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FLACS Meeting January 24, 2014 Lillian Carey FLACS 2014.

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1 FLACS Meeting January 24, 2014 Lillian Carey FLACS 2014




5 Former SLP Writing Task: Lillian Carey FLACS 2014


7 CC Writing Task for Italian Chkpt. A: You are planning a party for your brothers 13 th birthday. Read the advertisements and write an to your friend discussing the location you would like to choose for the party. Include: The reasons for your selection What kinds of foods you will be serving Lillian Carey FLACS 2014

8 Cara Maria, Domenica è il compleanno di mio fratello. Io voglio avere la sua festa al ristorante Italos. Loro servono la carne e a mio fratello piace molto la bistecca. La domenica costa solo E e possiamo mangiare molto. Possiamo anche ballare! Questo posto è perfetto. Io inviterò dieci dei suoi amici e ci divertiremo molto. Vuoi venire? Tanti baci, Francesca Lillian Carey FLACS 2014

9 Former Regents Writing Task Lillian Carey FLACS 2014


11 Your school is sponsoring a to France this summer. In addition to visiting Paris, your teacher is giving you the option of selecting another city in France to visit. Read the descriptions of the four cities, and write an to your teacher using information from your articles to explain which city you would like to visit. Lillian Carey FLACS 2014



14 Write an to your parents describing your host exchange partner and her family. Use information from the text to describe the family. You may wish to include their occupations, pets, or hobbies and pastimes. Lillian Carey FLACS 2014




18 Your family took a trip to Martinique this past winter. Write a blog about your trip to Martinique including details from the travel suggestions you read prior to your trip. OR Your family is planning a trip to Martinique. Write an to your friend describing what you would like to do based on the travel suggestions. Lillian Carey FLACS 2014


20 You are going to participate in a French Exchange program. Your teacher has provided you with several student profiles of students from your exchange school. Write an to your teacher explaining which of the students you would like as your exchange partner using information from the profile to support your selection. Lillian Carey FLACS 2014



23 Chkpt B CC Writing Task SLP Task Lillian Carey FLACS 2014




27 7 day weather forecasts Hotel descriptions Movie reviews Itineraries Schedules Exhibition blurbs Store ads Contest ads City street maps Lillian Carey FLACS 2014

28 I apologize for accidentally deleting the slide I had created during our meeting listing some of the suggestions from the attendees at our meetings for reading-writing tasks. Just before the end of our meeting, there was a lively discussion about whether to allow accommodations for ESL students who take our FLACS Exams. NYSED did not allow for any use of glossaries or helps for ESL students taking the LOTE SLP or Regents exam. FLACS has been asked to consider granting accommodations in this instance. The FLACS Exam Steering Committee will be discussing this issue at our meeting in March and will announce our decision after this meeting. Please share your thoughts and opinions with us by signing into our FLACS Bulletin Board through your AmemberPro login.

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