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Welcome & Introduction

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1 Isabella Pagano
Welcome & Introduction PLATO TOU Team meeting Catania, 28 Feb – 01 Mar 2011 Isabella Pagano Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

2 TOU TEAM TOU Scientist INAF Padova Obs. Roberto Ragazzoni
Project Management INAF Catania Obs. Isabella Pagano F-TOU Scientist University of Bern Willy Benz Straylight Analysis & Baffle Design INAF Catania Obs. Matteo Munari AIV Design & Breadboard AIT INAF Padova Obs. Jacopo Farinato Optical Design INAF Padova Obs. Demetrio Magrin Req. & Budgets Baffle structure INAF Catania Obs. Salvo Scuderi Thermal Analysis INAF Brera Obs. Stefano Basso Mechanical Design Univ. Bern Daniele Piazza PA INAF Giacinto de Paris F-TOU Filters Stockolms Obs. Alexis Brandeker Optical Mat. Test INAF Brera Obs. Mauro Ghigo GSE INAF Padova Obs. Valentina Viotto F-TOU PM University of Bern Karsten Seiferlin Coating INAF Brera Obs. Daniele Spiga F-TOU Filters Stockolms Obs. Göran Oloffson Mech. Engineer INAF Padova Obs. Marco Dima Optical Engineer INOA-CNR Lisa Gambicorti

3 System TEAM PLATO Instrument Project Manager CNES Pierre Bodin RAIV
René Perez Instrument System Coordinator LAM Patrick Levacher PA/QP CNES Samule Melle DPS Project Manager CNES Bernard Pontet Cameras Project Manager CNES David Laubier Mon. & Control CNES M.O. Marché Det. Arch. LESIA Tristan Buey Thermal Arch. CNES Hélène Pasquier Manag. & DPS Arch. LESIA P. Plesson Opt. Arch. LESIA Pernelle Bernardi Mech. Arch. LAM Pascal Vola Algorithms LESIA R. Samadi Elec.. Arch. Supp LAM S. Fredon

4 A update on PLATO status in the Cosmic Vision contest
Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

5 Where we are Start of Definition Phase with two parallel industrial contracts: Jul 2010 Jul 2010 ESA Call for PLATO Mission Consortium Oct 29, 2010 PMC Proposals Due Nov 2010 – Feb, 2011 Proposal evaluation: ESA panels  AWG SSAC SPC decision (10-11 Feb 2011) Proposal Evaluation Committee Report The Evaluation Committee recommends the pre-selection for the Definition phase of the PLATO Mission Consortium constituted as described in the proposal. The Evaluation Committee recommends that the pre-selected PLATO Mission Consortium proceeds with the activities leading to the elaboration and update of the proposal for the Implementation phase, following closely the guidelines given in this report. The Evaluation Committee requests an intermediate review in the March 2011 timeframe to assess the status of the major findings and of the implementation of the recommendations in preparation of the Implementation phase proposal. Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

6 Evaluation report about Payload
The Consortium tasks for Payload are well defined but the level of definition for the implementation phase, specifically w.r.t. to the industrialization of the hardware production is low; i.e., potential industrial contractors are not identified and even a survey of potential suppliers is not presented. This omission is very serious considering the kind of recurring production for the PLATO payload where a strong industrial organisation will be necessary and raises a major concern on the realism of the schedule of the implementation phase. Recommendations: Complete with priority the industrialisation plan, finalise the definition of the planned interactions between the PLATO Mission Consortium and industry and define as early as possible the industrial resources needed for the “chain productions” of i.e., lenses, telescopes AIV, parts and material procurements. Consider cooperation with industrial partners as early as possible during the Definition phase to ensure a solid industrial basis for the Implementation phase proposal. Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

7 Future milestones Mar 2011 Intermediate review
May 2011 Formal release of updated AO documents for implementation phase Jun 2011 Completion of industrial studies (Phase A) Jul Final proposal for implementation phase Oct 2011 M1/M2 mission selection Dec 2011 Completion of industrial studies (Phase B1) Feb 2012 Final adoption for the Implementation Phase (B2/C/D/E1) Jul 2012 Start of the Implementation Phase Launch: 2018 Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

8 Definition Phase Plan Validate technical critical points
Confirm no need for new development Demonstrate TRL > 5 at the end of the definition phase Confirm no critical aspects in the procurement and AIV schedule of the implementation phase Allow fast transition to implementation phase Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

9 TOUs Specific Activities
Study of spherical and aspherical lenses manufacturability and industrial plan Coatings (thermal, filter, AR): performance and low temperature Verification of lens alignment at ambient temperature Assessment of performances in operational temperature environment Link between performances in operational and ambient environment Thermal refocusing efficiency Validation of TOU AIV procedures at industrial level Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

10 Goal of the present meeting
Review the status of the TOU project: optical design, straylight analysis, mechanical design of structure and baffles, thermal analysis, optical materials and coating, prototyping activities, implementation development plan. Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

11 AGENDA (28 Feb) An update on PLATO Mission activites (O. Piersanti) 20m An update on PLATO Payload activities (D. Laubier)  20m Status of TOU Design  I Brief Overview (R. Ragazzoni)  20m    Optical Design (D. Magrin)  20m    Mechanical Structure Design (D. Piazza)  20m      Straylight & Ghosts I (M. Munari) 15m Straylight & Ghosts II (G. Olofsson) 15m Baffle Design (M. Munari)  10m    TOU Thermal Analysis (S. Basso)  20m    F-TOU Filters (A. Brandexer)  20m Discussion Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

12 AGENDA (01 Mar) Status of TOU Design II Discussion 15 m
Camera Thermal Analysis (P. Levacher)  20m Optical performances as function of temperature (D. Magrin/R. Ragazzoni) 20m Discussion 15 m Interfaces & Requirements at camera level (D. Laubier) 20m TOU material analysis     CaF2 test plan (R. Ragazzoni) 10m    Lens Coating (D. Spiga/M. Ghigo) 20m TOU BreadBoard     Status (V. Viotto) 15m    Planned tests & deliverables (R. Ragazzoni/V. Viotto) 15m Discussion 10m TOU development  plan     N-TOU AIV (R. Ragazzoni/V. Viotto) 20m    A view from Selex Galileo (E. Battistelli)  20m    F-TOU AIV  (D. Piazza) 20m    Development plan (I. Pagano)  10m Discussion 20m Future Activites     Short term planning (next meetings, documents...)  (I. Pagano) 10m   Summary (R. Ragazzoni)  10m    Revision of new assigned actions  (I. Pagano) 10m Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

13 Action Items Revision See:
Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

14 The end Catania, 28 Feb 2011 PLATO TOUs

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