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Drives (Azionamenti ).

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1 Drives (Azionamenti )

2 PWM Modulation (Pulse Width Modulation)

3 AC brushless drive [velocita’] [accelerazione] oscillatore
Sincos encoder o

4 DC brushless drive [accelerazione] [vel.] [V]

5 Resolver to Digital Converter
With constant velocity fR is constantly increased (ramp-like) and qR -fR=0 that is thus an acceleration because only a velocity change can change it

6 PLL (Phase Locked Loop)

7 Regenerative Breaking (Recupero in rete)
Sinusoid in phase with line voltage and amplitude-modulated with DC-bus voltage error [vel] [acc] PI [vel] Tensione DC bus letta PI f0 = 256 frete Regenerative Breaking (Recupero in rete) 50 o 60Hz 1 sinusoid cover 256 memory locations

8 DC-bus generator without regenerative breaking


10 or

11 Control Strategies Feed Forward and PID
The Feed-Forward (open loop) is used to provide position, velocity, current profiles, to be followed by the PID (closed loop), …so to avoid to load the integral action, …so that I can keep it low and have high dynamics

12 Control Strategies (cont’d)
Feed Forward and PID position velocity acceleration Higher bandwidths

13 Control Strategies (cont’d)
Vector Control (VC) (Controllo ad Orientamento di Campo o Vettoriale)

14 Control Strategies (cont’d)
Vector Control (VC)

15 Control Strategies (con’d)
Experimentally we would see… : w Iq Id Ia Ib Ic

16 …and indeed we actually see:

17 and:

18 Clark & Park Transform It’s the matrix T that transforms from 3 to 2* vectors and from fixed to rotary reference system. * Actually 3 currents id, iq and i0, remains, where i0 is the neutral wire (neutro) current (if there’s one).

19 Clark & Park Transform (cont’d)

20 Clark & Park Transform (cont’d)

21 Clark & Park Transform (cont’d)

22 Clark & Park Transform (cont’d)
500Hz to 16KHz





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