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Il Polo senese ed il Distretto regionale scienze della vita nella prospettiva europea Dr. Francesco Maria Senatore Business Development Toscana Life Sciences.

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1 Il Polo senese ed il Distretto regionale scienze della vita nella prospettiva europea Dr. Francesco Maria Senatore Business Development Toscana Life Sciences Foundation TLS 2013

2 Argomenti Polo Senese: TLS Distretto: Cluster Regionale Il mercato della Salute in Europa Le necessità delle imprese Evoluzione del Cluster TLS 2013


4 TLS 2013 TLS Mission Public Institutions MPS University Applied Research Results Industrial Development Territory

5 Siena - The Science Park Monothematic : Life Sciences (Red Biotech) drugs diagnostics medical devices biomedical technologies Laboratories, offices, equipment and utilities Consulting services and support Access to public and private financing tools JCVI April 2012

6 Total surface area: 83.000 sq. mt. Total buildings surface: 38.400 sq. mt. Labs (research/devel./Q.A.): 8.200 sq. mt. Production plants: 6.800 sq. mt. Warehouses: 2.800 sq. mt. Offices: 8.400 sq. mt. Services: 4.700 sq. mt. TLS bio-incubator Industrial and academic research activities Center of excellence for Novartis Vaccines More than 470 researchers Common facilities, services and utilities Science Park Location: Siena - Novartis site JCVI April 2012

7 TLS Bio-incubator 10 laboratory modules (ranging from 60 to 140 m 2 ) fully equipped according to companys needs GMP facility for medicinal products derived from human blood or plasma (160 m 2 ) Analytical labs and common services (135 m 2 ) BSL 3 lab Animal care facility Offices, meeting rooms (600 m 2 ) JCVI April 2012

8 TLS - Main Incubation Services Intellectual property protection consultancy Technology Transfer/Start-up Creation Business development coaching Grants search and application support Scouting of industrial and financial partners Bio-partnering support Infrastructure Services (Front office, meeting room, etc.) Dedicated scientific equipment up to 200k Common high-tech equipment and facilities JCVI April 2012

9 Incubation Deal-Flow: the Picking the Winner Approach International Call for Application Business Plan submission Project selection TLS Executive Board approval Incubation Find Start up financing JCVI April 2012

10 TLS Evaluation Committee Dr. Bertil Samuelsson, Stockholm (SE) Dr. Eva Pisa, Stockholm (SE) Dr. Andy Richards, Cambridge (UK) Prof. Stephen Hanessian, Montréal (CA) Dr. Elkan Gamzu, Boston (USA)

11 Torre Fiorentina Campus – September 2005 JCVI April 2012

12 TLS 2013 Companies and Research Groups 2013

13 TLS Performance Indicators TLS 2013 2007201020112012 Employees107093112 Scientific Publications - 154863 Patent Applications8252224 Granted Patents5242527 Collab./Agreem./Licensing8344866 Diagnostics Prototypes - 6823 Compounds in Clinical Phases - 112 Products on the Market --- 22 Investments Attraction 12M25M32.7 M44.0 M Companies Revenue--1.5 M3.1 M

14 TLS Incubated Companies & Research Groups: Total Financial Resources Companies and Research Groups Financial Resources (2011) Companies%Companies & Research Group% Stakeholders Investment17.879.15947,718.689.15942,5 Local Seed Funds6.280.00016,76.280.00014,3 Regional Seed Funds2.350.0006,32.350.0005,3 Other Funds2.350.0006,32.350.0005,3 Grants8.609.8092314.354.40932,6 TOTAL37.468.96710044.023.567100 JCVI April 2012

15 TLS 2013

16 Universities and Research Centers JCVI April 2012

17 Tuscany -Health Care System Quality 33,9% of total clinical trials carried out in Italy are performed in Tuscany JCVI April 2012

18 TLS 2013 Some Big Players

19 TLS 2013 Tuscany is a strategic region in the Life Science CompaniesItalyTuscany% Tuscany Biotech2213014 Pharma1982010 Medical Devices2.7351566 Turnover (Mil.)ItalyTuscany % Tuscany Biotech 7.1571.63023 Pharma 25.0003.30013 Medical devices 16.8008115 10.9406456 Pharma Services

20 TLS 2013 Affiliated Companies104 Employees10.646 R&D Employees1.376 Turnover in Mil.5.233 Labs square meters31.203 Patents775

21 TLS 2013 Member Representatives Committee Steering Committee Public Institutions Entrepreneurial System National & international clusters National & international clusters Services Needs Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster The Tuscany Life Science Cluster

22 EU Healthcare Market TLS 2013 Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD)

23 TLS 2013

24 Growth in health spending per capita slowed or fell in real terms in 2010 in almost all European countries, reversing a trend of steady increases. Spending had already started to fall in 2009 in countries hardest hit by the economic crisis but this was followed by deeper cuts in 2010 in response to growing budgetary pressures and rising debt- to-GDP ratios. On average across the EU, health spending per capita increased by 4.6% per year in real terms between 2000 and 2009, followed by a fall of 0.6% in 2010.

25 TLS 2013

26 Reductions in public spending on health were achieved through a range of measures, including reductions in wages and/or employment levels, increasing direct payments by households for certain services and pharmaceuticals, and imposing severe budget constraints on hospitals. Gains in efficiency have also been pursued through mergers of hospitals or accelerating the move from inpatient care to outpatient care and day surgery.

