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Lassistenza è unarte; E una delle Belle Arti, la più bella delle Arti Belle. Florence Nightingale.

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1 Lassistenza è unarte; E una delle Belle Arti, la più bella delle Arti Belle. Florence Nightingale


3 Peter Nightingale of Lea, Derbyshire, 1705-63 Anne, 1733-1815Peter, 1737-1803George Evans, 1726-1808 Mary, 1733-1815William Shore, 1755-1822 William Edward, 1794-1874Frances Smith, 1788-1880 Parthenope, 1819 – 1890 Florence, 1820 - 1910

4 1794-1874 William Edward Shore ("W.E.N.) Padre di Florence 1798 - 1889 Mary Shore Sorella del padre di Florence

5 1788-1880 Frances Fanny Smith Madre di Florence 1819-1890 Parthenope Nightingale Sorella di Florence

6 1818 – 1821 luna di miele in Europa

7 VILLA LA COLOMBAIA Via di Santa Maria A Marignolle, 2 50124 Firenze

8 VILLA LA COLOMBAIA Via di Santa Maria A Marignolle, 2 50124 Firenze

9 1821, ritorno in Inghilterra

10 Lea Hurst

11 FN con Partenope (Flo and Parthe)FN a cavallo


13 1837 – 1839 secondo viaggio in Europa

14 1842 FN incontra Richard Monckton Milnes

15 Estate 1850 Kaiserwerth

16 no. 1 Upper Harley Street, from August 12, 1853 to October, 1854. I have had to prepare this immense house for patients in ten days – without a bit of help but only hindrance from my Committee FN to Mme Mohl, 20 agosto 1853

17 La guerra di Crimea William Howard Russel, 12 ottobre 1854, It is with feelings of surprise and anger that the public will learn that no sufficient preparations have been made for the proper care of the wounded

18 Sidney Herbert, ministro della guerra There is but one person in England that I know of who would be capable of organising such a scheme………

19 Memorandum of Agreement made this first day of December 1854 Between Miss Nightingale on the one part and Mrs. Hefferman of London on the other part. Whereas the said Miss Nightingale Superintendent has undertaken to provide Female Nurses for the Sick and Wounded of the British Army serving in Turkey, And in carrying out this object she has agreed to employ the said Mrs. Hefferman in the capacity of Nurse, at a Weekly Salary varying from 10/ to 18/ according to merit, and also to provide Board, and Lodging, also to pay all expenses attendant upon the Journeying to or from the present, or any future Hospital that may be appointed for the accommodation of the Sick and Wounded of the said Army. And to pay all expenses of return to this Country, should Sickness render it necessary for the said Mrs. Hefferman to return, Save and except such return shall be rendered necessary by the discharge of the said Mrs. Hefferman for neglect of duty, immoral conduct, or intoxication, in which case the said Mrs. Hefferman shall forfeit all claim upon Miss Nightingale from the period of such discharge. And the said Mrs. Hefferman hereby agrees to devote her whole time and attention to the purposes aforesaid under the directions and to the satisfaction of the said Superintendent, the whole of whose orders she undertakes to obey, until discharged by the said Superintendent.




23 Barrack Hospital - Scutari

24 Balaklava





29 Mary Seacole "black Nightingale

30 From a letter from cousin Bob McDonald: FN had "Crimean Fever" and then developed "Brucellosis".... There was an article written about her in a British medical journal and I have the reference. Apparently, this was a chronic disease and may have contributed to her longstanding withdrawal. 1855 FN ammala di brucellosi Il 7 agosto 1856 torna a Lea Hurst 30 marzo 1856 fu firmato larmistizio


32 American Physical Society


34 1859 "Notes on Nursing."

35 1860 June 24, The Nightingale Training School for nurses opens at St. Thomas InfirmaryNightingale Training School This photo was taken on such a day with an older Miss Nightingale and Sir Harry Verney, who was active in the school and the Nightingale Fund which supported the school independent of the hospital. Distintivo della scuola della Nightingale. Introdotto nel 1925 da Alicia Lloyd Still, il disegno fu ripreso dalla Croce ad 8 punte dell'ospedale di San Giovanni a Gerusalemme. I quattro bracci simbolizzano le virtù Cardinali (Prudenza, Temperanza, Giustizia e Fortitudine) e le punte le 8 Beatitudini che dalla pratica di queste germogliano.

36 Levoluzione del nursing


38 Statue of Florence Nightingale in Waterloo Place, LondonWaterloo Place

39 EIRE (IRELAND): Dublin: City of Dublin Hospital "...Sister S (Sister Ophthalmic) elected as Matron of the City of Dublin Hospital" -- Letter from Miss Gordon, Matron, St. Thomas to FN Fever Hospital ? Matron Dublin Rotunda Miss Ramsden, Matron; Miss Maria Mitchell (Theatre Sister) CANADA: Montreal: Montreal Hospital 1875 Miss Maria Machin, Matron, with 4 nurses, 2 more sent later. Experienced great difficulties & returned 1878 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Philadelphia: Philadelphia General Hospital 1884 Miss Alice Fisher, Matron -- set up the first School of Nursing, 1885; Miss Edith Horner, Associate Chief Nurse Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Miss Charlotte Hugo appointed Superintendent 1886 -- set up a new Nurses Training School with a staff of Nightingale Nurses -- Mrs Horrocks (Night Superintendent), Misses Bellamy, Swallwell and Adams AUSTRALIA: Sydney: Sydney Hospital 1867 Miss Lucy Osborn appointed Lady Superintendant; Miss Turiff, Asssistant, & Nightingale Nurses: Barker, Blundell, Chant and Miller Migration Of Nurses Trained In The Nightingale School

40 DENMARK: A Danish nurse, Henriette "Henny" Tscherning (1853-1932) trained in the face of family opposition, qualifying in 1878. She visited the Nightingale School at St Thomas Hospital in London in 1883 and returned to Denmark where she made a very considerable contribution to nurse education and founded the Danish Nursing Association. FINLAND: Baroness Sophie Mannerheim (German born) entered the Nightingale School as a probationer in 1899 and spent 3 years at the Queens Institute for District Nursing. Returned to Finland to become Matron of a large Surgical Hospital at Helsingfors (Helsinki) where she set up a preliminary training school. President of the International Council of Nurses 1922-25. Died in 1928. SWEDEN: Emily Carolina Rappe joined the Nightingale School for training in 1866. She returned to Sweden to take up a post at a new hospital at Uppsala and later became Inspector of Nursing Schools. Was awarded the Gold Medal for "distinguished services". GERMANY: In 1868 the German Crown Princess, Queen Victorias eldest daughter, sent Fraulein Fuhrmann to the Nightingale School; she later directed a nursing institution in Berlin. In 1872 two probationers trained and returned to set up a nurse training institution in Darmstadt. The Grand Duchess of Baden sent Frau von Cornberg from Baden. Miss Nightingale maintained close links with the Institution of Kaiserswerth on the Rhine. FRANCE: Links with: Bordeaux (Association Florence Nightingale, Bagatelle) Montpellier (Papers by Dr Anna Hamilton, Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier The Nightingale School: Foreign Probationers


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