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São José dos Campos (Brazil)

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1 São José dos Campos (Brazil)
The International Center for Earth Sciences and the Italian Embassy in Argentina in scientific Cooperation in South America Gabriele Paparo MIMOSA workshop February 26th, 2013 INPE São José dos Campos (Brazil) INGV

2 ICES - International Centre for Earth’s Sciences

3 Processes and mechanisms
ICES Departments Processes and mechanisms Applications Natural and environmental risks Environment and climate Environmental anthropology Resources and prospecting Devoted to the prime natural causes of control of climate, i.e. to items generally of main concern for the academic community of Earth’s scientists Humankind as an active agent for climate control and as a recorder of proxy data. Devoted to specialists of humanistic disciplines who should cooperate in climate research Devoted to all items dealing with security, catastrophe management, and Civil Protection, including the action and concern by legislators and decision makers Devoted to all items concerned with energy and mineral research

4 Mapa de riesgo

5 The meeting of CELAC (Community of Latin
American and the Caribbean) and the European Union, took place in Chile on 24, 25 and 26 January and attended by more than 40 heads of state and another thousand people between politicians and important entrepreneurs, has addressed several issues of political, social and economic development and stressed the importance of integration between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

6 At the end of the meeting gave some points on which the various nations will work together
1. Need for a strategic alliance between ECLAC and the 'EU 2. Legal security of investors 3. Balance between economic development and preservation medioambiente 4. Encourage creation small and medium enterprises technological innovation 5. Technical training and academic 6. Promote free trade between U.E. and Latin America 7. Fight against poverty and inequality

7 Nuclear Energy Space Sciences Alternatives Energy (Biomasas)
Medicine Sciences Nuclear Energy Space Sciences Polo Tecnologico Industrial Design RestorationTecnology Alternatives Energy (Biomasas) Earth Sciences Scientific Cooperation Office, Italian Embassy in Argentina Bio - Nano tecnology Environmental Antropology Sea Sciences

8 A.S.I. C.O.N.A.E. SAOCOM (Microwave Earth Observation Satellites)
COSMO-SkyMed Dual system of Earth observation SAOCOM (Microwave Earth Observation Satellites) 

9 The ionosphere Like a cushion!!!!
Some j-loops of the solar corona enter into the magnetosphere, and precipitate on top of the ionosphere The ionosphere slows down electrons, protons, and positive ions, much like a cushion slows down a stone falling over it


11 Huracán Katryna


13 PATAGONIA Glaciar Perito Moreno

14 Satellite ASTER Mapping of burned areas
Acerenza Municipality – fire 10 agosto 2010 – 10.4 ha (0.14 ha wooded) 14 agosto agosto settembre 2010

15 Remote Sensing approach for Preventive Archaeology
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Italia Satellite Remote Sensing LiDAR Aerial prospection Ground Truth Ground Remote Sensing Magnetic Method GPR Electrical Method Electromagnetic Method

16 Remote Sensing approach for Preventive Archaeology
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Italia Site discovery: buried settlement in Rio Nazca (2008) - Peru Satellite Pyramid? Geomagnetic map Infrared thermography

17 Comunidad India Quilmes de Tucuman de Tafí
Rovine Indios Quilmes Comunidad India Quilmes de Tucuman de Tafí

18 Universidad Nacional de Tucuman
James Arokiasamy Cesidio Bianchi Michael Pezzopane Vincenzo Romano Umberto Sciacca Carlo Scotto Giuseppe Tutone Enrico Zuccheretti Bruno Zolesi Miguel A. Cabrera Rodolfo Ezquer Sandro M. Radicella Claudio Brunini Erika Gularte Marta Mosert Gonzales

19 Ambasciata d’Italia in Argentina, Buenos Aires 17 Ottobre 2006



22 Varsavia Tucumán Mosca

23 San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina – 21 Agosto 2007

24 Radio observatory ionospheric of Jicamarca, Perù.

25 Thank you

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