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Supervision CHAPTER 4 ORGANIZING AN EFFECTIVE DEPARTMENT Saigon Institute of Technology.

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1 Supervision CHAPTER 4 ORGANIZING AN EFFECTIVE DEPARTMENT Saigon Institute of Technology

2 Chapter outcomes 1. Define organizing 2. Describe why work specialization should increase economic efficiency 3. Explain how the span of control affects an organization’s structure 4. Contrast line & staff authority 5. Explain why organizations are becoming increasingly decentralized 6. Describe how flatter organizational structures can be beneficial to the organization 7. Explain the concept of a learning organization & how it influences organizational designs & supervisors 8. Discuss the value of job descriptions 9. Identify the four-step process of delegation

3 Organizing Management functions Planning Organizing Leading Controlling

4 Organizing What is Organizing? Arranging and grouping jobs Allocating resources Assigning work in a department Organizational structure

5 Organizational Structure Work specialization Breaking job down into steps Each step completed by a different individual Pros and cons Span of control: how many employees can a supervisor direct efficiently and effectively? Experience and competence of supervisor Training and experience of employees Complexity of employees’ activities Variety of jobs being supervised Formal procedures and rules

6 Organizational Structure (cont) Chain of command Who reports to whom? Unity of command Authority Line authority Staff authority Functional authority Authority and Responsibility Decision-making Centralized Decentralized

7 Organizational Structure (cont) Departmentalization Functional Product Customer Geographic Process

8 Organizational Structure (cont) Case 4-B: A Noble Supervisor p.121 Departmentalization

9 Organizational Structure (cont) Simple structure Functional structure Divisional structure Matrix Team-based Boundaryless Learning organization

10 Organizing your employees Identifying tasks to be done Combine tasks into jobs Formalize the process with job descriptions

11 Delegation What is delegation? Allocate duties Delegate authority Assign responsibility Create accountability

12 Delegation (cont) Step 1: Clarify the assignment Step 2: Specify employee’s range of discretion Step 3: Allow the employee to participate Step 4: Inform others that delegation has occurred Step 5: Establish feedback control Step 6: Insist on recommendations from the employee when problems surface

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