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Independence in Africa

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1 Independence in Africa
SS7H1 The student will analyze continuity and change in Africa leading to the 21st century. b. Explain how nationalism led to independence in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

2 How did nationalism lead to independence in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria?


4 Words to Know 1. Nationalism- a strong sense of pride in one’s country 2. Independence- becoming free of colonial rule or other unjust leaders 3. Pan-Africanism- movement that began in the late 1880’s. It pointed out the common bond shared by people of African descent and called for unity among African people.

5 Flag of British Colonial Kenya
Colony of: Great Britain Why colonized: British wanted their natural resources and forced many people to work for minimal wages. Leader of the Nationalist Movement: Jomo Kenyatta Flag of British Colonial Kenya

6 Kenya Reasons for Independence:
The British divided the ethnic groups and the land without consideration of the people. The British played the ethnic groups against each other. The different ethnic groups began to see how the British were playing them against each other and wanted to govern themselves.

7 Kenya Independence Achieved by: Results:
7 year rebellion in the 1950’s. After, Kenyatta unified the ethnic groups and petitioned (asked for) the British government to grant them their independence. Results: In 1963, independence was achieved.

8 Speech at the Kenya African Union
July 26, 1952 “... I want you to know the purpose of the Kenya African Union. It is the biggest purpose the African has. It involves every African in Kenya and it is their mouthpiece which asks for freedom. K.A.U. is you and you are the K.A.U. … True democracy has no colour distinction. It does not choose between black and white. We are here in this tremendous gathering under the K.A.U. flag to find which road leads us from darkness into democracy. In order to find it we Africans must first achieve the right to elect our own representatives.” - Jomo Kenyatta

9 Flag of British Colonial Nigeria
Colony of: Great Britain Why colonized: Britain wanted natural resources, especially once oil was discovered Leader of the Nationalist Movement: The youth of the colony started the movement Flag of British Colonial Nigeria

10 Nigeria Reasons for Independence:
Because of ethnic wars Britain divided the land; instead of helping, it created severe tension. The youth began to promote “African” unity and started the movement towards independence

11 Nigeria Independence Achieved by: Peaceful nationalist movement
Results: In 1959 the people of the colony voted to form their own government, in 1960 independence was gained. Independence was followed by a decade of civil war between ethnic groups and harsh military government.

12 South Africa Colony of: Great Britain (originally colonized
by the Dutch) Why colonized: the British wanted natural resources, especially diamonds and gold Leader of the Nationalist Movement: nationalist movement started to grow among the white population who were tired of the British controlling them

13 South Africa Reasons for Independence:
white South Africans wanted to rule themselves. Independence Achieved by: 1961 they voted and gained independence

14 South Africa Results: Power stayed in the hands of white South Africans who continued the system of Apartheid (separation of non-whites and whites). Apartheid did not end until

15 Kenya South Africa Nigeria

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