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The M3A system in the Adriatic Sea

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1 The M3A system in the Adriatic Sea
Vanessa Cardin, Ogs†, Tecnomare *, Ismar¶, Enea †M. Gačić, G. Gelsi, F. Arena, M. Burca, L. Perini, D. Sorgo *F. Gasparoni, D. Calore ¶ G. Civitarese, V. Ibello G. Manzella MERSEA-IP - Kickoff Meeting Brest, April


E2-M3A is based on the italian buoy BOMA (project supported by a national initiative) Data acquisition and mission control electronics distributed architecture (more CPU each devoted to a specific task) plenty of interfaces available for additional payload and communication systems low power consumption mass memory virtually unlimited

4 a multiparametric probe
SCIENTIFIC PAYLOAD BOMA payload is limited to : meteorological parameters;  a CT at surface level; a sampling system: a multiparametric probe a nutrient analyser that makes available onboard the buoy water from 5 different depths (25, 50, 75, 100 and 200 m), A multiparametric probe and a nutrient analyser (nitrate) are connected to this system. E2-M3A upgrade Mooring chain: Depth Instrumentation 50m C, T, D, Chl, NO3 75 m C, T, Chl, 100 m C, T, PAR 200 m C, T, D, O2 New communication facilities and data transmission

5 SCIENTIFIC PAYLOAD Sensor Manufacturer & model
Wind speed and direction Rm Young MA Atmospheric pressure Rm Young Temperature/humidity Rotronic MP102A-T4-W4W + self-powered shield MET-ONE Solar radiation To be defined – Eppley Pyranometer Compass + serial interface for meteo sensors Rm Young 32500 CT (hull mounted) SeaBird SBE 37-SI CTD chain 4 x SeaBird SBE 16 + fluorometer + oxygen sensor + PAR + pump+ 2 pressure sensor Multiparametric probe (T,C,O2,Turb,Chl) Idromar IM-51 Nutrient analyser (NO3) WS (now Eco-Sense) NAS-2E

6 E2 –M3A Position

E2-M3A Buoy Automatic transmission of daily summary file Daily automatic notification via of the technical status of the buoy Automatic notification via of alarm conditions Water detect in each of 3 compartments of the buoy Buoy displacement out of the safety circle ACTION: notification is sent with a maximum delay of one hour. The will be send hourly until the disappearing or removal of the alarm condition ETACS OGS Trieste - Italy Data processing TECNOMARE Venice - Italy System alert File .sea File .sum File .met Quality control Daily -Reduced data from all sensors, status parameters (hourly updated); Hourly - 10’ of wind speed, true wind direction, temperature, pressure and humidity data, sampled at 2 Hz; 3 hours - 20’ of data from pitch, roll, heading and Z-accelerometer sensors, sampled at 2 Hz NCMR Athens – Greace Web DATA FLOW AND TRANSMISION

8 Web -page

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