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Visual Communication &

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1 Visual Communication &

2 What is Visual Communication?
Visual Communication is a bridge between an idea and its intended audience. In the fields of architecture, engineering, graphic, industrial and multimedia design, advertising and marketing, cartography and fashion, for example, visual communicators use text and/or image to communicate information. The visual form that the communication takes may be imaginative and original or it may conform to conventions or accepted rules. The production of visual communications involves the application of a design process in which final presentations are developed in response to needs identified in an initial brief. The design process provides a defined, yet flexible approach, to the development, evaluation and refinement of visual communication solutions. From the VCE Study Guide

3 Skills to Develop Observational Drawing Instrumental Drawing
Freehand Sketching Rendering Techniques Using the Design Process Using various media, methods and materials Packaging

4 Observational Drawing
Drawing what is in front of you

5 Instrumental Drawing Drawing accurately with measurement tools

6 Freehand Sketching

7 Rendering Techniques

8 Experimenting with Materials,
Media and Methods

9 The Design Process Design Brief (what is needed)
Analysis (analyse that need and current trends) Research (similar design solutions and inspirational material) Concepts (sketches and design ideas for solutions) Design Development (technical drawings, trialing different media, materials, and methods and applying design elements and principles) Refinement (preparing for final presentation) Mock Up (model) Presentation to client or manufacturer

10 The Brief Client Need/Purpose Audience

11 Research What others are doing Inspirational Material

12 Concepts Visual Brainstorming Ideas Exploration

13 Design Development Refining design Experimenting with various
media, methods and materials

14 Presentation The best way to present your vision to the Client

15 Packaging Graphic Designs for Packaging

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