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Arachne by Olivia E. Coolidge

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1 Arachne by Olivia E. Coolidge
Review Arachne by Olivia E. Coolidge

2 1. What is a myth? A fictional tale that describes the actions of gods or heroes. A myth can tell how the universe or a culture began. explain something in nature. teach a lesson. express a value, such as courage.

3 2. What is a cause? A cause is an event, action, or feeling that makes something happen. Cause—Reason

4 3. What is an effect? An effect is what happens. Effect—Result

5 What does Arachne value more than anything else?
She values praise.

6 Why does Arachne refuse to accept the advice of the old woman?
She is conceited about her weaving talent.

7 What character traits does Arachne reveal through her behavior?
She shows conceit and her competitive nature when she dares Athene to compete with her at the loom.

8 7. What design does Athene weave?
Athene weaves a scene depicting mortals coming to awful fates after attempting to fight with the gods.

9 What is Athene’s original intention toward Arachne?
Athene’s original intention is to advise Arachne against claiming equality with the immortal gods.

10 9. What makes Athene angry?
Hearing Arachne’s bragging and seeing the scene that Arachne weaves into the cloth makes Athene angry.

11 10. What does Athene do to Arachne?
Athene tears Arachne’s work, strikes her across the face, and turns her into a spider so that she and her ancestors have to spin forever.

12 What is the effect of Arachne’s skill as a weaver?
Her skill draws much praise and admiration from all over Greece.

13 What causes Athene to visit Arachne?
Arachne has claimed to be more skillful than Athene at weaving.

14 What causes Arachne to show unworthy actions of the gods in her design?
Arachne sees that Athene has worked faster and has created a warning design.

15 What is the effect of Athene’s touching the rope and then touching Arachne?
Arachne is changed into a spider.

16 Why does Arachne try to hang herself?
Athene has insulted her.

17 16. What does this myth explain?
The myth explains the origin of spiders.

18 What beliefs and values are taught in this myth?
The values of modesty, humility, and respect for the gods are taught in this myth.

19 18. Obscure Not well known

20 19. Humble Modest; not proud

21 20. Mortal Referring to humans, who eventually die

22 21. Indignantly In a way that expresses anger

23 22. Obstinacy Stubbornness

24 23. Strive Struggle; compete

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