27 TLS 2013 The public sector is the main source of health care financing in all European countries. In 2010, nearly three-quarter (73%) of all health spending was publicly financed on average in EU member states. Public financing accounted for over 80% in the Netherlands, the Nordic countries (except Finland), Luxembourg, the

28 Service support to Life Science SME TLS 2013

29 Internazionalization is a challenge for SMEs

30 TLS 2013 Align your product portfolio to the markets with high growth potential (market Analysis) Develop market-entry and market-expansion strategies by identifying the regions and market segments poised for strong growth (Strategic Positioning) Create a more tailored country strategy through the understanding of market outlook and major trends (local link) Develop key strategic initiatives by understanding the key focus areas and top-selling products of leading companies (match making events) SMEs support need for foreign markets

31 Internationalization support Deep insight into companies needs Network of selected and qualified partners Framework agreements with institutional partners

32 Networking Europes Biocommunities TLS 2013

33 ALISEI, Cluster nazionale Scienze della Vita Advanced LIfe SciEnces in Italy

34 National Technology Cluster Call The MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) published a call for the creation of 9 National Technological Clusters corresponding to different high tech sectors, one of them is Life Science For each sector only a single cluster has been created Each Cluster presents 4 R&D projects a)Total costs in between 10 and 12 millions of euro b)A maximum of 8 proponents c)Industrial partners covering at least the 50% of costs, with SMEs covering at least the 15% d)Public partners covering at least the 35% of costs The MIUR supports the call with 368 millions of euro, 63 millions as a contribution to the costs and 305 as subsidized credit. Moreover the MIUR allocates additional 40 millions of euro of contribution for projects involving Puglia, Calabria, Sicilia and Campania regions.

35 Perchè un Cluster Nuove dinamiche di sviluppo verso le economie basate sulla conoscenza e linnovazione. Tra i fattori in grado di sostenere e promuovere la transizione vi sono le reti di conoscenza. In linea con iniziative a livello europeo, come la Strategia di Lisbona e laEurope 2020 Growth Strategy, nella logica di un recupero di competitività grazie allo sviluppo di uneconomia basata sulla conoscenza e sullinnovazione. Una delle criticità che si intende superare con il Cluster è rappresentata dalla frammentazione delle iniziative nellambito Scienze della Vita: senza adeguata massa critica mancano effettive ricadute per lintero sistema Paese. Lambizione è quella di favorire laggregazione di risorse non solo a livello regionale, ma anche tra i poli di riferimento nazionali e di entrare nelle grandi reti di aggregazione europee, partecipando ai mega cluster transnazionali che connettono i nodi specializzati esistenti in ciascun Paese (Biotechnology strategy and action plan della Commissione Europea )

36 ALISEI - gli attori ALISEI raccoglie strutture produttive e di ricerca, individuali e aggregate, appartenenti a 12 Regioni In ALISEI sono rappresentate le Associazioni di categoria: Assobiomedica, Assobiotec, Farmindustria e vi partecipa il sistema pubblico della ricerca: CNR, ENEA, ICE, IIT La governance di ALISEI è aperta, per accogliere ulteriori componenti scientifiche, industriali e istituzionali coerenti con la sua missione

37 ALISEI : Cluster Strategic positioning Vision: To be a driving force in the economic growth of Italian regions in the field of human health Mission: To establish a national network of skills and capacities of research, innovation and industrial development in the Life Science sector with the aim of answering the social and economic challenges in the field of human health Timeline: At least 5 years Macrotrends: a)Personalized approach and integration between therapy and diagnosis b)Ageing and chronic diseases c)Convergent technologies

38 TLS 2013 Geographical Area Virtual cluster integration Relevance of geographical proximity Fonte: TLS elaboration from Sternberg (2003) [-] [++] [-] Local level Regional level National level European Level International Level Science Park Cluster Super Cluster Mega Cluster The future

39 Thank you Francesco Maria Senatore Business Development Communication & Projects Tuscany Life Science Cluster & Foundation Via Fiorentina, 1 53100 Siena ITALY Tel.: +39 0577 231207 Mobile:+39 340 0917237 Fax: +39 0577 43444 TLS 2013

40 International visibility is key for R&D intensive and start- up companies International presence is key for mature/expansion companies Both types of SME cant approach the market alone Science Parks and Cluster organizations play a very important role in building up a real international network is key and should go beyond the EU Conclusions

41 41 National Cluster ranking 41

42 TLS 2013

43 Post-Incubation Building TLS 2013

44 International Benchmarking TLS 2013

45 FM Senatore Bio-Europe ClusterCompanies Bay Area - San Francisco (California)715 Maryland350 San Diego (California)240 Boston (Massachusetts)220 Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)135 From V. Chiesa – Bioforum, Milano 2007 Biotech clusters in US

46 FM Senatore Bio-Europe 46 ClusterCompanies Cambridge (UK)422 Biovalley (France – Germany – Switzerland)320 Munich (Germany)150 Heidelberg (Germany)121 Berlin – Brandeburg (Germany)115 Medicon Valley (Sweden – Denmark)110 Edinburgh Dundee Glasgow (UK)75 Oxford (UK)85 Evry – Ile de France (France)54 From V. Chiesa – Bioforum, Milano 2007 Biotech clusters in EU

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