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Hospitality and Tourism 110

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1 Hospitality and Tourism 110

2 Marketing Mix 4 Ps Product Price Place Promotion

3 Product What do you sell?
Products have a physical and service component developed based on specific market needs.

4 Product Suppliers of transportation (airlines, railways, buses) must decide what routes to serve and what level of service to offer. Suppliers of accommodations (hotels, motels, resorts) must decide where to locate their property and what amenities to provide.

5 Price How much do you charge for your product?
Many factors influence price such as: Location Time of year Quality of service

6 Price Companies charging below“market” price base its pricing on “no-frills” service. Companies charging above“market”price emphasize premium service.

7 Place Where are you going to sell your product?
Place is also called the channel of distribution. Most important channel of distribution today is the internet.

8 Place Channels of distribution:
Car rental firms use direct distribution Cruise lines distribute through travel agencies

9 Promotion How will you advertise your product?
Tourism makes use of two important methods of promotion: Internet Packaging

10 Promotion Promotion is typically sub-divided into Mass Selling
Advertising - which you pay for Publicity - which is free Sales Promotion stuff you do in the store to get the customer to try the product contests, coupons, free samples Personal Selling direct contact person2person with a potential customer sometimes for large industrial sales sometimes for high quality consumer products, like selling a car

11 Promotion Used to: Major advertising media: Attract attention
Create interest in the product Major advertising media: Electronic Print (newspapers, magazines) Broadcast (tv, radio) Direct mail (brochures, letters) Out-of-home (billboards, transit signs)

12 Examples

13 Other Ps in Tourism Marketing
Packaging Partnerships Personnel Positioning Programming

14 Packaging Products and services from one or more suppliers can be combined and offered to customers at a single price. Trip to London may include ground transportation, theatre tickets, hotel accommodations all at one price.

15 Partnerships Two or more companies or individuals may work together to satisfy tourist needs. Airlines and hotel companies grant air miles and discounted rates to frequent flyers

16 Personnel Trained, experienced, and skilled people with a positive attitude toward customers and business are needed to guarantee that the products and services being marketed meet consumers’ needs.

17 Positioning Differences between a business and competition.
Comparision of your business to the business next door, or competition in another city.

18 Programming Special events and activities planned
Example: Delta Hotel’s milk and cookies for kids

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