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Major features of primary and secondary groups

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1 Major features of primary and secondary groups
Groups Within Society Chapter 4, Section 4 Major features of primary and secondary groups Purposes of groups

2 4 Major Features of a Group
Must consist of 2 or more people Must be interaction among members Members of the group must have shared expectations Members must possess some sense of common identity

3 “Groups” that are NOT groups
Aggregate: people who gather in the same place at the same time but lack organization or lasting patterns of interaction. Ex: people on an airplane Social category: a method of classifying people according to a shared trait or common status. Ex: teenagers

4 Groups come in all shapes and sizes
Dyad: smallest group possible- only 2 members Triad: 3 members- group takes on a life of its own Small group: all members can have face to face interaction. Sociologists have found that 15 is the largest # of people that can work well in one group.

5 Types of Groups Primary group: small group of people who interact over a relatively long period of time on a direct and personal basis (Family relationships) Secondary group: a group in which interaction is impersonal and temporary in nature. Often casual and limited in personal involvement, tend to be organized around specific goals (Classroom)

6 More Groups Reference group: any group with whom individuals identify and whose attitudes and values they adopt (friends, family, team) In-group: the group a person belongs to and identifies with Out-group: any group that the person does not belong to or identify with

7 Networks and Leaders Social network: direct and indirect relationships, no clear boundaries, provides a sense of community FaceBook networks, “good ol’ boys” club Two types of leaders: expressive and instrumental Expressive: charismatic Instrumental: organized, goal oriented

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