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A Nature-GIS use case: the Beigua Regional

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1 A Nature-GIS use case: the Beigua Regional
Park GISIG Nature-GIS Review Meeting, Turin, 9th March 2005

2 Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005
The thematic portal and the use cases In line with INSPIRE, the Nature-GIS Thematic Portal aims to create a gateway to search for spatial data, information, services and organizations related to nature conservation and to demonstrate it practically These practical demonstrations are the use cases, one of which is that of the Beigua Regional Park in Italy (Liguria) Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005

3 Benefits by the use cases
Locally: The N-GIS node creates a repository and look-up of geo-databases and cartography available for the area. Open architecture allow the implementation and development of other applications (planning, tourism, biodiversity, etc) A political action to address stakeholders and local bodies towards the EC directives and the INSPIRE concepts European level: Contribution to the INSPIRE initiative, both on political and technical sides Support to other EC thematic projects and networks: LIFE, EMERALD, Natura2000, WFD, etc..

4 Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005
The use cases are together the Catalog Client the main components of the Thematic Portal. For this reason they have been implemented so as to be explanatory of the whole context to which they refer: introductory description technical description through a template access to a geoviewer for the use case area to select and upload the use case data photo gallery Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005

5 Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005

6 Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005
the use cases so far Olympic Winter Games Torino 2006, Italy & France, Cemagref, Regione Piemonte, Fourier University Management plan for Bojana-Buna, Albania& Montenegro, EURONATUR Protected areas and nature monuments in Estonia, Estonia, EEIC The Beigua Regional Park, Italy, GISIG Avalanches in the Tatra Mountains, Poland, Jagellonian University Protected areas in the Chornohora mountains, East Carpathians UA, Jagellonian University Protected areas and agro turism in Poland, Poland, Jagellonian University To handle complaints on protected areas, Belgium, Ionic Software Location counts in real estate, Sweden, Lulea Univ. of Technology Hiking and nature observation in Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria, Ursit Protected areas in Czech Republic, VUGTK Invasive species monitoring, Hungary, West Hungary University Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005

7 Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005
Use cases and scenarios The Nature-GIS survey carried out with the questionnaire has singled out some common elements between different kinds of use, that permit to classify them into “scenarios” of use. Some of the use cases developed fit well into this “scenario” classification. Among them the Beigua case, which fits to the regional scenario Nature-GIS Conference, Turin, 10th-11th March 2005

8 geo-context and contributions for the Beigua case
Genova Province Public stakeholders involved: Regione Liguria (Liguria regional administration) (Datasiel (Regional GIS office)) Provincia di Genova (Genova province administration) the Regional Park Regione Liguria

9 Rationale Context: different levels of planning and management present in Regional Parks: a local actor, the Park, has to produce and manage geo-information complementary to other produced at different level (national, European) a bi-directional flow of (geo)-information between the producer and other users as reference for new data to be produced or for check and validation/ approval of plans the “Parco del Beigua” that was classified as Natural Regional Park in 1995 as part of a system of 11 protected areas, up to a 12% of the regional surface very different geological and biological conditions and different habitats (from 0 to 1287m. ) both natural and cultural sites and one of the most important areas for bird migration in the Northern Mediterranean coast. Perspective: to embed the data managed by PdB in a seamless flow that gathers various information from all available sources and exploits it for planning, management and promotion at all the different levels involved (EU, National, Regional and local): a data management scheme in line with the INSPIRE scheme. Aims: Management (use of geo-information by planners and officers) Promotion (access to geo-information by citizens) Creation of a data repository and look-up catalog for any future application involving geo-spatial data use Collaborations: Developed by the GISIG team with the participation of the Regione Liguria (and Datasiel) and Provincia di Genova

10 the tourism context

11 Steps of development N-GIS node setup started in Jan/Feb 2004
Project definition, meetings with stakeholders and data collection Internal (LAN) map-server setup, and WMS/WFS customization Analysis of IT security issues and proxy configuration -> upgrade of hardware and software Map-server and data transfer on public server (GISIG website), registration in the N-GIS catalog Testing and configuration of the other capabilities (metadata, implementation of the data-model, access constrains definition, etc) Future activity as technical node: Demonstrate functionality and create participation in public stakeholders

12 Vector data from the Province of Genova and from the Beigua Regional Park
Provincia di Genova Meetings held between GISIG and the GIS technicians and officers of the two bodies Agreements established with GISIG for usage of the datasets within the Nature-GIS project Interest created and future collaboration planned (WMS/WFS with Genova Province Vector Data on protected areas)

13 The Regione Liguria participation
The Regional GIS Office has setup a WMS service on existing datasets using UNM Map-Server (open source). GIS technicians were fast and efficient, even if not familiar with OGC and GI interoperability concepts WMS service at:

14 WMS in action Vector data on protected areas Admin boundaries Land use SPAs Regional development plan Burnt areas CR 1:25000, other data ... (Liguria GIS Office) (GISIG MapServer) + (SRTM - Geomatic Dept. UCL) + (Landsat - JPL NASA) more details on the newsletter and with the use case presentation

15 Thanks for the attention
Emanuele Roccatagliata

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