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Buddhism Christian Ethics 30 Religion of 350 000 000.

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1 Buddhism Christian Ethics 30 Religion of 350 000 000

2 3 Buddhist Sects Theravada Buddhism Earliest Buddhist teachings Most conservative among the 3 sects Found in South Asia and India Mahayana Buddhism Zen belongs to Mahayana Buddhism Found in East Asia Also known as “The Great Vehicle” Vajrayana Buddhism Also known as Tantralyana Found mainly in Tibet but also in China and Japan

3 The Great Excusrsion The Story of Siddhartha Gautama His Family Brahmins predicted that Siddhartha would become A great world ruler A great spiritual leader The 4 Visions Old Age Disease Death Wandering Ascetic

4 Origin Siddhartha sat under the bodhi tree in the lotus position Spoke of 3 Marks of Existence Annica: Impermanence Dukkha: Suffering Annatta: Not self Enlightenment

5 Concept of God Universe and Soul The Middle Path Cosmic Consciousness

6 Practices The 4 Noble Truths 1.All life is suffering and pain 2.The cause of suffering is desire or craving 3.Suffering and desire can be extinguished with enlightenment 4.The way to enlightenment is the 8 fold path

7 Practices The 8 Fold Path Wisdom 1.Right view/understanding 2.Right thought/resolve Morality 3.Right Speech 4.Right Action 5.Right Livelihood Meditation 6.Right Effort 7.Right Mindfulness 8.Right Concentration

8 Places of Worship Temples/Monasteries Daily Life

9 Beliefs Karma The Universal Connection The 3 Jewels Buddha- ideal spiritual potential Dharma- teachings of the Buddha/moral law Sangha- community of believers

10 Individual’s Role The Middle Path The Noble Truths The 8 Fold Path to Enlightenment

11 Religious Symbols The Buddha The Lotus Flower An unopened lotus flower represents the heart of a being before the virtue of the Buddha causes it to open and bloom. The color of the lotus also has significance: White: Mental and spiritual purity Red: The heart, compassion and love Blue: Wisdom and control of the senses Pink: The historical Buddha Purple: Mysticism The Dalai Lama (Bodisattva)

12 Life After Death Samsara (cycle) The web of illusion and ignorance that keeps us from knowing our true nature Atman (soul) Atman is an essence of things that does not depend on others; it is an intrinsic nature. The non-existence of that is selflessness Nirvana Free from suffering (dukkha) and achieved when the atman is liberated (samsara)

13 Lets Get Buddhalicious Meditation

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