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Clever as a fox Clever as a fox By: Chloe Adamson.

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2 Clever as a fox Clever as a fox By: Chloe Adamson

3 Interactions with other plants and animals. Foxes try to stay away from sharp dangerous plants like thorn bushes Other animals try to stay away from foxes including rabbits and deer

4 Predator and prey The fox is a predator The foxes prey is rabbits, deer, and and sometimes other foxes The fox is hunted by humans, bears, cougars, pumas, mountain lions, wolfs, and other poisonous snakes The sound puma makes

5 What do foxes look like? Foxes have reddish brown fur they also have white fur on the bottoms of their feet this type of fur on the bottoms of their feet are called socks because they look like they have white socks on the bottom of their feet

6 Where do foxes live? Foxes live in the woodlands in many states some are populated over to Missouri or live in Missouri as well Foxes live in dens, burrows, dens, caves, and under the roots of trees and bushes

7 Weather and temperature. Foxes need a temputure between thirty degrees and one-hundred degrees foxes can survive in a harsh winter In the summer of 1903 47 foxes were killed because it was to hot for their thick fur. foxes can survive in harsh winters if they have enough food and a nice thick fur

8 Where do foxes sleep? Foxes sleep in dens and dark caves Foxes do not hibernate Foxes do not migrate If foxes did hibernate they would need more food than there usual meal

9 How foxes are affected by pollution Most foxes are killed by poisons in their air from near by factories that have let smoke come out of their factories from making stuff from minerals Foxes are also killed by other animals like bears, wolfs, and sometimes very poisonous snakes

10 Fox adaptations Adaptations for foxes- big bushy tail to balance their body. They need a bushy tail to balance themselves because they have a heavy thick body and coat. Almost like a cat because they need there tail to balance themselves when they are walking foxes have squinted eyes to protect there eyes from harsh winters and hard frost like hail.

11 What's on the menu! (carnivores) Foxes are carnivores They eat rabbits, mice, quail, and other small rodents Foxes will eat there own kind If they have to Foxes will burrow down in the ground and then catch small rodents like mice, lemmings, and baby rabbits. Foxes will eat animals that is bigger than itself like a baby deer.

12 Fox facts. female foxes are called vixens. Male foxes are called dog foxes. Mating season is between January and February. Artic foxes do not live in the artic. They are native to the united states some are found in Missouri. A baby fox is called a kit. Kits open their eyes when they are nine weeks old. Kits are left alone in the wild when they are eleven weeks old.

13 Kit foxes Kit foxes are born during the winter and sometimes late spring. Kit foxes open their eyes when they are nine weeks old. Kit foxes leave the den at eleven weeks old Kit foxes learn to hunt at ten weeks old right before they leave the den. Kit foxes drink their others milk until they are eight weeks old. When they are eight to ten weeks old to ten weeks old their father brings them meat to eat. Kit foxes will dig the bones out of their meals and play with the bones.

14 Survival of the foxes Foxes are fond of the woodland areas. If they lived in the artic they would die because there are no rabbits or other small rodents. And they would be eaten by polar bears that live there also. Foxes could not catch seals because they are not deep sea divers.

15 Why are foxes good to have around in the woods and woodlands?? They are good because they eat mice, rabbits, deer, lemmings, and small birds. If they did not eat all the things I listed they all would over populate (the rodents I just listed) and then there would be to many of those animals for humans are foxes to eat!

16 Fox noises and animal prey noises The sound a red fox makes This a leopard call it uses to find its prey(the fox) Pigeon call A baby deer sound A sound a baby fox makes when it is first born

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