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The Management Process

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1 The Management Process

2 Management Management:
The process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the use of resources to accomplish performance goals Managerial competency: Skill-based capability for high performance in a management job, includes communication, teamwork, motivation, leadership, critical thinking, professionalism

3 Functions of Management
There are four functions of management: Planning Setting performance objectives & deciding how to achieve them. Controlling Measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results. Organizing Arranging tasks, people, and other resources to accomplish the work. Leading Inspiring people to work hard to achieve high performance.

4 Planning and Organizing
The process of setting objectives and determining what should be done to accomplish them Organizing: The process of assigning tasks, allocating resources, and coordinating work activities

5 Leading and Controlling
The process of creating enthusiasm and inspiring efforts to achieve goals Controlling: The process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired results

6 Managerial Roles Interpersonal Roles
How a manager interacts with other people: Figurehead Leader Liaison Informational Roles How a manager exchanges and processes information: Monitor Disseminator Spokesperson Decisional Roles How a manager uses information in decision making: Entrepreneur Disturbance Handler Resource Allocator Negotiator

7 Summary of Manager’s Roles
Managerial work is busy, demanding, and stressful. A summary of research shows that managers: Work long hours Work at an intense pace Work at fragmented and varied tasks Work with many communication media Accomplish work largely through interpersonal relationships

8 Case Study: Katie’s Kitchen
Read the following case study, and using the case study format provided in class, provide a solution Katie’s Kitchen

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