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BANCA POPOLARE ETICA Giving credit to social economy Berlin, 7 th - 8 th May 2008.

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1 BANCA POPOLARE ETICA Giving credit to social economy Berlin, 7 th - 8 th May 2008

2 HISTORY z80s: first experience of ethical finance in Italy with financial cooperative associations (transparency and mutuality); z1989: Etimos Consortium was formed, under the name of CTM- Mag; z1994: 22 non profit organisations founded LAssociazione Verso la Banca Etica; z1995: the association was transformed in Cooperativa Verso la Banca Etica; z1999: Banca Etica opened its first branch office in Padova

3 MEMBERS 28 thousands of members, of which 4.000 corporate body: èassociations: CISL; AGESCI; ACLI; Gruppo Abele; Emmaus International and Italy; èco-operatives, social co-operatives: CGM, ABN, GESCO, Legacoop, Coopfond, Conapi; èfoundations and organisations non-profit: NGOs as Médecin Sans Frontières, Amnesty International; èReligious order: Missio Religious Foundation, Caritas; Justice and Solidarity Foundation; Istituto Centrale Sostentamento al Clero; 25 dioceses - 30 CARITAS - 300 parishes; èPublic administration: 9 Region - 300 Provinces - 40 Municipalities. èOrganic food (AIAB) and renewable energies

4 Institutional Bodies zshareholders general assembly zboard of directors zexecutive committee zboard of auditors zcommittee of guarantors zdirection zoperational office zbranch offices Associative structure: z64 territorial organisation of shareholders Ethical Committee STRUCTURE

5 THE NET OF BANCA ETICA z12 Branches and 3 more opening; z26 Financial Promoters; z64 Local Shareholders Groups; z153 employees and co- workers Update 31 st March 2008

6 ACTIVITY zBanca Etica manages savings raised from citizens, organisations, companies and institutions in general, and invests them in initiatives pursuing both social/environmental and economic objectives. zThe Bank finances organisations operating in one of the following areas: Social Co-operation International Co-operation Environment Culture and civil society:

7 EVOLUTION OF BANCA ETICA From a one-product and one-branch bank… z…to the progressive development of the range of products and services to give to possibility to the customers and to the members to use Banca Etica as only financial institute; z…to the growth of the net of branches and financial promoters of Banca Etica, to physically reach the existing and potential customers.

8 SAVING ACTIVITY From the offer of the subscription of Bond Issues of the bank and Certificate of Deposit… zto the offer of all the classical banking services with the possibility for the customers to dedicate the saving to one of the four sector in which the bank invest: social cooperation, environmental safeguard, co-operation for development in the South of the world, cultural and educational initiatives. zTo the progressive creation of products and services dedicated to customers that work with foreign countries and for customers not resident in Italy

9 SERVICES zbank accounts, for individuals and organisations, and further services such as direct debit cards, credit cards, home banking, credit transfer in Italy and abroad, bancalight (banking operations management from the mobile phone), internet banking; zcertificates of deposit; zsaving books; zdebentures, bonds; zinvestment funds Responsible Values of Etica Sgr; zforeign services: bank accounts and related services (e.i. transfers).


11 NEW CARDS.... Affinity card dedicated to Economia di Comunione Pre-paid card dedicated to FairTrade Transfair Italia

12 zNUMBER OF SHARESHOLDERS:28.500 associations4.100 individuals24.400 zSTOCK CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED:20.300.000 Total equity: 35.000.000 zTOTAL VALUE OF SAVINGS:500.000.000 zNumber of banking account: 16.000 zLOANS: total value: 373.000.000 zn. of loans: 2.000 INVESTMENT FUNDS210.000.000 Update March 2008 KEY FIGURES

13 Thank you for your attention

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