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1 ANLoc Translation Bureau - Canada 31 March 2009.

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1 1 ANLoc Translation Bureau - Canada 31 March 2009

2 2 HISTORY Created in 1934 by an Act of Parliament Responsible for the provision of language services : Translation Interpretation Terminology Clients: Departments and agencies of the Canadian Federal Government (Parliament, Public Service, Federal Courts) The Bureau employs about 1,200 translators, interpreters and terminologists

3 3 STRUCTURE Part of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer : Operational Services oTranslation oParliamentary oTerminology Standardization Technology, Finance and sundry services Client Services

4 4 TERMINOLOGY Terminology standardization: In 1974, the Bureau was tasked with a terminology standardization mandate: oOperate a terminology bank - TERMIUM ® ; oCoordinate the governments standardization activities; oVerify and validate terminology at the federal level; oCo-operate with research and standardization centers in Canada and abroad. Multi-faceted integrated standardization strategy: Terminology and linguistic bank Writing tools (e.g. The Canadian Style, Writing Tips, HyperGrammar, etc; 14 in all, in French, English and Spanish) Glossaries as well as other guides and publications (available for consultation on-line) Linguistic services, advices, LRs/LRs Clear and efficient communication (CEC) Etc.

5 5 TERMIUM ® The prototype, TERMIUM ® I, got underway in 1975, while the first operational version, TERMIUM ® II, was rolled out in January 1977 Version in service at the present time: TERMIUM ® IV Contents: 1.6 million records, each made up of at least one French module and one English module 3.9 millions terms Spanish component: 210,000 terms in total On-line consultation implemented on each individual workstation: Bureau language professionals, federal public servants and outside subscribers Contents managed by the Bureaus professional terminologists A series of writing tools integrated into TERMIUM ®, which then makes it into a terminology and linguistic data bank Records cover a wide variety of fields: federal administration, medicine, aerospace, finances, information technology, etc. Users perform about 65 million individual searches each year

6 6 TERMIUM ® S FUTURE New generation now being developed: TERMIUM ® VI Compartments structure: terminology specific to each client to be managed separately Interoperability with other major terminology banks Unicode compatibility Fluid integration with other tools (translation memories, computer translation, etc.) in the global translation process within the Translation Bureau Growth of the multilingual component : continued growth of the Spanish component, addition of Portuguese and Inuktitut components Continuous introduction of new writing tools Adaptation to emerging or future new technologies Free access to the bank through the Canadian Government Linguistic Portal (Fall 2009)

7 7 CO-OPERATION WITH AFRICA Training session in Canada for a group of African terminologists: This session lasted a few days and had none of the scope of the 2-year training program which Bureau new terminologists are enrolled in Sharing with African partners our organizational know-how and best practices in terminology, compiled thanks to the Bureaus long experience in the field Revision of records put together by African terminologists One-off co-operation projects (Pan-African Glossary of Sports)

8 8 THANKS QUESTIONS ? Gabriel Huard,

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