staffing is a pervasive activity: As staffing function is carried out by all mangers and in all types of concerns where business activities are carried out. Staffing is a continuous activity: This is because staffing function continues throughout the life of an organization due to the transfers and promotions that take place. The basis of staffing function is efficient management of personnel: Human resources can be efficiently managed by a system or proper procedure, that is, recruitment, selection, placement, training and development, providing remuneration, etc. Staffing helps in placing right person in the right job: It can be done effectively through proper recruitment procedures and then finally selecting the most suitable candidate as per the job requirements. Staffing is performed by all managers: depending upon the nature of business, size of the company, qualifications and skills of managers, etc. In small companies, the top management generally performs this function. In medium and small scale enterprise, it is performed especially by the personnel department of that concern.

6 Staffing My Experiences Staffing is a talent Staffing should be a group activity Staffing Stories

7 Staffing My Experiences Staffing is a talent Staffing should be a group activity Staffing Stories

8 Management Directing Directing is the process where Managers instruct, guide and oversee the performance of the employees to achieve predetermined objectives, tasks and/or functions. Directing initiates action and it is here that the work actually starts. It can be described as providing guidance to the people actually doing the work. In summary, Directing can be described as the function guiding, inspiring, overseeing and instructing people towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.

9 Management Directing is: Pervasive Human Continuous Creative Delegating

10 Management: Directing Pervasive It is required at all levels of an organization. Every manager should provide guidance, inspiration and instruction to their subordinates.

11 Management: Directing Human The Directing function is related to subordinates, there is a Human factor to consider. The Human factor is complex and unpredictable, Directing becomes important.

12 Management: Directing Continuous Because of the changeable nature of the Human factor and the environment in which the organization functions, Directing needs to be continuous. Changes in the attitudes of employees and the changeable nature of the business environment requires continuous Directing.

13 Management: Directing Creative Directing take the Planning, Organizing and Staffing functions and converts them into performance. It is important to be creative when inspiring, instructing or overseeing employees.

14 Management: Directing Delegating Because of the Human factor that is involved in Directing, planners realize that the manager involved in Directing their employees will need to be able to make certain decisions. These decisions are delegated from the higher levels of management.

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