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MPPCM: Latin American Node Report San Francisco 17/18 July 2003.

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1 MPPCM: Latin American Node Report San Francisco 17/18 July 2003

2 Conferences Conference 3er Congreso Internacional de Cultura y Desarrollo, Terrorismo y escenarios de futuros, Verònica Peredo & Carlos Moneta, La Habana, Cuba, 9th to 12nd of June, 2003. Latin America Prospective and Political Leadeship, Master´s Degree Course on Government Management, Universidad de Palermo June 2003, Miguel Angel Gutierrez Seminaries Research Seminar on Future Studies: Global and Regional Scenarios Post Irak Word, at Masters Degree Course, Universidad Nacional de La Plata-ENI June and July 2003 by M. A. Gutierrez & Veronica Peredo.

3 Books 2003 (Annex: I) The Challenge of International Terrorism and Papers Un análisis político prospectivo para América Latina a partir de los efectos de la globalización by M. A. Gutierrez published at Estudios Internacionales magazine of Universidad de Chile, N˚138, July-September, 2002 Latin America and the challenge of Digital Economy at the beginning of his 3st Century of independent life by M. A. Gutierrez for WFS 2003 Conference.

4 Project Researches (Annexe: II) WORKSHOP: IAI SMALL GRANT PROJECTS SOIL MOISTURE VARIABILITY IN THE RÍO DE LA PLATA BASIN: ASSESSMENTS OF THE IMPACT OF ITS VARIABILITY AND FORECAST APPLICATIONS FOR END USERS March 17 to 19, 2003, Centro de Previsão de Tempo e Estudos Climáticos-Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) - Cachoeira Paulista, SP. Brazil Although the initial purpose was to discuss the recent advances on soil water modeling and monitoring in the Rio de la Plata basin, and how these advances can be better disseminated and used by various stakeholders in this region, this meeting was organized seeking to establish the basis for a collaborative research network on water resources applications, strengthening the links between engineers and social and political scientists built up on the Third IAI/University of Miami Summer Institute on Interdisciplinary Science in the Americas held in 2001. Additionally, other scientists related to water resources management in the Rio de la Plata Basin, were involved NEW Project: AN INTEGRATED ASSESSMENT OF HUMAN VULNERABILITY TO HYDROCLIMATIC EXTREMES IN THE RIO DE LA PLATA BASIN

5 CD Rom Estudios de Futuros Construcción de Escenarios globales y regionales post-Irak ESCENARIOS REGIONALES by M.A.Gutierrez & V. Peredo, 2003

6 COLLABORATION in the OBJECTIVE: TRANSLATE MP. MATERIALS INTO EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL (Annexes: III & IV) 1. TELEVISION PROGRAM SERIE: Lots of Hands PILOT: Water Scarcity 2. CHILDREN BOOKS COLECCIÓN Lots of Hands PILOT: The River cray 3. Interactive Courses in Future Studies and Methodological use of prospective tools

7 Relations with universities Agreement with Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Argentina: Working in presentation of State of the Future 2003 Beginning talks with Universidad de Cuyo, Political and Social Sciences School, Mendoza, Argentina

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