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1 España

2 History of Spain Iberians – first inhabitants; came from Africa (Libya) Phoenicians (attracted by mining) 1100 B.C Celts (Aryan people) 1000 B.C. Greeks 700 B.C Romans (presence for 700 years) 200 B.C. Latin, Roman law, Christianity

3 más historia Visigoths 6th century A.D. Moors (711-1492)
Muslim invaders from Africa. Overran almost all of Spain. Contributions: science, medicine, mathematics; built mosques, hospitals and libraries

4 un poquito más Catholic Spain
Marriage of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon united Spain against the Moors January 2, 1492 Moors driven out of Granada End of Moorish political presence in Spain

5 Population Spain- 40,000,000 and declining
Central America, Caribbean, South America – 360,000,000

6 Andalucía

7 Andalucía Gibraltar It is a part of England
Source of tension between Spanish and British Historically the Strait has been of geographic importance to the British

8 Importancia de Gibraltar

9 Monos de Gibraltar The only free-ranging monkeys in Europe inhabit high reaching dens on the rock. (pop = around 200) Government of Gibraltar has recently begun ordering the killing of the monkeys for vandalizing property and attacking children. Growing problem of tooth decay in monkey population due to swiping sweets from tourists

10 Sevilla Capital of Andalucía.
There is a lot of “chorizo” (slang term for thieves) Has the 3rd largest cathedral in the world behind the ones in London and Rome.

11 Granada Last territory held by the Moors. 711-1492 La Alhambra
“Weep son like a woman for what you would not fight for like a man.” (Legendary quote from the mother of the Moorish king to her son.)

12 Fotos de la Alhambra


14 Murcia

15 Fotos de Murcia Capital of Al-Andalus during the 13th century.

16 Valencia

17 Comida típica Paella Valenciana

18 Fiestas Tomatina en Buñol

19 Click below to see a video of the Tomatina

20 Castilla-La Mancha

21 Castilla – La Mancha Molinos de viento de La Mancha
Like the ones that Don Quijote attacked in “Don Quijote de la Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes

22 Toledo espadas toledanas

23 Extremadura

24 Importancia de Extremadura
Many conquistadors came from this region. It is near Huelva y Palos de la Frontera…point of departure for Christopher Columbus and many of the conquistadors.

25 Madrid: capital de España

26 Palacio Real

27 El Prado

28 Fútbol: Real Madrid David Beckam

29 Tapas Chickpeas and Spinach Clams in Sherry Sauce Octopus & Paprika
Meatballs in Almond Sauce Fried Cheese Quail and Onions Dried Cod & potatoes Sole with Raisins & Pine Nuts Grilled Pork

30 Estación de Atocha Site of the March 11, 2004 Al-Qaeda bombings

31 Castilla y León

32 Salamanca La universidad de Salamanca
One of the oldest universities in the world. La rana (The frog)

33 la fachada ¿Dónde está la rana? (Where is the frog?)

34 Galicia

35 Comida gallega Pulpo a la gallega

36 más puntos sobre Galicia
They speak “gallego” (a combination of Spanish and Portuguese.) There are certain pockets of poverty in Galicia and over time people have had to leave to find work. Because of this there is a sense of sadness within the “gallego” character.

37 Asturias

38 Milk from Austurias leche de asturias

39 Cantabria

40 Imágenes de Cantabria Énfasis en todo verde. (Emphasis in everything green!)




44 País Vasco

45 puntos sobre el País Vasco
They speak ‘euskara’ Oldest language in Europe…unknown origin Terrorist group ‘E.T.A’ Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (Freedom for the Basque Homeland) PP made fatal mistake of blaming E.T.A. for 3/11/04 train bombing in Madrid

46 Navarra

47 Pamplona los sanfermines 7 de julio

48 La Rioja

49 La Rioja Some of the best Spanish wines come from this region.

50 Aragón

51 Puntos interesantes Murallas romanas
Aragón played key role in repelling Moors.

52 Cataluña

53 Barcelona They speak ‘catalán’…a combination of French and Spanish
They feel a sense of separation from the rest of Spain They are not violent like ETA. Architecture of Gaudí found all throughout city.

54 Las Islas Baleares

55 Las Islas Canarias

56 Puntos sobre las islas Roman soldiers came to the islands and discovered it covered with dogs. That is why they are called the Canary Islands. “cainine” in Latin

57 Marruecos

58 puntos sobre Marruecos
A lot of illegal immigration from Morocco. There is a presence of Al-Qaeda in España Al-Andalus: name given to Andalucía by the Arabs who controlled parts of Spain for over 700 years.

59 Mar Mediterráneo dieta mediterránea

60 Mariscos

61 Aceite de oliva

62 Vino tinto

63 Banderas españolas

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