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Life of Gautama Buddha (from Birth to Renunciation)

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1 Life of Gautama Buddha (from Birth to Renunciation)

2 Historical Context Prince Siddhartha Gautama
Part of the Shakya Clan (hence named Shakyamuni) in the Kapilavastu City King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya Main Indian religion at the time was Hinduism

3 Siddhartha’s Birth Queen Mahamaya’s dream: white elephant entering right side of her body Born on April 624 B.C. Born in the Lumbini garden

4 Siddhartha’s Birth Walked seven steps and lotuses grew at his feet
7 days after his birth, queen Mahamaya passed away. Aunt Pajapati became queen and took care of Prince Siddhartha.

5 Siddhartha’s Early Life
Prophet Asita told King Suddhohana that Siddhartha would either grow up to be a great leader, or a holy man. The King kept Siddhartha in the palace for his whole life. Prince Siddhartha was surrounded by youth, beauty, pleasure and wealth. He had no idea that life could be any different.

6 Prince Siddhartha’s and Princess Yasodhara’s Wedding
Prince Siddhartha married Princesses Yasodhara when he was 17 They gave birth to their son named Rahula

7 The Four Sights Siddhartha began to question life.
He convinced his charioteer Channa to take him outside 4 times. sickness death renunciation old age

8 Siddhartha’s Renunciation
The Prince left the palace, his wife and son and to find a way to escape from the cycle of births and rebirths (Samsara).

9 Siddhartha Cuts Off His Hair to Become a Monk
Prince Siddhartha cuts off his hair in search of Truth and Peace.

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